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Well well well, if you don't go to YOB this week, I don't know what to say.  I have an excuse, I will be 3000 miles away with hipsters at some NYC music festival.
Other than that, party on bros; I hope to come back from NYC completely exhausted and broke.
Hey, if anyone can find the band Heat for me, I will appreciate it, that is my next favorite band. 
I really like this show! Check it out this week!!
The Hogfather: Ugh (Germany) (0:28-4:14)


(Garage sounded Ugh has extremely distinct melodies and vocal styles).


(A new one from Hooded Menace!!  This is yet another full-length album after a short time, and even though it is less experimental than their past, a strong and worthy addition to your collection)


Summoned Into Euphoric Madness: Hooded Menace (Finland) new album! (5:09-10:46)


(Legendary record label Hydrahead died)


(I heart all Swedish 70’s music, and The Graviators are no different; they are coming out with a new album Evil Deeds – this one is from their last album, fucking spectacular, guitar gods)


Shapes Of Babylon: The Graviators (Sweden) (11:37-17:13)


(Birthday present Deathspell Omega was a great one: even though it pounds your head in with fury, it is completely relatable, and goes beyond the ordinary black and death)


Fiery Serpents: Deathspell Omega (France) (17:42-21:56)


(France has claimed themselves as lovers of the south and influenced by the American west, if that isn’t completely strange)


Sons of the Sun: Southern Badass (France) (22:18-28:45)


(Space rocksters Enos are London scenesters with their label mates Trippy Wicked; their first album comes with a comic book!)


In Space: Enos (UK) (29:40-36:57)


(If you can find me a band called Heat, with members from Samsara Blues Experiment, you better let me know, because they are frigging great and they have a stupid general name and self-titled album so un-googleable) 


(Instrumental Spanish band Black Smoke Dragon is gorgeous loudscape)


Fenechild: Black Smoke Dragon (Spain) (37:53-43:!4)


(Scary creepy noise from bro from Meatjack – his side project)


Eyes in Eyes: Darsombra (Baltimore) (44:02-50:02)


(Small Stone Recordings’ Suplecs came from punk rock but also are influenced by their dark southern sludge roots in New Orleans)


Switchblade: Suplecs (New Orleans) (50:24-55:49)


(Kannabinoid sing in sultry whiskey tones and just want a good time; see you next week!!)


Kannabinõid: Kannabinõid (Estonia) (56:19-end)


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Enslaved is coming out with a new album on the 28th
September 21st: YOB at Brick and Mortar
September 21-23: All Tomorrow's Parties in NYC, featuring Afghan Whigs
September 29th: Mike Scheidt and Scott Kelly will be playing at the Hemlock
October 9th: St. Vitus at the Independent
Silencing Machine: Nachtmystium (Chicago) (0:28-6:51)
(Chicago's infamous Nachmystium new album Silencing Machine)
(Encrust is tight, power punk metal) 

Predatory Skin: Encrust (Chicago) (7:41-12:34)


(Peru's Reino Ermitanov is a big sound, lots of instruments, extremely intelligent and must-listen for this year)


Soy El Lobo: Reino Ermitañov (Peru) (13:01-19:17)


(Touring with Minneapolis band False is Yellow Eyes and female sludge band Mortals)


No More Than A Soaked Plank: Yellow Eyes (NYC)(19:51-24:47)

The Fear: Mortals (Brooklyn) (25:18-32:43)


(Tongue in cheek Arkhamin Kirjasto wears spandex and spikes on stage)


Speed, Yog Sothoth: Arkhamin Kirjasto (Finland) (33:14-36:40)


(Witty band, Wolfpussy is loud and catchy with fun riffs; kind of reminds me of Sword)

Whoregon: Wolfpussy (Portland) (36:58-41:42)


(Raw and sabbath style Uzala has muddy production (on purpose) and 2 great vocalists)

Wardrums: Uzala (Idaho/Portland) (42:07-47:53)


(Black rock Okkultokrati grits it up)

Hand of Glory: Okkultokrati (Norway) (48:22-50:29)


(Thrash with a touch of psychedelic)

Cosmic Horizon: Exocosm (Finland) (50:41-54:54)


(Portugal's Process of Guilt is both aggressive and ambient, diverse album; very climactic)
Harvest: Process of Guilt (Portugal) (55:25-end)


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Labor Day, can there be a better idea?  
This week’s entertainment suggestions:

Watch:  On Netflix "Last Days Here" documentary about the lead singer of Pentagram, Bobby Liebling

Go to:

Friday, September 7th – Project One Gallery from 6 to 8pm, Jet Martinez’s paintings – absolutely some of the best I have ever seen.  Ever. 251 Rhode Island Street.

Saturday, September 8th – Art show and shopping at Nooworks from 5 to 9pm. 395 Valencia Street.

Monday, September 10th – Gypsyhawk at the Elbo Room!!!

Tuesday, September 11th – my show on at 7pm PST wtf.


State Lines: Gypsyhawk (LA) (0:28-4:52)


(Labor Day weekend show, I kept true and did not “work” on the show – some new songs, bands that you should just hear, whattup)

(Gypsyhawk is on tour with their new album, you must go see them, I will be there)

(Bezoar is a band I have played before, a girl band from Brooklyn that is tremendously badass) 


Friend of My Enemy: Bezoar (Brooklyn)(5:38-10:46)


(Straight out of the punk and hardcore and rock bowels of San Francisco is Pins of Light with members of many bands you have heard about before, and you should probably go see them live or something)


Losing Sleep: Pins of Light (Mission, San Francisco) (11:11-14:24)


(Critically acclaimed Ash Borer plays a 12 minute song that I think you should just let your brain go and listen)


Phantoms: Ash Borer (somewhere in California) (14:51-23:10)


(Massachusett’s own Converge out with a new album, here is a new song – be careful with your ears)


Aimless Arrow: Converge (Massachusetts) (23:42-26:05)


(You may just want to get this album because of the album art – Beastwars is also this awesome HUGE sound)


Mihi: Beastwars (New Zealand) (26:19-29:58)


(Better late than sorry or something? From Castevet’s 2010 album Mounds of Ashes.  Some brutal shit)


Stones: Castevet (NYC) (30:07-35:18)


(4th, 5th time I have played this band?  Maybe this time it will stick?  This is a legendary band, Dawnbringer, and off their new album)


Enter Darkness: Dawnbringer (Chicago) (36:08-41:46)


(The French are like, so good.  Some diverse lovely stuff from Häshcut)


Dubbing House: Häshcut (France) (42:04-48:07)


(In the attitude of Labor Day, I am playing old Hooded Menace, because I am too lazy to get you the new stuff)


Fulfill the Curse: Hooded Menace (Finland) (48:29-end)


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