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A show of favorites, don't miss this one! Especially if you hate my voice, because I don’t talk in this show – just the music. Just in case you missed them the first time around- these are albums that I listen to over and over again.

I couldn't believe how awesomely this blackened thrash band hit my heart. Technical riffs galore, I want to see them live.

Dark Path: Earthling (Virginia) (2013) (0:28-5:16)

Yeah. Guitar solos rising up from Canada, and pumping straight through your fist.

Giants: Anciients (Vancouver) (2013) (5:17-12:36)

Playing at Slim's in November - complete and utter weirdos who I imagine frolicking in the woods with unicorns.

Rivfader: Finntroll (Finland) (2013) (12:37-16:40)

From the brains of one of the best Swedish bands of all time (Dozer) comes a super jammy, sexy, catchy band with even thicker compositions. Greenleaf needs to be heard!

Dreamcatcher: Greenleaf (Sweden) (2012) (16:41-20:29)

Brilliant, avante-garde black metal with a full sense of humor. New album at the end of October. I am so in love with how insane their thoughts are, but in the most approachable way.

Loputon tuntematon: Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland) (2011) (20:30-26:19)

You will want to eat this album while laying in a field high as a bubble in the blue sky. Every song is delicious, from beginning until end.

Disappear: Asteroid (Sweden) (2010) (26:51-32:10)

I keep promoting this band, because their albums are that strong - extremely versatile but still that blackened thick sludge with powerful vocals.

Violence IV: Global Nuclear Annihilation: Fister (St. Louis) (2013) (32:11-37:50)

How this band has been overlooked for the more popular Swedish bands, I have no idea. This entire album is brilliant. It doesn't fit neatly into any genre pocket - but it does lean towards the creepy occult stuff

Svantovit: Obrero (Sweden) (2011) (37:51-42:47)

The new "IT" band, but with great reason, not some crap mainstream one. They bend your beliefs in what to expect from a retro sound. A perfect rock album, with just a hint of high school parking lot

Kings Highway: Scorpion Child (Austin TX) (2013) (43:18-47:30)

Thrash done to technical heaven. Super old school with super modern twists. Brilliant band, don't underestimate them as purely conceptual. Spin-off of White Wizzard, Bassist is ex-Skeletonwitch.

Bestia Triumphans: Holy Grail (Pasadena) (2013) (47:31-53:19)

Founded by the brilliant Dave Schmidt, also of Sula Bassana fame, and many German space rock projects

Doomsday Machine: Electric Moon (Germany) (2011) (53:30-END!)
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Obelyskkh's third album rocks, so I can imagine their two well-regarded albums are awesome. 

The Man Within: Obelyskkh (Germany) New! (0:28-6:37) 

Blackened sludge from a hard-working band. 

The Black Blood of Aeons: Forced (NY) New! (8:20-12:43) 

Pallbearer style vocals? I don't know, what do I knowMelancholy and catchy, fuzzy and long songs 

Orchard: Windhand (Richmond) New!(13:24-19:23) 

Psychedelic stoner for the young at heart. 

Neptune: Black Willows (Switzerland)  New! (19:47-28:31) 

No nazi crap for this Germanic black metal bandOn a new split with Hiveburner. 

the faceless: Ancst (Germany) New! (29:28-31:42) 

Cult of Luna has become more atmospheric and don't shy from delving in the melodic. 

Shun the Mask: Cult of Luna (Sweden) Newish! (32:09-38:58) 

Mountain High would "love to play your house, basement, moms garage, local vfw hall, stadium, or coffee shop." I listened to the whole album, nuff said. 

Suneater: Mountain High (Philly) New! (39:31-46:56) 

More eastern european dark stuff from Belarus band Roddone. 

My dark passenger: Roddone (Belarus) New! (47:41-50:15) 

I imagine Northless to be hairy and into whiskey, as they are from Milwaukee, and that is all I imagine Milwaukee to be. 

Wither and Escape: Northless (Milwaukee) New! (50:40-53:54) 

Estonia is an awesome source of metal now, love that country. Estonia is #1!! (I'm racist) 

tides: Nordlost (Estonia) New! (54:27-END!!)

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An intensity-creating climactic badass album from All Pigs Must Die.  This album will be competing with the top albums of the year.  NOT ordinary hardcore. 
ARTICLES OF HUMAN WEAKNESS: All Pigs Must Die (Boston area) New! (0:28-5:11) 
Heavy on the 70's stuff this week, as many were recently released! 
The first of the bluesy-rock bands is Netherlands Abe Diddy - released this week on vinyl.  Holy crap, one of the best in this genre. 
Follow: Abe Diddy & The Kraut Boys (Netherlands) (2012, New vinyl release 2013) (6:14-12:50) 
Horisont is up there with Graveyard, which says a lot.  This album releases in October! 
Writing on the Wall: Horisont (Sweden) New! (13:13-16:50) 
Experimental sludge intensity from. . Argentina!!?? Yes, and do NOT underestimate this powerhouse.  The changes in tempo, horns and strings in each song will keep you guessing.  This is from a split with German band Neh Czneg. 
La Paciencia del Cuchillo: Asilo (Argentina) New! (17:25-24:26) 
I explain why us old fogies that grew up with goth and industrial don't like making way for new goth and industrial, but this post-punk neo-goth band plucked my nostalgic strings just right!  This song goes out to Tom, who loves the Mission (U.K.). 
To London or the Lake: Night Sins (Philly) New! (25:35-29:01) 
Brand new 7" from Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats! 
Mind Crawler: Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats (U.K.) (29:24-33:55) 
The bass is insanely down-tuned. 
The Grey: Nomadic Rituals (Ireland) New! (34:07-39:57) 
Nixa has a 2-song E.P.  that was awesome enough to keep my ears perked.   Super catchy! 
Superior: Nixa (Miami) New! (40:23-45:15) 
Watch out for this bluesy psychedelic rock from London-ites Bright Curse (I think the lead singer is actually French, if you care) 
Mind Traveller: Bright Curse (London) New! (46:06-53:45) 
Swedish vocals on another strong revitalist SWEDISH (i.e.superior) band 
Bluesbeater: Atlas (Sweden) New! (54:19-END!) 
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