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Myrkur was anonymous, and now no more.  It is a one-person project by a Danish and (most likely) hot chick.  It was completely addicting.  Her style is integrating her angelic vocals with catchy black metal, very atmospheric.

Nattens Barn: Myrkur (Denmark) (0:28-6:11)

Dark sludgy-but-almost-hardcore crusty Clevelandites.

Smoke Cat Hair and Toenails: Fistula (Cleveland) (7:26-12:58)

Now defunct,  Mondvolland has some awesome epic melancholy Dutch-language stuff.

Wanneer De Hemel Bloedt: Mondvolland (Netherlands) (13:34-19:25)

Guitarist from Cathedral started a band in Belgium, his dream. He pictured a female singer, and got one from Serpentcult.  If you don’t like her vocals, listen again.  She is strong and gorgeous.  And the band is seriously talented.

Eyes of the Heretic: Death Penalty (Belgium/England) (20:10-25:19)

Sivyi Yar in Russian, crazy one-person project that does NOT sound one-person-y.  He integrates some fun alternative/post-punk in his black metal. 

Distant Haze Was Arising: Сивый Яр (Russia) (26:43-33:13)

Denver’s Primitive Man breaks down the best.

Loathe: Primitive Man (Denver) (33:38-38:58)

Cult of Luna-ish vocals, cause these guys are Swedish.

The End/Aftermath: Gloson (Sweden) (39:33-46:18)

Very talented death, these guys have 2 vocalists, I like the raspy one, he should sing more!

Pox of the Weary: Lago (Phoenix) (47:30-52:50)

Another talented atmospheric-laden black metal.


Entartetes Gesicht: Aesop (Switzerland) (53:19-END)


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Moody deconstructed hardcore.  Torche Runner was on a split with Young and in the Way.

Vestige: Torche Runner (North Carolina) (0:28-4:07)


Iron Reagan! Nuff said.


Miserable Failure: Iron Reagan (Virginia) (5:31-7:45)


Members of Church of Misery and Doomdogs spin-off doom jammy band.


Wisdom: The Order of Israfel (Sweden) (8:49-16:55)


Finnish Crossover – thrash hardcore fun.


Structural Oppression: Foreseen (Finland) (17:22-21:41)


Crust with black metal.


Rite Of Taghairm: Trepenation (New Zealand) (22:17-26:21)


Incredible post-punk album from across the bay.


No Way Out: The New Flesh (Oakland) (27:17-30:40)


Ævangelist has a 0 out of 10 in terms of band names.  They are brutal/extreme death.


Halo Of Lamented Glory: Ævangelist (Illinois, Portland) (31:20-37:49)


Gaze-y spacey psychedelic awesomeness.


Here Come the Tears: Megaton Leviathan (Portland) (38:30-45:37)


Old dudes doing death.


Black Projection: Drowned (Berlin) (46:51-51:57)


Fördärv is ruin in Swedish.  These dudes are deep and shit


Darkness of the eternal Winter: Fördärv (Sweden) (52:30-56:28)


Mursa is rocking catchy sludge.


Nanking: Mursa (Portland) (56:56-END)



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A show of faves this week, and you don't have to hear my voice!! Yay for you!!

Chicago has the most vital scene, and this split with Oozing Wound rules.

Aging Punk: Oozing Wound (Chicago) (0:28-5:12)

One of my favorite hardcore bands this year, Fassbender has a great demo that you can download for free from bandcamp.

Kurtz: Fassbender (SF) (5:14-6:24)

Dark riffy madness, great shrieks.

Death Mask: Lord Mantis (Chicago) (6:25-12:53)

Metalblade has caught on to fantastic 70's revitalists, and this album is huge, jammy fun.

Lord & Master: Brimstone Coven (WV) (12:54-18:58)

Completely witty and unexpected, a trip in the world of eclectic proggy experimental minds.

Is He Talking About Selling Fat Chicks? 'Cause I'm Buying. Hey, Grandma!: PlasticBag FaceMask (Cali)  (18:59-23:06)

This is some brutal pummeling stuff.

Sympathectomy: Coffinworm (Indianapolis) (23:41-30:31)

Powerful 70's style from one of my fave bands, Greenleaf, containing members of Dozer (!!) and Truckfighters.

Depth Of The Sun: Greenleaf (Sweden) (30:32-35:07)

Dark crust, only in the best way.  Great vocals.

Take My Hand: Young and in the Way (Charlotte)(35:08-39:30)

One of my fave American black metal bands.

The Desert Mourns: Yellow Eyes (Brooklyn) (39:31-45:15)

Industrial, but definitely experimental too.

Lawrence Liquors: Xiu Xiu (San Jose) (45:46-48:19)

Experimental mixed with prog and doom and ambient and lotso stuff.

Medicine Eyes: The Grasshopper Lies Heavy (Austin) (48:20-54:05)

4 years to create this new death album.

Unearthed Veins: Teitanblood (Spain) (54:06-57:52)

Multi-national grind.

The Dodonpachi: Gridlink (NJ, Texas, Japan) (57:53-END)

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