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Behind my Vocals: Soundtrack to "Under The Skin"

Instrumental headbang music.

Tomb of the Ancients: Tempel (Phoenix)(0:28-10:25)

All you need to know: badass crusty death metal with a hot indian chick drummer vocalist.

Cadaver: Ahna (Vancouver)(12:26-17:01)

Stocky muscular rock.

Happy Joyful Life: Fight Amp (Philly)(17:32-21:22)

Italians come up with some Avant-garde metal that sounds somewhat Finnish.  Mostly fun.

Standing on Bedlam, Buring in Bliss: Howls of Ebb (Italy)(22:02-31:31)

Straight-up hardcore from Canada, with a fist in your face.

Four: Weird Year (Edmonton)(32:45-35:38)

Eastern-influenced space rockers, that are not as jammy – this is definitely more texture acoustic stuff.

Moksha: My Sleeping Karma (Germany)(36:29-45:52)

90’s band Will Haven have another noise metal album, very epic and apocalyptic with some soft atmosphere.

Hermit: Will Haven (Sacramento)(47:19-50:54)

I’m tired of Matt Pike’s voice, but only because I’ve heard it too much.  He is still a good vocalist.  This is one of their better recent albums.  I liked when they slowed down.

The Sunless Years: High on Fire (Oakland)(52:15-57:07)

Dirty stoner rock from the Aussies.


Living Heads: Watchtower (Australia)(57:34-END)

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"Behind my Vocals" this week is the soundtrack from the excellent modern horror movie: It Follows. 

One of my favorite albums of this week, Senior Fellows, because the whole thing rocked.  No weak parts to it – all of it is sludge-y badass good stuff.

STEPPED FORWARD TO RULE (#15): Senior Fellows (Oklahoma)(0:28-4:35)

The new Ken Mode is completely different in sound – very reminiscent of ‘90’s.  Still math-y, clean vocals. 

Dead Actors: Ken Mode (Winnipeg)(5:58-12:26)

Pummeling raw grindy hardcore.  When I say pummeling, I mean it.

Wartime Children: Symptom (Boston)(13:04-14:31)

Doomed is groovy, but hardened with a touch of death metal.  Definitely allowed to headbang here. 

I'm Climbing: Doomed (Germany)(14:47-19:31)

European hardcore, packed with infectious riffs.  Packed with your butt. And your face.

Endless Escape: Discomfort (Italy/U.K.)(19:56-22:30)

Oh yeah, this German band is bitter because you won’t make out with them.  They stare at you across the room, and you ignore them.  Then they get mad, and get all crusty and filthy with you. 

Under a Bane: Nightslug (Germany)(23:03-25:29)

My runner-up to best Death metal has a new album, and it punches the shit out of your face. 

At the Antipodes of Chastity (Hail the Sons of Cain): Embrace of Thorns (Greece)(26:37-30:24)

Crushing leadups for this dramatic 2 piece.  They must watch reality tv

Partaken Incarnate: Ghold (UK)(30:57-37:25)

Old school, because they are old.

Victim Of The Past: Paradise Lost (UK)(37:59-42:23)

Complete compilation album from Coffins, so you can just get this and call it a DAY.

Reborn: Coffins (Japan)(43:06-46:35)

Pallbearer-esque emotion and moody.  German, so you know, got some attitude.  And very romantic. 

Sulphur Vitriol Angel: Valborg (Germany)(47:20-53:08)

Supergroup Goatsnake is not afraid to sing and soften up. Dudes from Obsessed and Sunn O))).

Elevated Man: Goatsnake (LA)(53:33-58:08)

28 seconds of painful hammering of your skull. So you weirdos will like it.  Fucking serial killers.

Sit in the Dark: Prey for Death (Minneapolis)(58:28-58:56)

Oh I love thee deathrock.


Insomnia in Dream City: Haldol (Philly)(59:32-END)

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