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Happy Leap Year!
INTRO (0-0:27)

And the Ass had Spoken: Arabrot (Norway) (0:28-5:18)


(Arabrot from Norway likes anus and were nominated for a Norwegian grammy; Horse Latitudes from Finland has drummer vocalist/dual basses)


Decayment: Horse Latitudes (Finland) (6:03-


(Popular bands High on Fire/Melvins – new albums this spring and tours following)


Cigarette Rabbit: Rubble (Austin) (13:10-19:29)

The Ritual: Horrendous (somewhere US) (19:58-24:45)


(SXSW in March will have Young and in the way AND GYPSYHAWK; Saturnalia Temple is weird; Year of the Goat sings about Satan)


Sitra Ahra Ruled Solitary Before Creation: Saturnalia Temple (Sweden) (25:41-32:21)

Dark Load: Year of the Goat (Sweden) (32:51-37:43)


(Finnish Hooded Menace was at Maryland Deathfest 2011, great leadup to headbang; HORISONT RULES, if you like Graveyard and 70’s retro from Sweden, you will love Horisont)


Night of the Deathcult: Hooded Menace (Finland) (38:16-44:50)

The Unseen: Horisont (Sweden) (44:51-48:52)


(Accidentally made a Finnish/Swedish show. . Happy Leap Year!)


Magus of Lust: Domovoyd (Finland) (49:54-53:31)

Kometh: Propane Propane (Sweden) (53:32-END)


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Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper summer tour

Aldebaran/Noothgrush in Europe in May

Ceremony of Sludge March 2-3 in Portland/$4 night

Fister with East of the Wall/Hull in March in St. Louis


Intro (0-1:27)

Huata (France) (0:28-8:01)


(Huata will play at Roadburn, new release; I have played Black Pyramid before but their new album has been released on vinyl – and their whole album is fun fun fun)


Night Queen: Black Pyramid (Massachusetts) (8:54-15:35)


(30,000 Monkies new album has weird song titles)


Stab You Elf: 30,000 Monkies (Belgium) (15:49-20:55)


(Classic 70’s style Stubb has free download off bandcamp)


Scale the Mountain: Stubb (U.K.) (21:15-26:27)


(Loincloth=floppy penises, proggy album of short instrumental songs, Hivemind is hardcore influenced)


Voden: Loincloth (North Carolina/Virginia) (27:18-29:48)

Dead Sea: Hivemind (New Zealand) (29:50-31:53)


(Fister is slow yet brutal, playing St. Louis with East of the Wall, Hull, Black Tusk)


Violence II: The An Lushan Rebellion: Fister (St. Louis) (32:23-36:33)


(Go to, search for Pallbearer who I have played already, who just released their new album – I love it; grizzly vocals Old Man Lizard)


El Doctor: Old Man Lizard (U.K.) (36:59-42:43)


(Alice Cooper/Iron Maiden summer tour!! Wizard’s Beard showcasing their new album at a huge show in Leeds, with bands like Wiht)


Wizard’s Beard: Wizard’s Beard (Leeds) (43:29-49:13)


(Ceremony of Sludge in Portland, $4 a night March 2nd and 3rd, Aldebaran European tour with Noothgrush; Omega Massif’s 2011 album Karpatia is instrumental awesomeness)


Wolfe: Omega Massif (Germany) (49:47-53:21)


(Conan’s new album in April and you can listen to a new song on Brooklyn Vegan)


Dying Giant: Conan (U.K.) (53:53-end)


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I had an opportunity to go into the 2nd hour, so I put together some romantic songs for (old) people.

INTRO (0-0.27)

Falling In Love: Scorpions (0:28-4:31)


Hail!Hornet touring while promoting Slow Southern Steel documentary about southern metal – a dvd in the making


Indiana’s Gates of Slumber have huge beards


The Scovrge Ov Drvnkenness: Gates of Slumber (Indiana) (5:22-11:16)


Metallica playing 2 nights in Atlantic City in June – Ride the Lightning and Black albums live.    


Desertfest /early April in London – sludge, psychedelic bands, including Wiht


Orderic Vitalis: Wiht (U.K.) (12:02-24:06)


Truckfighters released a documentary/fuzzomentary featuring bands Witchcraft, Graveyard and Queens of the Stone Age ginger. 


Con of Man: Truckfighters (Sweden) (24:29-30:40)


Orange Goblin headlining Desertfest,  new album A EULOGY FOR THE DAMNED


Death of Aquarius: Orange Goblin (U.K) (31:31-37:14)


Greg Dulli is curating All Tomorrow’s Parties (London and New Jersey).  (Hee hee I am going to the New Jersey festival).  Afghan Whigs is reuniting to play both festivals.  Bands to play include Sleep, the Melvins, Mudhoney, Codeine, Wolves in the Throne Room, Yob. 


