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Reminds me of Buried Inside, that harsh post-metal emotional dark singing.
Dei Absolutte Krav Og Den Absolutte Nade: Altaar(Norway) New!(0:28-6:00)

Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats is poppy psychedelic 60’s horror, new record coming out in March. Their last album was in my top list of 2011.

Poison Apple:Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats (U.K.) New! (7:05-11:15)

Rich black metal drums, but way more complex vocals mixing in with progressive.

Invisible Wounds: Sannhet (NY) New! (11:39-15:24)

Subterranean Masquerade did a cover of Cuts You Up (Peter Murphy)! They have a lot of ethnic and dark wave metal - they have been around for a long time.

Home: Subterranean Masquerade (Brooklyn) New! (15:56-21:31)

Organ rock organ rock organ psychedelic awesome rock!! I HEART THIS BAND!!!

Concrete Krieger: Stonehenge (Germany) New! (22:21-29:56)

As I describe, exquisitely ethereal screeches, awesome beautiful non-harsh black metal.

Vii: Rorcal (Switzerland) New! (30:33-36:34)

Bluesy organ rock, again an awesome Palm Springs champagne desert rock band.

Heavy Like A Witch : All Them Witches (Nashville) (37:01-42:35)

Bad fucking ass.

Ur Nanna Ur Nanna: Ithuriel (Netherlands) New! (43:12-50:08)

I am sorry, but this show really rocked. A lot of these bands are bands to watch for the end of the year list. Yes, that rockin good bros. Belgium!! MMM!!

Welldweller:Lothorian (Belgium) New! (50:24-55:13)

Hot desert rock, picture big skies and heady heavy beats from Mexico.
Devegan: Bilis Sicario (Mexico) New! (55:36-END)

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Magic Circle just released their full-length, awesome riff psychedelic goodness.

Conquering Nocturnity: Magic Circle (Boston) New! (0:28-6:47)

Swedish rock, head-bangy and fun.

Skullwand: Serpent Omega (Stockholm) (7:44-12:09)

"Drone-violence", grind and female vocalist.

Mental Corrosion: Ahna (Vancouver) New! (12:31-16:37)

The following song is very acoustic-y, but this music really explodes into rockin' out. Campfire viking fantasy music


Heavy Rest The Chains Of The Damned: The Flight Of Sleipnir (Denver) New! (16:57-21:09)

Germany-y folk, which means their version of more brutal folk. Not nerdy.

If I Am The Storm: Hallig (North Rhine, Germany) New! (21:30-27:02)

Warmer black metal - not as atmospheric or cold; added into the mix is progressive stuff.

Cowards of the New Age: Sloth Herder (Maryland) (27:52-30:14)

Droom - droney doom, but more interesting, with bended vocals. Listen to know what I mean.

Dull Ache (I Hate Myself Today): Tentacle(Boston) New! (30:41-35:40)

Suffocation's 7th album is as tight as your bung hole, completely straight up death from mature musicianship.

Ancient VVisdom is not afraid to be acoustic. Completely acoustic. I have really grown to love his voice. They are badass to play for audiences that just want brutal.

Far Beyond Good & Evil: Ancient VVisdom (Austin) New! (40:14-44:45)

Municipal Waste members in a punk/thrash band referring to Reagan? How old school can you get. This is the longest song.

Artificial Saints: Iron Reagan (Richmond, VA) (45:40-47:00)

Female vocalist. My favorite type, lead up sludge to headbang.

Desert Throne: Archon (NY) (47:17-54:12)

Year of the Goat - sunny 70's music for people who just came out of Palm Springs celebrating their engagement!!

For the King: Year of the Goat (Sweden) (55:08-END) New!


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Crazy evil horror costumes for their live show. The lead singer is in a weird Pope hat and his fingers are long and mangled, and he sings through a mask. Technical and demonic noise, really original.

Plasm: Portal (Australia) (0:28-6:14) New!

Swiss band brings forth very rich black metal influenced music, but emotional, so it pulls you in.

Dead Trees Are Wandering At Night: Vuyvr(Switzerland) (7:36-12:55)New!

The Heavy Eyes is one of my favorite blues rock bands, the vocalist is sexy and the music jams.

One Hand on the Buffalo: The Heavy Eyes (Memphis) (13:17-16:37) New!

Meshuggah’s new E.P. is industrial-ish –they were always math-y and progressive, but I like the industrial feel to Pitch Black. His vocals isn’t a pounding sledgehammer, so listenable. Bands like saxophones nowadays.

Pitch Black:Meshuggah (Sweden) New! (17:06-22:50) New!

Early 80’s post-punk mixed with modern atmospheric vocals. Moody, great for wine party.

City Evenings: A Light In the Dark(Russia) (23:52-29:34) New!

Portland burner band – great climactic riffs, intense lead up to headbang. I expect to hear more from this band.

Empirical Evidence Of A Deranged God: Usnea(Portland) (30:07-38:11) New!

Swedish doom with great emotional intensity. This is one of the stronger doom bands - not your Mom's doom.

The Portals: Kongh (Sweden) (38:48-46:10) New!

16th album from old school Kansas metal band Manilla Road. His vocals are awesome 80's, and the ballads are fantastic. These oldies made some fresh sounds bro.

Hermitage: Manilla Road (Kansas) (47:01-52:59) New!

Swedish death with some punk and energy that may get you out of your Lazy-Boy.

Sick in the Dead: Tormented (Sweden) 53:25-END!

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Fhoi Myore’s new album is a must-have already.  The draw of raw black metal, and fantastically dark forest romantic, but not quiet. 

Songes Funestes: Fhoi Myore (France) New! (0:28-5:59)

My number one musician right now, Fade from Batillus is a true industrial genius.  This is his crazy brain creating pure industrial experimental noise. 

The Fragility Of The Male Ego: Theologian (Brooklyn) 2012 (7:21-13:29)

Convulse has the brain on Finland in 1994.  Meaning, there are no other influences but pure death metal.  They will be playing at Maryland Deathfest.

Inner Evil: Convulse (Finland) New! (14:12-19:30)

Sexy beer heavy riff Saturday fun, Egypt from one of my favorite towns: Fargo.  This is a really great album.

Matterhorn: Egypt (Fargo) New! (19:57-24:24)

Voivod. New.  Nerds.  Fucking PROG.

Target Earth: Voivod (Quebec) New! (25:14-31:17)

Ice Dragon is one of my favorites, this new E.P.  is less fantasy and more weird.

Free on bandcamp:

Understanding Ouroboros: Ice Dragon (Boston) New! (31:44-35:31)

I smell like you, Cloud Rat.  Bad the fuck ass chick lead singer.

Aroma: Cloud Rat (Michigan) New! (35:41-37:51)

Abyssal is cowering evil, except, I think they are cute in dark cloaks.

The Headless Serpent: Abyssal (U.K.) New! (38:17-42:57)

Romero is party heavy smoking with Weedeater fun.

Free on bandcamp:

Take the Potion: Romero (Wisconsin) New! (43:28-47:24)

Finland death metal that keeps it real, yet again.  Not over-produced, just going to kill you in your sleep.

Beneath the Archaic: Krypts (Finland) New!(48:23-54:54)

Nails will be coming out with a new album later this year.  This band is brutal live, and that is all that I want.

Lies: Nails (CalifoooorNIA) Re-released (55:29-end)

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