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Skeletonwitch is one of the best bands to see live because they take it seriously and you know they won't complain about doing too much coke the night before.  They perform, and it is immense.  Run out and buy this album pronto as they are one of the best thrash bands. . ever.  

Unending, Everliving: Skeletonwitch (Ohio) New! (0:28-3:32) 

Lots of new modern hardcore is not just for mosh pits.  They break it up and make you think, like french-speaking Cortez.  

Un lendemain sans chaine...: Cortez (Switzerland) New! (4:29-8:41) 

4 years in the making, Gnaw come out with a torture album of noise.  But still climactic and satisfying. 

Vulture: Gnaw (NYC) New! (9:16-15:43) 

Scott Kelly is obviously one of the best vocalists and writers ever, but we do not need his style of dark folk on this album.  It is egotistical, and I wish he stayed pure to the industrial side of this album, which is the true highlight.   

Dirt Poor And Mentally III: Corrections House (US) New!(16:32-22:37) 

Navajo Witch, say it out loud.  A hot raven beauty will appear and rip your face off. 

Corpse Powder: Navajo Witch (Tennessee) New! (22:57-28:00) 

Raw and bleak is not where Ignominy stops - they pump in different genres that really take this album to a higher plateau. 

Gluework: Arms Bending Backwards: Ignominy (Sweden) New!(29:00-32:20) 

Spacy dark doom plucking emotional strings, coming from where else, Kentucky.   

The Pillars of Creation: Seidr (Kentucky) New!(32:44-39:21) 

Grind, but again, plain genres is not cutting it anymore. Imperial Triumphant has a huge album of sound. 

Gomorrah: Imperial Triumphant (NYC) New!(39:37-45:20) 

Originally a one-person band, but he decided to bring in permanent members to round out his satanic, but yet socially acceptable, cult.  

III: Blut Aus Nord (France) New!(46:18-49:36) 

Around for over 30 years, Death Angel is a touring beast and have pumped in new blood in their band that has obviously enrichened their sound.  Nuclear Blast took notice.  

Son of the Morning: Death Angel (San Francisco) New!(49:58-53:57) 

You would think that Matt Pike's health issues and white bulbuous belly may get in the way of High on Fire being fast and badass, but apparently this is not correct.   

Slave the Hive: High on Fire (Oakland) New!(54:26-end)

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Pennsylvanian horror metal/short hairy men walking around speaking with the sound of a cracked whip 

Beneath The Flood: Albatwitch (Pennsylvania) New! (0:28-3:28) 

The epicness of Opeth's song structures, but less cheese and more metal - you know, when Opeth ruled. 

Cavernous: Castevet (NYC) New! (4:32-11:43) 

Short demo that contains my favorite genre: blackened shrieks of romantic riffy sludge.  
Download for free: 

Progressive Blindness: Litany of Regrets (Italy) New! (12:13-16:58) 

Fade, who I love, is not only in the brilliant Batillus, but also in this straight-up industrial band Theologian. 

Black Cavern Myopia: Theologian (NYC) New! (17:41-22:04) 

Mutha f'ing loud. 

Denial of the Species: The Body (Portland, OR) New! (23:00-26:58) 

Super tight crust that breaks down in technical riffs all over the place. 

Born Under A Guillotine: Deathrite (Germany) New! (27:08-29:22) 

I talk about why putting up free electronic downloads for bands that self-release is a GREAT idea. Kerala is smart mathy badass prog. 

Pyramid of Darkness: Kerala (Canada) New! (29:48-34:32) 

I had no idea this was an all-female band.  It has nothing to do with me loving them. Their slayer tribute band name is Slaywhore. 

Final Hour: Mortals (Brooklyn)  New! (34:59-42:12) 

A little different sound - heavy electronica. 

All Human is Error: Teeth of the Sea (London) New! (43:04-47:05) 

Mike Scheidt gives his 2 cents to this Red Fang song! 

Dawn Rising: Red Fang (Portland) New! (47:23-53:34) 

El Camino's vocals are my favorite part of this very catchy album. 

