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She Likes It Heavy

Jul 30, 2014

Mutilation Rites is deconstruction metal – it breaks apart and comes back in many different forms.

Exhaling or Breathing In: Mutilation Rites (Brooklyn) (0:28-5:59)


Brand new Electric Wizard back after 4 years.  Lead singer says they basically killed the idea of their last amalgamation, and have been reborn.  Way more sinister. 


I am Nothing: Electric Wizard (U.K.) (6:59-15:58)


60’s and 70’s psychedelic influenced this experimental band. 


Hearts of Fire: The Grasshopper Lies Heavy (San Antonio) (16:37-21:15)


Lo fi Finnish black metal, with some melodic touches.


Sokeaa Valkoista: Circle of Ouroborus (Finland) (21:54-26:17)


Chick lead singer decimates.  Yes, this is a chick.


Decimation: Obscure Sphinx (Poland) (27:24-34:35)


Dark electronica, metal influence, industrial, even goth.


A Kiss To Birth The Rotted Sun: Burial Hex (Berlin) (35:05-41:42)


Dark post-metal


Draugr: Vultures at Arms Reach (Santa Cruz) (42:10-47:24)


Let the desert rock flow.


Arcadia: Mars Red Sky (France) (48:08-53:57)


Entrails release 2 demos this year.


Human Decay: Entrails (Sweden) (55:23-END)