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She Likes It Heavy

Mar 25, 2015

Pyramids have been in splits and projects with Nadja and Horseback; and just came out with their second album after 7 years.  One of the members is from Krallice and Gorguts, so you can imagine the compositions of the songs are going to be extremely imaginative.  This is an experiment in texture: an integration of disjointed sounds – soft and hard, extreme and beautiful, crisp and fuzzy.

The Earth Melts Into Red Gashes Like The Mouths Of Whales: Pyramids (TX)(0:28-6:11)

Ufomammut!! Only had to wait 3 years!!  Downtuned, riffy, spacey, and the usual heavy sound of this band.  They are experts at creating a landscape of heavy as hell psychedelic metal (not rock!)

Somnium: Ufomammut (Italy)(7:55-16:02)

Wait, just wait for the black metal to deconstruct in an awesome pummelling catchy riff.  They are so badass! Even if you don’t like black metal.  Man.  The French are fucking professionals.

The Cruse Is Poured Upon Them: The Order of Apollyon (France)(16:35-21:35)

Dopethrone are just, fucking stoners.

Dry Hitter: Dopethrone (Montreal)(21:58-28:05)

Holy shit, Dødheimsgard are so fucking charming.  The lead singer is a storyteller, he is definitely into folk style vocals.  The music is so complex; full of proggy intention, acoustic moments, darkly emotional.  Fuck yeah, modern Norwegian black metal. 

Architect Of Darkness: Dødheimsgard (Norway)(29:18-38:42)

Catchy hardcore, the vocals are great – i.e. they are not tuff bro crap. 

Kvælende Frygt: Halshug (Denmark)(39:04-41:39)

A comp of Hooded Menace's splits and hard-to-find E.P.s.  These guys are experts in being completely unexpected: they are foremost death-y, but they have a thick sound of space and rock and psychedelic too.  This is a great way to introduce all that is versatile about Hooded Menace. 

Catacombs of the Graceless: Hooded Menace (Finland)(42:29-49:08)

Yes, this is synthwave, because this guy is so fucking awesome to make me nostalgic for my weirdo youth. 

Retrogenesis: Perturbator (Paris)(50:12-55:05)

Black metal from Greece is basically heavy metal with heavier drumming once in awhile.  The lovely Greeks rule at heavy metal, so just dive into it: epic vocals, awesome jamming guitar riffs. 

Symphony Des Gravens: Katavasia (Greece)(55:39-END)

Behind my vocals:

Blade Runner

Karate Kid

Cantina Band (disco)

Dr. No

Pink Panther


Conan the Barbarian