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U.K.’s Anaal Nathrakh plays a mix of genres: raw grind, produced industrial, death.  A true wall of sound.

Unleash: Anaal Nathrakh (U.K.)(0:28-4:08)

Emptiness plays with a light and dark outlook on experimental death metal.  There is something gorgeous underlying it all. 

Lowland: Emptiness (Belgium)(5:32-11:31)

Algoma perfects the slow-motion head bang, with its filthy outlook on sludge.

Bed Sores: Algoma (Canada)(12:06-18:36)

Alternative, yes, but completely dark and angular.

Pedestal: Bone (Australia)(18:52-24:52)

Slugdge is made of two weirdos who sing about slugs, wizards and shrooms.  And it f’n shreds.

Slimewave Zero: Slugdge (U.K.)(26:03-30:31)

Imagine laying out in the sun in Italy, with a dark-eyed Italian man fanning you, and feeding you gelato. 

Kenosis: Istvan (Italy)(31:02-38:41)

So what, this is melodic death metal.  That doesn’t mean that it isn’t completely brutal and fist-pumping fun.  Indulge in a little pleasure, awesome breakdowns that you can cabbage patch to. 

Leader of the Titans: Mors Principium Est (Finland)(39:22-44:42)

Madison plays black metal, emotional and shimmering in parts.

Lost Ages: Bereft (WI)(45:38-51:26)

Gurgling black evil from Germany.

Words Like Flames: Dysangelium (Germany)(52:07-56:33)

Your feathered hair flows back perpetually.  This shit breaks DOWN.

Thunder: Black Magic (Norway)(56:51-1:02:18)

These guys hover over arctic ice, their bat wings soundless.

Stoneweaver: Old Wainds (Murmansk, Russia)(1:03:07-END)

The Smiths/Morrissey songs I play behind my vocals in order:

Well I wonder

Bigmouth Strikes again

The Boy Thorn

This Night Has Opened My Eyes

Light That Has Never Gone Out




Cemetery Gates


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Tight, bare-boned aggression.

Visitant: Baring Teeth (Dallas)(0:28-4:30)

Harlequin-romance medieval black metal.

Vitava: Cult of Fire (Czech Republic)(5:27-11:23)

Filthy aggressive Belgians.

Blight Upon Sodom: Bones (Belgium)(11:42-17:28)

Dense black metal mixed with a lot of different genres that gives this an organic twist.   

Vinger: Taake (Norway)(18:14-24:02)

Torturously slow brutal.

Chapter 1: Devourer of Light: Famishgod (Spain)(25:03-31:59)

Warm death.

Insignia of Illumination: Usurpress (Sweden)(32:16-35:30)

Proggy Ghost Brigade on the verge of cheese, but smart enough not to fall off the edge.

Wretched Blues: Ghost Brigade (36:21-42:34)

Scary power from the north.

Hell's First Born: Conquer (Ottawa)(42:52-47:37)

Melodic, yeah, but good stuff.  The vocalist is a story-teller.

The Bright Trapezium: Varathron (Greece)(48:23-55:05)

Oh, this shit is slow as all hells doom.

Fortress of Gods: Fortress (MD)(55:29-END)

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Supergroup Old Man Gloom has (2) new albums with the same name, the following song is from the "first" album.  The second album is a little more moody, but still full of piss. 

Promise: Old Man Gloom (MA)(0:28-5:01)

Chris Black is a god of musical prowess, playing drums, bass and/or singing for bands Dawnbringer, High Spirits, Superchrist, Pharoah. Dawnbringer’s Nucleus (2010) is one of my fave albums of all time.  This is yet another NWOBHM-influenced, riffy, awesomeness.

The Burning Of Home: Dawnbringer (Chicago)(7:10-11:19)

Full of Hell have hit the jackpot: access to the noise of Merzbow to create a double cd album. 

High Fells: Full of Hell and Merzbow (MD and Japan)(12:14-16:45)

One of the best goth/post-punk influenced album this year.

Entropy: Atriarch (Portland)(17:23-22:42)

A short brand new E.P. from the female-led Bog Oak.

The Resurrection Of Animals: Bog Oak (Sacramento)(23:17-27:45)

I expect no less from Behemoth.  This is a vinyl-only E.P.

Nieboga Czarny Xiadz: Behemoth (Poland)(28:28-34:33)

Doom that hits the nail on the head: they intertwine slow with incredible riffage. Will keep you guessing.  This is a great mini-album.

They Had No Names: Heavydeath (Sweden)(35:11-41:26)

You can basically see this band play in your hometown in someone’s basement, and you would have talked about it for years. 

Mayhem: Caskets Open (Finland)(41:55-44:55)

Distorted thrash black metal.

Conquest: Zom (Ireland)(45:51-50:36)

The vocalist brings back Fen to its razor sharp edge again.

Our Names Written in Embers - Part 2 (Beacons of Sorrow): Fen (U.K.)(51:12-57:31)

I can’t listen to this band.

Beyond Stillness: Dire Omen (Alberta)(57:59-END)


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Secret Cutter is groovy hardcore, pulls you in while driving a nail through your heart.

Shake The Malevolent: Secret Cutter (PA)(0:28-2:29)

Epic, extreme, black and death, mixing in ambience, cause it is epic. Downfall of Gaia is a critic favorite right now.

To Carry Myself to the Grave: Downfall of Gaia (Germany)(3:35-11:08)

11 Paranoias creeps into your psychedelic black heart.

Lost to Smoke: 11 Paranoias (U.K.)(11:39-19:02)

So cheesy, in the best way is NJ’s While Heaven Wept. (EDIT: massive mistake, this awesome band is from VIRGINIA, what was I thinking you ask? I listened to them on a road trip in NJ and forever associate them with that state)

Indifference Turned Paralysis: While Heaven Wept (Virginia)(19:24-23:08)

Craang is so loose, that you know that this is the best type of band to be psychedelic.  Parts improv, but all jammy spacey fun.

Slo Forward Jam: Craang (Greece)(24:11-31:12)

Garage and black metal, what does that even mean.

When a Lie Becomes the Truth: Raspberry Bulbs (NYC)(31:33-34:23)

Depressing sober sludge.

Drag: Dusted: Pharaoh (NJ)(34:48-39:42)

What can anyone say, Today is the Day.  This new one is as good as they are.

Discipline: Today is the Day (Nashville)(40:35-43:32)

Super band Soulburn really riffs it out in the best possible way.  They are “blackened” death, which means they infuse some shit in this shit and shit.

Claws Of Tribulation: Soulburn (Netherlands)(44:14-49:38)

Fucking psychedelic, from Norway and shit.  This shit is TIGHT.

I.E.V I: Circumambulating Mount Meru: Spectral Haze (Norway)(50:22-54:15)

Very different grind from Copenhagen.

Devouring Intent: Piss Vortex (Denmark)(54:38-55:42)

One of my favorite vocalists of all time, who also is in one of my other fave albums of this year:

Dread Sovereign: Primordial (Ireland)(56:31-END)

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Touring Italian death rock with Mission (U.K.) vocals.  Unfortunately I missed them, this album will take you straight back to the early 80’s in the best way.

'Till The Last Drop: Horror Vacui (Italy)(0:28-6:09)

Bauhaus re-born, singing God is dead.

Übermensch: Pawns (Brooklyn)(7:01-12:44)

Fade from Batillus has one of the best EBM/industrial bands in our modern times.  One man project.  He made my “best of” list last year.  This is from a new split with Zex Model.

Behind Glass_Second Pane: Statiqbloom (Brooklyn)(13:17-17:34)

Skinny frigging Puppy.  Need I say more??!  I heart them more than you.  I will be twirling around in storm clouds in December when I see them at the Warfield. 

wornin: Skinny Puppy (Vancouver)(18:17-22:57)

Criminal Code is flirts with punk and hardcore, but has a firm grip in post-punk.

Burning Backwards: Criminal Code (Tacoma)(23:21-25:13)

Institute shares a record label with Pharmakon, who is getting way more attention.  Institute rules, deserves more of the spotlight.

An Absence: Institute (Austin)(26:07-29:47)

Danish dark new wave, fronted by a strong vocalist.

Forever: Iceage (Denmark)(30:12-34:57)

Youth Code is a duo, definitely do not hide being influenced by bands like Nitzer Ebb and KMFDM and other old school EBM and industrial.  They are touring with Skinny Puppy. 

Let The Sky Burn: Youth Code (LA)(35:21-39:14)

Pharmakon is a one chick who is a complete noise-creating weirdo.

Autoimmune: Pharmakon (Brooklyn)(39:45-44:27)

Vicious Pleasures is yet another female-led band, she screams punk-ily.

In These Walls: Vicious Pleasures (Portland)(45:20-47:44)

Population have tried over the last 5 years to evolve, and they have ended with this thick new wave sound.

