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Yay! Happy Holidays! This will be the last show of the year, as I will be taking some time off!! and I will be coming back on JANUARY 8th with a best of 2012 show, the first of two shows going over my favorites of this past year.

I hope you enjoy tonight's show, all holiday songs. Happy New Year!!

Charlie Brown: Vince Guaraldi Trio (0:29-6:33)

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen: Dio (7:17-11:07)

No Presents for Christmas: King Diamond (11:08-15:27)

Little Drummer Boy: Joan Jett (15:28-19:40)

Oh Come All Ye Faithful: Twisted Sister (19:41-24:19)

White Christmas: Guns N Roses (24:20-26:57)

Run Run Rudolph: Lynyrd Skynyrd (27:28-30:49)

Carol of the Bells: Erlsung (30:50-32:48)

Santa Claws is Coming To Town: Alice Cooper (32:49-37:02)

Holiday in Cambodia: Dead Kennedys (37:03-40:45)

Blue Christmas: Cinderella (40:46-44:47)

Santa Claus is Coming to Town: Dokken (45:19-49:16)

Christmas in New Orleans: Louis Armstrong (49:17-52:08)

The Christmas Song: Frank Sinatra (52:09-55:35)

Winds of Change: Scorps sing about a new year or end of the world, you take your pick (55:36-end)

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The Pressure Keeps Me Alive: Kowloon Walled City (San Francisco) New! (0:28-5:33)

(A brief history on the meaning of Kowloon Walled City, large and loud, dark and chaotic, different landscapes)

The Hellions Genesis: Incantation (NY/PA) New! (6:48-11:03)

(Typical easy listening death metal, breaks into brutal riffs, not sickening to listen to)

The Weight: Tweak Bird (Chicago) New! (11:25-13:31)

(Tweak Bird is a 2 piece, raw rocking, strong humor through the album)

Sole Creation: Khong (Sweden) New! Not Yet Released! (14:01-20:58)

(Doom with evil vocals, with 70's influence, thick riffs and even some industrial thrown in!)

Sweet Little Cosmic Blues: Deadneck (Finland) New! (21:39-26:38)

(How do the Finnish do the blues? With weird throaty vocals and fuzzed grooves with plenty of emotion, a fantastic blues-influenced album)

Wild Years: Twin Guns (NYC) New! (27:22-31:05)

(Twin Guns is sexy garage rock with influences of post-punk, British new wave, even some surf, and contains Jungle Jim Chandler originally from Pueblo, Colorado)

Inverted Pill Willy (Wollop): Gurt (U.K.) New! (31:54-35:34)

(Sludge from the U.K, hot vocals and guitarist from Sedulus)

Nature Fights Back: Oak (Sweden) New! (36:11-41:21)

(Oak put their new album on cassette, huh? Their whole album is mostly crushing instrumental (but some vocals!) with space-y and softer than evil)

Low Country Exiles: Your Highness (Belgium) New! (41:51-46:56)

(Brand new awesomeness from Your Highness that has a crazy trippy jamming bluesy sludge thing going)

Plain Man: Icysun (France) New! (47:38-52:28)

(French blues now!? Kyuss influenced fuzz)

Build No System:  Liberteer (California) Released early 2012! (53:32-55:08)
Twin Obscenities: Spider Kitten (South Wales) New! Not Released Yet! (55:09-end!)

(Liberteer is anarchy grind from one of the dudes from Exhumed - a less than 2 minute song!)

(Not released yet Spider Kitten has crust and industrial and doom and space all spinning together)

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(Swedish black metal vomits on my soul; one of the best albums of the year)


Calling Of Setnacht: Twofold Triunity: Ofernod (Sweden) New! (0:28-7:00)


(Groovy evil industrial influenced metal or metal influenced industrial)


While You Were Gone, We Were...: Eyes Without A Face (Toronto) New! (8:12-12:26)


(Hot long haired 70’s rocker boys made for girls)


My Eyes, The Flying Saucers: Nevesis (Estonia) New! (12:52-17:23)


(Gojira comes out with their 5th album that sounds as fresh as any band’s brand newest, with full complexity and rich in diversity)


The Gift Of Guilt: Gojira (France) New! (18:00-23:23)


(Shift changing heavy riffs from Cauldron Black Ram)


Atop a Fiery Steed: Cauldron Black Ram (Australia) (23:55-28:17)


(Drone and ambient is infused into death metal, but still breaks down) 


Deathabomination: Monomakh (Australia) New! (29:21-36:20)


(Instrumental powerhouse Toundra)


Marte (Mars): Toundra (Madrid) New! (37:00-42:06)


(Warmer black metal from Paris) 


Death Worship: Hell Militia (Paris) New! (42:29-46:01)


(Millions, on Seventh Rule with a bunch of awesome bands like Batillus, is Chicago hardcore that sounds a bit like Fugazi mixed with industrial and rock)


Shipwreck: Millions (Chicago) New! (46:44-51:12)


(Belgium’s Amenra comes out with one of the best this year, absolutely one of my favorite blackened doom bands out there)


Nowena: Amenra (Belgium) New! (51:48-end)


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Christological Escalation: Amnis Nihili (Greece) New! (0:28-5:28)


(Politics in Greece influences their art, Amnis Nihili screams at you with blackened hardcore and spacey ambient)


(Big money behind prog metalists Between the Buried and Me with their very conceptually strong 7th album)


Astral Body: Between the Buried and Me (North Carolina) New! (6:41-11:27)


(Light up a joint at a barbeque and drink a beer to San Diego’s Heavy Glow)


Slave Dance: Heavy Glow (San Diego) 11:49-17:14)


(Hammers is smart complex crust from the U.K.)


Systole: Hammers (Manchester, U.K.) New! (17:38-19:38)


(Just released on vinyl, Mitochondrion’s Parasignosis is blackened death horror metal – scary growls and screams mixed with dark ambient)


Plague Evockation: Mitochondrion (Canada) (Newly released on vinyl!) (20:20-24:20)


(In the style of Graveyard, groovey blues rock band Troubled Horse, also from Sweden)  


One Step Closer To My Grave: Troubled Horse (Sweden – members of Witchcraft!) New! (25:15-29:11)


(No more vocalist from Orange Goblin, Ravens Creed is full on death)


The Wires Will Kill You: Ravens Creed (U.K.) (29:36-31:41)


(Gorgeous cello creates depth for Dead to a Dying World; I will play their side project Unconscious Collective next time which is a jazz band with some metal highlights)


Stagnation: Dead to a Dying World (Dallas) (32:01-38:58)


(More Texas in the hiz-house, Sabrewulf dives into ambient but is a hardcore band at heart)


The Damned: Sabrewulf (El Paso) New! (39:25-43:21)


(San Francisco’s very own 70’s rock band recorded by Phil Manley, playing at the Hemlock on Friday after Thanksgiving)


The Curve: Golden Void (San Francisco) (New!) (43:41-49:24)


(Moody space stoner music from Sweden’s Mara who will have a full length early 2013)


On the edge of extinction: Mara (Sweden) (49:01-55:08)


(TeePee Records The Shrine is garage-y 70’s rifftastic)

Primitive Blast: The Shrine (So-Cal) New! TeePee Records!! (55:34-59:02)


(Math jazz on the experimental side)


I'm An Omnivore: Jorge Arana Trio (Kansas) New! (59:30-END)

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Buried With Leeches: Dragged Into Sunlight (Liverpool) (0:29-7:12)


(New 3 song album that are super evil, riffy and one of the best this year) 


(Atriarch versus Christian Death? I don’t think so.  But Atriarch have a great twist of old industrial and new blackened metal)


Offerings: Atriarch (Portland) New! (8:30-14:13)


(Houston’s Omotai has a female bassist playing hardcore proggy grind)


Spidercave: Omotai (Houston) New! (14:34-18:30)


(Ancient VVisdom will be opening for Enslaved on their 2013 tour; they are acoustic occult; yes ACOUSTIC singing you evil satanic hymns; the lead vocalist is super sexy) 


The Opposition: Ancient VVisdom (Austin) New! (19:19-22:44)


(Spanish Alter of Sin plays hard old school thrash)


Tales of Carnage: Alter of Sin (Spain) New! (23:05-26:35)


(Horseback and Locrian reissuing on Relapse with extra tracks; Horseback is usually drone – the next song is more structured)   


Ahriman: Horseback (North Carolina) (27:52-31:47)


(Boulder Colorado hardcore in the hiz-house!)


Failure: Ironhorse (Boulder) New! 32:07-35:06)


(The French YOB!)


Mare: Crown (France) (35:31-43:06)


(Thick bass and dirty riffs in London band Limb)


Dead Voice: Limb (London) New! (43:27-47:21)


(Post-rock Cathedraal is very pretty screaming French)


La ville brûle depuis des jours: Cathedraal (not misspelled!) (France) New! (48:20-53:16)


(Old school heavy metal with a sludge twist!)


Dagon's Bell: Arkham Witch (U.K.) (54:01-END)

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Momentary Senses: Flourishing (NYC) New! (0:28-6:01)


(Another awesome industrial-influenced brutal band from New York, ala Batillus, but with their own awesome style, Flourishing)


(Neurot Recordings band U.S. Christmas is thick complex garage rocks with sexy riffs)


Thin The Herd: U.S. Christmas (North Carolina) New! (7:09-11:03)


(Southern Lord releasing jazz?  Fontanelle infuses jazz to a psychedelic 70’s experimental trippy sound)


Traumaturge: Fontanelle (Portland) New! (11:42-16:12)


(Pounding Norksa shares YOB bassist – it compels you to headbang, very catch riffs)


Cholera: Norska (Portland-ish area) (16:30-21:52)


(Austin’s rich scene has a worthy addition – completely kickass riffs from instrumental metal band Eagle Claw, completely engaging and beer friendly)   


(Please do not miss out on OLD SCHOOL heavy metal thrash, completely 80’s with no apology, the 10th album from Paragon)


Wielder: Eagle Claw (Austin) New! (22:29-27:06)

Rising From the Black: Paragon (Germany) New! (27:35-32:10)


(Drone and dark ambient with a touch of ethnic folk vocals, dark shrouded soundtrack) 


Salamandra: Menace Ruine (Montreal) New! (32:43-38:34)


(Earthship has common musician with The Ocean, who now leads Earthship; hardcore influenced, super LOUD technical sludge) 


Catharsis: Earthship (Germany) New! (39:03-42:08)


(Post-metal from France with riffy moody hardcore touch) 


Monolith: Taste the Void (France) New! (42:24-46:53)


(Om’s drummer is in Grails, who put large gorgeous compositions; this album is a split with Finland’s Pharaoh Overlords)


