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She Likes It Heavy, Tuesdays, 7pm PST on

Mar 8, 2017

Detroit’s Fell Ruin sounds like the city: destroyed, raw, distorted, stormy doom.  Vocalist sounds hot.

Spy Fiction Folds In Ready Streets: Fell Ruin (Detroit)(0:25-8:11)

Brooklyn black metal, a bit of sludge and groove and riff.  Another debut with a very strong vocalist.  Love these vocalists.  Free download:

Coercive: Floods (Brooklyn)(9:38-16:50)

Death-infused core.  I heard California Uber Alles.

Broken Oath: Ancst (Berlin)(17:16-21:07)

Hella strong album from Fen, each song is a journey.  Be patient, this is one of the best atmospheric albums.

Winter III (Fear): Fen (London)(21:51-31:24)

Stomping good old school death.  Tons of Blasphemer bands, so here you go:

Blasphemer: Blasphemer (UK)(32:13-37:37)

Ferociousness from Australia with a wisp of demon.

The Alnwick Apotheosis: Somnium Nox (Australia)(38:00-44:55)

French KLLK is ethereal, but will kill you if necessary.

Celebration II: K.L.L.K. (France)(46:09-53:42)

Werewolf metal, you heard me. 

The Dweller Of The Woods: Cult of Eibon (Greece)(54:17-END)

Behind My Vocals: Giöbia, Krautzone, My Brother The Wind, Electric Moon, Sula Bassana, The Cosmic Dead, Interkosmos, Kikagaku Moyo