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Back of my Vocals: Zombi's newest release Shape Shift

Eclectic noise mixed with roaring breakdowns.

Breed Regret: Yautja (Nashville)(0:28-5:23)

Phantom Glue members have dipped their toes into that Boston hardcore scene: which is the best hardcore scene there is.

Closed Casket: Lunglust (Boston)(6:33-8:43)

Yacht-rock metal Baroness with emotionally-drenched composition.

Chlorine & Wine: Baroness (GA)(9:14-15:58)

Death groove perfect for the running man in your underwear.

Mayhem Remains: Deathrite (Sweden)(16:42-19:48)

Stop. Trying. To. Be. Matt. Pike.  When you don’t, it’s pretty good.

Burning Shrine: Saviours (Oakland)(20:29-24:31)

Guttural troll metal.

Forest of Magic: Ride for Revenge (Finland)(25:31-31:03)

Bluesy jammy local retro stuff, makes me want to see them live.

Memories: Blackwulf (Oakland)(31:28-36:15)

Nauseous Floridian metal.

Futility: Ad Nauseum (Florida)(36:42-42:21)

Elder and Black Pyramid members do stoner heavy metal. 

Siberia: Kind (Boston)(42:41-47:04)

The Swedish Converge with a lot more punk-influence.

Reckless Recluse: Totem Skin (Sweden)(47:58-51:39)

Stoner from a band called Space Bong??

Burnt By Time: Space Bong (Australia)(52:01-END!)

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Behind my Vocals: From the soundtrack of "Cub" by Steve Moore (2015 Belgian horror)

Highlight of Cult Leader is the vocals.  Melancholy wretched aggressive metal, with some death rock in the mix.  

A Good Life: Cult Leader (SLC)(0:28-5:15)

American black metal: muddied black metal with sludge and epic.  This band is highly talented, and brings in a lot of atmosphere.  They are best when blistering. 

Pale Ghosts: Panopticon (Kentucky)(6:45-14:49)

Christian Mistress lead singer is the shit.  And then the band is just kickaass.  So why haven’t you listened to this album yet?  Classic heavy metal, awesome riffs. 

Ultimate Freedom: Christian Mistress (Olympia)(15:23-21:34)

I absolutely love this new bluesy, heavy 70’s-retro psychedelic album. 

Burning Wreath: Fuzz (SF)(22:13-26:31)

Make out to a vampire listening to Grift.

Undergörare: Grift (Sweden)(27:41-32:12)

Bassist from Graveyard has this new poppy wonderful garage album.

Blizzard: Truls Mörck (Sweden)(32:44-35:47)

Don’t underestimate Old Man Lizard as a southern swamp sludge band.  They really know how to jam it out, and great melody to boot. 

King Clone: Old Man Lizard (UK)(36:22-42:01)

Converge/Unsane’s project Pigs’ second album is disjointed noise fun.  This song is sung by guest singer from Made Out of Babies.

Bug Boy: Pigs (Brooklyn)(42:31-45:14)

Dark atmosphere and prog from depressed Massachusetts band.

The Oath: Protolith (MA)(46:28-51:56)

OLD, and I mean OLD school heavy metal from a band more than 36 years old. 

Farewell Evolution: Satan (UK)(52:28-57:00)

Top-notch industrial and post-punk elements from Killing Joke – who have been around for 37 years.  This is their 16th album.

I Am The Virus: Killing Joke (UK)(57:59-END)

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Behind My Vocals: Ubre Blanca (Scotland)

Chicago lead-up specialists.  Technical electronics.

Arc of Extinction: Locrian (Chicago)(0:28-7:34)

Last year’s best Classic Death album.  New one dropped, and it is more of the technical mixed with old school fun.

Ozymandias: Horrendous (Philly)(8:51-15:50)

Gorgeous retro psychedelic folkish Finnish brilliance.

Kantaa taakan maa: Malady (Finland)(16:12-24:49)


Reaping Flesh: Black Breath (Seattle)(25:38-30:54)

Deconstructed doom. 

The Pathfinder: Spelljammer (Sweden)(31:23-39:39)

Classic black metal with lots of atmosphere.  Sung in Polish.

Exercises in Futility V: Mgla (Poland)(40:35-48:14)

2-piece electronic psychedelic art.

Brown Rainbow: Pinkish Black (TX)(49:15-55:46)

Bong music.  Band made up of the following members: Cheesy dude, Alky dude, Falony dude, Sheepy dude and Boogie dude. 

Diabolical Dopenosis: Belzebong (Poland)(56:55-END)

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