Sleepwalker: Population (Chicago)(48:15-52:27)

Female-led bay area band, gotta check them out!

June: Crimson Scarlet (Oakland)(52:52-57:49)

One of my fave post-punk bands this year, also from the bay area! Holy crap, lots of good stuff coming from our neck of the woods!!


Blood & Sweat: The New Flesh (Oakland)(58:32-END)


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Usually super-produced melodic is like, disGUSting to me, but not in the case of At The Gates.  They are as filthy and evil as any raw band, and this is the only follow-up to Slaughter of the Soul that could have been released.

The Conspiracy Of The Blind: At The Gates (Sweden) (0:28-3:45)

Finnish Swallowed is part weird, part awesome.   

Reverence Through Darkness: Swallowed (Finland) (5:22-12:09)

Horrendous mixes a lot of different stuff in with its death, including occult and atmosphere.

Monarch: Horrendous (Philly) (12:55-16:47)

Of course, occult from Occultation. 

All Hallow’s Fire: Occultation (NYC) (17:39-23:02)

One of the best 2-piece hardcore-influenced brutal metal out there.  They were my last year’s best 2 piece, and there was some hella competition

Combine Desecration: Cara Neir (Dallas) (23:51-25:42)

Massive eccentric black noise with an awesome band name.

Ad Ban Ed No: Captainpopaptain (Germany) (27:12-31:44)

Torrid Husk is large, but not boring and over-produced.  Death metal and black metal here, and post-metal.

And Ballasted the Elk: Torrid Husk (West Virginia) (32:17-40:41)

Proggy and expertly produced.

Discotheque: Kruger (Switzerland) (41:26-47:35)

This 2 piece will remind you of 80’s goth; very dark ambient.

Torture of Fire: Menace Ruine (Montreal) (49:01-54:09)

Northless members continuing in their style of heavy post-metal.

The Word of God: Lotus Ash (Milwaukee) (54:53-END)


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Another incredible female vocalist leading the pack.  The band is riffy awesome fun 70’s style Sabbath doom.

The Mask Of Herne: Alunah (England) (0:28-6:18)

Revocation shares the guitarist from Artificial Brain.  This new Revocation album has some proggy-ness, and definite melody which makes it stand out from the usual thrash.  This is a great band.

Witch Trials: Revocation (Boston) (7:23-13:15)

New E.P. from Inter Arma is a keeper, one song – 46 minutes.  It dives into a number of different sounds, which are basically different songs, which means this E.P. is a full album in disguise.

(a very small portion of) The Cavern: Inter Arma (Richmond) (13:52-22:24)

Baptists are pummeling crushing hardcore, in the vein of Converge.

For Profit: Baptists (Vancouver) (22:54-26:06)

Not to sound like a broken record, but another incredible female vocalist.  Not contrived, just a part of the sound of the band.  She just quit the band.

Psycho Animundi: Witch Mountain (Portland) (27:13-35:55)

Wowsers, this is some dark Polish noise infused black cloudy guttural stuff. 

Winter’s Bone: Thaw (Poland) (36:21-41:43)

Yay, awesome new post-punk, full of nostalgic 80’s dance-y alternative.

The Only Star in the Sky: The House of Capricorn (New Zealand) (42:01-46:05)

Disjointed black metal, the songs are very different from each other so you will get a touch of droning ambient.

The Will Of Fire: Tongues (Denmark) (46:59-55:12)

Detroit flips you off.


Exanimate Gaze: Temple of Void (Detroit) (55:51-END)


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Doom Londoners who incorporated rasp vocals and melody in a huge album.

Morrs Tempest: Hang the Bastard (London) (0:28-5:50)

Beautifully integrated thrash, energizing 1349’s thick black sound.

Postmortem: 1349 (Norway) (7:08-11:25)

Garage desert rock, but way better than you are thinking.

Dragon Snort: The Well (Austin) (11:49-16:44)

Philosophers Nightbringer have incredible production – dense noise is articulated perfectly.  Their last 2 albums have been their best, which is usually not what happens for a band that has been around since 1999.

I Am the Gateway: Nightbringer (Colorado) (17:36-25:07)

Bulletbelt sound like a female-led Skeletonwitch.  Fast and furious death.

Murderer's Collar: Bulletbelt (New Zealand) (26:01-30:41)

Orange Goblin is going super jammy stoner strong with their eighth album.

Mythical knives: Orange Goblin (U.K.) (31:21-36:06)

Garage-punk mixed with psychedelic, twinges of post-punk and hardcore.  A cave-like sound overall.

Dazeripper: Okkultokrati(Norway) (36:38-42:22)

Gritty thrash band, Philadelphia-style.

Howling Void: Blood Storm (Philadelphia) (43:38-48:57)

Bluesy-folk, yes, completely different from brutal. Incorporating some thick doom-y rock in parts.

Shake the Soot From Your Boots: Bask (Asheville, NC) (49:40-54:16)

Very clean black metal, with some avant-garde noise

Henosis: Blut Aus Nord (France) (55:03-END)



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Myrkur was anonymous, and now no more.  It is a one-person project by a Danish and (most likely) hot chick.  It was completely addicting.  Her style is integrating her angelic vocals with catchy black metal, very atmospheric.

Nattens Barn: Myrkur (Denmark) (0:28-6:11)

Dark sludgy-but-almost-hardcore crusty Clevelandites.

Smoke Cat Hair and Toenails: Fistula (Cleveland) (7:26-12:58)

Now defunct,  Mondvolland has some awesome epic melancholy Dutch-language stuff.

Wanneer De Hemel Bloedt: Mondvolland (Netherlands) (13:34-19:25)

Guitarist from Cathedral started a band in Belgium, his dream. He pictured a female singer, and got one from Serpentcult.  If you don’t like her vocals, listen again.  She is strong and gorgeous.  And the band is seriously talented.

Eyes of the Heretic: Death Penalty (Belgium/England) (20:10-25:19)

Sivyi Yar in Russian, crazy one-person project that does NOT sound one-person-y.  He integrates some fun alternative/post-punk in his black metal. 

Distant Haze Was Arising: Сивый Яр (Russia) (26:43-33:13)

Denver’s Primitive Man breaks down the best.

Loathe: Primitive Man (Denver) (33:38-38:58)

Cult of Luna-ish vocals, cause these guys are Swedish.

The End/Aftermath: Gloson (Sweden) (39:33-46:18)

Very talented death, these guys have 2 vocalists, I like the raspy one, he should sing more!

Pox of the Weary: Lago (Phoenix) (47:30-52:50)

Another talented atmospheric-laden black metal.


Entartetes Gesicht: Aesop (Switzerland) (53:19-END)


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Moody deconstructed hardcore.  Torche Runner was on a split with Young and in the Way.

Vestige: Torche Runner (North Carolina) (0:28-4:07)


Iron Reagan! Nuff said.


Miserable Failure: Iron Reagan (Virginia) (5:31-7:45)


Members of Church of Misery and Doomdogs spin-off doom jammy band.


Wisdom: The Order of Israfel (Sweden) (8:49-16:55)


Finnish Crossover – thrash hardcore fun.


Structural Oppression: Foreseen (Finland) (17:22-21:41)


Crust with black metal.


Rite Of Taghairm: Trepenation (New Zealand) (22:17-26:21)


Incredible post-punk album from across the bay.


No Way Out: The New Flesh (Oakland) (27:17-30:40)


Ævangelist has a 0 out of 10 in terms of band names.  They are brutal/extreme death.


Halo Of Lamented Glory: Ævangelist (Illinois, Portland) (31:20-37:49)


Gaze-y spacey psychedelic awesomeness.


Here Come the Tears: Megaton Leviathan (Portland) (38:30-45:37)


Old dudes doing death.


Black Projection: Drowned (Berlin) (46:51-51:57)


Fördärv is ruin in Swedish.  These dudes are deep and shit


Darkness of the eternal Winter: Fördärv (Sweden) (52:30-56:28)


Mursa is rocking catchy sludge.


Nanking: Mursa (Portland) (56:56-END)



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A show of faves this week, and you don't have to hear my voice!! Yay for you!!

Chicago has the most vital scene, and this split with Oozing Wound rules.

Aging Punk: Oozing Wound (Chicago) (0:28-5:12)

One of my favorite hardcore bands this year, Fassbender has a great demo that you can download for free from bandcamp.

Kurtz: Fassbender (SF) (5:14-6:24)

Dark riffy madness, great shrieks.

Death Mask: Lord Mantis (Chicago) (6:25-12:53)

Metalblade has caught on to fantastic 70's revitalists, and this album is huge, jammy fun.

Lord & Master: Brimstone Coven (WV) (12:54-18:58)

Completely witty and unexpected, a trip in the world of eclectic proggy experimental minds.

