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Special “upcoming shows” set – showcasing bands that are on tour and will be playing in the bay area soon. 

COBALT (Sunday, October 8, Elbo Room)
Hunt The Buffalo
— The original duo of Cobalt ended 2015 in public social media battle, sort of like CNN and Trump. It ended with one of them holding the reins of Cobalt, and adding the vocalist from Lord Mantis. What a boon, the vocalist is expert in intensity, desperate and emotional. For a duo, this strong of a vocal is a must. And holy shit, the original member did all the instrumentation.

VERMIN WOMB (Friday, October 13, Thee Parkside)
Rank & File
— Vermin Womb won my 2016 Best Grind album of the year. “Shit yeah bro” is what you say when you hear this debut full-length Vermin Womb album. Vocalist from Primitive Man fucking howls perfectly. Fortunately, Vermin Womb is way more dynamic and furious than Primitive Man. Maybe purists will say there is too much sludge and crust to make this truly grind, but fuck that. Shit just makes the album great.

NOISEM (Sunday, October 8, DNA Lounge)
Cascade of Stars
— Noisem is ambient, death, thrash, grind, punk and technical hardcore. Tons of grind, but their young energy breaks it up into a ripping hardcore album. They won my Best 2016 Hardcore/Punk-influenced.

STATIQBLOOM (Tuesday, October 10, DNA Lounge)
Despair Are Shadows
— Fade from Batillus is the modern EBM/Industrial leader. His industrial offerings are relentlessly danceable and dark. I fucking love this new album.


CULT LEADER (Friday, October 13, Thee Parkside)
— Members of Gaza. Suffocating grind infuses this album, breaking into pummeling hardcore. Produced by Kurt Ballou.

WARNING (Wednesday, October 18, DNA Lounge)
— Warning broke up in 2009 after releasing two albums, including a critical favorite in 2006 (Watching From a Distance). Two members went on to form 40 Watt Sun. Highly influential in the genre of emotional, dense, down-tuned doom.

ALTAR DE FEY (Friday, October 13, Hemlock)
Veil Of Death
— Old school deathrock in a new album from 80's band Altar De Fey, proving that the Bay Area indeed had a thriving deathrock scene in the 80's. You can tell they existed at the same time as Christian Death. This album is a mix of new and newly recorded old; and the vocalist strikes that perfect note of whine and badass.

ARTIFICIAL BRAIN (Tuesday, November 21, DNA Lounge)
Anchored To The Inlayed Arc
— Artificial Brain is mostly technical, raw, pummeling and painful all around. They incorporate just the right amount of progressive to keep your neck in a whiplash from the tempo changes. Vocalist scrapes the bottom of his throat and vomits it out. Just a stunningly talented band.

ATRIARCH (Saturday, October 21, Golden Bull (Oakland))
— Atriarch have a great twist of retro industrial and post-punk mixed with intense bleak sludge leadup to a black hole in your heart. The album contains traditional industrial “remixes” to their songs, including one by Statiqbloom!

PILLORIAN (Sunday, October 22, Cornerstone (Berkeley))
Forged iron crucible
— Lead singer from defunct Agalloch. This album contains pretty melodic atmosphere and shining moments of black metal density with a diversity of vocal styles.

MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT (Tuesday, October 31, Brick and Mortar)
A Daisy Chain for Satan
— One of my favorite industrial bands of all time, and on Halloween? Come on.

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Apophis - Black Dragon
— Hot Austrian vile that is so fucking evil.  Breathes life into my withered soul.

The Dead Cry For No One
— Swedish dark wave dances happily on a gloomy coast in a trench coat in the 80’s with spiky black hair in its face. You know?

The Shape Of He To Come
— New album starts another series of Botanist albums that are a collaboration between all six members. Ethereal vocals are reminiscent of Controlled Bleeding's Songs from the Ashes – beautiful and airy against a storm of sounds. I do love the evil vocals also; and the compositions retain melody throughout. Probably my fave Botanist album yet.

ISOTOPE (Oakland)
Wake Up Screaming
— Oakland has a vivacious crust scene. Can I say vivacious? We are all so fucking vivacious.

Future Perfect Conditional
— Gorgeous use of violin that cuts a clean melodic swathe through dense black metal.

The Fiends That Come to Steal the Weed of the Deceased
— Song title: "Papyrus Containing The Spell To Protect Its Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is In The Bong Water". Bro from Municipal Waste and Iron Reagan. Solid and technical beyond the hilarity.

USNEA (Portland)
Lathe of Heaven
— Pacific Northwest style: epic sludge with brutal vocals mixed with stellar riffage brah pass the spliff.

Plaque Marks
— Scraped off the sidewalks of Philly. Dirty and filthy noise.

SATOR (Italy)
— Unusual vocals drifts into Italian-style psychedelic space.

NIGHT (Sweden)
— Third album is light retro psychedelic rock, with harmonizing guitars in the forefront.

KRIEG (Philly)
— Slithering vocals against raw.

Behind My Vocals
Notchnoi Prospect; Velvet Condom; Sect; Message; Ikon (cover of She Likes Parties); Trentemøller; Clan Of Xymox; Lebanon Hanover; She Past Away; Linea Aspera

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