Torn: El Camino (Sweden) New! (54:07-END) 


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Oranssi Pazuzu is too weird to pick a genre.  Let's leave it at experimental psychedelic black metal.  They have been on my yearly top list before.  

TyhjÄ Temppeli: Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland) New! (0:28-4:44) 

Epic breakdowns in the midst of extreme.   

Tragic Orbit: A Doomed Cosmic Starship: Orbweaver (Miami) New! (5:52-12:17) 

Earthless is jamming madness.  As tight and perfect as ever. 

Violence Of The Red Sea: Earthless (San Diego) New! (12:39-20:34) 

You can hear that Gigan is from Florida, those crazy Floridians.  Then they moved to Chicago to become huge.  This is technical extreme stuff, but in compositions that are ok for the non-extreme ear. 

Obsidian Sun: Gigan (Chicago) New! (21:27-25:31) 

F'n 80's bro. 

No Peace Beyond The Line: Argus (Pennsylvania) New! (26:17-31:04) 

A fully diverse album with an incredible vocalist, they dive into rock, black metal, acoustic. 

Inamorata: Night Heir (Portland, OR) New! (31:37-37:58) 

Domovoyd is solid Finnish massive sludge. 

Mammoth: Domovoyd (Finland) (from 2012 E.P., new album releases this week) (38:30-44:43) 

Divey crusty Brooklyn band Villains will probably kick your ass. 

Drinking Double Acting Single: Villains (Brooklyn) New! (45:44-48:49) 

Female vocalist tells you to F off in classic thrash tunes.  Yep, I'd listen. 

F.O.A.D: Mortillery (Edmonton, Canada) early 2013 (49:04-53:17) 

Truly astounding album from Mexico, it took me by surprise, maybe it shouldn't, at how huge this album is.  Mega diverse, extremely tight.   

Ingolstadt: Akûma (Mexico) 2012 (54:03-END!) 


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I talk about nachos and eating nachos and weirdos from Dekalb. 

S.C.A.B.: Weekend Nachos (Dekalb, Illinois - NOT CHICAGO (this is important to Tom)) New! (0:28-2:03) 

Awesome thrash from Chicago, which has the best scene in the country right now. 

Welcome to the Spaceship, Motherfucker: Oozing Wound (Chicago) New! (3:37-6:33) 

The new Bloody Hammers is terrible, and I discuss why.  I also talk about why super groups are usually stupid, except for Doomriders.  Anything Converge-related can't suck anyway. 

Grand Blood: Doomriders (Boston) New! (7:00-10:43) 

Black experimentalists from Finland, working with lo-fi, under-produced sound. 

Ruumis Loi Itsensa Omaksi Kuvakseen: Mörkö (Finland) New! (11:04-17:55) 

In the running for best drone.  The band plays with the idea of being plain badass, but keeps a tight rein on it. You have to check out the album to hear what I am talking about.

Within the Light of Fire:  Wolvserpent (Boise) New! (18:18-25:39) 

I discuss why Hemlock cannot book large shows, and Hornsss stealing the show a couple of weekends ago. 

The Maker of Moons: Hornss (San Francisco) (26:56-29:53) 

Very pretty, brings to mind melodic Neurosis. 

Rain Have Mercy: Nonsun (Ukraine) New! (30:05-36:48) 

Another super group, this one with the lead singer of Darkthrone.  There is a versatility here that is surprising. 

Skeleton Sand: Sarke (Norway) New! (37:22-43:11) 

And another band with a famous musician, this one from Candlemass.  The lead singer is female, sounds a bit like Blood Ceremony. 

Boneflower: Avatarium (Sweden) New! (44:16-49:34) 

Italian psychedelic cult pagan space rock. 

Locrian: Woodwall (Italy) New! (49:48-54:12) 

Hypnos comes out with a debut album that rivals the new Cult of Luna.  A special goodbye, for Josh's sake. 

The Fall: Hypnos: (France) New! (54:42-END!) 

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