Is He Talking About Selling Fat Chicks? 'Cause I'm Buying. Hey, Grandma!: PlasticBag FaceMask (Cali)  (18:59-23:06)

This is some brutal pummeling stuff.

Sympathectomy: Coffinworm (Indianapolis) (23:41-30:31)

Powerful 70's style from one of my fave bands, Greenleaf, containing members of Dozer (!!) and Truckfighters.

Depth Of The Sun: Greenleaf (Sweden) (30:32-35:07)

Dark crust, only in the best way.  Great vocals.

Take My Hand: Young and in the Way (Charlotte)(35:08-39:30)

One of my fave American black metal bands.

The Desert Mourns: Yellow Eyes (Brooklyn) (39:31-45:15)

Industrial, but definitely experimental too.

Lawrence Liquors: Xiu Xiu (San Jose) (45:46-48:19)

Experimental mixed with prog and doom and ambient and lotso stuff.

Medicine Eyes: The Grasshopper Lies Heavy (Austin) (48:20-54:05)

4 years to create this new death album.

Unearthed Veins: Teitanblood (Spain) (54:06-57:52)

Multi-national grind.

The Dodonpachi: Gridlink (NJ, Texas, Japan) (57:53-END)

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The new TOAD! This album has goth, spacey and psychedelic strains running through, in all-over groove rock.

Terminal Burrowing: Take Over and Destroy (Arizona) (0:28-5:13)


Horror experimental mixed with prog and brutal; but not as hard as that just sounded.


The Bright White Nothing At The End Of The Tunnel: Thantifaxath (Toronto) (6:36-13:17)


Vocalist is my favorite part of Darkentries; the album is full of different styles, but in a beautiful composition of sound.


TV Fuzz: Darkentries (SC) (13:45-19:15)


Heavy metal punk rock.


Whiplash Disaster: Midnight (Cleveland) (19:41-23:54)


Don’t underestimate, not just groovy – it hits on some great riffs.  KTB has been around for 15 years.


Fifty-Four: Karma to Burn (WV) (24:50-29:19)


Italian glam punk band, very stylish and dirty at the same time. 


Eaten Dust Overload: Children of Technology (Italy) (29:52-33:28)


Monolord has very loud drums, crunchy, thick.


Icon: Monolord (Sweden) (33:52-41:30)


Canadian French post-metal.


Fading Inn: Rhino (Montreal) (42:20-47:52)


2/3’s female, beer rock!


 Wyvernking: Krownn (Italy) (51:35-END)



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I love YOB. This album is yours, in your vinyl collection, right now.

Nothing to Win: YOB (Eugene) (0:28-11:36)


Bastard Sapling is a spin-off of Inter Arma, including a song sung by the lead singer in Windhand (cute girl).  One of the best black metal albums I have heard this year: warm, rich, organic, but still black.


The Killer In Us All: Bastard Sapling (VA) (13:25-19:40)


You know Pallbearer.  This is more Pallbearish stuff – epic, large, pretty, vocals-heavy.


The Ghost I Used To Be: Pallbearer (Little Rock) (20:28-28:37)


The new American Graveyard that caught the 70’s mullet of Metal Blade.


Behold, The Anunnaki: Brimstone Coven (WV) (29:41-35:14)


Maveth (Finland) and Embrace of Thorns (Greece) came out with an incredible black crazy dark split of awesome filth


The Pits Of Strife: Embrace of Thorns (Greece) (35:50-39:31)


Experimental proggy death from Norway, totes weird and shit.


Hermit Dream: Diskord (Norway) (40:05-45:55)


San Francisco’s very weirdo experimental band that uses dulcimers.  Dulcimers.


Dianthus: Botanist (San Francisco) (47:03-49:50)


Irish dark?? Yep.


Killvlad: Weed Priest (Ireland) (50:14-56:44)


Gallo is Gallow now, putting out his interpretation of Italian pagan.


Passer-By: John Gallow (NY) (57:24-END)



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Warm southern grind.  Makes sense?

Our Creation: Columns (NC) (0:28-2:43)


Pilgrim is now a 2-piece with some pretentiously named guy The Wizard doing guitar and bass.  Melody leans toward the melancholy ala Pallbearer-style. 


The Paladin: Pilgrim (RI) (3:58-8:00)


Atmospheric, folksy integrated black metal, but in a natural non-contrived way.


The Long Road, II. Capricious Miles: Panopticon (KY) (8:35-16:27)


Pranjal’s voice is very majestic, it brainwashes you into thinking you are standing in a cathedral with dragons flying overhead.  The lyrics are thoughtful and dripping with imagery.  Last year’s album was a riffy sludge-filled album; this one incorporates a bit more melancholy. Hey, who doesn’t like to be kicked in the gut with emotion.


The Outlier: Cardinal Wyrm (Oakland) (17:13-24:02)


Krieg is like, a totes black metal and crust band.  Whattup.


Worthless Nothing (Doom cover): Krieg (NJ) (25:04-27:25)


Oh my heart, a female led Graveyard-esque band.  This album is MASSIVE.


Black Smoke: Blues Pills (Sweden) (27:59-33:04)


Vukari is like, yeah, we are black metal and stuff, but we can make you cry.


Riddled With Fear And Doubt: Vukari (Chicago) (33:37-38:52)


Yet another band from Arizona filled with seething anger, I like.  But also, Arizona blows.


Blowback: Territory (Tucson) (39:04-41:16)


More of a shifting hardcore album: tempo-changing, genre-bending weirdos.


Standing On the Shoulders of Omega: Northern Widows (Columbus)(41:46-45:05)


A thickly riffy fist-pumping whiskey-flavored band.


Stoic: Nervewrecker (U.K.) (46:03-50:17)


I go off about the idea of metal.  This band is BRUTAL.


(Proto)Christ: Coprocephalic (San Diego/Taiwan)(51:08-54:28)


Agoraphobic Nosebleed member, and label.  Tiki-influenced grind.


Vestige of Surfly Remains: Wadge (Canada) (55:10-56:25)


Thanks FLOOD for having an album named OAK and making it entirely impossible to find you on the internet.  Good thinkin’!


Holy Astro Shaman Part I: Flood (Oakland) (57:03-END)\



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Suffocating doom, totally envelops.  Thick and dark.  Delicious.

Dweller On The Threshold: Fórn (Boston) (0:28-7:42)


Plasticbag Facemask is way WAY cooler than any of us.  Witty, awesome, tight, aggressive, insane.


I Am Facebook Officially Going to Puke: Plasticbag Facemask (Cali) (8:54-15:05)


Listen to the whole song, this is a fun death metal band, another good Arizona band, who woulda thought.


Here is a video:

Overdose: Gatecreeper (Arizona) (15:47-18:39)


This is Nachtmystium’s last album, and I think their best.  It has a pinch of everything: brutal, post-metal, spacey, proggy


The World We Left Behind: Nachtmystium (Chicago) (19:19-25:52)


Because of their large penises, these guys are a little too full of themselves.  I have just heard a bit of their demo, and I already want to be their sex slave. 


Diverse Beliefs: Fassbender (San Francisco) (26:49-28:19)


Epic 2 piece, similar to the Body, but way more emotional.  Same crushing style.


As It Needs To Be...: Keeper (Cali) (28:54-37:10)


New favorite hardcore album.


Keelhaul: Husk (U.K.) (37:36-40:38)


Big Black Cloud is influenced by the 80’s punk and 90’s alternative and has molded it into a modern experimental sound.


Cities of the Red Night: Big Black Cloud (Portland) (41:02-44:44)


Oakland! Black metal!  They have been getting tons of good reviews.  They revel in tradition in their lofi sound, but have a bunch of surprising breaks that makes this a good package. 


Blood Opulence: Akatharsia (Oakland) (45:27-46:42)


Italian 2 piece that is loud and proud. 


Right Not Right: Agatha (Italy) (47:15-51:59)


Yay, a fun 70’s style bluesy band, you need this in your life sometimes.


Information Overload: Lord Montague (Minneapolis) (52:56-57:10)


Finland, first of all, and then on top of it, these guys are weird for the Finnish.  Nuff said.


Vastans: Suruni (Finland) (57:49-END)



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Mutilation Rites is deconstruction metal – it breaks apart and comes back in many different forms.

Exhaling or Breathing In: Mutilation Rites (Brooklyn) (0:28-5:59)


Brand new Electric Wizard back after 4 years.  Lead singer says they basically killed the idea of their last amalgamation, and have been reborn.  Way more sinister. 


I am Nothing: Electric Wizard (U.K.) (6:59-15:58)


60’s and 70’s psychedelic influenced this experimental band. 


Hearts of Fire: The Grasshopper Lies Heavy (San Antonio) (16:37-21:15)


Lo fi Finnish black metal, with some melodic touches.


Sokeaa Valkoista: Circle of Ouroborus (Finland) (21:54-26:17)


Chick lead singer decimates.  Yes, this is a chick.


