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Snake Oil: Galaxicon (Memphis) (0:28-6:26)


(Galaxicon, I appreciate the name thanks, is reminiscent of the style of Batillus and YOB – blackened sludge) 

(Oh hell yeah my Swedish rock gods I will kneel down to the glory of your 70’s style rock, let me bask in the glow of your perfection I love you so much oh Swedish gods.  Oh yeah, this band rocks the organ)


Too Many Choices: Three Seasons (Sweden) (7:21-12:05)


(Metal influenced by circus music is not so illogical; talented misfits like each other’s art I guess)   


Left Behind as Static: A Forest of Stars (U.K.) (12:31-19:13)


(Crusty badass band from North Carolina has a short but heavy hitting new album)


The Holy Are The Broken: Torch Runner (North Carolina) (19:31-23:58)


(Odyssey’s debut album after a split with Black Pyramid; Swedish like my faves Horisont and Graveyard, so I am automatically their fan)


Wicked Witch: Odyssey (Sweden) (24:28-28:39)


(Unique countries bring their own unusual flavor to the genre, Romania and PAKISTAN?!  Come on, give it up for these bros)


Mountain Tusk: Nomega (Romania) (29:50-36:49)

Burial Ground: Dionysus (Pakistan!! Really!) (36:51-42:46)


(Sorceress jams, they JAM, and you gotto get into the groove, cause that groove rules, and the guitar riffs are magnificent) 


Jam: Sorceress (Ontario) (42:58-46:46)


(I break my rule regarding playing a song from the same new album, but if you don’t know Dawnbringer or how important they are, then you have a huge gap in your knowledge, this band is frigging the best and I BEG THEM TO TOUR PLEASE.  Dawnbringer is a forefather of this type of rock)


Perfect Water: Dawnbringer (Chicago) (47:34-54:10)


(Chilean metal goes down as earthy and luscious as their wine)


Sun of Moloch: Wrathprayer (Chile) (54:56-end)

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Burial of Men: Sardonis (Belgium) (0:28-6:54)


(Belgium bands are like Belgian ale and hot Belgians in general – better than what you are used to)


(Crown is from France, therefore awesome – atmospheric, tinges of dreamy brutality)


Mare: Crown (France) (7:34-15:09)


(Another superior band from France featuring a member of Eibon, a brutal band that also rules)


Hoarse From The Get Go: Cowards (France) (15:25-19:45)


(New Horisont album!!, this band is one of my favorite 70’s revitalist bands, and if you love Graveyard, you will love this band – Swedish gods)


Crusaders of Death: Horisont (Sweden) (20:06-24:46)


(Chrome Waves is a supergroup with members of The Atlas Moth, Nachtmystium, Gates of Slumber; darkly romantic vocals and melody)


Blackbird: Chrome Waves (USA – supergroup) (25:37-31:12)


(Who doesn’t want to party in Greece, and now an important metal scene – Mass Culture is yet another talented band from that area of the world)


Double Retro: Mass Culture (Greece) (31:29-37:55)


(Finnish death metal, not the same old death metal.  It will have a twist that will make your ears non-bored.  Man, will I ever get to party in Finland with these weirdo bands?!)


Vortex Unwinding: Desecresy (Finland) (38:18-44:13)


(Fellwoods, formerly the Moss, is good times 70’s.  When you listen, remember that you should have a kegger and invite me and play this band)


Wulfrum: Fellwoods (Portland) (45:02-48:40)


(Vortex, abyss, I say some profoundly poetic language about Earthrise, why don’t you listen to me live jerks)


Transmission: Earthrise (Minneapolis) (48:59-53:01)


(Toronto’s sludgyTitan has a new album, vocals reminiscent of Buried Inside, they will make your head go up and down in appreciation. I love SF but I appreciate having this Boston show!!)   


