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Behind my Vocals: Goblin's soundtrack to the Italian movie "La via della droga" (1977)

If you love 70's revitalist, then you need to go buy the last two records of Horisont and this brand new one.

Light My Way: Horisont (Sweden)(0:28-5:09)

One 16-minute release off their thunderous new album, and I am excited to hear more.  This is way more brutal than their last album.

Misanthropic: Cult of Occult (France)(6:43-14:53)

Aquarius Records needs more keggers.  Golden Void is psychedelic mountain rock, and I alone knows what that means.

Burbank's Dream: Golden Void (SF)(15:43-21:06)

First anonymous, but no more.  This Danish lady has famous guest musicians including Mayhem and Arch Enemy.

Mordet: Myrkur (Denmark)(21:51-25:27)

The Secret's bassist has a new record label, and Grime is their first release.  Thick, dirty evil sludge.

Get Immortal: Grime (Italy)(26:36-29:51)

Rockin' blues from Nashville, have followed them for years.

Old Saltillo: The Heavy Eyes (Nashville)(30:44-35:04)

Badass female lead for a Finnish crust band.

Massakuolema: Kohti Tuhoa (Finland)(35:30-36:49)

Debut album, strong psychedelic fuzzy space rock.

Journey: Ecstatic Vision (Philly)(37:02-41:33)

New stuff from the bassist of Electric Wizard.

Heavy King: Mirror (UK)(41:48-45:22)

Yes, on the cheese side, but solid prog.

The Isle of Mull: Scale the Summit (Houston)(46:47-51:15)

Young, fun hardcore. 

Unexist: Forced Order (SoCal)(51:38-53:23)

Northwest doom.

Desolate: Serial Hawk (Seattle)(53:58-END)

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The fun of crossover, with the weight of technical and grind.    

No Forgiveness in Death: Ramming Speed (Boston)(0:28-4:33)

Bruce Dickinson cannot be stopped, nor should he be. 

Death or Glory: Iron Maiden (UK)(6:34-11:46)

Throaat takes their old school Mayhem and Venom influences, adds some occult, but keeps it macabre 80’s evil. 

Her Altar Needs More Blood (Sign of the Coven): Throaat (Brooklyn)(12:41-16:35)

Finally, Uncle Acid gets down to business.  This is the best one to date: meatier, creepier, darker.  This is exactly what I want from my garage rock.

Downtown: Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats (UK)(17:13-21:30)

Fun, heavy-hitting 2 piece from Belgium.  Instrumental.

Ruined Decay: Sardonis (Belgium)(22:27-29:08)

I named Magic Circle Best Joyous Doom in 2013.  Brand new stuff is the same fun, jammy, rockin’ stuff.  Shared drummer with Doomriders. 

Lightning Cage: Magic Circle (Boston)(30:07-34:25)

Senior Fellows excels in crusty sludge, injecting tons of energy when they need to.  This is high end sludge. 

Flag of Convenience: Senior Fellows (OK)(34:58-38:15)

This new Windhand is their best yet.  I am not a fan of them live because they are good at knocking you off your feet, onto a couch, in order to drink wine and smoke a joint.  The lead singer is exceptional on this new album.

Hyperion: Windhand (VA)(38:56-44:24)

Sabbath Assembly used to be part of The Process Church of the Final Judgment.  This is folk occult, knocking on the door of rock and metal.  For fans of occult rock.

Ave Satanas: Sabbath Assembly (Texas/NY)(45:30-49:39)

Post-black metal from Belgium.

Altered State: Witch Trail (Belgium)(50:01-55:45)

Compare the last band with on-the-mark black metal.

The Scourge: Shaidar Logoth (Minnesota)(56:46-END)

Behind my Vocals: Fantastic 80's style electronic horror soundtrack-style music from Anders Manga.

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