She Likes It Heavy on Tuesdays, 7pm PST on,

(Swedish black metal vomits on my soul; one of the best albums of the year)


Calling Of Setnacht: Twofold Triunity: Ofernod (Sweden) New! (0:28-7:00)


(Groovy evil industrial influenced metal or metal influenced industrial)


While You Were Gone, We Were...: Eyes Without A Face (Toronto) New! (8:12-12:26)


(Hot long haired 70’s rocker boys made for girls)


My Eyes, The Flying Saucers: Nevesis (Estonia) New! (12:52-17:23)


(Gojira comes out with their 5th album that sounds as fresh as any band’s brand newest, with full complexity and rich in diversity)


The Gift Of Guilt: Gojira (France) New! (18:00-23:23)


(Shift changing heavy riffs from Cauldron Black Ram)


Atop a Fiery Steed: Cauldron Black Ram (Australia) (23:55-28:17)


(Drone and ambient is infused into death metal, but still breaks down) 


Deathabomination: Monomakh (Australia) New! (29:21-36:20)


(Instrumental powerhouse Toundra)


Marte (Mars): Toundra (Madrid) New! (37:00-42:06)


(Warmer black metal from Paris) 


Death Worship: Hell Militia (Paris) New! (42:29-46:01)


(Millions, on Seventh Rule with a bunch of awesome bands like Batillus, is Chicago hardcore that sounds a bit like Fugazi mixed with industrial and rock)


Shipwreck: Millions (Chicago) New! (46:44-51:12)


(Belgium’s Amenra comes out with one of the best this year, absolutely one of my favorite blackened doom bands out there)


Nowena: Amenra (Belgium) New! (51:48-end)


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Christological Escalation: Amnis Nihili (Greece) New! (0:28-5:28)


(Politics in Greece influences their art, Amnis Nihili screams at you with blackened hardcore and spacey ambient)


(Big money behind prog metalists Between the Buried and Me with their very conceptually strong 7th album)


Astral Body: Between the Buried and Me (North Carolina) New! (6:41-11:27)


(Light up a joint at a barbeque and drink a beer to San Diego’s Heavy Glow)


Slave Dance: Heavy Glow (San Diego) 11:49-17:14)


(Hammers is smart complex crust from the U.K.)


Systole: Hammers (Manchester, U.K.) New! (17:38-19:38)


(Just released on vinyl, Mitochondrion’s Parasignosis is blackened death horror metal – scary growls and screams mixed with dark ambient)


Plague Evockation: Mitochondrion (Canada) (Newly released on vinyl!) (20:20-24:20)


(In the style of Graveyard, groovey blues rock band Troubled Horse, also from Sweden)  


One Step Closer To My Grave: Troubled Horse (Sweden – members of Witchcraft!) New! (25:15-29:11)


(No more vocalist from Orange Goblin, Ravens Creed is full on death)


The Wires Will Kill You: Ravens Creed (U.K.) (29:36-31:41)


(Gorgeous cello creates depth for Dead to a Dying World; I will play their side project Unconscious Collective next time which is a jazz band with some metal highlights)


Stagnation: Dead to a Dying World (Dallas) (32:01-38:58)


(More Texas in the hiz-house, Sabrewulf dives into ambient but is a hardcore band at heart)


The Damned: Sabrewulf (El Paso) New! (39:25-43:21)


(San Francisco’s very own 70’s rock band recorded by Phil Manley, playing at the Hemlock on Friday after Thanksgiving)


The Curve: Golden Void (San Francisco) (New!) (43:41-49:24)


(Moody space stoner music from Sweden’s Mara who will have a full length early 2013)


On the edge of extinction: Mara (Sweden) (49:01-55:08)


(TeePee Records The Shrine is garage-y 70’s rifftastic)

Primitive Blast: The Shrine (So-Cal) New! TeePee Records!! (55:34-59:02)


(Math jazz on the experimental side)