Chariots: Grails (Portland) New! (47:43-52:14)


(Estoner from Estonia with stoner music.  Don’t know what to say about that.  They are trippy and have star wars songs, so they are awesome: “I am your father” lyrics) 


Cantina Song disco song: Meco (1977) (53:02-56:30)

Darth Vader Has a Hangover: Estoner (Estonia) New! (56:31-end)

New Promo: last LAST 30 seconds


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Vermin of Dust: The Secret (Italy) New! (0:29-4:11)


(Aggressive crust mixed with hardcore from Southern Lord’s The Secret)


(Finland’s Weedeater Demonic Death Judge has a brand new album that is chunky and thick groove)


Cyberprick: Demonic Death Judge (Finland) New! (5:10-10:51)


(Jazz extreme from Dysrhythmia is instrumental but very rich and emotional)


Test Of Submission: Dysrhythmia (Philadelphia/Brooklyn) New! (11:11-16:01)


(Proggy psychedelic awesomeness, you have to check out the acid trip from this Germany band Godless Funk of Bonanza)


Peltor: Godless Funk Of Bonanza (Germany) New! (16:23-23:11)


(A serial killer’s soundtrack of depraved black metal from Forgotten Tomb)


...And don't deliver us from evil...:  Forgotten Tomb (Italy) New! (23:57-31:11)


(Fantasy and gorgeous post-metal mixed with experimental psychedelic Sinistro)


Hóspede Inesperado: Sinistro (Portugal) (New!) (31:31-36:36)


(Sexy occult Venomous Maximus with 70’s and 80’s influence is headbang worthy and have played with big name bands that I love like Graveyard and Pentagram)


Dream Again(Hellenbach): Venomous Maximus (Houston) New! (37:08-42:09)


(30 years of the Swans comes to fruition in this 12th album)


The Seer Returns: Swans (NYC) New! (42:24-48:32)


(Another mix of jazzy sludge from Chicago, quite crazy stuff from Profound Lore, Yakuza)


Oil and Water: Yakuza (Chicago) New! (49:21-53:41)


(Extremely scary for Halloween and gurgling vocals to end this night right – soundtrack to anyone’s nightmares, another extreme experimental band from Chicago)


Out of My Mind: Drug Honkey (Chicago) New! (54:17-end)


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Embers and Revelations: Weapon (Calgary) (0:29-4:19)


(Bangladeshan lead singer of Weapon is truly Satanic, but not contrived and totally brutal)


(Definitely one of the top hard blues revitalist albums of the year, the very brand new band Heat from Germany; super sexy) 


Illusion: Heat (Germany) (New!) (6:43-12:16)


(Canadians Bison B.C. do their country proud with their gorgeous vocalist and heavy loud doom)


Finally Asleep: Bison B.C. (Vancouver) (New!) (12:35-19:19)


(Indesinence brings forth the death with a modern twist of doom and ambient, very smart)


Communion: Indesinence (U.K) New! (19:52-25:31)


(Again, the mix of ambient with hard is awesome; Germany has its own slew of awesome albums this year, and Voltron is one of them)


13 Liter Bohrmaschine: Voltron (Berlin) (26:18-34:05)


(Germans Black Shape of Nexus is one of the best this year, no doubt, seriously, I am so happy I found this band – incredibly complex; drone but heavier)


60 WV: Black Shape Of Nexus (Germany) (34:24-41:58)


(Catchy thick gorgeous riffs from Stoneburner who have played with some of my favorite bands this year (Yob!!))


Marriage: Stoneburner (Portland) New! (42:32-49:42)


(I have played Lento before – they have come out with another weird, diverse and instrumental album mixing post-metal with prog and dark mood)


Questions and Answers: Lento (Rome) New! (50:57-54:43)


(I can no longer hold it against the Sword that they are catchy and stylized because they are fresh and talented and diverse within each of their albums)


The Veil of Isis: The Sword (Austin) New! (55:37-end)
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Next week: HEAT!! (from Germany)
All Is Found...In Time: Neurosis (Oakland) New! (0:29-9:09)

(Legendary Neurosis comes out with another studio album, and even though I don't think anyone is going to be naming this album their favorite album from this band, it is still Neurosis, and you need to hear it)


(Graveyard had my #2 spot last year for best album, and I listened to it the most out of any other album (Hisingen Blues, if you don't have it, go get it, it is fantastic) Now their new album is as strong, I love them, they are soulful 70's rock that makes you groove) 
Goliath: Graveyard (Sweden) New! (10:24-13:09)


(Next four bands are Canadian - dark, evil stuff.  The next band is holy crap loud and I think super romantic)


The Churning Of The Milky Sea: Haggatha (Vancouver) New! (13:42-19:19)


(Evil and satanic Pestkreuz - debut songs)

Ars Moriendi: Pestkreuz (Vancouver) New! (19:30-25:04)


(Death metal Abyss has a new album out)


Splatterhouse: Abyss (Canada) New! (25:50-28:23)


(Toronto's own heavy metal will make you reminisce of video game playing and beer drinking on Saturday nights when you were young and pimply - super old school)


Burning Fortune: Cauldron (Toronto) New! (28:47-31:24)


(Swedish rock has room for more - Mother of God is not like Graveyard, but they riff hard.  They DO have a little Seattle influence in their vocals but don't be a snob, this is good stuff)


Aim for the Sun: Mother of God (Sweden) New! (31:58-36:51)


(Intense, progressive, very technical.  This band is not so obvious in their aggression though,  they make room for some more complexity)

Scarlet Rising: Eryn Non Dae (France) New! (37:12-42:30)


(Swedish style fuzzy rock groove from Portland, but with an awesome female vocalist)

Holy Grove: Holy Grove (Portland) (42:51-49:00)


(Very intelligent Cultura Tres from Venezuela is not about drinking and smoking, but more political.  They are a band to watch out for and have headlined Desertfest with Orange Goblin this past year)


El Sur de la Fe: Cultura Tres (Venezuela) (50:05-54:26)


(Eh, Pig Destroyer, I join the marketing onslaught, sheesh, I wonder what overrated band is going to make it to everyone's top album list)


Burning Palm: Pig Destroyer (Virginia/D.C) New! (55:00-END)
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Deconstruction: Witchcraft (Sweden) New! (0:29-5:35)


(New awesome album by Witchcraft, I like it as much/better than the previous albums, seriously fucking kickass)


(Ihsahn of Emperor has come out with a new solo album that is pretty avant-garde and crazy; and he is headlining  Roadburn’s 2013 Afterburner show)


The Grave: Ihsahn (Norway) New! (dude from Emperor)(6:40-14:43)


(Colour Haze is one of the forefathers of this type of psychedelic music, new album with over 20 minute songs, here is a 2 minute one)


This: Colour Haze (Germany) New! (15:18-17:27)


(Rorcal from Switzerland is epically dark somber landscape but not typical, this is a good one)


Világvége V: Rorcal (Geneva) New! (17:47-21:46)


(Super fun jamming stuff from New Zealanders Von Thundersvolt, just say that out loud, isn’t it great.  Since they have post-punk vocals, I am all over it and stuff)


Beyond Space: Von Thundersvolt (New Zealand) (22:41-27:53)


(Thrash, grind, what do you expect from Relapse Records)


Teratogenesis: Revocation (Boston) New! (28:02-32:06)


(Alex and I went to see Burning Monk at the Parkside over the weekend, and I was very happy to hear them, sludgy hardcore thrash punk, but not young; smart stuff)


Fifteen Minutes of Lame: Burning Monk (Oakland) (32:32-35:26)


(Gorgeous climactic atmosphere.  You cannot miss this, from Latvia)


II: Tesa (Latvia) (35:43-43:00)


(Greece knows how to make them.  They do everything right now, one of the most important international heavy scenes right now – this one is a good fuzz party album)


7 flies: 1000mods (Greece) (43:21-48:08)


(Yellow Eyes is atypical black metal with diversity, this is a band that will become bigger, listen to them first)


Unlit Kingdom: Yellow Eyes (NYC) New! (48:56-56:00)


(Italians party)


Adrift: Gandhi’s Gunn (Italy) (56:39-end)


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I wanted to say thanks to Lower Forty-Eight for allowing me to use a clip of their song for the introduction to my show for almost 50 shows.  THANKS BROS!!
I also wanted to say thanks to the Mass for letting me steal a clip of their song to make a new introduction.  THANKS BROS!!!
This past weekend I went to see accoustic sets from Mike Scheidt from YOB and Scott Kelly from Neurosis.  Really enjoyed that, mellow and peaceful to my brain.
Upcoming Shows
Tuesday, October 9: St. Vitus, Weedeater, Sorvein (the Independent)
Saturday, November 17: Neurosis, YOB, Voivod (the Fox - buy tickets now)
Eaters Of The Dead: Hellwell (Kansas) – made it to my top albums of 2012 (0:28-6:07)


(Back from a week sabbatical: saw Afghan Whigs for a reunion show, it was their best show ever)


(Organs and villain lead vocals bring me to the decision that Hellwell is on my 2012 top album list)


(Enslaved do not need an introduction, one of Norway’s best – from their new album)


Veilburner: Enslaved (Norway) New! (7:24-14:10)


(Kadaver has come out with a split with Paris’s Aqua Nebula Oscillator who are trippy rock)


Saturne: Aqua Nebula Oscillator (Paris) (14:55-20:33)


(San Francisco’s Orchid has a new album that brings to mind your favorite 70’s stuff)


Heretic: Orchid (San Francisco) New! (20:47-25:47)


(2 piece bassist and drummer, weirdos, bass has banjo strings)


King Candy: Lightning Bolt (Providence) New! (26:47-31:27)


(Finnish black metal gutterally)


Awaken Tiamat: Behexen (Finland) (31:39-37:44)


(Goya will jam your face off, loud and rock, touch of space)   


Mourning Sun: Goya (Phoenix) (38:00-45:02)


(Sylosis have come out with a new album, and it is being compared to Metallica; they play modern thrash.  I think their tough vocals are a little off-putting, but I think they are probably fun. This is off one of their older albums)  


Blind Desperation: Sylosis (U.K.) (45:25-49:28)


(The cold north seems to lean towards despair sludge, the next band is in that vein)


Couch Lock: Romero (Wisconsin) (50:19-56:18)


(Melancholy black metal should make you even sadder as we bid each other goodbye until next week)


Seidlitz: Loss Of Self (Melbourne) (56:48-end)
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Well well well, if you don't go to YOB this week, I don't know what to say.  I have an excuse, I will be 3000 miles away with hipsters at some NYC music festival.
Other than that, party on bros; I hope to come back from NYC completely exhausted and broke.
Hey, if anyone can find the band Heat for me, I will appreciate it, that is my next favorite band. 
I really like this show! Check it out this week!!
The Hogfather: Ugh (Germany) (0:28-4:14)


(Garage sounded Ugh has extremely distinct melodies and vocal styles).