Decimation: Obscure Sphinx (Poland) (27:24-34:35)


Dark electronica, metal influence, industrial, even goth.


A Kiss To Birth The Rotted Sun: Burial Hex (Berlin) (35:05-41:42)


Dark post-metal


Draugr: Vultures at Arms Reach (Santa Cruz) (42:10-47:24)


Let the desert rock flow.


Arcadia: Mars Red Sky (France) (48:08-53:57)


Entrails release 2 demos this year.


Human Decay: Entrails (Sweden) (55:23-END)


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Hella classic technical thrash from New Zealand.  Great album cover.

Axiom: Exordium Mors (New Zealand) (0:28-5:03)


Oozing Wound is one of my fave bands right now.  Their albums tell a story, that you can listen to over and over again.  Full of colorful plots and character development.  Great album for a Saturday afternoon and a contender for a top album of the year. 


Ganja Gremlin: Oozing Wound (Chicago) (6:29-11:33) 

Super fucking thick sound from a Swiss band that is just putting out E.P.’s.  Maybe they know when to cut it short? Whatever the formula, it works.

Entranced by the Wolfshook: Bölzer (Switzerland) (2013) (12:02-18:25)


Sleep + Brainoil = Graves At Sea.  That isn’t such a bad computation.


This Place is Poison: Graves At Sea (Portland) (19:00-25:31)


Grind, death and prog – enough to wake you up from the murk of sludge.


Old Father: Bastard Feast (Portland) (26:29-28:31)


Again, a full-conceived album is what I yearn to hear, not just a few fist-pumping songs.  This one goes all over the place, including some hardcore stuff.


The Desanctification: Wolvhammer (Chicago/Minneapolis) (28:59-35:40)


I edited the SHIT out of some Bongripper for you.  Their songs go for 20 minutes+.  Really something you should hear, and check out for yourself.


Descent: Bongripper (Chicago) (36:12-41:34)


Some dark Texan chatter.


Strangers: Crumbling Mirth (San Antonio) (42:04-46:30)


Power-viking sludge.  Fun young bros.


Infernal Exhalations: War Bong (Nashville) (47:14-50:10)


If you don’t know Sleep, why am I talking to you.  This is brand new, after 20 years.


The Clarity: Sleep (Oakland) (50:59-END)



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Satanic and vegan Antichrist Demoncore are mostly hardcore with a heavy foot in metal and twinges of punk. 

Overstimulated: ACxDC (SoCal) (0:28-1:45)


Weakling-sounding strains of post-metal intertwined in black metal


Exordium: Alraune (Nashville) (3:10-10:10)


Revitalist vocalist in Black Sabbath heavy-influenced, for a Saturday afternoon album


Karmanjaka: Purple Hill Witch (Norway) (10:35-15:35)


Related to Mitochondrian, death metal breakdown fun.


Novemportis: Auroch (Vancouver) (16:02-19:13)


Psychedelic and soundtracky – which to me basically means, it sets a very specific mood


Ozric Pentacles: Liquido Di Morte (Italy) (19:33-27:56)


Riffy, black sabbathy (yes I know yawn sometimes), but this one is a tight album and some brutal fist-pumping parts too


Invisible Face: Possessor (England) (28:53-32:46)


Well sung doom


The Penance You Pay: Serpent Venom (England) (33:08-38:26)


Desert rock with a great vocalist from LA.


No Soul: Moab (LA) (38:51-42:09)


Riffs, jams, atmosphere, space in mostly rocked out sludge.


Raging Hunger: Hyperwülff (Italy) (43:21-49:05)


Asian and middle eastern strains in this psychedelic band, with pagan too!


Peasant of Parthia: Zaum (Canada) (49:25-55:32)


I hate the vocals and the cymbals, though this is a large epic album.  


Waves of Exultation: Hush (Albany) (56:15-END)



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I rant, and rant, and rant, and then let you know this is a 6-month reflection on the year,  “yay”.  


Stuntman has one of the best hardcore albums this year.

Bag of Dicks: Stuntman (France) (0:28-3:45)

2 piece from Germany has a full listenable riffy album.  Some people don’t like “listenable”, to them I say. . eh.


Cult Witness: Mantar (Germany) (6:09-10:43)

The Greek have put out a dark version of 70’s rock: vocals are not pretty, but it has a lot of psychedelic and organs and stuff.

Demon for a Day: Hail Spirit Noir (Greece) (11:12-17:08)

I am a huge fan of Black Shape, they don’t get enough marketing, so listen to it jerks.

Always and Only: Black Shape of Nexus (Germany) (17:49-26:14)

Artificial Brain has an excellent grind album.  

Bastard Planet: Artificial Brain (27:26-30:01)

Primordial’s lead singer has a new band Dread Sovereign.  His vocals are very “heavy metal”, I love him.

Cathars to Their Doom: Dread Sovereign (Ireland) (30:44-39:11)

Strange, avante-garde jazz-metal.

King in Yellow: Murmur (Chicago) (39:44-43:13)

Another awesome brutal raspy noise band from Chicago.

Rape: Indian (Chicago) (44:10-51:18)

Portland stoner, but don’t let that make you think this is like every other stoner band.  This one is tight, talented, and the compositions in this album are really fun.

Some Can: Stoneburner (Portland) (51:39-57:12)

Pagan-influenced hardcore, from Finland.

...from the Eastern Shores (Yhdeksän Aallotarta): Gambanteinn (Finland) (57:54-END)

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Based on this album, I am going to go back and listen to their other two albums.

Edge Of Darkness: Tombs (Brooklyn) (0:28-5:51)

Blast metal, but breaks down so fun-ly.

Subhumannihilation: NuclearHammer (Toronto) (6:47-13:01)

Burzum is legendary, in a terrible way.  His violent and psychotic crimes put him in prison where he was allowed to record (Norwegian prison system is pretty cool).  I feel guilty liking his black metal and dark ambient.  This new album is noise and ambient, horror-ambient if you will.

Hall of the Fallen: Burzum (Norway) (13:58-18:59)

Detroit boys like guns, or at least like posing with them.  I hate that.  But, they know how to brung forth it.

Energy Blackmail: Boddicker (Detroit) (19:25-21:33)

Chicagoans bring us mafia, terrible weather, Bruce and romantic metal.

Jet Black Passenger: The Atlas Moth (Chicago) (21:55-26:21)

Avant-garde swirled Spanish metal.

Pentecostal Black Punishment: Barbarian Swords (Spain) (27:20-31:48)

Weirdos in Sacramento make industrial.

Flies: Wreck and Reference (Sacramento) (32:17-35:52)

Menace is a good way to put it.

Monuments Of Misery: Hooded Menace (Finland) (36:20-43:22)

This new album by Godflesh is better than their old stuff. For the more manly industrial listener (me).

Decline & Fall: Godflesh (England) (44:02-48:16)

GGU:LL sounds like being swallowed by the sarlacc pit.

Waan: GGU:LL (Netherlands) (49:17-55:14)

The warmth of south American heavy metal.

Towards the Midnight Ocean: Capilla Ardiente (Chile) (55:31-END)



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Black Anvil’s sound is more broken down than a blast of cold.  Tons of adrenalin. 

Redemption Through Blood: Black Anvil (NYC) (0:28-6:36)


One of my fave crust bands and albums this year, Young and In the Way.


Weep In My Dust: Young and in the Way (Charlotte) (8:09-11:54)


Whiskey swilled Sourvein, makes your brain take it in slow.


Equinox: Sourvein (NC) (12:22-15:27)


Atmosphere and torture swirled together.


Let Fall Each and Every Sedition Symptom: Trap Them (KY and Seattle) (15:55-22:19)


Old school raw punk power hardcore.


Rain Darkness: Enabler (Milwaukee) (22:46-25:23)


King Buzzo vocals are the winner here, he has a hundred different styles.  A bit of folk, a bit of Soundgarden, a bit of spaghetti western. 


Illegal Mona: King Buzzo (LA) (26:20-28:43)


Black metal drumming in this post-metal band.


Vessel: Abest (Germany) (29:20-35:51)


Reverand Bizarre is Opium Warlords.  Every song is a jaunt into the unknown.


Manisolas from Misandria: Opium Warlords (Finland) (36:18-39:27)


Raw death.


Cleaved Asunder: Diocletian (New Zealand) (39:54-45:09)


Alaska! ‘Nuff said.


Lycanthropy: Lamplighter (Alaska) (45:58-49:33)


Aggressive Aussies in da hiz-house.


Outlive: Caged Grave (Melbourne) (50:03-51:08)


Wandering Midget’s lead singer is lead in Serpent Warning.  It is retro doom.


Thousand Names: Serpent Warning (Finland) (51:41-55:15)


Blut is exceptional in atmospheric black metal.


