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She Likes It Heavy

Mar 11, 2015

Lightning Bolt was recorded at Machines with Magnets – which is this incredible studio, art gallery venue.  I have seen YOB and Batillus there, and bought a painting.  Super cool place, I have yet to see anything like it anywhere else.  This new album has that experimental sound that is so creative – Liturgy falls flat in comparison.

Mythmaster: Lightning Bolt (RI)(0:28-5:32)

I definitely want to hear the new Blind Idiot God on vinyl, listening to wine: reggae, metal, psychedelic, jazz, surf.  Thick.

Wheels of Progress: Blind Idiot God (NYC)(7:03-14:48)

Chicago brings forth yet another top notch band: Hardcore Harm’s Way, who is touring in Europe with Converge, Trap Them and Young and in the Way.  Uh, the lead singer is way hot.

Ease My Mind: Harm's Way (Chicago)(16:02-20:22)

Yes, this is electronica, and an album that everyone needs to run out and get.  They put together a soundtrack to an imaginary 80’s scifi movie.  PERFECT THANK YOU.

Starlight: Night Runner (Mexico)(20:56-25:21)

OLD SCHOOL heavy metal, fucking awesome vocalist

Into The Holy Of Holies: Crypt Sermon (Philly)(26:38-33:18)

Wow, Heavydeath’s new album is awesome: the riffs are catchy, really groovy slumbering sludge. 

Eat The Sun: Heavydeath (Sweden)(33:54-38:33)

Apocalyptic landcape: jagged, space prog psychedelic, but in black metal roots.  Instrumental, but the music expresses well without vocals. 

Empty Harbor: Sannhet (Brooklyn)(39:10-43:16)

Lead singer of Rotten Sound has a new slow evil! band.

Pollute: Morbid Evils (Finland)(44:39-50:07)

TMZ background story of Leviathan: This is the dude that was charged with beating and raping his former girlfriend, had 32 charges against him, and convicted with one, which ended in 2 years of probation.  Apparently the alleged victim showed no signs of physical trauma, and made several inconsistent statements prior to and during trial.  He moved to Portland and is married to Stevie Floyd, the chick from Dark Castle, and have a baby together.

Other than that, this black metal shit is tight, scary, creepy.

Gardens Of Corprolite: Leviathan (Portland)(51:08-56:48)

The reissue of 1990’s The Key by Nocturnus, who expressed their death metal with a synthesizer with robot spacy sounds.  Sound interesting? Catch them live this month.  This week in SF!! 

Droid Sector: Nocturnus (Florida) (reissue, original release 1990)(57:42-END)

Behind my vocals:

Space Commando, Silver Lady: Intergalactic Touring Band

Suspiria: Goblin

Music Inspired by Lord of the Rings/Leaving Shire: Bo Hansson

Traveller in Time: Uriah Heep

Ticket to the Moon: ELO

Father of Day, Father of Night: Manfred Mann's Earth Band

Oxygene Pt. 1: Jean Michel Jarre

Space is Deep: Hawkwind