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Gridlink creates a full-on grind masterpiece – full of different treats.  Wait, that sort of rhymes.


Look to Windward: Gridlink (NJ, Texas, Japan) (0:28-3:38)


Gurgling vocals here are not my fave, but this band is SO frigging tight and satisfying in melody and riffs, I proceeded to listen to their full album.  Their second vocalist is awesome.  Revocation guitarist.


Hormone's Echo: Artificial Brain (NY) (4:53-11:03)


Crusty, classic and death all in one package.


Ancient Rites of Buried Evil: Coffin Dust (Philadelphia) (11:20-16:55)


Atmospheric death from some weirdo Texans.


The Eye: Škan (Austin) (17:20-22:14)


First awesome 70’s retro psychedelic rock album of the year.


Waterfalls: Doctor Cyclops (Italy) (23:03-29:12)


Masterful grind from old farts Cripple Bastards.


Occhi Trapiantati: Cripple Bastards (Italy) (29:39-33:26)


If you can catch Thou live, do it.  Their black metal will not exhaust you.  The vocalist really keep you focused.


In Defiance of the Sages: Thou (Baton Rouge) (33:49-39:22)


Next (3) bands from the French hardcore scene:

Noise and violence from Paris, and Remote.


Faith. Lame: Remote (Paris) (39:52-43:37)


2 piece with some math-y hardcore.


Wrong Way/Nice Trip: Piece of Map (France) (43:44-46:59)


Lodges manages to infuse melody without it being sappy.


Downward: Lodges (France) (47:10-50:55)


Filthy breakdowns galore.  Great name for a band.


17.5 Dead Air: Secret Cutter (Pennsylvania) (51:08-54:16)


Bast is the first band signed to Conan’s lead singer’s record label Black Bow Records, and they ROCK IT, totally Conan-style; riffy and catchy.


Spectres: Bast (England) (54:53-END!)


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Nashville hardcore with dudes from Coliseum.  New album coming out, this is from their split.

Human Den: Yautja (Nashville) (0:28-3:00)


Twilight have dudes from Isis and Leviathan, and now Thurston Moore - Sonic Youth.   Build ups that satisfy.  Dark, actually quite black, and noise experimental.


Below Lights: Twilight (Super group) (3:55-7:54)


Post-hardcore, crust, black.  So frigging good from Hungarian band Rivers Run Dry (this is on a split with Drip of Lies).


cycle of survival: Rivers Run Dry (Hungary) (8:20-12:12)


Hooded Menace inspired by old horror movies created this new 12”. Don’t be discouraged by the cookie monster vocals, the musicianship is top-notch.


Chasm of the Wraith (Labyrinth of Carrion Breeze): Hooded Menace (Finland) (12:41-19:36)


Brand new album from The Body is digitized extreme.  Vocals and maybe more from Haxan Cloak.


Hail To Thee, Everlasting Pain: The Body (Portland) (20:00-25:21)


Traditional heavy metal with a pinch of modern dark. I talk about my mullet of yore.


Infinity: Nature's Grave (Oakland) (26:17-32:28)


Fuzzy warm jams for decompression sake.


Goat-Head Awakening: Sun Shepherd (Australia) (32:47-40:34)


Groove me you Brits.


Melian's Trance: King Goat (U.K.) (40:41-46:53)


Old school singing, and a terrific riff style.


Fight: Grand Magus (Sweden) (47:39-51:40)


Swedish black metal doing their thing.  Probably the best black metal I have heard in a long time.


Själavrängaren: Stilla (Sweden) (51:53-56:03)


Black ambient with wicked vocals.  They got my 2012 title for Best Vacuuming Album.


Honour Found In Delay: Black Shape Of Nexus (Germany) (56:44-end)



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Svart-released German band is a 2 piece.  Post-hardcore and metal keeps ya guessing. 

Spit: Mantar (Germany) (0:28-5:20)

Brutal dark Behemoth of a monster.  This next song is the most melodic of all the songs on the album, so don't think it represents the rest of the album, which will most likely blow your head off.

The Satanist: Behemoth (Poland) (6:19-11:50)

Drummer from Benighted kicks ass.  Vocals are not the typical cookie monster, some of it is serious gurgling.

Noise: Benighted (France) (12:31-15:40)

What else, a folk band and a metal band of course.  Makes for great vocals, very dramatic and emotional.

Gods Much More Terrible: Lion's Daughter/Indian Blanket collaboration (St. Louis) (16:05-23:30)

Yes, it is cheesy, but damn, really good.  Progressive and hard, and great vocals keeps it real.

From Grace to Grave: Descend (Sweden) (24:38-31:54)

Meaty and technical Clover.

E.B.S. (Electronic Broadcast Shutdown): Clover (NY) (32:16-35:33)

Low-fi crust from where else, Pennsylvania.

Whispers of a Fading Existence: Katahajime (Pennsylvania) (36:01-43:51)

I explain post-black metal.  Spanish instrumental.

Paramnesia: Kalte Sonne (Spain) (44:50-48:09)

Runner-up last year to best Black Metal album.  New E.P. is warmer, more atmospheric.

Bastardiser (PitchShifter cover): Blut Aus Nord (France) (48:47-53:02)

Yeah, Slomatics makes you feel like you are in quicksand.  Added psychedelic notes.

Tunnel Dragger: Slomatics (Belfast) (53:27-END)


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One Finnish brain. What else do you need to know. 

Awakening Giants: Gambanteinn (Finland) (0:28-5:09)

Ignominy has noise, hardcore, industrial, and tons of energy. 

Nedmonteringen: Ignominy (Sweden) (5:54-13:18)

Culted have never held hands.  They recorded this album in different areas of the world.

Illuminati: Culted (Sweden, Canada) (13:58-20:02)

Grue breaks up their epic black metal with warmer hardcore tones.

Casualty of the Psychic Wars: Grue (Boston) (20:30-26:06)

70’s-style pagan from the U.K.

Lost Bride: The Wounded Kings (U.K.) (27:08-33:00)

Ukranian Etherial Riffian break the mold and put out a psychedelic album, that does not reflect their violent surroundings.

Thugdam (Sensation): Etherial Riffian (Ukraine) (33:28-41:01)

An evil take on coma-inducing post-metal.  That is a compliment.

Hereinafter: Fleshworld (Poland) (41:18-45:47)

2 track single from South Carolina’s weirdos.

Open Gaits: They Eat Their Own God (South Carolina) (46:30-53:42)

My brain is getting tired, apparently I loved post-metal this week.  This one is from a one-piece band.

Diaspora: Deterior (Ohio) (54:18-END)

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