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INTRO (0-0:27)

Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery: Skeletonwitch (0:28-3:01)

(Pre-New Years party!!!, Skeletonwitch WILL be one of the top 2011 album picks, In January I will be playing picks of the top heavy albums of 2011, playing old favorites and longer songs in this set)

The Power Of Independent Trucking: Big Black (3:55-5:21)

Unsolicited, Unsavory: Craw (5:22-10:08)

(PLEASE listen to the 15 minute song by While Heaven Wept, totally worth it!!)

The Furthest Shore: While Heaven Wept (10:23-26:09)

Now Thy Death Day Has Come: Exodus (26:10-31:20)

My awesome promo (cool:00-cheesy:00)

(HAHA, made you listen to my promo, then AT THE GATES!!!)

World of Lies: At the Gates (32:01-35:33)

Vasendet: Woods of Infinity (35:35-40:01)

(I Will Kill You Fucker is a side project of Greg from Brainoil, then the SCORPS BRO!!)

Evil as Big as the Sky: I Will Kill You Fucker (40:17-42:49)

Lonesome Crow: Scorpions (43:20-56:45)

(Dedication of Scorps to Matt Waters, a happy new year’s message to my minions)

Easy: The Commodores (57:24-end)

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INTRO (0-0:27)

No Presents for Christmas: King Diamond (0:28-4:32)


(PARTY!  HOLIDAYS!! Dedicating King Diamond to Joe, Teepee Records, Eibon from France - not the other crappy Eibon bands)


Blank Slate: The Fucking Wrath (California)(5:39-10:29)

Entering Darkness: Eibon (France)(10:30-17:43)


(I am your favorite metal indian dj of all time/universes, Morne was great live, Canadian bands. 10 day booze for me)


Two-Day Booze: Bison B.C. (Canada)(18:29-23:35)

Evil (Mercyful Fate cover): Voivod (Quebec)(23:37-27:25)


(Kingdom made up of the band Amenra, Belgium and Poland, lets party in Belgium and Poland) 


Cendre: Kingdom (Belgium)(27:53-32:00)

The Swamp Altar: Major Kong (Poland)(32:29-38:07)


(German bands)


A Fire to Everything: Arktika (Germany)(38:26-46:03)

BARGAINING: Fubar-Jam (Germany)(46:25-51:28)


(Female vocals, Russian bleak band, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Listen next week on Tuesday at 6pm EST for a new show for post-Christmas/pre-New Years, will play all my favorites) 


Verdammt: Loon (Providence)(52:19-58:20)

Last Sun Before The Polar Night: All the Cold (Russia)(58:21-end)


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INTRO (0-0:27)

For Thousands of Years: Rue (Ohio)(0:28-6:37)


(Talking about the next few shows and in January playing the top 2011 picks for best metal albums, email at for suggestions/insults,  Rue coming out with an album after 8 years, Rwake to Zach and being too old for Maryland Deathfest)


An Invisible Thread: Rwake (Arkansas)(7:56-16:34)

Quetzalcoatl: Forks of Ivory (Tennessee)(16:36-20:42)


(Talking about Sungrazer and their tour/Roadburn, psychedelic on the same label)


Goldstrike: Sungrazer (Nederlands)(21:11-26:05)

Impressions: Been Obscene (Austria)(26:35-31:20)


(Whether WEIRDING got their name from Bene Gesserit martial arts and/or if I am just a dork, Australian scene)


Bastard: WEIRDING (Vancouver)(31:56-37:19)

III: Mammon (Australia)(37:50-42:43)


(Going to see Morne at the Great Scott/named on Pitchfork top metal bands, being in love/wanting to marry Swedish bands in general, stay tuned in January for top metal albums)


Killing Fields: Morne(Boston)(43:27-49:29)

No Good, Mr. Holden: Graveyard (Sweden)(49:30-54:05)


(Listen every Tuesday at 6pm EST to She Likes It Heavy, recorded shows at, affairs with my Finnish bands)


Green Totem: Demonic Death Judge (Finland)(54:36-end)

