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Behind my vocals are songs from John Carpenter’s new album Lost Themes.

Foreboding, emotional, proggy metal from Oakland.   

Eternal Wolves: Secrets of the Sky (Oakland)(0:28-7:14)

Doom and roll, bluesy rock.

Shadow Of Reality: Valkyrie (VA)(9:23-15:24)

Belgian brooding metal, with members of Amenra.  Great blistering, shrieking vocals.

De Doden Hebben Het Goed: Wiegedood (Belgium)(16:07-22:49)

New trippy psychedelic kraut-y stuff from Pharaoh Overlord (members of Circle).

Aavasaksa: Pharaoh Overlord (Finland)(24:06-30:45)

Jammy hook-y retro North Carolina rock.

Poison Garden: Demon Eye (NC)(31:10-36:33)

Swedish galloping death metal.

Abyss Of Corpses: Entrails (Sweden)(37:02-41:28)

Dutch smoking-joint psychedelic beer rock.

Golden Fields of Love: Death Alley (Netherlands)(41:54-47:36)

Avant-garde French unstructured proggy black metal.

Bouffon existentiel: Orakle (France)(48:46-57:04)

Italian retro psychedelic garage blues.  Grooves just right.

Fly Camel Fly: Ape Skull (Italy)(57:32-END)

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A set of 70’s songs I play behind my vocals on a regular show!

Suicide: Dust (NYC)(1972) (0:28-5:02)

Freefall: Camel (UK)(1974) (5:03-10:48)

Down and Out: Pluto (UK)(1971) (10:49-13:57)

Chocolate Piano: Orang-Utan (UK)(1970) (13:58-20:29)

Freelance Fiend: Leaf Hound (UK)(1971) (20:30-23:37)

One Way or Another: Cactus (Long Island)(1971) (23:38-28:35)

Corrine: Gravestone (Germany)(1979) (29:18-39:19)

Come On Home: Thundermother (UK)(1971) (39:20-46:34)

Season of the Witch: Suck (South Africa)(1970) (47:05-56:55)


Out of Uranus: Killing Floor (UK)(1970) (56:56-END)

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Theatrical band Peste Noire, is also very awesomely black metal.  This album is all over the place, and the lead singer is very avant-garde.

Payés sur la bête: Peste Noire (France)(0:28-6:44)  pest e nooare

This band is top-notch grindcore, but I choose to play the only spacey song in the album.  Grind band does space! 

Out Beyond: Antigama (Poland)(8:20-12:39)

Garage-influenced hardcore with the lead singer of Self Defense Family.  PHILLY band. 

Correctional Love: Loss Leader (Philly)(13:14-16:21)

Spanish band Tort’s entire album is full of fun riffs and fists.

When The Raven is Ravenous: Tort (Barcelona)(17:22-26:01)

Distorted rock and noise band, with a ton of hardcore in the mix. 

Godman: Young Widows (KY)(27:14-32:19)

Lead-up, atmosphere, lead-up, atmosphere, and then Soldat Hans breaks into some brutality. 

Meine Liebste; Sie zerbricht sich: Soldat Hans (Switzerland)(32:56-39:55)

If you don’t like singing, you won’t like Abrahma.  This band has had full press lately. Psychedelic rock that swirls into more ominous sounds.

Fountains of Vengeance: Abrahma (France)(40:58-45:58)

Epic funeral doom parts, big compositions, very long songs.  I edited this song into 10 minutes. 

Suffocation, A Drowning: II - Somniloquy (The Distance of Forever): Bell Witch (Seattle)(47:31-57:18)

Straight-up hardcore.

Leviathan Rot: Gallows (UK)(57:56-END)

Behind my Vocals: Salem Mass; Cactus; Rumplestiltskin; Pinnacle; November; Charlee; Ten Years After; Master's Apprentices

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Reached a new record on my show: 15 songs, mostly due to the influx of grind and hardcore.  Noisem was unholy grind, with creepy atmospheric pauses.

Cascade of Scars: Noisem (MD)(0:28-4:41)

Clean chaos – French band Death Engine knows how to be noisy, sharp hardcore.

Cure: Death Engine (France)(5:55-9:07)

Weekend Nachos does Weezer covers on their new 7”!!

Tired of Sex: Weekend Nachos (Chicago)(9:42-12:40)

This is my new fave record, Norwegian Avant-garde garage rock

Peephole Maze: Haust (Norway)(13:23-19:26)

Oh Fister, you can never do wrong.  The lead singer excels in my type of vocals: menacing.  They are king of dark lead-ups and breakdowns. 

portion of "IV": Fister (St. Louis)(20:10-25:00)

D.C. hardcore? Very different from the traditional type. 

Oubliette: Ilsa (D.C.)(25:58-28:48)

Coliseum shares the bassist of Yautja, which makes him a very busy man with all the touring and albums.  They are a fun hardcore band, when they lean towards that side of the coin. 

Denihilist: Yautja (2014)(Nashville)(29:16-32:39)

One of the leading doom songs of the year.

Random Cosmic Violence: Usnea (Portland)(33:29-44:19)

Young energetic aggression.  Of course, Australia.

Birkenau: Years of Abuse (Australia)(44:45-45:37)

Irreversible’s last album contains a whole buncha sounds and genres.  This song incorporates some industrial. 

Mandatory Death: Irreversible (Atlanta)(46:38-51:10)

Torch Runner has a great split with one of my fave bands, Young and in the Way.  That gives Torch Runner MAJOR street cred.  They know how to grind and groove with the best. 

Godlust: Torch Runner (NC)(51:49-53:59)

Philly beer, grit, venues under dark bridges all contribute to the level of musicianship coming forth from this town.   

HIPPAA Laws: Toska (2014)(Philly)(54:40-56:48)

Oh, Weedeater.  Need I say more.

This is old, but here is Weedeater doing a serious tasting of cough syrup and cheese.

Bully: Weedeater (NC)(57:44-59:29)

Richmond makes ‘em mean. 

United: Venomspitter (VA)(59:57-1:01:48)

Angry intensity from Ohio. 

Staring Into the Abyss: Hadak Ura (Ohio)(1:02:31-1:04:20)

Behind my Vocals:


Creepy John Thomas; Missing Link; UFO; The Flying Eyes; Camel; Red Dirt; Novalis; Golden Earring; Stoner Train; Felt; Atomic Rooster; May Blitz; Orang-Utan; Toad

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