Pittsburgh thrash band Sathanas also likes black metal, new album soon


Nightrealm Apocalypse: Sathanas (Pennsylvania) (37:58-41:06)


Electric Wizard with new single march 31st/album later this year. 


Shroud Eater is mostly chicks, and kick ass.   


Cyclone: Shroud Eater (Miami) (42:06-46:34)


Greece excels in psychedelic rock; Tia Carrera recorded album jamming in their studio


Smoked Up Notes: Tuber (Greece) (47:03-53:33)

Slave Cylinder: Tia Carrera (Austin) (53-34-1:01:05)


2nd set!  Happy Valentines Day!!

Dum Maro Dum: Asha Bhosle (India/1970) – dedicated to Bruce’s dad who will be missed (1:01:52-1:04:22)

A Night Like This: The Cure (1:04:23-1:08:29)

Step Into The Light: Greg Dulli – dedicated to Sharon and Claire (1:08:56-1:12:28)

The Passion of Lovers: Bauhaus – dedicated to Dave (1:12:29-1:16:14)

The rest of the bands dedicated to 80’s lovers

Bizarre Love Triangle: New Order (1:17:05-1:23:46)

Lips Like Sugar: Echo and the Bunnymen (1:23:48-1:28:31)

Well I Wonder: The Smiths (1:28:32-1:32:23)

I Want To Touch You: Catherine Wheel (1:32:24-1:37:02)

Under the Milky Way: The Church (1:37:03-1:41:55)

I talk about wishing you a great Valentines Day!!

Truly: Lionel Richie (1:42:33-end)

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INTRO (0-0:27)

Blood/Faith/Growth: Herder (Netherlands) (0:28-4:23)


(Herder is more energetic than other stoner bands; Lento labelmates to Ufomammut - instrumental experimental)


Hymn: Lento (Italy) (5:04-9:36)


(Local gods Converge with new album in the summer – but no new release yet, so here is a song from their 2009 album)


Damages: Converge (Massachusetts) (9:52-14:21)


(Rhode Island band Pilgrim new release next week, this song is from a demo)


Quest: Pilgrim (Rhode Island) (14:37-21:59)


(Skraeckoedlan sings in Swedish, cute Swedish boys know how to sing)


Appeltradet: Skraeckoedlan (Sweden) (22:48-28:37)


(Colorado band, bluesy rock with a singer that reminds me of Ian Astbury)


Heaven In My Hand: Black Lamb (Denver) (29:04-35:34)


(Hull playing with Batillus, The Fucking Wrath, Naam; Brooklyn NY is the best metal scene right now)


In Death, Truth: Hull (Brooklyn) (35:58-41:56)


(Retro 80’s heavy metal that came out in the last couple of years, Witchgrave from Sweden)


Beg For Mercy: Witchgrave (Sweden) (42:48-47:35)


(Heavy metal Christian Mistress lead singer is a hot chick; NPR had this latest recording, thanks NPR - album coming out February 28th)


Black and Gold: Christian Mistress (Olympia) (48:00-52:34)


(Dark sound from Michigan, Buffalo Witch)


Black Witch: Buffalo Witch (Michigan) (52:13-end)


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INTRO (0-0:27)

Coliseum Asunder: Alegionnaire (Kentucky) (0:28-5:27)

(Kentucky rules for metal – Alegionnaire free download on their bandcamp site, Below is their spin-off band played at the end of the set; Brooklyn female fronted twisted sludge Bezoar is fantastic)

Vitamin B: Bezoar (NYC) (6:30-12:05)

(Mexican band with fresher Isis-like sound)

Jihad: Apocalipsis (Mexico) (12:31-16:58) 

(Southern drinkin’ beer good ol’ metal from Norway)

The Prophet: Lonely Kamel (Norway) (17:23-22:50)

(Velvety Mark Lanegan-esque vocals backed by a heavy Detroit band – EP is recorded live on one take)

On The Banks Of The Rouge: Bison Machine (Detroit) (23:48-31:06)

(Sc-fi alien on monster is enough of a great album cover for everyone to buy this album, plus Behold! The Monolith is a great band name, wtf stoner and thrash)

Halv King: Behold! The Monolith (Los Angeles) (31:32-35:49)

(Faster paced Denmark stoner band)

Low: Doublestone (Denmark) (36:03-40:17)

(Black metal that is bleak and yet accessible)

Photon: Sun Worship (Germany) (41:06-48:32)

(Sludge bands are not the same dammit, don’t be so dismissive)

Orb: Giantrider (Portland) (49:05-52:32)

(Ending the set with the second of the Kentucky bands, Below, catch me next week same time, and email me if you have complaints or want to stalk me at 

Born Too Late: Below (Kentucky) (53:09-end)


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