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INTRO (0-0:27)
Believe in Black: Hail!Hornet (the south) (0:28-4:26)
(Talking about the end of vacation and back to Boston crap, dedicating all satanic songs to Tebow, super group Hail!Hornet/Weedeater spin-off)
Dog Star Ritual: Obake (Italy/Hungary) (5:54-10:55)
Empty Handed Insurrection: Black Pyramid (Massachusetts) (10:56-13:41
(Talking about Pitchfork’s top metal albums of 2011)
God's Old Snake: Primordial (Ireland) (14:26-20:47)
Returner: Liturgy (NYC) (21:19-24:50)
(Talking about relaxing the brain, receiving a request for Rwake from Zach) 
( Signs of Osiris Slain: Lord Vicar (Finland) (25:37-31:59)
Lithosphere: Seas of Stone (Germany)  (32:01-36:56)
(Talking about killing your brain, the devil liking Tebow)  
Inhumane: Krallice (NYC) (37:11-43:58)
Death of a Sorcerer: Devil (Norway) (44:30-49:14)
(Talking about receiving rude text messages from Tyler, downloading albums by Young and in the Way for free off their site)
Ascending the White Mountain: Young and in the Way (Charlotte, NC) (50:03-55:21)
Theseus and the Minotaur: Axxicorn (Portland) (55:23-1:01:00)
2nd HOUR!!
Intro: (1:01:00-1:28:00)
Quantum Mystic: YOB (1:01:30-1:12:20)
Mt. Zero (Is Burning): Deadbird (1:12:49-1:19:08)
Recogenesis: Enslaved (1:19:08-1:31:07)
Orion: Metallica (1:31:36-1:39:43)
Fly to the Rainbow: Scorpions (1:40:58-1:50:27)
Takeahnase: Neurosis (1:51:30-1:59:04)
The Kids Are Back: Twisted Sister (1:59:16-2:02:50)
(Listen next week on Tuesday at 6pm EST and download on!)
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False Build: East of the Wall (New Jersey) (0:28-5:56)
(Talking about not being a Scandanavian snob and playing American metal, Russian children who make metal and a Swedish metal band because Swedes are superior to all)
Cave of Trees: Cosmonauts Day (Russia) (6:48-13:54)
Fire: Asteroid (Sweden) (13:55-19:10)
(Talking about loving Swedes/being brown, a darker band and a band influenced by King Crimson both from Belgium  
Le Gardien Des Rèves: Amenra (Belgium) (19:38-24:04)
The Sad Destiny We Lament: Hypnos 69 (Belgium) (24:36-29:29)
(Talking about bands from areas of the world not necessarily expected to rock doom and psychedelic rock)
...Of Fear Unspoken: Brotherhood of Sleep (Greece) (29:47-37:22)
dead man walkin': Ufesas (Uruguay) (37:52-43:44)
(Talking about having a 60 minute metal show and having to find short metal songs which is very difficult)

Black Candles: Windhand (Virginia) (44:21-49:56)
(Talking about TUNE IN WTF, recorded shows at, ending songs with more AMERICAN bands, I'm a nationalist and shit)   
Raking in the Dough: Eggnogg (Brooklyn) (50:27-54:56)
Witches Brew: Wizard Smoke (Atlanta) (54:57-end)
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Happy Thanksgiving! and stuff or whatever.  F off!

Intro (0-0:27)
The Lake: Isole (Sweden) (0:28-7:31)

(Talking about Sweden and show in Spain, band in Finland and 80's metal in the Netherlands) 
Loputon tuntematon: Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland) (8:36-14:25)
Christ or Cocaine: The Devil's Blood (Netherlands) (14:26-19:31)
(Talking about being a chick, France, underproduced is good, Cleveland) 
End of an Age: Aurvandil (France) (20:00-25:10)
Make and Take: Boulder (Ohio) (25:40-28:25)
(Talking about Cleveland again, American viking, Germany and black metal) 
The Way of Bleeding Bark: Oakhelm (Oregon) (29:07-36:35)
Tongues: Ave Maria (Germany) (36:35-39:32)
(Talking about hosting parties, "sugar move your feet" from Tennessee, Switzerland)
5%: The Heavy Eyes (Tennessee) (39:52-43:51)
Motorcycle Broer: Monkey3 (Switzerland)
(Talking about Happy Thanksgiving in Montreal, Montreal bands, drink some whiskey and listen to my recorded playlists on
Dark Foil: DOPETHRONE (Montreal CA) (50:34-57:06)
Underwater: Snail  (Washington) (57:07-end)
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INTRO (0-0:27)
Ormin Lange: Lumsk (Norway) (0:28-5:12)
(I talk about fantasy metal, Belgian beer, Swedish band doing Italian horror music and winter starting)
March of the Masses: Sardonis (Belgium) (5:13-11:22)
Passage of darkness: Anima Morte (Sweden)(11:24-15:27)
(I talk about boys and muscle cars and kegs and house parties)

