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She Likes It Heavy

Feb 11, 2015

Chicagoans Oozing Wound is nerd hardcore you know?

Hippie Speedball: Oozing Wound (Chicago) (2014)(0:28-6:03)

And Chris Hemsworth came forth between the clouds, garbed in Viking clothes, heaving muscles. Blind Guardian’s 10th album.

Twilight Of The Gods: Blind Guardian (Germany)(7:48-12:36)

Anonymous members in Dead in the Manger.  Black metal with an organic twist of catchy riffs.

Part III: Dead in the Manger (Germany)(13:16-17:56)

70’s style jazz and proggy. 

Morning Light: Crowned in Earth (U.K.)(18:14-25:40)

14th album from Venom, who I assumed were dead, but I guess not.   

Long Haired Punks: Venom (U.K.)(26:38-30:38)

Groovy black metal Abstracter, a triumph in layering ideas.

Lightless: Abstracter (CA)(31:27-39:04)

Italian spacey psychedelic with an edge. 

NGC 2244: Kayleth (Italy)(39:31-43:35)

Philly hardcore.

Turn in the Pike: Blacklisted (Philly)(43:49-45:25)

Evil garage rock with a foot in the 60’s

The Filthy Few: Alucarda (Denmark)(46:25-51:24)

Psychedlia from Sweden!  Monolord does their version of Black Sabbath from a new 12”.  New album in April.

Fairies Wear Boots: Monolord (Sweden)(51:44-59:47)

Speed and sludge, Portland style.

Poisoned Altars: Lord Dying (Portland) (1:00:17-END)