(A new one from Hooded Menace!!  This is yet another full-length album after a short time, and even though it is less experimental than their past, a strong and worthy addition to your collection)


Summoned Into Euphoric Madness: Hooded Menace (Finland) new album! (5:09-10:46)


(Legendary record label Hydrahead died)


(I heart all Swedish 70’s music, and The Graviators are no different; they are coming out with a new album Evil Deeds – this one is from their last album, fucking spectacular, guitar gods)


Shapes Of Babylon: The Graviators (Sweden) (11:37-17:13)


(Birthday present Deathspell Omega was a great one: even though it pounds your head in with fury, it is completely relatable, and goes beyond the ordinary black and death)


Fiery Serpents: Deathspell Omega (France) (17:42-21:56)


(France has claimed themselves as lovers of the south and influenced by the American west, if that isn’t completely strange)


Sons of the Sun: Southern Badass (France) (22:18-28:45)


(Space rocksters Enos are London scenesters with their label mates Trippy Wicked; their first album comes with a comic book!)


In Space: Enos (UK) (29:40-36:57)


(If you can find me a band called Heat, with members from Samsara Blues Experiment, you better let me know, because they are frigging great and they have a stupid general name and self-titled album so un-googleable) 


(Instrumental Spanish band Black Smoke Dragon is gorgeous loudscape)


Fenechild: Black Smoke Dragon (Spain) (37:53-43:!4)


(Scary creepy noise from bro from Meatjack – his side project)


Eyes in Eyes: Darsombra (Baltimore) (44:02-50:02)


(Small Stone Recordings’ Suplecs came from punk rock but also are influenced by their dark southern sludge roots in New Orleans)


Switchblade: Suplecs (New Orleans) (50:24-55:49)


(Kannabinoid sing in sultry whiskey tones and just want a good time; see you next week!!)


Kannabinõid: Kannabinõid (Estonia) (56:19-end)


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Enslaved is coming out with a new album on the 28th
September 21st: YOB at Brick and Mortar
September 21-23: All Tomorrow's Parties in NYC, featuring Afghan Whigs
September 29th: Mike Scheidt and Scott Kelly will be playing at the Hemlock
October 9th: St. Vitus at the Independent
Silencing Machine: Nachtmystium (Chicago) (0:28-6:51)
(Chicago's infamous Nachmystium new album Silencing Machine)
(Encrust is tight, power punk metal) 

Predatory Skin: Encrust (Chicago) (7:41-12:34)


(Peru's Reino Ermitanov is a big sound, lots of instruments, extremely intelligent and must-listen for this year)


Soy El Lobo: Reino Ermitañov (Peru) (13:01-19:17)


(Touring with Minneapolis band False is Yellow Eyes and female sludge band Mortals)


No More Than A Soaked Plank: Yellow Eyes (NYC)(19:51-24:47)

The Fear: Mortals (Brooklyn) (25:18-32:43)


(Tongue in cheek Arkhamin Kirjasto wears spandex and spikes on stage)


Speed, Yog Sothoth: Arkhamin Kirjasto (Finland) (33:14-36:40)


(Witty band, Wolfpussy is loud and catchy with fun riffs; kind of reminds me of Sword)

Whoregon: Wolfpussy (Portland) (36:58-41:42)


(Raw and sabbath style Uzala has muddy production (on purpose) and 2 great vocalists)

Wardrums: Uzala (Idaho/Portland) (42:07-47:53)


(Black rock Okkultokrati grits it up)

Hand of Glory: Okkultokrati (Norway) (48:22-50:29)


(Thrash with a touch of psychedelic)

Cosmic Horizon: Exocosm (Finland) (50:41-54:54)


(Portugal's Process of Guilt is both aggressive and ambient, diverse album; very climactic)
Harvest: Process of Guilt (Portugal) (55:25-end)


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Labor Day, can there be a better idea?  
This week’s entertainment suggestions:

Watch:  On Netflix "Last Days Here" documentary about the lead singer of Pentagram, Bobby Liebling

Go to:

Friday, September 7th – Project One Gallery from 6 to 8pm, Jet Martinez’s paintings – absolutely some of the best I have ever seen.  Ever. 251 Rhode Island Street.

Saturday, September 8th – Art show and shopping at Nooworks from 5 to 9pm. 395 Valencia Street.

Monday, September 10th – Gypsyhawk at the Elbo Room!!!

Tuesday, September 11th – my show on at 7pm PST wtf.


State Lines: Gypsyhawk (LA) (0:28-4:52)


(Labor Day weekend show, I kept true and did not “work” on the show – some new songs, bands that you should just hear, whattup)

(Gypsyhawk is on tour with their new album, you must go see them, I will be there)

(Bezoar is a band I have played before, a girl band from Brooklyn that is tremendously badass) 


Friend of My Enemy: Bezoar (Brooklyn)(5:38-10:46)


(Straight out of the punk and hardcore and rock bowels of San Francisco is Pins of Light with members of many bands you have heard about before, and you should probably go see them live or something)


Losing Sleep: Pins of Light (Mission, San Francisco) (11:11-14:24)


(Critically acclaimed Ash Borer plays a 12 minute song that I think you should just let your brain go and listen)


Phantoms: Ash Borer (somewhere in California) (14:51-23:10)


(Massachusett’s own Converge out with a new album, here is a new song – be careful with your ears)


Aimless Arrow: Converge (Massachusetts) (23:42-26:05)


(You may just want to get this album because of the album art – Beastwars is also this awesome HUGE sound)


Mihi: Beastwars (New Zealand) (26:19-29:58)


(Better late than sorry or something? From Castevet’s 2010 album Mounds of Ashes.  Some brutal shit)


Stones: Castevet (NYC) (30:07-35:18)


(4th, 5th time I have played this band?  Maybe this time it will stick?  This is a legendary band, Dawnbringer, and off their new album)


Enter Darkness: Dawnbringer (Chicago) (36:08-41:46)


(The French are like, so good.  Some diverse lovely stuff from Häshcut)


Dubbing House: Häshcut (France) (42:04-48:07)


(In the attitude of Labor Day, I am playing old Hooded Menace, because I am too lazy to get you the new stuff)


Fulfill the Curse: Hooded Menace (Finland) (48:29-end)


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November 3rd: For all you Cambridge/Boston people – Small Stone is having a showcase at RADIO!! in Somerville, which frigging rules.  Lo-Pan, Freedom Hawk, Gozu, and more.  If you are in that area, you cannot miss it.


The Falconer: Wizardry (NYC) (0:28-5:25)


(Wizardry is 80‘s thrash, doom and black metal)


(Kind of lame back and forth evil and nice vocals – but the vocalist is Russian, so you got to let that shit go; but beyond that, kickass musicians – guitarists and electric violin)


Desert of Sad: Hung (NYC) (6:17-10:42)


(Hooded Menace with a new album on Relapse – I will play that as soon as I get it – it sounds awesome)


(Fen’s new album is the worst)  


(2 piece Azoic is influenced by black metal and being in Iceland or something – very technical playing in a very rich dense background)


Wisdoms Prayer: Azoic (Iceland) (11:24-15:16)


(Year of No Light’s new album Nord is acclaimed to be like the Cure playing sludge, yay?)


Par Économie pendant la crise on Éteint la lumière au bout du tunnel: Year of No Light (France) (15:40-21:15)


(Ladybird has enough dirty tempo changes to keep this real – give it a chance through the slowness)


Gone Away: Ladybird (Arizona) (21:34-29:26)


(From Beyond is influenced by Hawkwind and Blue Cheer, a pinch of space)


The Heavy Wait: From Beyond (Houston) (30:15-36:30)


(Thenn is, throaty)


Threshing the Golden Fields: Thenn (Indiana) (36:36-40:01)


(Gloomy cold states means aggressive smart music?)


Wytches: Maeth (St. Paul) (40:16-45:03)


(In a dramatic turn of events, 2 members of Radio Moscow defected and created a 70’s blues band Blues Pills that will play in Roadburn 2013)


 Bliss: Blues Pills (Sweden) (45:23-48:57)


Philadelphia, and then a dude from Sadgiqacea?  Yeah, this is going to be good)


Remember, That in Order to Allow the Separation from Time We Chose to Create the Suffering That Lies Before Us. We Deserve it: Ominous Black (Philadelphia) (49:54-56:41)


(Sula Bassana is another German noise soundscape trippy project by Dave Schmidt, ala Electric Moon fame – and with that, see you next week!!!)


Departure: Sula Bassana (Germany) (57:19-end)


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Hooked: Dopethrone (Montreal) (0:28-6:29)


(Dopethrone, one of my best of 2011 just came out with a new album)


(Southern Lord’s Xibalba will take you into a hardcore mosh pit)


Cold: Xibalba (California) (7:02-13:19)


(Summoner is “rock with space”, real vocals and the guitarist JAMS)


Across Iron Fields: Summoner (Boston) (13:37-18:36)


(Column of Heaven is kind of something you have never heard before – weird, technical, fuzz, noise)


Entheogen: Column of Heaven (Toronto) (18:51-21:36)


(Reverend Bizarre is one of my favorite Finnish bands, which says a lot.  They no longer exist, but have reissued another album.  Just go get all their albums.  Their members are also in Lord Vicar)


The Devil Rides Out: Reverend Bizarre (Finland) (22:02-28:09)


(Diesel King does a compelling take on sludge – a superior blend of great riffs that pound into your brain; from their new EP)


The Ancient And The Nameless: Diesel King (London) (29:05-34:19)


(Mos Generator will be touring with St. Vitus and have a new album in October - dirty southern rock blues) 


Opium Skies: Mos Generator (Port Orchard, Washington) (34:41-39:21)


(Jess and the Ancient Ones is joining the other doom bands led by ladies – the next song is one of the “prettier” songs from the album; the vocals are fantastic)


The Devil (in G-minor): Jess and the Ancient Ones (Finland) (39:53-43:47)


(Another sci-fi occult 70’s jammy album from Ice Dragon)


Maximum Trip: Ice Dragon (Boston) (44:36-49:47)


(Feuerzeug are Swiss rockers with a lot of young rock energy, great vocals – not for the brutal fan)


Magma, Lava and Burned Karma: Feuerzeug (Switzerland) (50:02-56:08)


(Finnish record label Svart Records is releasing Bedemon’s new album in October.  They started the new record in 2002, but guitarist Randy Palmer was killed in a car accident.  Bedemon is an offshoot of Pentagram and had albums in the 70’s.  This next song is from the 70’s, but they haven’t changed much – excuse the quality)