I'm An Omnivore: Jorge Arana Trio (Kansas) New! (59:30-END)

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Buried With Leeches: Dragged Into Sunlight (Liverpool) (0:29-7:12)


(New 3 song album that are super evil, riffy and one of the best this year) 


(Atriarch versus Christian Death? I don’t think so.  But Atriarch have a great twist of old industrial and new blackened metal)


Offerings: Atriarch (Portland) New! (8:30-14:13)


(Houston’s Omotai has a female bassist playing hardcore proggy grind)


Spidercave: Omotai (Houston) New! (14:34-18:30)


(Ancient VVisdom will be opening for Enslaved on their 2013 tour; they are acoustic occult; yes ACOUSTIC singing you evil satanic hymns; the lead vocalist is super sexy) 


The Opposition: Ancient VVisdom (Austin) New! (19:19-22:44)


(Spanish Alter of Sin plays hard old school thrash)


Tales of Carnage: Alter of Sin (Spain) New! (23:05-26:35)


(Horseback and Locrian reissuing on Relapse with extra tracks; Horseback is usually drone – the next song is more structured)   


Ahriman: Horseback (North Carolina) (27:52-31:47)


(Boulder Colorado hardcore in the hiz-house!)


Failure: Ironhorse (Boulder) New! 32:07-35:06)


(The French YOB!)


Mare: Crown (France) (35:31-43:06)


(Thick bass and dirty riffs in London band Limb)


Dead Voice: Limb (London) New! (43:27-47:21)


(Post-rock Cathedraal is very pretty screaming French)


La ville brûle depuis des jours: Cathedraal (not misspelled!) (France) New! (48:20-53:16)


(Old school heavy metal with a sludge twist!)


Dagon's Bell: Arkham Witch (U.K.) (54:01-END)

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Momentary Senses: Flourishing (NYC) New! (0:28-6:01)


(Another awesome industrial-influenced brutal band from New York, ala Batillus, but with their own awesome style, Flourishing)


(Neurot Recordings band U.S. Christmas is thick complex garage rocks with sexy riffs)


Thin The Herd: U.S. Christmas (North Carolina) New! (7:09-11:03)


(Southern Lord releasing jazz?  Fontanelle infuses jazz to a psychedelic 70’s experimental trippy sound)


Traumaturge: Fontanelle (Portland) New! (11:42-16:12)


(Pounding Norksa shares YOB bassist – it compels you to headbang, very catch riffs)


Cholera: Norska (Portland-ish area) (16:30-21:52)


(Austin’s rich scene has a worthy addition – completely kickass riffs from instrumental metal band Eagle Claw, completely engaging and beer friendly)   


(Please do not miss out on OLD SCHOOL heavy metal thrash, completely 80’s with no apology, the 10th album from Paragon)


Wielder: Eagle Claw (Austin) New! (22:29-27:06)

Rising From the Black: Paragon (Germany) New! (27:35-32:10)


(Drone and dark ambient with a touch of ethnic folk vocals, dark shrouded soundtrack) 


Salamandra: Menace Ruine (Montreal) New! (32:43-38:34)


(Earthship has common musician with The Ocean, who now leads Earthship; hardcore influenced, super LOUD technical sludge) 


Catharsis: Earthship (Germany) New! (39:03-42:08)


(Post-metal from France with riffy moody hardcore touch) 


Monolith: Taste the Void (France) New! (42:24-46:53)


(Om’s drummer is in Grails, who put large gorgeous compositions; this album is a split with Finland’s Pharaoh Overlords)


Chariots: Grails (Portland) New! (47:43-52:14)


(Estoner from Estonia with stoner music.  Don’t know what to say about that.  They are trippy and have star wars songs, so they are awesome: “I am your father” lyrics) 


Cantina Song disco song: Meco (1977) (53:02-56:30)

Darth Vader Has a Hangover: Estoner (Estonia) New! (56:31-end)

New Promo: last LAST 30 seconds


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