Little Seeds: Titan (Toronto) (53:41-end)
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 Lycanthropus: Findumonde (Argentina) (0:27-4:09)


 (Argentinean Findumonde rocks like Misery Index)


(Trephine describes a psychological breakdown, so all of you weirdos can relate; this album is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME, you have to get it, just get it, seriously(


Ancient Tongues: Trephine (North Carolina) (4:44-11:08)


(Muknal from LA is super bleak and dark and one of the best in this occult death category)


Rotten Genesis: Muknal (LA) (11:21-17:23)


(Dutch band Countess will crack you up, but are totally true to their heavy metal roots)


Sermon Of The Devil Preacher: Countess (Netherlands) (17:33-22:56)


(Truly frozen black metal from Switzerland is also achingly gorgeous) 


Hoffnungslos: Tardigrada (Switzerland) (23:39-29:24)


(Baroness’s recent album is for sunny days daydreaming and drinking a cold beer.  Not for the metallest of metal heads)


Collapse: Baroness (Georgia) (29:50-33:40)


(The Finnish always bring their own of originality to any genre; this 2 piece band plays their own awesome tune on something related to black metal) 


Kalas Bleed for the Sun-Eater: Rahu (Finland) (34:03-41:10)


(Vetter from Norway has been around for awhile, but has only recently released an incredibly diverse album of avant-garde black metal) 


Stenklang: Vetter (Norway) (41:42-46:53)


(Bastard of the Skies have huge sound, will definitely allow you to let your headbanging soul rip)


The Knuckles of Saint Bronson: Bastard of the Skies (U.K.) (47:36-51:31)


 (Brand new release from UK’s Telepathy, listen live every Tuesday!!!!)


Lucretius: Telepathy (UK) (51:55-end)


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Happy Fourth of July!  Down with the crown!


Email me with your email if you want me to add you to my email newsletter about my show!


Unnatural Dwarfism: Lord Mantis (Chicago) (0:28-4:27)


(Goodbye to Boston, Hello to San Francisco, thanks to Bostonfreeradio for allowing me to keep my show; this is Bands Not to Miss – albums I highly recommend you buy)


(Lord Mantis, member of Nachmystium/Chicago; obsessed with this album and band)


(New album from old farts Orange Goblin is kick ass beer swilling awesome)


Acid Trial: Orange Goblin (UK) (5:35-9:44)


(Favorite on my ipod because everytime I love a song and I check the ipod, it is Monkeypriest)


The Psalm: Monkeypriest (Spain) (9:59-16:42)


(Old Man Lizard has emotional vocals and intelligent lyrics and are that UK style of jamming guitar riffs)


Cold Winter Blues: Old Man Lizard (UK) (17:05-22:50)


(Cayur from Ohio is intelligent technical that is no way pretentious for the listener)


Devoid of Virtue: Cayur (Ohio) (23:37-27:49)


(Diverse album is brutal and dark, mixed with some beautiful and vivid instrumental poignancy, a Finnish band to the end)


Nepal: Demonic Death Judge (Finland) (28:08-34:50)

Thanks! For listening to, where weirdos from both coasts can be on the radio. Oh yeah, so from Bison B.C. is this incredible headbang worthy fist pumping album with a hardcore element to it that speeds it up to perfection.  I love every single bit, I wish I could eat it.


Fear Cave: Bison B.C. (Vancouver) (35:10-41:57)


(Proggy band Bud Spencer is instrumental brutality and remind me of one of my favorite bands of all time, Keelhaul)


Banana Joe: Bud Spencer (France) (42:12-45:46)


(Super indie DIY band Cormorant does its spin on progressive jazz black metal, huh?) 


Confusion of Tongues: Cormorant (San Francisco) (46:29-50:50)


(Italian Obake has been described more of a film score than than a metal album; and it definitely takes you in and out of visions of weirdness)


Destruction of the Tower: Obake (Italy) (51:11-55:18)


(Stoner Canadian band Dopethrone is thick riffed groovey-ness)


(Listen to my show live on Tuesday nights at 7pm PST/10pm EST)


Ain’t No Sunshine: Dopethrone (Montreal) (55:51-end)


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