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She Likes It Heavy

Feb 8, 2017

All proceeds from grind band Anal Trump go to Planned Parenthood.  The BEST song titles like ‘Some Mexicans aren't Rapists’ and ‘My Daughter is a Piece of Ass’.

There's My African American!: Anal Trump (San Diego)(0:28-0:41)

Iceland is a country of raw beauty and power, and bring forth Mispyrming.

Hof: Misþyrming (Iceland)(2:07-9:14)

Last album was in 2013. Power Trip was produced by a dude from Sumerlands (a Runner-Up in my Best of 2016) – so I’m not surprised at the strong vocals.  Varied tempos, all raw and tight.

If Not Us Then Who: Power Trip (TX)(9:54-14:00)

Nasty, dark Wiegedood that breaks into excellent pummeling. Members of Oathbreaker.

Smeekbede: Wiegedood (Belgium)(14:32-20:41)

Vancouver speed and thrash and complex fun drunk riffage. 

Skitzoid Embolism: Terrifier (CAN)(21:12-25:18)

German one-man band comes out with his 7th album.  He is incredibly varied: folk black, rock and punk.  Vocals are clean, beautiful and growling styles. 

Ä(h)renschnitter: Horn (German)(26:13-31:46)

Iron Reagan has fist-pumped out a skateboard thrash and punk album, that you’ll probably love. 

Dead With My Friends: Iron Reagan (VA)(32:19-35:54)

Balfor makes Ukranian corpse-painted medieval sword-fighting music that we can all make out to.

Serpents of the Black Sun: Balfor (Ukraine)(36:39-42:37)

Shimmering stoner? Yes, and beautiful psychedelic.  All from a cute Polish package.

Navigator: Dopelord (Poland)(43:35-51:39)

Grind and hella dissonant noise bros.  Good variation.

Death Erection: WVRM (South Carolina)(52:04-54:42)

Melodic death-rock style metal, with post-metal and prog elements and fully atmospheric at the forefront.

Devoid: Nailed to Obscurity (Germany)(55:37-END)