Némeïnn: Blut Aus Nord (France) (56:27-END) 


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Sharp, angular and difficult to listen to: perfect for the weirdo in your life.

Denigrating in the Tanks: Idylls (Brisbane, AU) (0:28-3:02)


Violent, aggressive grind from of course, Denver.  Members hail from Primitive Man.


9 Fruitless Years Of Total Fucking Agony: Vermin Womb (Denver) (4:12-8:15)


Dozer is one of my fave bands, and spun-off to Greenleaf, thank gawd because Dozer has been defunct for awhile.  Because of the talent, Greenleaf has attracted members from other high-profile bands like Truckfighters and others but I can’t remember.


Ocean Deep: Greenleaf (Sweden) (8:47-14:13)


Greg Wilkinson is brilliant and anything he touches is awesome, raw and relevant.


Sex Teeth: DeathGrave (Oakland) (14:38-16:42)


Local band is making it big, Hornss is getting a ton of press and deservedly so.  Catchy, groovey stoner that thrash out, making it very fist-worthy.


Maker Of The Moons: Hornss (San Francisco) (17:25-20:23)


Doesn’t matter that Barghest has one of the stupidest album covers I have ever seen.  Their take on black metal is in one word: bad-the fuck-ass.  Barghest, is that with a hard g or soft g sound?


Agonizing Spiritual Descent: Barghest (Baton Rouge) (20:52-26:02)


Minot are gorgeous instrumental proggy and math-oriented, but sometimes become groovy and just damn fun.  Is that ok? For music to be fun? 


Tharsis: Minot (Oakland/NC) (27:25-33:39)


Owl’s new album is akin to the dawn.  I don’t know what that means, but maybe it is about dark giving way to energy?  If so, I guess that makes sense.  It is very darkly pummeling, but doesn’t linger it.  Instead it gives way to a larger brighter composition of sound. 


We Ascend As We Fall: Owl (Germany) (34:13-37:55)


I would leave you, in a second, for the dude in Misery Index.


Conjuring the Cull: Misery Index (Baltimore) (38:39-43:24)


Swedish heartfelt sad stuff = funeral doom.


Earthless: Doom:VS (Sweden) (44:17-51:47)


Experimental droney growly metal and drone and stuff.  Atmospheric!


Väärä Kuu: Katakombi (Finland) (52:15-57:26)

Spastic vocals to end the show.


Konditionierungsapparat: Japanische Kampfhorspiele (Germany) (57:59-END)



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Sharp, angular and difficult to listen to: perfect for the weirdo in your life.

Denigrating in the Tanks: Idylls (Brisbane, AU) (0:28-3:02)


Violent, aggressive grind from of course, Denver.  Members hail from Primitive Man.


9 Fruitless Years Of Total Fucking Agony: Vermin Womb (Denver) (4:12-8:15)


Dozer is one of my fave bands, and spun-off to Greenleaf, thank gawd because Dozer has been defunct for awhile.  Because of the talent, Greenleaf has attracted members from other high-profile bands like Truckfighters and others but I can’t remember.


Ocean Deep: Greenleaf (Sweden) (8:47-14:13)


Greg Wilkinson is brilliant and anything he touches is awesome, raw and relevant.


Sex Teeth: DeathGrave (Oakland) (14:38-16:42)


Local band is making it big, Hornss is getting a ton of press and deservedly so.  Catchy, groovey stoner that thrash out, making it very fist-worthy.


Maker Of The Moons: Hornss (San Francisco) (17:25-20:23)


Doesn’t matter that Barghest has one of the stupidest album covers I have ever seen.  Their take on black metal is in one word: bad-the fuck-ass.  Barghest, is that with a hard g or soft g sound?


Agonizing Spiritual Descent: Barghest (Baton Rouge) (20:52-26:02)


Minot are gorgeous instrumental proggy and math-oriented, but sometimes become groovy and just damn fun.  Is that ok? For music to be fun? 


Tharsis: Minot (Oakland/NC) (27:25-33:39)


Owl’s new album is akin to the dawn.  I don’t know what that means, but maybe it is about dark giving way to energy?  If so, I guess that makes sense.  It is very darkly pummeling, but doesn’t linger it.  Instead it gives way to a larger brighter composition of sound. 


We Ascend As We Fall: Owl (Germany) (34:13-37:55)


I would leave you, in a second, for the dude in Misery Index.


Conjuring the Cull: Misery Index (Baltimore) (38:39-43:24)


Swedish heartfelt sad stuff = funeral doom.


Earthless: Doom:VS (Sweden) (44:17-51:47)


Experimental droney growly metal and drone and stuff.  Atmospheric!


Väärä Kuu: Katakombi (Finland) (52:15-57:26)

Spastic vocals to end the show.


Konditionierungsapparat: Japanische Kampfhorspiele (Germany) (57:59-END)



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I discuss Portland as the best scene, and then Agalloch’s new album that totes took me back to the late 80’s – they have this great post-punk influence to this album.  F’in A layered in the melody well into this shiznit.

Dark Matter Gods: Agalloch (Portland) (0:28-9:02)

Psychedelic Japanese, need I say more.  I heard some obvious Indian influence in their instrumental stuff.  They are improvisational live, so this is a show to check out, if they EVER come out to the west.

There Is No Other Place: Kikagaku Moyo (幾何学模様) (Tokyo) (10:33-13:46)

Nightfell is a 2 piece, including the awesome drumming of Tim Call from Aldebaran.

Funeral Dirge: Nightfell (Portland) (14:13-20:30)

Worst name ever, Dopelord, like what the fuck, seriously.  But, they jam it out, and that I appreciate.

Green Plague: Dopelord (Poland) (21:04-28:23)

MAYBE this is an acquired taste, but so is wine and sashimi, the best 2 things on earth.  Get your ass out of your head. I am confused by Connecticut though.

Piece Of Meat: Vestal Claret (Connecticut) (29:17-34:12)

I talk about why the new Serpentine Path is boring, as are most super groups. 

Origin: Infestus (Germany) The Reflecting Void (34:40-40:48)

The newest caustic hardcore that has my full attention.  For like, the next 2 minutes because I don’t care about anything anymore.

Swelling: Cholera (U.K) (41:00-43:27)

Terra Tenebrosa is MY band, I don’t care if you don’t know it.  F you anyway.

Apokatastasis: Terra Tenebrosa (Sweden) (44:28-51:10)

This band is one of the best for epic black metal, and then I just want to die.

The Ascend: The Great Old Ones (France) (52:23-END)


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Mosh pit metal with a girl lead singer.  I think.

Insomnia: Svffer (Germany) (0:28-1:59)


Pummeling and sludgey all at the same time!


Instant Death Syndrome: Coffinworm (Indianapolis) (2:56-7:43)


Yeah, I give myself credit for introducing you to Yellow Eyes, and I will keep that credit and lord it over you forever


One Rock For The Wild Dog: Yellow Eyes (Brooklyn) (8:10-13:25)


Groaning, tons of it, and melodic stuff.


Hirudinea: Orox (Buffalo) (13:46-19:31)


Dark crusty hardcore, almost as tuff as Oasis.


Kvarblivelse: Esoteric Youth (Manchester) (19:57-22:48)


Nux Vomica, which is a type of tree, awesome name for a band, has great instrumental compositions in the middle of massive brutal epic stuff.


Reeling: Nux Vomica (Portland) (23:20-27:52)


Occult sludge, with snide vocals.


Nothing Hill: Salem's Pot (Sweden) (28:46-36:24)


Vocals of Thou, and then Thou with the Body or something. 


Pill: Thou (Baton Rouge) (37:02-39:59)


Manifest Alchemy: Thou and the Body (Baton Rouge, Portland) (40:01-45:21)


Norse mythology, folk, and black metal.


The Stream: Ifing (Michigan) (46:28-53:19)


Auric is dark sludge, totally rocks out.


Swept and Swallowed: Auric (Arkansas) (54:00-END)



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Shrieking heavy and riffy, some black industrial in parts, mostly rocking.

Negative Birth: Lord Mantis (Chicago) (0:28-7:21)


Down-tuned death.


Curse Of The Neverending: Skelethal (France) (8:19-10:09)


Tons of buildup in this satisfying funeral doom.


Saturnine: Symptom (Portland) (10:27-17:24)


Sexy lyrics, heavy rock, catchy stuff.


Eternal Psalm, Pt. 2: Limb (London) (17:48-20:46)


Romance and dark atmosphere influences this doom band.


Hierophania: Naga (Italy) (20:56-27:24)


This duo with Stevie Floyd is tight and kept my interest. 


No/Thing Longing, Human Impermanence: Taurus (Portland) (28:24-32:59)


Just some warm psychedelic to break up the dark.


Holy mondays: Mars Red Sky (France) (33:12-38:02)


Black and slow tempoed.