Serpent Venom: Bedemon (Virginia, 1974) (57:16 – end)


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Upcoming Shows (see Show 40 for upcoming shows too!!):
Before I forget, here are some local bands coming up:
The Turks: August 24th at the Hemlock
Cutthroats 9: August 25th at Benders
Oh, and I forgot this on my last list: Gypsyhawk (AAAAH!!): September 10th at the Elbo Room
Let me know if you want me to put your show in my list.
Let It Be The Devil: Compel (South Carolina) (0:28-7:21)


(Compel from South Carolina is swamp rock, 2 piece gritty dirty and loud)


(Just saw Agalloch live, they have gone beyond gorgeous landscapes like their forefathers Isis: black, epic, big sound, post-punk bass lines and classic metal, it was one of the best bands and best shows I have seen in a long time)


(Toronto’s Indian Handcrafts are a power-duo, rich also in variety, this next song also has a cool garage-sound to it)


Red Action: Indian Handcrafts (Toronto) (8:36-11:45)


(Magic Circle is the epitome of fun: modern beer metal, the blues of 70’s rock, the emotion and nostalgia of 80’s metal – you can’t miss) 


Magic Circle: Magic Circle (Boston) (12:18-19:50)


(Hear any YOB in this? I do, and they are hot irish dudes, come on.  Faster and crunchier than the usual sludge) 


Plastic Lung: Rites (Ireland) (20:21-27:55)


(Natur is an example of the awesome new trend of integrating the 80’s metal sound, those high-vocal emotions, but with their own complex groovy riffs, and their lyrics crack me up)


Spider Baby: Natur (NY) (29:03-34:28)


(Vintage English doom from female-led Alunah)


White Hoarhound: Alunah (Birmingham, England) (34:49-40:10)


(Xozo, pronounced Chozo, is hardcore and speed mixed beautifully to an epic sludge landscape)


Lookback: Xozo (Maryland) (40:31-46:36)


(Noise band Locrian fits all our weirdo horror movie-esque needs in music)


Augury in an Evaporating Tower: Locrian (Chicago) (47:14-53:48)


(I am selfish and have to play a song from a Demonic Death Judge album that I didn’t know about before, and they are one of my favorite bands, so there you go; please listen to the whole song, as this band is seriously one of the best ones out there right now)


Fire In The Eyes: Demonic Death Judge (Finland) (54:25-ENDDDUH)
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Happy summer and fall!  It is a beautiful season of shows.
Upcoming Shows:
August 11th: Agalloch at the Great American
August 30th: Quest for Fire at the Independent
September 10th: Gypsyhawk at the Elbo Room
September 21st: YOB at Brick and Mortar (it is driving me CRAZY that I am missing my favorite band, I will be in NYC seeing Afghan Whigs, ok ok, not too bad)
September 21-23: All Tomorrow's Parties in NYC, featuring Afghan Whigs
September 29th: Mike Scheidt and Scott Kelly will be playing at the Hemlock, so I will be seeing Mike in one way or another.
October 9th: St. Vitus at the Independent, who will be kicking off their tour in September.  
November 7-8: Afghan Whigs at the Fillmore

Local band Orchid has been signed onto Nuclear Blast, not sure what it means when a band that I like gets a larger label.  But they will be coming out with some new songs this year and a new album in 2013.  Hopefully they will play in some small venues in San Francisco in the meantime. I am kind of getting sick of getting gouged by mid to large venues.

I made this show watching the Wrath of Khan and Curiosity landing on Mars and reading articles about Pussy Riot, so a simultanous joy, wonder and anger at it all.  


Chain up the Masses: Sons of Tonatiuh (Atlanta) (0:28-4:55)


(New favorite band Sons of Tonatiuh on GREEN VINYL from All that is Heavy; they are so crushingly badass)


(Tennessee drinks black sludgy water; Brother Ares will make you headbang and believe in the Tennessee way)


Brother Ares: Brother Ares (I fucking love Tennessee now) (5:47-13:40)


(True bio of Gorgantherron: In 1968 a top secret military mission launched (3) chimpanzees into space for data for future expeditions, the vessel was playing an endless loop of Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality and the first 2 iron maiden albums. 1972 was the last time communication was sent from the vessel.  In early 2010, scientists tracked an unknown object travelling through space into rural Indiana, where they were shocked to see the same vessel from 1968.  Nothing was found inside.  Months later, three men claimed to be the chimps, that they had been found by an advanced alien race who were disappointed in Earth humans, and changed the chimps into stunningly handsome men educated in guitar, bass and drums and listened to metal for years.)


Mothra: Gorgantherron (Indiana) (14:56-19:14)


(Godzilla Black is confusing experimental noise for weirdos)


Burning Wires: Godzilla Black (London)(19:34-23:58)


(Oregon is full of weirdos hiding in forests in cloaks being weird and screaming or something)

Umbilicus: Hell (Oregon)(24:13-32:06)


(Chicago’s Earthen Grave is like, popular or something, they have a chick on the violin and make good beer drinking rock)


Fallen: Earthen Grave (Chicago)(33:08-40:17)


(I picture myself right up front slamming my fist in the air to this live show, YET another awesome French band, Mudbath, and they have funny song titles)


Loserwood: Mudbath (Avignon, France)(40:35-46:47)


(Serpentine Path is Unearthly Trance + Electric Wizard but does not sound like Electric Wizard, WAY more evil; this song starts off slow but goes into its death metal roots)

Depravity: Serpentine Path (NY) (47:43-54:00)


Next up is some grindcore from Cellgraft, this is the longest song in their album, super speed and brutality, of course, from Florida.  If you don’t like them, it doesn’t matter, it is 16 seconds long.


False Sequence of Value: Cellgraft (Florida) (54:09-54:25)


(Telestrion are in spacesuits flying through the air, waving at you as you rock your fists out to their groove)


(As my friend Russ would say, Free Pussy Riot)


Molecule: Telestrion (Atlanta)(54:53-end)


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Phobos/Deimos: The Legion of Doom (U.K.) (0:28-5:35)


(Gawd, is it already August; starting off the set with THREE English bands)


(The Legion of Doom just reunited for a tour last year; looooow heavy sound with beautiful guitar)


(Black Moth has badass emotional female lead vocals and an intelligent band to envelop it perfectly)


Honey Lung: Black Moth (U.K) (6:33-11:41)


(Meadows is brutal, with hardcore influence and technical guitar riffs that break it all up)


The Head of Henry Grey: Meadows (Suffolk, England) (12:00-17:44)


(GRAVEYARD!! With new album this fall)


(Naam have a pretty new EP with stuff like the piano in this psychedelic and spacey sound)


Lands Unknown: Naam (Brooklyn) (18:13-23:08)


(Switzerland’s Shever is all girl, all badass.  Again, a female-led band that has a little more thought than aggression)


Je Suis Nee: sHever (Switzerland) (23:33-30:48)


(Sorceress members also in Dead Branches; they are an instrumental band that when you think they are going too melodic, completely change up their sound; good proggy input)


Lung Wings: Dead Branches (Ontario) (32:03-35:55)


(Witchcraft!! new album Legend in September)


(Budapest’s Grizzly is sexy bluesy whiskey sound rock)


Dead for fifty-two hours: Grizzly (Budapest) (36:27-40:50)


(Neurosis and Wolves in the Throne influence Battle Path, but they branch out of dark black music, more complex than just black metal)


Closer: Battle Path (Tennessee) (41:12-47:54)


(Black Hole of Calcutta is grind with a lot of hardcore, but great riffs for any metal head to appreciate even if there is a scary mosh pit)


Myth of Progress: Black Hole of Calcutta (Portland/Seattle) (48:43-54:07)


(Listen to MUSIC jerks)


(Groove sludge from Denver In the Company of Serpents, also home to the mighty Broncos) 


Dirtnap: In the Company of Serpents (Denver) (54:46-end)


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Snake Oil: Galaxicon (Memphis) (0:28-6:26)


(Galaxicon, I appreciate the name thanks, is reminiscent of the style of Batillus and YOB – blackened sludge) 

(Oh hell yeah my Swedish rock gods I will kneel down to the glory of your 70’s style rock, let me bask in the glow of your perfection I love you so much oh Swedish gods.  Oh yeah, this band rocks the organ)


Too Many Choices: Three Seasons (Sweden) (7:21-12:05)


(Metal influenced by circus music is not so illogical; talented misfits like each other’s art I guess)   


Left Behind as Static: A Forest of Stars (U.K.) (12:31-19:13)


(Crusty badass band from North Carolina has a short but heavy hitting new album)


The Holy Are The Broken: Torch Runner (North Carolina) (19:31-23:58)


(Odyssey’s debut album after a split with Black Pyramid; Swedish like my faves Horisont and Graveyard, so I am automatically their fan)


Wicked Witch: Odyssey (Sweden) (24:28-28:39)


(Unique countries bring their own unusual flavor to the genre, Romania and PAKISTAN?!  Come on, give it up for these bros)


Mountain Tusk: Nomega (Romania) (29:50-36:49)

Burial Ground: Dionysus (Pakistan!! Really!) (36:51-42:46)


(Sorceress jams, they JAM, and you gotto get into the groove, cause that groove rules, and the guitar riffs are magnificent) 


Jam: Sorceress (Ontario) (42:58-46:46)


(I break my rule regarding playing a song from the same new album, but if you don’t know Dawnbringer or how important they are, then you have a huge gap in your knowledge, this band is frigging the best and I BEG THEM TO TOUR PLEASE.  Dawnbringer is a forefather of this type of rock)


Perfect Water: Dawnbringer (Chicago) (47:34-54:10)


(Chilean metal goes down as earthy and luscious as their wine)


Sun of Moloch: Wrathprayer (Chile) (54:56-end)

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Burial of Men: Sardonis (Belgium) (0:28-6:54)


(Belgium bands are like Belgian ale and hot Belgians in general – better than what you are used to)


(Crown is from France, therefore awesome – atmospheric, tinges of dreamy brutality)


Mare: Crown (France) (7:34-15:09)


(Another superior band from France featuring a member of Eibon, a brutal band that also rules)


Hoarse From The Get Go: Cowards (France) (15:25-19:45)


(New Horisont album!!, this band is one of my favorite 70’s revitalist bands, and if you love Graveyard, you will love this band – Swedish gods)


Crusaders of Death: Horisont (Sweden) (20:06-24:46)


(Chrome Waves is a supergroup with members of The Atlas Moth, Nachtmystium, Gates of Slumber; darkly romantic vocals and melody)


Blackbird: Chrome Waves (USA – supergroup) (25:37-31:12)


(Who doesn’t want to party in Greece, and now an important metal scene – Mass Culture is yet another talented band from that area of the world)


Double Retro: Mass Culture (Greece) (31:29-37:55)


(Finnish death metal, not the same old death metal.  It will have a twist that will make your ears non-bored.  Man, will I ever get to party in Finland with these weirdo bands?!)


