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I talk about Christian Mingle.  There are about 4 bands this week that have a smattering of cheese, but that is metal for you.

New album by Horseback of unreleased material, which really shows their versatility, including dark pop.  POP. Their usual experimental, landscape, raspy vocals, and extreme metal.
Awesome, highly recommended - 3 discs.

On the Eclipse: Horseback (Chapel Hill) New! (0:28-5:33)

Sweden has a good amount of cheese, and Watain does not avoid it.  Good solid deathy-influenced rock.  They say they are black metal, but I don't see it in this album.  The lead singer talks about black metal being a concept and way of life, uh ok.  Whateves.  I don't care, call yourself pink, be what you want bro.  They are touring with In Solitude and Tribulation.

Outlaw: Watain (Sweden) New! (6:38-11:41)


Dasein: Fórn (Boston) New! (12:08-19:09)

Just a little alternative psychedelic lyrical pretty balm before Ulcerate, shall we?  Njiqahdda has tons of stuff - and is a little like Horseback where you are impressed with the amount of genres they are able to cover.

A Bitter Black Wind: Njiqahdda (Illinois) New! (20:01-24:10)

Drumming-loving Ulcerate is a loose death metal, ya know?  Not formulaic, so this album will go far in the charts this year.

Weight of Emptiness: Ulcerate (New Zealand) New! (25:11-31:57)

Catchy German cheese.  Wait, sounds like a super gross venereal disease.

This is the Lie: The Moth (Germany) New! (32:16-35:57)

Please don't say harmonic or symphonic to me.  OK, you put some melody in your music, who cares.  Thrash with some melody, fine.  Don't call attention to it.  This band is super tight and talented and riffed out, so that is good.

Into the Transient Abyss: Vrawsche (Boston) New! (36:21-42:45)

I for sure think In Solitude has members of Ghost - both bands are cheese.  Full album coming out on Metal Blade.  The lead singer sounds like the Mission U.K.!!  Goth influence abounds!! 

Sister: In Solitude (Sweden) New! (44:06-49:47)

Listen to the whole song, this album is really well thought out, nice sludgy hard stuff from Portugal. 

Drawn: Monte Penumbra (Portugal) (50:12-55:38)

Crust! B.O.! Patched clothing!  OK, I can do without the smell and the style, but the energy is what I need sometimes.  This has veins of crust running through.  Gross, veins of crust. 

Empty Eyes: Zügellos (Switzerland) (56:17-END)



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I can't help focusing on one genre over another sometimes, even though some fans don't like the accidental focus! Depends on the waves of what is new at the time. 

Tribulation techs out, but doesn't become nerd cheese progressive.  

Rånda: Tribulation (Sweden) New! (0:28-6:36)

Phantom Glue is a solid fun riffy sludgy album with great vocals that don't annoy me after listening to a hundred albums in a row putting this stupid show together.   

Test Pattern: Phantom Glue (Boston) New! (8:02-13:02)

Earthling may make my top albums of 2013. Thrash, blackened, classic metal with modern evil twists?  

Pass Into Beyond: Earthling (Richmond, VA) New! (14:15-21:00)

Dark Buddha Rising is the epitome of psychedelic perfected. Whisky is needed.

M: Dark Buddha Rising (Finland) New! (21:32-27:11)

My favorite French hardcore band, not classic hardcore, tons of slowed down metal riffs breaking the sound.

Smell of An Addict: Cowards (France) (28:07-31:56)

I talk about the top notch bands from Greece, blowing most of the international scene out of their sky blue water.

The End of the Sun: Lunatic Medlar (Greece) New! (32:24-38:06)

Wreck and Reference is industrial, the lead singer plays some synth thingy wildly on stage.

Absurdities & Echoes: Wreck and Reference (LA) (38:30-42:12) 

School's Out for the Summer in the beginning riff perhaps. Poland is becoming a Finland, they are pure and raw in their creativity.  

Zoloft: Nihilosaur (Poland) (42:38-46:58)

Finland. Nuff said.

In Lunacy: Muawijhe (Finland) New! (47:43-54:21)

Members of Electric Wizard and Ramesses, but more evil.

