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She Likes It Heavy

Mar 4, 2015

This past week Bostonfreeradio suffered a devastating loss when our beloved Program Director Doug Ashford passed away.  He was the person that trained me in the station, told me whattup, and requested that I keep my show when I moved back to San Francisco.  He is the reason why I have my show.  He was actually a complete perfectionist, and I loved that. 

Everyone at the station loved him.  Kind, smart; and he is irreplaceable at the station.

So this show is dedicated to him, and I speak about him on the show.

Fuck.  BRAND NEW SCORPIONS.  Need I say anything more.  Sure, there is plenty of cheese in this album, but it still FUCKING RULES. New documentary about them coming out!!

Going Out With A Bang: Scorpions (Germany)(0:28-4:11)

Finnish dudes are NEVER CHEESY.  They get away with wearing leather jackets without shirts.

defcon1: Ranger (Finland)(6:17-12:56)

Elder’s new album is still very technical, as they were on their last album (and live); but they have a very awesome bluesy feel.  I like this way better than their last album

Compendium: Elder (MA)(13:25-23:56)

Awesome new psychedelic from TeePee Records.  Mirror Queen has members that are in other bands, but I am too lazy to tell you about it.

From Earth Below: Mirror Queen (NYC)(24:56-28:50)

Avant-garde psychedelic folk black metal with violins and flutes.  This album RULES, I love it.  The folk is not contrived, the vocals are rad, etc. etc. whatever who cares.   

Hive Mindless: A Forest of Stars (U.K.)(29:35-37:03)

Another awesome project by one of my favorite artists, Chris Black.  This is even better than last year’s High Spirits.  He is collaborating with dudes from Circle, and they have put together this awesome 70’s and 80’s rock disco sound with cool synth. 

Gone Again: Aktor (Chicago/Finland)(37:46-41:37)

Sweet standalone songs in the E.P from Forced Order: Noise, metal, hardcore

Supremacy Fallen: Forced Order (SoCal)(42:01-43:13)

The lead singer from Brothers of the Sonic Cloth reminds me of Steve Von Till.  He used to be in Tad!! (90’s grunge band).  I totally dug this album, super melodic doom, super catchy stuff. But not obvious.  SOLID.   

I Am: Brothers of the Sonic Cloth (Seattle)(44:34-52:50)

German black, hmmm.  Sounds a bit harsh.  Fortunately Helrunar is smart enough to break it apart with pagan and it pulls you in. 

Devils, Devils Everywhere!: Helrunar (Germany)(53:14-1:00:03)

Death from Pennsylvania.  So you just know it is a bit filthy.

That Which Was Taken: Outer Heaven (PA)(1:00:50-END)

Bands behind my vocals: Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Jackson Browne, Grand Funk Railroad, Elton John, The Who, Neil Young, Traffic, Lynyrd