Vortex Unwinding: Desecresy (Finland) (38:18-44:13)


(Fellwoods, formerly the Moss, is good times 70’s.  When you listen, remember that you should have a kegger and invite me and play this band)


Wulfrum: Fellwoods (Portland) (45:02-48:40)


(Vortex, abyss, I say some profoundly poetic language about Earthrise, why don’t you listen to me live jerks)


Transmission: Earthrise (Minneapolis) (48:59-53:01)


(Toronto’s sludgyTitan has a new album, vocals reminiscent of Buried Inside, they will make your head go up and down in appreciation. I love SF but I appreciate having this Boston show!!)   


Little Seeds: Titan (Toronto) (53:41-end)
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 Lycanthropus: Findumonde (Argentina) (0:27-4:09)


 (Argentinean Findumonde rocks like Misery Index)


(Trephine describes a psychological breakdown, so all of you weirdos can relate; this album is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME, you have to get it, just get it, seriously(


Ancient Tongues: Trephine (North Carolina) (4:44-11:08)


(Muknal from LA is super bleak and dark and one of the best in this occult death category)


Rotten Genesis: Muknal (LA) (11:21-17:23)


(Dutch band Countess will crack you up, but are totally true to their heavy metal roots)


Sermon Of The Devil Preacher: Countess (Netherlands) (17:33-22:56)


(Truly frozen black metal from Switzerland is also achingly gorgeous) 


Hoffnungslos: Tardigrada (Switzerland) (23:39-29:24)


(Baroness’s recent album is for sunny days daydreaming and drinking a cold beer.  Not for the metallest of metal heads)


Collapse: Baroness (Georgia) (29:50-33:40)


(The Finnish always bring their own of originality to any genre; this 2 piece band plays their own awesome tune on something related to black metal) 


Kalas Bleed for the Sun-Eater: Rahu (Finland) (34:03-41:10)


(Vetter from Norway has been around for awhile, but has only recently released an incredibly diverse album of avant-garde black metal) 


Stenklang: Vetter (Norway) (41:42-46:53)


(Bastard of the Skies have huge sound, will definitely allow you to let your headbanging soul rip)


The Knuckles of Saint Bronson: Bastard of the Skies (U.K.) (47:36-51:31)


 (Brand new release from UK’s Telepathy, listen live every Tuesday!!!!)


Lucretius: Telepathy (UK) (51:55-end)


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Happy Fourth of July!  Down with the crown!


Email me with your email if you want me to add you to my email newsletter about my show!


Unnatural Dwarfism: Lord Mantis (Chicago) (0:28-4:27)


(Goodbye to Boston, Hello to San Francisco, thanks to Bostonfreeradio for allowing me to keep my show; this is Bands Not to Miss – albums I highly recommend you buy)


(Lord Mantis, member of Nachmystium/Chicago; obsessed with this album and band)


(New album from old farts Orange Goblin is kick ass beer swilling awesome)


Acid Trial: Orange Goblin (UK) (5:35-9:44)


(Favorite on my ipod because everytime I love a song and I check the ipod, it is Monkeypriest)


The Psalm: Monkeypriest (Spain) (9:59-16:42)


(Old Man Lizard has emotional vocals and intelligent lyrics and are that UK style of jamming guitar riffs)


Cold Winter Blues: Old Man Lizard (UK) (17:05-22:50)


(Cayur from Ohio is intelligent technical that is no way pretentious for the listener)


Devoid of Virtue: Cayur (Ohio) (23:37-27:49)


(Diverse album is brutal and dark, mixed with some beautiful and vivid instrumental poignancy, a Finnish band to the end)


Nepal: Demonic Death Judge (Finland) (28:08-34:50)

Thanks! For listening to, where weirdos from both coasts can be on the radio. Oh yeah, so from Bison B.C. is this incredible headbang worthy fist pumping album with a hardcore element to it that speeds it up to perfection.  I love every single bit, I wish I could eat it.


Fear Cave: Bison B.C. (Vancouver) (35:10-41:57)


(Proggy band Bud Spencer is instrumental brutality and remind me of one of my favorite bands of all time, Keelhaul)


Banana Joe: Bud Spencer (France) (42:12-45:46)


(Super indie DIY band Cormorant does its spin on progressive jazz black metal, huh?) 


Confusion of Tongues: Cormorant (San Francisco) (46:29-50:50)


(Italian Obake has been described more of a film score than than a metal album; and it definitely takes you in and out of visions of weirdness)


Destruction of the Tower: Obake (Italy) (51:11-55:18)


(Stoner Canadian band Dopethrone is thick riffed groovey-ness)


(Listen to my show live on Tuesday nights at 7pm PST/10pm EST)


Ain’t No Sunshine: Dopethrone (Montreal) (55:51-end)


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Due to commuting 50 hours a day to and from work in this stupid Boston area traffic, and packing day and night to move across the country, I decided to take a month off from the show, and will be back in July. 

I will be back with Bands Not To Miss, and maybe an interview with some local metal head that feels like blabbering.

Take it easy or something!!  SEE YOU IN JULY!!!

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Afterwards: Arms of Ra (France) (0:28-5:43)


(French Arms of Ra is completely brilliant technical hardcore and sludge that will keep your interest the entire album; sharp metal hardcore from the UK Verdogr will kick your ass)


A Coffin In The Shape Of A Chapel: Verdogr (U.K.) (6:18-9:04)


(Aldebaran has a new album that is typical of their last releases – slow heavy buildups, good for the type of metal head that does not need to be spoonfed brutality; metal is ALSO in the quiet)

(Bereft from LA are AWESOME and fall into this bleak slow metal genre, and they are frigging AWESOME, and have just released their debut album) 


Mentality Of The Inanimate: Bereft (LA) (9:48-16:04)


(Witchcraft recording a new album after 5 years)

(Icarus Gasoline from Puntas Arenas, Chile do their desert stoner rock stuff in Spanish SO well, really gorgeous)


Un Desierto:  Icarus Gasoline (Chile) (16:50-20:48)


(Mean Milwaukee band with brutal hardcore crust songs coming out on the Southern Lord package tour with Noothgrush and Black Breath this summer)


Renegrenades: Enabler (Milwaukee) (21:11-25:19)


(Old Man Gloom is relatively famous, but still comes out with something good)


The Forking Path: Old Man Gloom (now Boston) (26:10-29:39)


(Dark Seattle death doom Anhedonist with guttural and eerie vocals) 


Carne Liberatus: Anhedonist (Seattle) (30:00-34:56)


(Dark alternative 80’s nostalgic, riffy and experimental and spacey – one of the best)


One: Umor (Croatia) (35:18-41:13)


(Danish Ajuna is black and romantic; the effect is technical experimental and allegedly crazy live)


Winter: Ajuna (Denmark) (41:32-45:32)


(Ah, beautiful Spain invokes visions of wine and sophistication, and of course a HUGE metal scene; Teething is grindcore crust)


Teething (Madrid) (45:55-47:58)


(If you stop loving and adoring me, I will cease to exist)

(Batillus, my number one album of last year, has a new split with Whitehorse – this is a new one!!)


Silver Mortar: Batillus (Brooklyn) (49:32-end)


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Against the Curse, We Dream: Hail Spirit Noir (Greece) (0:28-6:48)


(Hail Spirit Noir is brilliantly weird: retro and black and psychedelic with a touch of King Diamond horror; another Greece band, Inside it Grows, mixes prog and death, but not cheesy, and has super riffy guitars – love the vocals)


And The Voices Of The Dead: Inside It Grows (Greece) (7:56-11:57)


(Theatrical death thrash heavy metal with hot chick frontman who likes to hang out in heavy metal underwear)


Spell Eater: Huntress (LA, of course) (12:34-16:30)


(Christian Mistress is touring and playing in San Francisco on June 19th; YOB frontman Mike Scheidt solo acoustic album out in June, his vocals are Cat Stevenish, I love him and will get this for sure) 


In Your Light: Mike Scheidt (YOB frontman/Eugene, OR) (17:44-22:14)


(Moonless opening for big bands like Church of Misery and Ufomammut , good old rock riffs; French black metal from The Great Old Ones is super lush)


The Bastard In Me: Moonless (Denmark) (23:00-29:57)

Visions of R'lyeh: The Great Old Ones (France) (30:26-37:17)


(Monster Truck plays good time summer music)


Seven Seas Blues: Monster Truck (Toronto) (37:44-41:27)


(Obolus is depressive black metal and dreamy)


Lament: Obolus (San Francisco) (41:44-48:20)


(2 piece Halmos is minimalistic (obviously) yet rich)


Antithesis Superstructure: Halmos (Georgia) (48:38-51:54)


(Nightosaur is like old school 80’s keg party high school metal except I am Indian and was watching the Love Boat with her parents so what the hell do I know about anything cool)


There May Be Dragons: Nightosaur (Minneapolis) (52:28-end)



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I have CHANGED my live show to Wednesday at 8pm EST starting next week.

Intro (0-0:27)

Enquillage à Burnes: Bud Spencer (France) (0:28-4:21)


(Bud Spencer is proggy but not cold, rocks, reminds me of KEELHAUL!!) 


(Dawnbringer, one of my fave bands is coming out with Into the Lair of the Sun God; Church of Misery is touring with Gates of Slumber and Hail!Hornet – you guys canNOT miss this show – they will be in San Francisco)


(Fire Faithful is whisky metal in the vein of Hail!Hornet and Old Grandad)


Wonton Lavey: Fire Faithful (Virginia) (5:44-11:25)


(If you are a band and releasing music, please have at least 1-2 songs free to download, trust me this is the ONLY way to get your music out there.  Your fans will appreciate it, blogs appreciate it, and your radio djs appreciate it, and it will be marketed WAY better)

(Law of the Tongue is also a whiskey band – Saturday afternoon beer drinking, dirty music)


Rebirth: Law of the Tongue (Australia) (12:23-17:50)


(Come on, 1972.)