Chiropteris: Neptune's Inferno (NYC) (38:22-43:20)


Really great one-man band, heavy riffage, modern and old school.


emptiness: Samsara (Portugal) (44:13-49:45)


Hilarious Dutch band that rocks out, dark and fun and fist pumping.


BetrayerDeceiver: Herder (Netherlands) (50:07-55:26)


Floor is nerdy and not as hip as they were in the 90’s, but this album ah-ight. Their 1994 album Dove is one of the best, so I give them a thumbs up.


Sister Sophia: Floor (Florida) (56:17-END)



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Show 108, so some hare Krishna 108. (Forced by Casey Baker)

108 (NYC): (0-2:31)


Female badassness.  Great vocals.


Behold The Valley Of Slaughter: Bog Oak (Sacramento) (2:32-7:59)


My new favorite atmospheric heavy doom band with tons of riffs, WITH one of my favorite vocalists, the dude from Primordial.


Thirteen Clergy: Dread Sovereign (Ireland) (8:52-14:56)


New E.P. from my fave punk band, Iron Reagan.


Cops Don't Like Me, I Don't Like Cops: Iron Reagan (Richmond) (15:09-15:43)


San Francisco’s Cormorant is really headbanging worthy stuff.  Proggy-style vocals, but still packs a punch.


Sold As A Crow: Cormorant (San Francisco) (16:07-22:19)


Hot swedes are somewhat romantic in this hardcore-influenced pummeling stuff.

The Romans Make A Desert And Call It Peace: Totem Skin (Sweden) (22:37-24:51)


Hesperian Death Horse's split with Hazarder rules.  Maybe romance is in the air, mixed with guttural black.


Tesla: Hesperian Death Horse (Croatia) (25:39-34:00)


Dude, chugging thick and catchy.  Chicago gots it goin’ on!


The Hound: Sacred Monster (Chicago) (34:14-39:19)


Michigan makes them agro.


saccarine: Dakhma (Michigan) (39:40-44:11)


Touching black metal from another Swedish band, Skogen. 


Midvintergraven: Skogen (Sweden) (44:56-49:11)


I will probably listen to the new Stoneburner a hundred times this year.  Guitarist from Buried at Sea.


You Are The Worst: Stoneburner (Portland) (49:27-53:06)


Technical hair metal bros.


Mare Of The Night: Below (Sweden) (53:44-END) 108: (0-2:31)


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2 piece “despair hardcore” band on the Iron Lungs label.  Yeah, I just made that genre up.

Journey To The End Of The Night: Demonbrother (Western Mass) (0:28-4:18)

Kurt Ballou from Converge produced Welsh band Hark – so you know it is mixed as well as it can be.

Breathe And Run: Hark (Wales) (5:16-11:27)

French black death. Drummer is out of control.  Baby faces, aaaw.

Thrvst: Plebeian Grandstand (France) (11:39-16:45)

The Shrine had a great last album, they are on TeePee with Graveyard, and touring with them right now.  I am a big fan of The Shrine for rock.  If you don’t like rock, then move along. 

Whistlings of Death: The Shrine (LA) (17:01-19:18)

4 years in the making, and it shows: gory death. 

Anteinfierno: Teitanblood (Spain) (19:50-24:37)

Ringworm are old farts, but probably still have scary moshpits.

Dawn Of Decay: Ringworm (Ohio) (25:44-29:01)

Another awesome jammy rock band – been around since the 90’s, but haven’t put out anything for awhile.  Great lyrics, great vocalist.

Soulless Woman: Ogre (Maine) (29:34-34:33)

I talk about fuckfaces.

Withering Field: Woods of Desolation (Australia) (35:17-41:27)

LARGE sounding black death stuff.  I call it sinister.

Chaotic Astral Ascension: Shroud of the Heretic (Portland) (41:44-46:25) 

Valknacht has the most awesome album cover,

Dorky but brutal.

Chants De Guerre: Valknacht (Quebec) (47:20-54:02)

Horror soundtrack music. 

Battle With The Bottle: Wraithmaze (Finland) (54:34-END)



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Death metal from Swedes is also psychedelic and moody and progressive.


Aurora In The Offing: Morbus Chron (Sweden) (0:28-5:25)


Loinen’s new album is on Svart records.  Their sound is super downtuned, and only bass guitars – their guitarist committed suicide and this is a tribute.   


Kuolemanselli: Loinen (Finland) (7:16-11:24)


I discuss the SF scene and pronouncing Slough Feg.


Laser Enforcer: Slough Feg (San Francisco) (12:10-16:19)


Crusty gothic graveyard horror metal. 


The Bestial Abyss: Vampire (Sweden) (16:50-22:25)


Thick fuzz, a balm to my blistered brain.


Foehammer: Conan (England) (22:45-27:28)


Fuck your v that acts like a u.  Other than that, this is raw, technical, chunneling metal.


Calicem Obscurum: Lvcifyre (U.K.) (28:28-32:48)


Not industrial, though they say it is.  More melodic than that, and vocalist is straight-forward. 


Chaos Body: Psalm Zero (NY) (33:11-38:58)


Speedy black hardcore.


The Cloven Path: Beroth (U.K.) (39:09-41:48)

Pink Floyd anyone? Ex-vocalist of Trouble, now with his own band.  Very emotional.


As Long as I'm with You: Blackfinger (Chicago) (42:23-47:19)


Infectious riffy large sound.


Luna Hiena: Sioux (Portland) (48:09-52:29)


Heavy heavy sludge.


Luna Hiena: Cementerio (Spain) (52:37-56:19)


How is folk metal real.  Really?


See on see maa: Metsatöll (Estonia) (57:04-END)


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Gridlink creates a full-on grind masterpiece – full of different treats.  Wait, that sort of rhymes.


Look to Windward: Gridlink (NJ, Texas, Japan) (0:28-3:38)


Gurgling vocals here are not my fave, but this band is SO frigging tight and satisfying in melody and riffs, I proceeded to listen to their full album.  Their second vocalist is awesome.  Revocation guitarist.


Hormone's Echo: Artificial Brain (NY) (4:53-11:03)


Crusty, classic and death all in one package.


Ancient Rites of Buried Evil: Coffin Dust (Philadelphia) (11:20-16:55)


Atmospheric death from some weirdo Texans.


The Eye: Škan (Austin) (17:20-22:14)


First awesome 70’s retro psychedelic rock album of the year.


Waterfalls: Doctor Cyclops (Italy) (23:03-29:12)


Masterful grind from old farts Cripple Bastards.


Occhi Trapiantati: Cripple Bastards (Italy) (29:39-33:26)


If you can catch Thou live, do it.  Their black metal will not exhaust you.  The vocalist really keep you focused.


In Defiance of the Sages: Thou (Baton Rouge) (33:49-39:22)


Next (3) bands from the French hardcore scene:

Noise and violence from Paris, and Remote.


Faith. Lame: Remote (Paris) (39:52-43:37)


2 piece with some math-y hardcore.


Wrong Way/Nice Trip: Piece of Map (France) (43:44-46:59)


Lodges manages to infuse melody without it being sappy.


Downward: Lodges (France) (47:10-50:55)


Filthy breakdowns galore.  Great name for a band.


17.5 Dead Air: Secret Cutter (Pennsylvania) (51:08-54:16)


Bast is the first band signed to Conan’s lead singer’s record label Black Bow Records, and they ROCK IT, totally Conan-style; riffy and catchy.


Spectres: Bast (England) (54:53-END!)


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Nashville hardcore with dudes from Coliseum.  New album coming out, this is from their split.

Human Den: Yautja (Nashville) (0:28-3:00)


Twilight have dudes from Isis and Leviathan, and now Thurston Moore - Sonic Youth.   Build ups that satisfy.  Dark, actually quite black, and noise experimental.


Below Lights: Twilight (Super group) (3:55-7:54)


Post-hardcore, crust, black.  So frigging good from Hungarian band Rivers Run Dry (this is on a split with Drip of Lies).


cycle of survival: Rivers Run Dry (Hungary) (8:20-12:12)


Hooded Menace inspired by old horror movies created this new 12”. Don’t be discouraged by the cookie monster vocals, the musicianship is top-notch.


Chasm of the Wraith (Labyrinth of Carrion Breeze): Hooded Menace (Finland) (12:41-19:36)


Brand new album from The Body is digitized extreme.  Vocals and maybe more from Haxan Cloak.


Hail To Thee, Everlasting Pain: The Body (Portland) (20:00-25:21)


Traditional heavy metal with a pinch of modern dark. I talk about my mullet of yore.


Infinity: Nature's Grave (Oakland) (26:17-32:28)


Fuzzy warm jams for decompression sake.


Goat-Head Awakening: Sun Shepherd (Australia) (32:47-40:34)


Groove me you Brits.