The Electric Cool: Josiah (UK)(15:52-19:58)
The illusion crawls: Danava (US)(20:31-25:43)
(I talk about listeners, Philly, Chicago, Roadburn in Holland)

Snakecharmer: Serpent Throne (US)(26:17-32:20)
Snuff Film: Bongripper (US)(32:21-37:19)

(I talk about pricing Roadburn, retro-metal)

Death's Door: Uncle acid and the deadbeats (UK)(38:05-45:12)
Capricorn: Orchid (US)(45:43-50:18)
(I talk about a way THUMBS DOWN for Palladium (venue) in Worcester; and a thumbs up for Icelandic and German bands)

Volva: Volva (Iceland)(51:27-56:10)
13th Floor: Zed (Germany)(56:11-end)


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Intro (0-0:27)
Seer: Witch (0.28:8:20)

(I talk about Death Angel on tour, witches and Swedish bands) 
God Who Fell From Earth: Witchery (9:42-14:19)
Death Rides a Horse: Russian Circles (14:20-20:04)

(I talk about being obsessed with Dozer, Dozer's spinoff band Greenleaf, and more Swedes)
Witchcraft Tonight: Greenleaf (20:31-25:41)
Gates of Damnation: Nifelheim (26:12-30:40)

(I talk about new albums and sounding too much like Karp, messing up on live radio and ex Electric Wizard)
Resistor: Black Tusk (30:57-35:15)
Terrordactyl: Ramesses (35:45-42:47)

(I talk about Jethro Tullish flutes, awesome female vocals and not being a Mercyful Fate cover)
Into the Coven: Blood Ceremony (43:28-47:47)
Spartacus: Lo-Pan (48:17-52:42)

(I talk about listening in next week, the new Wino band and enjoying whiskey)
Peyote Road: Premonition 13 (53:11-end)

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Intro (0-0:27)
Cremation: King Diamond (0:27-4:32)
(I talk about creepy and kooky songs, Sleepaway Camp, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and toys coming alive) 
The Black Flame: Nile (5:32-8:47)
Tuxedo Night or Plastic Poncho Night: Grave Rave (8:48-11:52)
(I talk about Coil, Pinhead, Hellraiser, Clive Barker)
Either His, or Yours: Coil (12:28-15:16)
The Gales Scream Of Loss: Fen (15:47-23:11)
(I talk about using Halloween as an opportunity for playing industrial music and my fave album by Neurosis)
This is Heresy:Christian Death (23:53-27:54)
A Season in the Sky: Neurosis (28:23-38:04)
(I talk about Arkansas and pretty metal vocals)
Frostmaster: Wolvhammer (38:45-42:39)
The Legend: Pallbearer (42:40-51:14)
(I talk about ending the Halloween show with a hardcore band and my fave industrial band)
Cloaked In Red: Coliseum (51:52-56:27)
Shore Lined Poison: Skinny Puppy (56:28-end)
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Another awesome show, playlist as follows:

Show Intro (music from Ring by Lower Forty-Eight) (0-0:27)
Scumbag: Stonehelm (0:28-5:38)
(Me talking about borrowing from Lower Forty-Eight for the intro, UFOMAMMUT pronunciation, horror metal 1349) 
Stigma: Ufomammut (6:11-13:17)
Uncreation: 1349 (13:18-20:08)
(Me talking about Quest of Fire and loving Keelhaul) 
Strange Waves: Quest for Fire (20:46-28:18)
Waiting for the Moon to Speak: Keelhaul (28:39-32:37)
(Me talking about muscular headbang neck, not a boy band, drinking beer) 
Gulls: 5IVE (33:04-37:10)
Steamroller: Poobah (37:41-42:18)