No Need: Toad (Switzerland, circa 1972) (18:00-21:33)


(Wolves Carry My Name is a great ad hoc jammy yet brutal German band)


Nineteen Stitches: Wolves Carry My Name (Germany) (22:21-28:07)


(The Heavy Eyes describe themselves as “skeleton driving a speed boat on a flaming Mississippi River headed back to 1969”)


Catfish Blues: The Heavy Eyes (Tennessee) (28:31-31:10)


(Finnish band Ever Circling Wolves is death and doom)


A Desperate Frolic: Ever Circling Wolves (Finland) (31:39-35:42)


(Pacific Northwest Serial Hawk is loud, heavy, wall of sound; Mentat is gorgeous and brutal)


Calling of the Hawk: Serial Hawk (Seattle) (36:18-40:30)

Un Juego Estupido: Mentat (Spain) (41:01-47:14)


(Spelljammer likes Dungeons and Dragons and is hypnotic and heavy)


Nine: Spelljammer (Sweden) (47:47-53:12)


(Ice Dragon do psychedelic drugs and write their psychedelic music which had a lot of experimental stuff on the album, they have also shared a split with Pilgrim, who I really like also)


Illuminations Foretold: Ice Dragon (Massachusetts) (53:59-end)


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Intro (0-0:27)

Share: Sound of Ground (Russia) (0:28-5:13)


(3 piece Vancouver Mendozza has a female drummer called Master Beater - latest album mixed by Billy Anderson)


The Undertaking: Mendozza (Vancouver) (5:59-11:27)


(Fehler’s debut album is good emotional quality album, not cheesy)


Affluenza: Fehler (Netherlands) (11:44-18:42)


(Feist and Mastodon released a split doing covers of each other’s song)


Black Tounge: Feist (off of a split with Mastodon called Feistodon) (18:57-22:37)


(Electric Wizard new release; they are curating 2013’s Roadburn festival)


Legalise Drugs & Murder: Electric Wizard (UK) (23:00-29:09)


(3 piece Irreversible made up of strange atmospheric compositions, beautiful, a bit industrialish in parts)


No Pure Conception: Irreversible (Atlanta) (29:28-37:03)


(Austrians Torso is bluesy psychedelic; Golden Bats is a one-man’s group solo project who created music that if he had to do it live, he could – so not too complicated)


Black Man: Torso (Austria) (37:35-43:35)

Poison Arrows: Golden Bats (Brisbane) (44:07-49:30)


(Southern Lord’s Black Breath is all over the blogosphere - dark, fast, evil)


Obey: Black Breath (Seattle) (49:53-55:01)


(ICO is touring with Ufomammut; they are proggy and weird and death metal)


Mirzam: Incoming Cerebral Overdrive – ICO (Italy) (55:28-end)


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Intro (0-0:27)

Bitter: Dead Southern Bishop (Georgia) (0:28-6:50)


(Touring the south with Georgia’s Dead Southern Bishop and Tennessee’s Otis Reaper – southern malice and blackened vocals)


Graveyard Sorcery: Otis Reaper (Tennessee) (7:28-10:19)


(Touring the northwest with Sun Eater, who are mostly dreamy instrumental psychedelic music; 90’s Burning Witch with members of Thor’s Hammer and Goatsnake)


Sun Eater: Sun Eater (Tacoma) (11:03-17:10)

Tower Place: Burning Witch (Seattle) (17:40-22:55)


(Canadian Pyres are metal sludge and hardcore)


Atlas Cast No Shadow: Pyres (Toronto) (23:12-29:02)


(Beautiful female vocals and 70’s style bluesy back porch rock from Greece) 


Lady Fantasy: Dead Man’s Band (Greece) (29:32-33:57)


(Batillus will be coming out with a split with Whitehorse in May, and heading on a short tour of the northeast; Whitehorse is slumbering dark stuff; NOÛS released an EP out that is experimental loud sludge)


Control, Annihilate: Whitehorse (Australia) (34:52-38:55)

Biota: NOÛS (Australia) (39:27-43:28)


(Relapse Records is marketing 16 all over the place; dark and angry, though the vocals aren’t my favorite)  


Theme from "Pillpopper": 16 (LA) (44:03-47:40)


(Billy Anderson seems to mix and record every band including Sweden’s Galvano; I will be in Paris next week!!! But I am pre-recording a show with all new stuff so keep listening live next week!)


The Librarian: GALVANO (Sweden) (48:35-end)


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Intro (0-0:27)

Copper Eye: Fleshpress (Finland) (0:28-6:16)


(Fleshpress from Finland like fleshlights; Blizaro is Horror Rock and plays organs)


Night Fumes: Blizaro (NY) (7:28-15:12)


(Tres Perros jams live in Berlin)


Drop Out (live in Berlin): Tres Perros (Poland) (15:36-21:03)


(Gods of Chaos is crusty anger from Croatia)


Grinning with an Errection at the Gallows: Gods of Chaos (Croatia) (21:55-25:10)


(Black metalist Claudia Alcara’s beautiful acoustic side project; No Anchor is Australian energy)


gone by the fall: stroszek (Italy) (25:41-30:36)

Pussyfootin': No Anchor (Brisbane) (30:38-32:44)


(I am racist, Finnish Otu is badass sneering badness; soothing Buried Sleeper)


Apocalypse: Otu (Finland) (33:11-40:42)

Colosseum: Buried Sleeper (UK) (41:04-46:57)


(Angsty Idaho creates music)


The Youngest One in Curls: Diazepam (Idaho) (47:18-51:48)


(Russian The Moon Mistress is heavy, low, awesome vocals)


Cease To Exist: The Moon Mistress (Russia) (52:20-end)


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Intro (0-0:27)

The First Man: Cormorant (San Francisco) (0:28-6:21)


(Cormorant is death/thrash/prog, a “best of” album; Spanish Horn of the Rhino new release with awesome fun HEAVY riffs and great vocalist)


Under The Hoof: Horn of the Rhino (Spain) (7:02-12:09)


(Duskburn says they like Weedeater and Deadbird)


Charred: Duskburn (Croatia) (12:25-16:33)


(Desertfest in London last weekend and had the best bands ever – must go to this if they have it next year; Brachiosauride’s album has a bunch of different styles in one album; they are total weirdos


The Burning Giraffe: Brachiosauride (No idea where they are from) (17:41-22:08)


(OM new album in July; The Flight of Sleipnir’s album is beautiful – so if you don’t like pretty, you won’t like this)


The Serpent Ring: The Flight of Sleipnir (Colorado) (22:34-28:04)


(Mangoo from Small Stone records;  Black Space Riders is spacy and psychedelic with a singer that reminds me of David Bowie when he isn’t growling)


You, Robot: Mangoo (Finland) (28:33-33:19)

Night Over Qo Nos (Masrammey): Black Space Riders (Germany) (33:50-38:33)


(Black Mountain is psychedelic with atmospheric gloomy dark vocals – very awesome vocals/romantic)


Tyrants: Black Mountain (Canada) (38:52-46:25)


(Ufomammut’s new release – much darker than their other releases)


Infearnatural: Ufomammut (Italy) (47:00-end)


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Intro (0-0:27)

Viols: Gauchiste (DC) (0:28-4:33)


(Gauchiste is horror ambient with this awesome brutal underlying metal sound going on, a trio, one musician from Loincloth; Argentina’s Cabrocordero is frigging AWESOME, low bass gritty dirty trash metal)  


Anitcha: Cabrocordero (Argentina) (5:27-8:34)


(Mike Scheidt from YOB will be playing solo at Roadburn in a couple of weeks; new solo album out on June 12th on Thrill Jockey; Hog is SO GOOD and has members from Tooth)


Sightless & Deaf: Hog (North Carolina) (9:10-14:36)


(Finnish band Horse Latitudes have new album –they two bass guitars and drums)


dissolution: Horse Latitudes (Finland) (14:57-22:16)


(Greenleaf from Small Stone Records is Dozer and Truckfighters spin-off with a brand new album; catchy rock, king of jamming)


Jack Staff: Greenleaf (Sweden) (23:18-27:24)


(I love Small Stone Records but the new Ancestor album SUCKS; Asteroid out with a new album soon;  Philadelphia has a great scene including the next 2 awesome bands: Hivelords and Sadgiqucea (Sah-ju-kay-sha) which is a 2 piece band)


upon arrival at the grim structure: Hivelords (Philadelphia) (28:24-35:52)

Nature's Antidote: SADGIQACEA (Philadelphia) (35:54-41:51)


(Japanese Sigh is old school black metal but more experimental now and has an AWESOME new album)


The Transfiguration Fear: Sigh (Japan) (42:12-46:58)


(TeePee records rules: Elks and Kadavar:

Elks album “Destined for the Sun” described by the band in the following way: “peaceful inhabitants of a planet colonized by an expanding empire.  Tricked during first contact, the natives find themselves aboard a golden space hulk hurtling towards the nearest sun. Without food or water they are forced to eat the flesh of their kin while the heat from the approaching sun slowly cooks them alive. Eventually their screams reach out across the stars to awaken a slumbering Rift Wurm, which knocks them off course. Their ship crash lands on an inhabitable planet, and the unlucky survivors begin to rebuild their society with one goal in mind: Revenge.”)


The Transfiguration Fear: Elks (Brooklyn) (48:17-53:00)


(TeePee’s Kadavar is frigging awesome, especially if you are a fan of Graveyard/70’s revitalists stuff – they are NOT the Italian death metal band, spelled exactly the same)


Black sun: Kadavar (Berlin) (53:33-end)


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Intro (0-0:27)

Lähendama: Serious Beak (Sydney) (0:27-2:36)


(Mental metalists Serious Beak influenced by Secret Chiefs and Dillinger Escape Plan, intriguing album art of a vulturish bird being eaten by two other birds; experimental Spanish band Blooming Latigo made up of a bassist, 2 drummers and vocalist who are just awesomely weird)


Natrix Maura: Blooming Látigo (Spain) (3:25-8:19)




Battle in the Swamp: Conan (UK) (8:31-13:11)


(Lugnoro coming out with an album in May, put out by Ozium records in Sweden; anthemic Bloodhorse is classic kickass) 


Lugnoro: Lugnoro (Sweden) (13:52-19:59)

A Passing Thought to the Contrary: Bloodhorse (Boston) (20:30-24:59)


(New Zealand made a beer named after the band BEASTWARS)


Damn the Sky: BEASTWARS (New Zealand) (25:24-30:40)


(Arenna is AWESOME with Spanish vocals;  Leeches of Lore vocals are some of the best ever, this album is fantastic/highly recommended)


Receiving the Liquid Writings: Arenna (Spain) (31:20-37:01)

When The Sky Falls: Leeches Of Lore (New Mexico) (37:32-44:30)


(British rock Gentlemen’s Pistols in the vein of Witchcraft is one to see live)


Your Magesty: Gentlemen's Pistols (UK) (44:53-49:13)


(English disbanded band Mutts has 60s, 70s, 90s in the album; and a new one from High on Fire)


I Us You We: Mutts (UK) (49:48-54:09)

Madness of an Architect: High on Fire (Oakland) (54:11-end)


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Intro (0-0:27)

Fire: Asteroid (Sweden) (0:28-5:43)

(70’s revitalists show with bands influenced by all the 70’s greats.  Lots of bands from Scandinavia, including Asteroid; Graveyard’s first album reissued by TeePee records, in stores now) 

Ain't Fit To Live Here: Graveyard (Sweden) (7:12-10:15)

(Crusher Records’s Horisont with new album this week) 

High Time: Horisont (Sweden) (10:28-14:27)

(LA’s band Gypsyhawk is one of my faves – influenced by Thin Lizzy if you cannot tell!)