Melian's Trance: King Goat (U.K.) (40:41-46:53)


Old school singing, and a terrific riff style.


Fight: Grand Magus (Sweden) (47:39-51:40)


Swedish black metal doing their thing.  Probably the best black metal I have heard in a long time.


Själavrängaren: Stilla (Sweden) (51:53-56:03)


Black ambient with wicked vocals.  They got my 2012 title for Best Vacuuming Album.


Honour Found In Delay: Black Shape Of Nexus (Germany) (56:44-end)



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Svart-released German band is a 2 piece.  Post-hardcore and metal keeps ya guessing. 

Spit: Mantar (Germany) (0:28-5:20)

Brutal dark Behemoth of a monster.  This next song is the most melodic of all the songs on the album, so don't think it represents the rest of the album, which will most likely blow your head off.

The Satanist: Behemoth (Poland) (6:19-11:50)

Drummer from Benighted kicks ass.  Vocals are not the typical cookie monster, some of it is serious gurgling.

Noise: Benighted (France) (12:31-15:40)

What else, a folk band and a metal band of course.  Makes for great vocals, very dramatic and emotional.

Gods Much More Terrible: Lion's Daughter/Indian Blanket collaboration (St. Louis) (16:05-23:30)

Yes, it is cheesy, but damn, really good.  Progressive and hard, and great vocals keeps it real.

From Grace to Grave: Descend (Sweden) (24:38-31:54)

Meaty and technical Clover.

E.B.S. (Electronic Broadcast Shutdown): Clover (NY) (32:16-35:33)

Low-fi crust from where else, Pennsylvania.

Whispers of a Fading Existence: Katahajime (Pennsylvania) (36:01-43:51)

I explain post-black metal.  Spanish instrumental.

Paramnesia: Kalte Sonne (Spain) (44:50-48:09)

Runner-up last year to best Black Metal album.  New E.P. is warmer, more atmospheric.

Bastardiser (PitchShifter cover): Blut Aus Nord (France) (48:47-53:02)

Yeah, Slomatics makes you feel like you are in quicksand.  Added psychedelic notes.

Tunnel Dragger: Slomatics (Belfast) (53:27-END)


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One Finnish brain. What else do you need to know. 

Awakening Giants: Gambanteinn (Finland) (0:28-5:09)

Ignominy has noise, hardcore, industrial, and tons of energy. 

Nedmonteringen: Ignominy (Sweden) (5:54-13:18)

Culted have never held hands.  They recorded this album in different areas of the world.

Illuminati: Culted (Sweden, Canada) (13:58-20:02)

Grue breaks up their epic black metal with warmer hardcore tones.

Casualty of the Psychic Wars: Grue (Boston) (20:30-26:06)

70’s-style pagan from the U.K.

Lost Bride: The Wounded Kings (U.K.) (27:08-33:00)

Ukranian Etherial Riffian break the mold and put out a psychedelic album, that does not reflect their violent surroundings.

Thugdam (Sensation): Etherial Riffian (Ukraine) (33:28-41:01)

An evil take on coma-inducing post-metal.  That is a compliment.

Hereinafter: Fleshworld (Poland) (41:18-45:47)

2 track single from South Carolina’s weirdos.

Open Gaits: They Eat Their Own God (South Carolina) (46:30-53:42)

My brain is getting tired, apparently I loved post-metal this week.  This one is from a one-piece band.

Diaspora: Deterior (Ohio) (54:18-END)

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I talk about sometimes needing people to tell me to go on.


Indian’s new album produced by Sanford Parker.  It has been around 5 years since their last album.  Noisey riffage, as good as their last album.

Rhetoric of No: Indian (Chicago) (0:28-6:43)


French grind, has played with one of my faves, Genghis Tron.


The Patriot, The Elite, The Icon: Stuntman (France) (8:41-12:37)


Another fabulous Chicago band – experimental, proggy, kind of DC style vocals.  Even some jazz fusion – very Chicago-influenced.


Zeta II Reticuli: Murmur (Chicago) (13:17-20:06)


Dramatic neo-industrial post-punk. 


Stupid in the Dark: Xiu Xiu (San Jose) (20:35-23:20)


Hexis wants you to be possessed by the King of Hell.  Very evil, tight, badass.


Exhausit: Hexis (Denmark) (23:51-27:03)


Weird charming proggy pagan album from Greece.  Greece, one of the top areas for super original talented metal.  (Right now my list is: Finland, Italy, Greece)


Blood Guru: Hail Spirit Noir (Greece) (28:04-34:06)


Crust doom from Germy people.


In The Wall: Serpent Eater (Germany) (34:16-38:55)


On a split soon to be released with Primitive Man, Xaphan is kind of new – they have a 2 song demo that was recorded and produced on a frigging iPad.


Cold Surge: Xaphan (Minneapolis) (39:16-43:25)


Polish punks are probably real old farts.  Not poseurs I mean.


III: CZERŃ (Poland) (43:58-48:56)


Italians go bleak.

21st Business Man: Under the Oak (Italy) (49:47-52:25)


The British Weedeater.  So probably not as completely insane, but these guys aren’t afraid of being on the more brutal edge, rather than just having a good time.


Gauze Rite: BongCauldron (Leeds) (53:19-59:02)


Vancouverish noisey hardcore or something.


The Last Installment: Anion (Vancouver) (59:23-END)

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Best Avante Garde/Psychedelic:

Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland) album - Valonielu (song: Vino Verso (0:28-5:20))

Orannsi Pazuzu does the best job of both being experimental but still being catchy enough to want to listen to them over and over again.  They do not alienate.  I keep wanting to hear more from them, which is THE sign of great artistry.

Best Industrial:

Statiqbloom (Brooklyn) album - Mask Visions Poison (song: Vestige Lights (7:17-13:16))

One person project gets the best industrial album of the year.  It was a difficult choice between this album and legendary band Skinny Puppy’s offering – which is the best album they have put out for over a decade.  Fade from Batillus is a perfectionist, and it shows in the quality of his work.  He has put out an industrial album which is nostalgic for when industrial was at its pinnacle.  He keeps this album true to its roots: danceable and dark
(Runner-Up:) Skinny Puppy (LA) album - Weapon
Skinny Puppy was my favorite band when I was 13, they influenced my visions of my future.  I haven't listened to them for years because I thought they went plastic in their sound, ironic I know, industrial is not organic.  Now I heard Weapon, and it takes me right back to the origins of synthesizer and experimental sound in industrial, but in a fun dancey way.  This is industrial.  And Ogre's voice is unbelievable. 
(Runner-up:) Årabrot (Norway) album - Årabrot

Best Punk:

Iron Reagan (Virginia) album - Worse than Dead (song: Paycheck (13:52-15:12))

Iron Reagan is not pure punk, but they get close to it.  Members of Municipal Waste.  I listened to this over and over again this year, it is an easy investment: 25 minutes for the whole album.  How punk can you get.  

Best Large Sound:

Inter Arma (Virginia) album - Sky Burial (song: Westward (15:57-25:28))
Tons of lead-up to huge massive sound.  I akin this to the Body, if the Body had more members. 
Runner-Up: Anciients (Vancouver) album - Heart of Oak

Best Rock Sludge:

Phantom Glue (Boston) album - A War of Light Cones (song: Captain Keith Pierce (26:28-29:08))
Produced by a dude from Converge – which is an automatic thumbs up.  The sludge is energized with hardcore, and these guys have a great vocalist and tons of tunes that stick in your head after you stop listening.

Runner Up: Black Pyramid (Boston) album - Adversial
Black Pyramid is one of the catchiest albums of the year, I really like these guys, and I think if you like to entertain as much as I do, you would put this album on a lot at the end of each party drinking beer with your best friends.

Best True Sludge:

Fister (St. Louis) album - Gemini (song: III (29:59-34:25))
Fister’s logo is - "if its too slow, you're too young." Sludge makes its drama with its moody thick agonizingly slow beat.  Fister makes headway in this genre with their vocals, which are so evil.  I love this band, I really do. 

Best Stoner:

Egypt (Fargo) album - Become the Sun (song: Matterhorn (34:50-39:18))
A chick can’t resist a sexy voice crooning bluesy stoner rock.  This is a great album to wake up to on the weekend.

Best Grindcore (tie):

Call of the Void (Denver) album - Dragged Down A Dead End Path (song: Breeding Grounds (40:19-44:00))
Colorado grind band that had a very listenable album, even though my ears hurt.  Aggressive, and I related.

Best Grindcore (tie):

Rotten Sound (Finland) album - Species at War (song: War (44:21-46:01))
Completely different sound than Call of the Void.  Super brutal, very difficult to listen to, which is the point.  For weirdos.

Runner-Up: Anorak (France) album - Go Up In Smoke

Best Spin-off Band (tie):

All Pigs Must Die (Boston area) album - Nothing Violates This Nature (song: Chaos Arise (47:11-49:57)
Most brutal and metal of the spin-off contenders.  

