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She Likes It Heavy

Feb 18, 2015

Technical, disjointed hardcore.

Birth Of The Sadistic Son: Cowards (Paris)(0:28-4:28)

Enslaved is SUPER charming live, you can see them with YOB in March.

Thurisaz Dreaming: Enslaved (Norway)(5:27-10:16)

I finally get Torche.

No Servants: Torche (Florida)(11:02-14:48)

2013’s Best Grindcore, now with a brand new album, touring with Enabler (this week at Gilman!!).

The Sun Chaser: Call of the Void (Denver)(15:13-18:13)

Vocals vocals, that is the shrieking charm.

Megalomaniac (TT Mix): Porta Nigra (Germany)(18:34-24:01)

Really jammy psychedelic.

Temples: Kabbalah (Spain)(25:00-28:29)

Mature hardcore, taking its time when necessary and not just trying to bash your head in.

Nothing: Cease (CA)(29:02-31:55)

Aaron Turner does a good job keeping yet another project from the pitfalls of his former band Isis.  Old Man Gloom, and now Sumac.

Blight's End Angel: Sumac (WA/Vancouver)(32:37-39:52)

Good times drunk punk and fun, definitely need to learn the lyrics.  First album in 11 years.

Piss off, I'm Drinking: Gehennah (Sweden)(40:29-44:09)

I am not surprised Denver seethes with so many aggressive bands, they always have.

Loathe: Primitive Man (Denver)(45:32-55:29)

Second album by Xibalba is a bit more serious, I wish they kept a bit more of the breakdowns and emotion of their debut album.

Enemigo: Xibalba (SoCal)(55:57-END)

Behind my vocals: 6 Million Dollar Man, CHiPS, the Love Boat, Magnum P.I., Greatest American Hero, Welcome Back Kotter, WKRP in Cincinnati, Transformers, Star Wars (of course), The Incredible Hulk