For Those Who Love the Lizz: Gypsyhawk (LA) (14:52-21:05)

(HOT Bill Steer who pioneered Carcass and Napalm Death started Firebird with a very different sound with Cathedral and Spiritual Beggars’ members)

Forsaken: Firebird (UK) (22:10-25:44)

(The Devil’s Blood is sister/brother; Orchid doesn’t mind being highly influenced by Black Sabbath)

The Yonder Beckons: The Devil's Blood (Netherlands) (26:15-32:06)

Capricorn: Orchid (San Francisco) (32:07-38:33)

(Lonely Kamel is coming out with a 3rd album soon; Dozer’s spinoff group Greenleaf are awesome)

Evil Man: Lonely Kamel (Norway) (39:22-42:23)

Masterplan: Greenleaf (Sweden) (42:24-45:33)

(Sungrazer is a more modern 70's sound;   Uncle Acid was on my 2011 top 20 list)

Octo: Sungrazer (Netherlands) (45:53-49:02)

I'm Here To Kill You: Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats (UK) (49:03-52:37)

(Austrian group Been Obscene first whose album is very diverse – like psychedelic and experimental and spacey; Thunderlip has been influenced by Judas Priest/Iron Maiden

Uniform: Been Obscene (Austria) (53:07-56:57)

Prophecy II (The Second Coming): Thunderlip (North Carolina) (56:58-end) 

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Intro (0-0:27)

The Serpent Lives: Junior Bruce (Florida) (0:28-5:23)


(Ex-Bloodlet spin-off Junior Bruce is southern rock/hardcore vocals; 2 piece girl band Mares of Thrace, ex-bassist of Ken Mode - 2010’s Canadian metal album of the year, touring in May)


General Sherman: Mares of Thrace (Calgary) (6:13-11:01)


(Verdun doomy and atmospheric and very original; horribly named Iron Mtn but still a good psychedelic band)


LAST MAN STANDING: Verdun (France) (11:37-19:01)

Erebus: Iron Mtn (LA) (19:02-24:46)


(White Hills new album spacey and experimental)


You Dream You See: White Hills (NYC) (25:16-30:51)


(Agent of the Morai is on a split with Slomatics who are coming out with a split with Conan(!); Blizzard at Sea is proggy and sludge angst)


Memento Mori: Agent of the Morai (UK) (31:21-36:29)

Closed Universe: Blizzard at Sea (Iowa) (37:00-42:14)


(Tlon’s third album similar to Graveyard, jammy 70’s stuff, more ethnic)


DESCASCARADA: Tlon (Argentina) (42:38-46:34)


Church of Misery will be playing at the Maryland Deathfest in May which was SUPPOSED to be their first US show EVER, but as I learned last night from the owner of Armegeddon Records, they are actually doing a minitour before the festival and playing in Providence first!!)



 I, Motherfucker (Ted Bundy): Church of Misery (Japan) (47:35-53:38)


(Grave Disgrace is heavy and depressed doom; party until next week!)


Eternal Wait: Grave Disgrace (Russia) (54:08-END)


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Intro (0-0:27)

Spawning the Nephilim: Lord Mantis (Chicago) (0:28-5:25)


(Chicago’s Lord Mantis has Dave from Nachtmystium; new release Pervertor out on March 12th; Reverend Bizarre has spin-off project Lord Vicar – look them up on my website as they rule)


Doomsower: Reverend Bizarre (Finland) (6:10-11:45)


(Ultralord spins off from Fistula – again, look Fistula up on my site; Ultralord’s album is AWESOME)


Wizard Pimp: Ultralord (Ohio) (12:05-16:55)


(Victor, the Reverend of Despair hailing from Chicago, has put up his write-ups on his bandcamp site: “Spirit Writing has been praised by critics as "the biggest junk ever" and "totally alienating." The quality was ... noted as being "atrocious." "As long as people will continue to mindlessly follow the Reverend, he will continue to manipulate their minds in the name of freedom” – also this dude is a friend and awesome, so listen to his stuff!)


The Grieg and Euphorization Revealed: The Reverend of Despair (Illinois) (18:09-21:29)


(Colour Haze played years ago in a festival that I always wanted to go to - Emissions of the Monolith.  Psychedelic strong rock, with some hippie stuff running through it, good music for relaxation)


Silent: Colour Haze (Germany) (22:12-29:29)


(Eagle Twin is a 2 piece band, coming out on Southern Lord with a new album soon) 


And it came to pass that birds fell to earth as black snakes: Eagle Twin (SLC) (29:45-36:09)


(Canada brings forth doom for all, Witchstone’s full length is fully anticipated;  2 piece Wizard Rifle are weirdos but awesome; and their album looks like the necronomicon)


The Devil's Bridge: Witchstone (Calgary) (37:13-43:28)

Megatherium: Wizard Rifle (Portland) (43:29-50:52)


(Keep it real, Florida scene is erupting with stoner and sludge)


Aeden Carr: Fire In the Cave (Orlando) (51:53-end)


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Happy Leap Year!
INTRO (0-0:27)

And the Ass had Spoken: Arabrot (Norway) (0:28-5:18)


(Arabrot from Norway likes anus and were nominated for a Norwegian grammy; Horse Latitudes from Finland has drummer vocalist/dual basses)


Decayment: Horse Latitudes (Finland) (6:03-


(Popular bands High on Fire/Melvins – new albums this spring and tours following)


Cigarette Rabbit: Rubble (Austin) (13:10-19:29)

The Ritual: Horrendous (somewhere US) (19:58-24:45)


(SXSW in March will have Young and in the way AND GYPSYHAWK; Saturnalia Temple is weird; Year of the Goat sings about Satan)


Sitra Ahra Ruled Solitary Before Creation: Saturnalia Temple (Sweden) (25:41-32:21)

Dark Load: Year of the Goat (Sweden) (32:51-37:43)


(Finnish Hooded Menace was at Maryland Deathfest 2011, great leadup to headbang; HORISONT RULES, if you like Graveyard and 70’s retro from Sweden, you will love Horisont)


Night of the Deathcult: Hooded Menace (Finland) (38:16-44:50)

The Unseen: Horisont (Sweden) (44:51-48:52)


(Accidentally made a Finnish/Swedish show. . Happy Leap Year!)


Magus of Lust: Domovoyd (Finland) (49:54-53:31)

Kometh: Propane Propane (Sweden) (53:32-END)


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Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper summer tour

Aldebaran/Noothgrush in Europe in May

Ceremony of Sludge March 2-3 in Portland/$4 night

Fister with East of the Wall/Hull in March in St. Louis


Intro (0-1:27)

Huata (France) (0:28-8:01)


(Huata will play at Roadburn, new release; I have played Black Pyramid before but their new album has been released on vinyl – and their whole album is fun fun fun)


Night Queen: Black Pyramid (Massachusetts) (8:54-15:35)


(30,000 Monkies new album has weird song titles)


Stab You Elf: 30,000 Monkies (Belgium) (15:49-20:55)


(Classic 70’s style Stubb has free download off bandcamp)


Scale the Mountain: Stubb (U.K.) (21:15-26:27)


(Loincloth=floppy penises, proggy album of short instrumental songs, Hivemind is hardcore influenced)


Voden: Loincloth (North Carolina/Virginia) (27:18-29:48)

Dead Sea: Hivemind (New Zealand) (29:50-31:53)


(Fister is slow yet brutal, playing St. Louis with East of the Wall, Hull, Black Tusk)


Violence II: The An Lushan Rebellion: Fister (St. Louis) (32:23-36:33)


(Go to, search for Pallbearer who I have played already, who just released their new album – I love it; grizzly vocals Old Man Lizard)


El Doctor: Old Man Lizard (U.K.) (36:59-42:43)


(Alice Cooper/Iron Maiden summer tour!! Wizard’s Beard showcasing their new album at a huge show in Leeds, with bands like Wiht)


Wizard’s Beard: Wizard’s Beard (Leeds) (43:29-49:13)


(Ceremony of Sludge in Portland, $4 a night March 2nd and 3rd, Aldebaran European tour with Noothgrush; Omega Massif’s 2011 album Karpatia is instrumental awesomeness)


Wolfe: Omega Massif (Germany) (49:47-53:21)


(Conan’s new album in April and you can listen to a new song on Brooklyn Vegan)


Dying Giant: Conan (U.K.) (53:53-end)


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I had an opportunity to go into the 2nd hour, so I put together some romantic songs for (old) people.

INTRO (0-0.27)

Falling In Love: Scorpions (0:28-4:31)


Hail!Hornet touring while promoting Slow Southern Steel documentary about southern metal – a dvd in the making


Indiana’s Gates of Slumber have huge beards


The Scovrge Ov Drvnkenness: Gates of Slumber (Indiana) (5:22-11:16)


Metallica playing 2 nights in Atlantic City in June – Ride the Lightning and Black albums live.    


Desertfest /early April in London – sludge, psychedelic bands, including Wiht


Orderic Vitalis: Wiht (U.K.) (12:02-24:06)


Truckfighters released a documentary/fuzzomentary featuring bands Witchcraft, Graveyard and Queens of the Stone Age ginger. 


Con of Man: Truckfighters (Sweden) (24:29-30:40)


Orange Goblin headlining Desertfest,  new album A EULOGY FOR THE DAMNED


Death of Aquarius: Orange Goblin (U.K) (31:31-37:14)


Greg Dulli is curating All Tomorrow’s Parties (London and New Jersey).  (Hee hee I am going to the New Jersey festival).  Afghan Whigs is reuniting to play both festivals.  Bands to play include Sleep, the Melvins, Mudhoney, Codeine, Wolves in the Throne Room, Yob. 


Pittsburgh thrash band Sathanas also likes black metal, new album soon


Nightrealm Apocalypse: Sathanas (Pennsylvania) (37:58-41:06)


Electric Wizard with new single march 31st/album later this year. 


Shroud Eater is mostly chicks, and kick ass.   