Best Spin-off Band (tie):

Zozobra (Boston) album - Savage Masters (song: Deathless (50:16-52:55)
Contains most of the members of Cave-In with some guests, this album is catchy, fast, tight, awesome.  I couldn’t not pick this, I listened to it too many times.
3. Runner-Up: Doomriders (Boston area) album - Grand Blood
Doomriders come in fast and heavy, I am surprised they didn't get more press, because this album is fantastic.  They have so many ideas, and they all work.  Brutal experimental hardcore sound, technical and crazed.  Grand Blood has awesome catchy riffs too.
4. Runner-Up: Mutoid Man (Boston/California) album - Helium Head
Mutoid Man is influenced by psychedelic rock.  The vocals are the Cave-In dude, hence way more accessible. Hoping they play in California since Ben moved here.

Best Heavy/Traditional Metal:

Hell (U.K.) album - Curse and Chapter (song: End Ov Days (53:36-59:06)
This entire album is a blast – let your hair flow into feathered mullet goodness and rise your beer mug high.  Make sure you flash your hooters at the lead singer.  It won over the others because the lead singer rules.
Runner up: Satan (U.K.) album - Life Sentence
Honorable Mention: Manilla Road (Kansas) album - Mysterium

#1 Band/Best Album of the Year/Best Live Band:

Skeletonwitch (Ohio) album - Serpents Unleashed (song: Unending, Everliving (1:00:17-END!))
One of my favorite bands of all time – a perfect combination of classic and thrash.  If you have never seen them live, you must.  They are the top live metal act.  Super charismatic and ever professional – there is no small show for them.  You won’t hear them complain about doing too much coke (Gypsyhawk I am looking at you).  This is their fifth studio album, and I think their best. I can’t believe they have yet another album that totally kicks original ass.  Super infectious, as they are known to be, and tight as all hell. 

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This is the FIRST of two shows where I countdown the “Best of” categories of my choosing.  Listen next week for the rest of the list, and my #1 album of the year!!

Best Fusion/Crossover Metal (Punk/Hardcore/Thrash):
Oozing Wound (Chicago) album - Retrash (song: New York Bands (0:28-6:48))

Tons of bands out there are integrating a bunch of genres into their sound, Oozing Wound does it the best.  It is way more complex than just plain crust or hardcore, you hear it when the metal riffs totally kick in seamlessly and you realize how talented this band really is.


Best Joyous Doom:
Magic Circle (Boston) album - Ride the Void (song: Scream Evil (8:06-14:05))

Don’t underestimate the power of 70’s retro.  Sure you can say they are derivative: this lead singer even sounds like Ozzy, but he has his own set of dulcet tones.  Let the sound wash over you.  Great jams, awesome album, really rocking.


Best Blackened Groove:

Take Over and Destroy (Phoenix) album - Endless Night (song: Boundaries of Flesh (14:45-20:24))

 “An American rock & roll band from the 1970s trapped inside a Scandinavian metal band from the 1990s".  Even though T.O.A.D. is crusty and ultimately dark, they also pull in very catchy grooves into their sound.  Not at all contrived, and completely fist-pumping music in the best way.


Best Black Metal:

Cultes Des Ghoules (Poland) album - Henbane (song: Festival of Devotion (20:48-29:44))

Black metal is supposed to follow a formula – it is a very strict genre.  This album is so evil and intense, which is normal, but I never got tired of listening to it.  The vocals are the highlight – seriously unique; and great tempo changes and climactic.  This is the black metal album to buy!

Runner-Up: Blut Aus Nord (France) album - What Once Was. . .Liber III
Started as a one-piece, the dude filled out his band and put together an absolute menacing black metal album, stark and cold as all fuck.  More traditional than Cultes Des Ghoules.


Best Post-Punk:

Beastmilk (Finland) album - Climax (song: You Are Now Under Our Control (30:41-34:12))

When a band makes you nostalgic for the music of your youth, you know they are doing something right. Here is a band that took the best from that era: Joy Division, the Cure, Echo. You can definitely see yourself dancing in a club in the 80’s with the cutest boy with the hair in his eyes 10 feet away, most likely gay.

Runner-Up: Vaura (NYC) album - The Missing


Best Anthemic:

Holy Grail (LA) album - Ride the Void (song: Bestia Triumphans (34:46-40:29))

To love Holy Grail is to see them live.  Every single person in the audience was singing with the lead singer.  The loyalty is surprising, considering this is a young band – only 2 albums.  You understand when you listen to the addictive, chorus-driven album.


Best 2-Piece:

Cara Neir (Dallas) album - Portals to a Better, Dead World (song: Closing Doors (41:11-44:48))
Cara Neir is obviously not as popular as the Body, but way more complex – a thick album with crazy drumming, tight as all hell guitar work. I just want to see them live. 

Runner-up: Zolle (Italy) album - Zolle

Completely instrumental psychedelic and stoner rock, with awesome leadups to climactic riffage

Honorable Mention: The Body (Portland) album – Christ, Redeemers

I have seen the Body about 5 times (they used to live in Providence and opened up for every touring band ever), and each time they annoy me just a little bit more. and I hate the lead singer live/screeching.  That said, their latest album is super good. The live shows made me not like them as much.  Note: too many live shows makes the audience more critical, so that is what you get.  I probably liked them the first time I saw them but I can’t remember so they can fuck off.

Best Saturday Afternoon band (i.e. most listened to album):

Kadavar (Germany) album – Abra Kadavar (song: black sun (45:53-5:59))

Last year this title went to Sons of Tonatiuh, a crust band with a rich album that I could listen to tirelessly. This year, the title goes to a classic psychedelic retro rock 70's style band, Kadavar.  I can listen to this at every party at my house, on every warm sunny Saturday that I am too lazy to go outside but I feel energetic enough to play some vinyl.  They jam so hard.


Best Crust:

Weekend Nachos (Chicago) album - Still (song: Watch You Suffer (52:33-55:53))

Weekend Nachos, Oozing Wound and Iron Reagan were made by the same crust God.  There are slight distinctions and very different albums: Weekend Nachos infuses power metal and dirty crust and extreme wit into their unique sound. And, they also get BEST BAND NAME, fuck.


#2 Band of the Year/Best Vocalist:

Batillus (Brooklyn) album - Concrete Sustain (song: Mirrors (56:55-END)

Listen to all my other shows when I play anything Batillus-related, and you will get a sense of how much I look up to this band.  Vocals are my number one instrument, when done right will make me a fan forever; when done wrong, I cannot listen beyond it.  Fade has the most powerful vocals right now.  He is also the influence of noise and industrial on the very metal band.  The band is the best to see live.  What is exciting for music lovers and fans is knowing they are JUST coming into their own.  Can’t wait to hear what is next.

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Happy New Year!! Eh.

Act of Impalement’s whole album has a ton of stuff going on, including crust and sick riffs.

Necromancer's Theme: Act of Impalement (Nashville) (0:28-4:31)

Baptists are filthy, new album came out early 2013 and I guess I missed them.  Glad I finally checked them out.

Soiled Roots: Baptists (Vancouver) (5:46-10:53)

Monkeypriest spinoff, so I was immediately intrigued – Monkeypriest is phenomenal fuzzy sludge.  This is more psychedelic, and incorporates a lot of instruments. 

Arrache-coeur: TENTUDÍA (Spain) (11:24-15:13)

A389 Recording's newest Napalm Christ, put together a vinyl of their demo stuff, and will be putting out a full debut album soon.  Members of Rwake and Pale Unearthed.

Nuclear Holy War: Napalm Christ (Arkansas) (15:48-19:57)

Your Highness is a beerriffic awesome band, and this split is a great way to check them out.


Death Knell: Your Highness (20:21-25:29)

Denver hardcore punk band that has a NSFW logo, that I kept opening to at work.

Piston: Catholic Girls (Denver) (26:25-30:03)

Seriously epic split from (who?) LWFDIHH and Uroboros.  Full-on album, dark and righteous.

Аякс: LWFDIHH (Russia) (30:25-35:41)

90’s death metal band out of the grave brings forth their version of modernized death. 

I Vomit This World: Mercyless (France) (35:57-38:33)

Primitive Man, who I forgot, even though everyone loves them, does this version of Crowbar.  I listened again, and remembered how brutal they are.

Suffering Brings Wisdom: Primitive Man (Denver) (38:52-45:17)

Italian black metal.

Engravings: Vollmond (Italy) (45:54-51:28)

Negative Standards and Whitehorse on a new split.  They are an Oakland “art crust” project, who use non-instruments in their sound.  They are anonymous.

XIII: Negative Standards (Oakland) (51:59-54:10)

Happy New Year with a nostalgic goodie!!

Surprise: a band from your high school memories

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