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She Likes It Heavy

Feb 1, 2017

14th album from Kreator, you wonder if any band with a 14th album can be good. Shit man, this shit is the SHIT.  Fun, anthemic, catchy, fist-pumping thrash.  Fuck you Metallica for being such assholes.

Totalitarian Terror: Kreator (Germany)(0:28-5:09)

Violent, yet melancholy and plaintive.  Music that fits my heart. 

Le jour se lève: Au Champ Des Morts (France)(6:47-13:39)

Oh shit, Pallbearer is about to drop their best album soon. 

Thorns: Pallbearer (Arkansas)(14:25-19:42)

Plagues knows that black metal that bangs thy head is my religion. 

Ascension: Plagues (MA)(20:07-24:32)

Dreamy, simple and elegant post-punk, Chicago-style (so very stylish).

No Game: Silent Age (Chicago)(25:26-28:56)

Chugging gritty dark death industrial. 

Kyrios: Luminous Vault (NYC)(29:24-34:10)

Oh holy shit, I didn’t realize Freedom Hawk’s debut album rocked so hard.  So glad they rereleased, and are on tour, I will be right up front. 

Lightning Charge: Freedom Hawk (VA - rerelease)(34:43-38:30)

Pigs (7X) is noise psychedelic fuzzed out doom.

Sweet Relief: Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs (UK)(39:06-43:39)

Dramatic erupting horror atmosphere.

In screams and flames: The Great Old Ones (France)(44:34-52:20)

Folk and acoustic and bluesy, such a gorgeous combination.  These guys are soulful.

Earthen Shroud: The Flight of Sleipnir (Denver)(53:09-END)