Cyclone: Shroud Eater (Miami) (42:06-46:34)


Greece excels in psychedelic rock; Tia Carrera recorded album jamming in their studio


Smoked Up Notes: Tuber (Greece) (47:03-53:33)

Slave Cylinder: Tia Carrera (Austin) (53-34-1:01:05)


2nd set!  Happy Valentines Day!!

Dum Maro Dum: Asha Bhosle (India/1970) – dedicated to Bruce’s dad who will be missed (1:01:52-1:04:22)

A Night Like This: The Cure (1:04:23-1:08:29)

Step Into The Light: Greg Dulli – dedicated to Sharon and Claire (1:08:56-1:12:28)

The Passion of Lovers: Bauhaus – dedicated to Dave (1:12:29-1:16:14)

The rest of the bands dedicated to 80’s lovers

Bizarre Love Triangle: New Order (1:17:05-1:23:46)

Lips Like Sugar: Echo and the Bunnymen (1:23:48-1:28:31)

Well I Wonder: The Smiths (1:28:32-1:32:23)

I Want To Touch You: Catherine Wheel (1:32:24-1:37:02)

Under the Milky Way: The Church (1:37:03-1:41:55)

I talk about wishing you a great Valentines Day!!

Truly: Lionel Richie (1:42:33-end)

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INTRO (0-0:27)

Blood/Faith/Growth: Herder (Netherlands) (0:28-4:23)


(Herder is more energetic than other stoner bands; Lento labelmates to Ufomammut - instrumental experimental)


Hymn: Lento (Italy) (5:04-9:36)


(Local gods Converge with new album in the summer – but no new release yet, so here is a song from their 2009 album)


Damages: Converge (Massachusetts) (9:52-14:21)


(Rhode Island band Pilgrim new release next week, this song is from a demo)


Quest: Pilgrim (Rhode Island) (14:37-21:59)


(Skraeckoedlan sings in Swedish, cute Swedish boys know how to sing)


Appeltradet: Skraeckoedlan (Sweden) (22:48-28:37)


(Colorado band, bluesy rock with a singer that reminds me of Ian Astbury)


Heaven In My Hand: Black Lamb (Denver) (29:04-35:34)


(Hull playing with Batillus, The Fucking Wrath, Naam; Brooklyn NY is the best metal scene right now)


In Death, Truth: Hull (Brooklyn) (35:58-41:56)


(Retro 80’s heavy metal that came out in the last couple of years, Witchgrave from Sweden)


Beg For Mercy: Witchgrave (Sweden) (42:48-47:35)


(Heavy metal Christian Mistress lead singer is a hot chick; NPR had this latest recording, thanks NPR - album coming out February 28th)


Black and Gold: Christian Mistress (Olympia) (48:00-52:34)


(Dark sound from Michigan, Buffalo Witch)


Black Witch: Buffalo Witch (Michigan) (52:13-end)


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INTRO (0-0:27)

Coliseum Asunder: Alegionnaire (Kentucky) (0:28-5:27)

(Kentucky rules for metal – Alegionnaire free download on their bandcamp site, Below is their spin-off band played at the end of the set; Brooklyn female fronted twisted sludge Bezoar is fantastic)

Vitamin B: Bezoar (NYC) (6:30-12:05)

(Mexican band with fresher Isis-like sound)

Jihad: Apocalipsis (Mexico) (12:31-16:58) 

(Southern drinkin’ beer good ol’ metal from Norway)

The Prophet: Lonely Kamel (Norway) (17:23-22:50)

(Velvety Mark Lanegan-esque vocals backed by a heavy Detroit band – EP is recorded live on one take)

On The Banks Of The Rouge: Bison Machine (Detroit) (23:48-31:06)

(Sc-fi alien on monster is enough of a great album cover for everyone to buy this album, plus Behold! The Monolith is a great band name, wtf stoner and thrash)

Halv King: Behold! The Monolith (Los Angeles) (31:32-35:49)

(Faster paced Denmark stoner band)

Low: Doublestone (Denmark) (36:03-40:17)

(Black metal that is bleak and yet accessible)

Photon: Sun Worship (Germany) (41:06-48:32)

(Sludge bands are not the same dammit, don’t be so dismissive)

Orb: Giantrider (Portland) (49:05-52:32)

(Ending the set with the second of the Kentucky bands, Below, catch me next week same time, and email me if you have complaints or want to stalk me at 

Born Too Late: Below (Kentucky) (53:09-end)


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INTRO (0-0:27)
Involution: Monkeypriest (Spain) (0:28-7:23)
(Sludgey awesome Spanish metal band/awesome entire album; lots of French black metal out there - Aosoth is one of the best black metal albums of last year)
IV: Aosoth (France) (8:14-14:09)
(Mars Red Sky is also from France but psychedelic and not evil, played at Mudfest/European psychedelic stoner festival)
Way To Rome: Mars Red Sky (France) (14:29-19:45)
(Saw awesome Blood Ceremony in crappy Middle East, Thorr-Axe is pummeling fun)
Dragon King: Thorr-Axe (Indiana) (20:31-24:32)

(Awesome German psychedelic Electric Moon, get it if you also like pretty vinyl)
Kleiner Knaller: Electric Moon (Germany) (25:44-
(Cave-in local legends, hard hitting, solid awesome album)
Sing My Love: Cave-In (Massachusetts) (31:20-39:38)
(1969 tune for my middle-aged, over the hill listeners)
Open Your Mind: Joshua (Sacramento) (40:00-45:01)
(Tennessee band Hellbender is rock psychedelic non-trancey)
Neon Cross: Hellbender (Tennessee) (45:53-54:35)
(Ukranian sludge band Etherial Riffian, kind of a stupid band name, album rules though)
Part II Beyond (The Search): Ethereal Riffian (Ukraine) (55:19-1:02:16)
Giving a chance to a one-man 21-year-old black metal band that sort of sounds like an 80's soundtrack to some fantasy movie)
Entropic Collapse: Oskoreien (Los Angeles) (1:03:06-end)
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Too many "top lists".  Back to playing new albums of 2012! Year we all die in some apocalyptic shit!!


INTRO (0-0:27)

Axe: Tank 86 (Netherlands) (0:28-6:39)


(Dutch band Tank 86 CRUSHING debut instrumental album, Holdfast record store in Asbury Park is the best – sold me Dust: Marky Ramones psychedelic band from 1971 ON VINYL!!!) 


Love Me Hard: Dust (8:00-13:24)


(Shout out to Aquarius Records, Vintage Vinyl,  Armageddon Records; Vektor is cold, technical, but not boring)


Venus Project: Vektor (Arizona) (14:13-20:57)


(Temples from FINLAND is spacey psychedelic)


In Search Of The Sun: Temples (Finland) (21:49-28:06)


(Talking shit about the Patriots/Congratulations to the 49’ers) (27:33-28:06)


My Helvete: Abaton (Italy) (28:22-34:15)

(Hoping that wishing gonorrhea on the Patriots isn’t too offensive) (34:45-34:58)


(Swedish bands are the best,70’s resurgence makes me happy, let’s perpetually party at a kegger)  


Svantovit: Obrero (Sweden) (35:21-40:17)


(Album art rules, including Cayur’s decaying deer in snow)


Beautiful Moon: Cayur (Ohio) (40:54-45:09)


(Russian band Chertopolokh is weird and raw recording)


Invisible Changes: Chertopolokh (Russia) (45:56-50:47)


(Belgian bands and beer)


Gut this City: Your Highness (Belgium) (51:35-54:13)


(Uh, whiskey)


Whisky Song: Sigiriya (UK) (54:30-58:50)

(Year of No Light from Belgium headlines Mudfest - a doom/psychedelic festival in Europe starting on January 20th)


Perséphone II: Year of No Light (Belgium) (59:30-end)


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Second set of Best of 2011 – including the number ONE album of 2011!


Intro (0-0:27)

Horseback Riding In A Bicycle World: East of the Wall (0:28-2:23)

(Tight, progressive, jams)


Life’s Riddle: Hail!Hornet (4:07-8:33)

(Super group, Weedeater spinoff)

Shout out to Weedeater – another top album of the year


III: Elder (9:01-17:41)

(Short, proggy, psychedelic)


Master of Confusion: Blood Ceremony (19:01-25:49)

(Female vocalist, Jethro-Tull corny-ness - organs and flutes, fun and retro)


Szechenyi: Obake (26:54-31:22)

(Experimental, jazz, doom – you MUST get this!)


Edge of the Sky: Morne (31:54-36:59)

(Atmospheric threads, album does not do their live show justice)


The Art of Being Nothing: Cosmonaut’s Day (37:32-40:47)

(Instrumental, ambient and chaotic)


Porcelain God: Dopethrone (41:24-45-59)

(Super sludgy, different strains of metal, good mix of black metal vocals)


No Grave Deep Enough: Primordial (46:55-53:52)

(Irish folk metal by Metal Blade)


Leaving Nothing but the Absence of Everything: Young and in the Way (54:11-56:11)

(Not just crust)


And for the number one album – Batillus (Furnace) (57:00-end, listen!)

Listen through to the end, not just a one note album or song! Hoping for a new album and tour soon!  This is a band to check out live for SURE!

...And The World Is As Night To Them: Batillus


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January is Top Metal Bands of 2011 month.  This show has my #2 pick + top 2011 albums; next week will have my #1 pick + top 2011 albums.  I talk a lot on this show, after each song, so too bad.

INTRO (0-0:27)

Opaque Reflections: Brainoil (0:28-4:22)

(Sludgy band from Oakland)


Giant: Enslaved (5:55-12:32)

(Cute Norwegian band that has the best recordings)


Prepare the Ground: YOB (12:56-21:57)

(Love this band, touring with Tool, acoustic album by Mike soon)


Withered Hand Of Evil: Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats (22:50-28:43)

(70’s psychedelia from England)


Cold World: Thou (29:59-35:42)

(Prolific band, atmospheric that bashes your head in)


Cataract: Dawnbringer(36:23-39:28)

(Chicago band that never plays live; Nucleus is a must-have)


Leaves: Totimoshi (40:26-44:33)

(Best album by Toti yet, best touring band, guest vocals by Dale/Brent/Scott from Melvins/Mastodon/Neurosis)


Uusi olento nousee: Oranssi Pazuzu (45:07-50:26)

(Incredibly diverse album from Finland)


 Cleaver Of Souls: Skeletonwitch (51:02-54:47)

(Charismatic live and recorded)


 And for my # 2 album of the year: Graveyard with Hisingen Blues

No Good, Mr Holden: Graveyard (55:37-end)

(I listen to this album everyday.  It is jammy and 70’s retro, and yeah, I didn’t pick a brutal band to win this spot.  I will see them play on January 13th at Middle East)


Listen to next week’s show to round out the top albums of the year! I will announce my #1 album of the year!

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