(Me talking about keggers, Louisiana, Chicago) 
Rats, Mice and Swarms of Lice: THOU (43:01-48:48)
500 More: Bible of the Devil (48:49-54:24)
(Saying goodbye, tune in next week for a special Halloween show)
Manufacturing Greed: Misery Index (55:08-58:42)
Build Fear: Soilent Green (58:44-end)
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Board Up the House: Genghis Tron (0-5:52)
(I talk about Norwegian crap/the Thing)
Ethica Odini: Enslaved (6:55-14:44)
(I talk about the bay area and stuff)
Waning Divine: Totimoshi (15:05-21:37)
Gravity is a Relic: Brainoil (21:39-25:33)
(I talk about nerdy bands)
I Lirska Bistrica: Mass (26:37-38:05)
(I talk about local crap)
III: Elder (38:31-47:11)
Oma: Howl (47:12-51:13)
(I talk about the end of the show)
Metal Health: Quiet Riot (51:51-57:03)
The Witch: Mountain Of Judgement (57:04-end)
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The 2nd BRUTAL (nerdy) metal show I dj'd.  Here is the playlist:

The Other Red Meat: Old Grandad (0-6:45)
(I talk about how much I love Gypsyhawk and Skeletonwitch)
Eyes of Ibad: Gypsyhawk (7:39-12:41)
This Horrifying Force (The Desire to Kill): Skeletonwitch (12:42-16:50)
(Happy Birthday to Meg, and play Metallica for her)
Motorbreath: Metallica (17:26-20:29)
(I talk about not being evil and Weedeater toe)
In the Night: Triumph (21:26-27:35)
Tower of Famine: Aldebaran (27:36-35:38)
Jason the Dragon: Weedeater (36:10-41:56)
(I talk about Dawnbringer's album being one of the best last year; and to email me at for suggestions)
Welcome to my Nightmare: Alice Cooper (42:47-47:54)
So Much for Sleep: Dawnbringer (47:55-53:54)
Burning Temple: Lair of the Minotaur (53:55-end)
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I made my first promo.  I am obsessed with my new microphone.

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My very first show on

I accidentally say "No one Likes You" rather than "No One Like You" by the Scorpions.  Huge difference in meaning.

Fuimus: Keelhaul (0:12- 4:49)

(I talk about shoutouts to friends, old farts Keelhaul must see live, Jerusalem is 1974)

Pain of J: YOB (5:31-12:32)
Hooded Eagle: Jerusalem (12:33-17:22)
Illuminate the Decay: Deadbird (17:53-23:39)

(I talk about Arkansas, Batillus is my new favorite band and how incredible they are live and crushing on the lead singer and headbanging)

. . And The World is as Night to Them: Batillus (24:26-33:17)
No One Like You: Scorpions (33:18-37:11)

The Invisible Guests: King Diamond (37:12-42:12)
Light Years Ahead: Dozer (42:44-47:54)
Time As Imperialism: Buried Inside (47:55-52:18)
(I talk about making out to the Scorpions and goodbye)

Crimson Sun (The Journey Begins): Iron Bitchface (52:56-54:33)
Eldorado: Circle of Dead Children (54:34-end)


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Prajmetal talks to Bruce Crain about the 60's and 70's, sex, drugs and rock n roll.

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Totimoshi are on a summer 2011 tour and drop by Prajmetal's pad where they discuss their new album Avenger, touring, life in general.  They will be playing the following shows:8/23 - Durham, NC @ The Casbah
8/26 - Charlotte, NC @ Milestone w / Music Hates You
8/27 - Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicron w/Order of the Owl, Sons of Tonatiuhe
8/28 - Memphis, TN @ HiTone Cafe 
8/29 - New Orleans, LA @ Siberia 
8/30 - Houston, TX @ The Mink 
8/31 - Austin, TX @ Scoot Inn w/Vaz, Pygmie Shrews 
9/01 - San Antonio, TX @ Korova Basement 
9/03 - Tucson, AZ @ Vaudeville
9/07 Portland, OR @ Dante's w/ Jucifer
9/08 Seattle, WA @ the High Line w/ Storm of Light
9/10 San Francisco, CA @ El Rio w/ Hot Fog

The music on the podcast: Little Bee (Milagrosa), Waning Divine (Avenger), Calling All Curs (Avenger), Cellophane (Mysterioso?), Leaves (Avenger), Fall and Bound (Milagrosa), Rose (Avenger), Oblivian (Mysterioso?), Snag (Avenger)


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