Reapers Ruin: 11 Paranoias (U.K) New! (55:02-END)

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Talking about my new nickname Empress of Metal, starting and ending with Josh Martin.  Dead in the Dirt is vegan and proud, hailing from the age of straight edge.  Really thick riffs that break up the grind.
Will Is The War: Dead in the Dirt (Atlanta) New! (0:28-3:24)

Anicon is rhythmic black metal and has satisfying breakdowns. 
Free on bandcamp:

A Nest of Suns: Anicon (Brooklyn) New! (4:27-11:22)

No longer a lonely 2, now 4 that thickens the mix literally.  The vocalist screams just right to make me blush.  Groovy. 

8 Dead (In A Mobile Home): Hollow Leg (Florida) New! (11:40-17:19)

First off, my friend Jules cracks me the hell up.  I was upfront at the Botanist show, we were just a tiny bit tipsy, and she made me notice the following:

1) Botanist's drummer was facing the wall (very Blair Witch Project)
2) The drummer sews the band's robes on his mom's sewing machine
3) His mom IS the botanist
4) The lead singer, the mutha f'n lead singer is a DEAD MUTHA F'N RINGER TO ASHTON KUTCHER.  I don't think you understand.
Outside of these stories, they rule, and you cannot miss them the next time they play.
Nighshade (Mandragora II): Botanist (San Francisco) New! (18:39-23:41)
Garage-y raw punk on my show you say? Yeah, why not.  The bros are from metal bands, and the singer is evil enough to make the cut.  Good album! 

Cracked Flesh: Raspberry Bulbs (NYC) New! (24:46-29:17)

Hailed as psychedelic black metal, which to me is a little different. I think psychedelic black metal is when organic sounds break up the wall of cold black metal.  This is more experimental black metal - ambient, landscape soundtrack mixed in the wall of cold black metal. 

Sex augu, tólf stjörnur: Wormlust (Iceland) New! (30:04-37:24)
I don't play straight hardcore, come on! Illustrations follows its hardcore path, but they are complex and I dig the romantic lyrics, vocals and emotion. 
Leave Me: Illustrations (San Antonio) New! (37:57-43:32)
Bro from Aldebaran and bro from Unearthly Trance/Serpentine Path coupled and gave birth to Howling Wind - their gay love child is darker and deadlier. They apparently did not go the big record route and self-released (spooged) it out.

Waves Come Crashing Down: Howling Wind (Portland/NY) New!(44:28-49:43)


Belgium! Belgium! Home of hot drunk guys! Um, what? Oh, this is rock or something. 

Sea of Trees: Pektop (Belgium) (49:57-54:00)

Rosetta is touring right now with your faves Ken Mode, and yeah, what else, I don't know.   


Fudo / The Immovable Deity: Rosetta (Philadelphia) New! (54:32-END)

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The stench of my show is back in full force!

Revitalists Scorpion Child has a debut album that dabbles in both early 70's and 80's vocals.

Polygon of Eyes: Scorpion Child (Austin, TX) New!(0:28-4:51)

Mammoth Grinder comes in a neat little 30 minute package of galloping hardcore technical metal, even a little doom.

Cogs in the Machine: Mammoth Grinder (Austin, TX) New! (5:38-8:45)

2 piece Beast in the Field packs a thick loud sound of fun.

Wakan Tanka: Beast In The Field (Michigan) New!(9:03-14:21)

Reminiscent of Karp in places, Black Tusk has a new upbeat album.

Internal/External: Black Tusk (Georgia) New! (14:32-19:17)

Modern psychedelic hard riffed Canadian band Pyres has some epic guitars.

Deserter: Pyres (Toronto) New! (19:47-24:28)

Don't dismiss geÄst as just another black metal band.  This is something to check out! The riffs totally break, they have some awesome fun sounds in here.

NebellebeN: geÄst (Germany) New!(25:20-31:39)

Swedish swedish gorgeous rock.

AMANITA KINGDOM: Waning Moon (Sweden) New!(31:56-38:56)

Revocation does thrash perfectly.  Perfectly.

Invidious: Revocation (Boston) New! (39:23-43:48)

Old school Integrity has come out with something totally classic heavy metal, with a touch of hardcore - their specialty. 

Lucifer Before The Day Doth Go: Integrity (Cleveland) New!(44:15-47:55)

Memphis's version of Batillus?!?  This band has it going on.

Son of Crow: Crowlord (Memphis) New!(48:46-54:55)

Yellow Eyes is becoming one of my favorite truly underground black sounds, and from NYC, that place gets it right a lot of the time.

Hammer of Night: Yellow Eyes (NYC) New!(55:25-end)

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