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She Likes It Heavy

Jun 4, 2014

Black Anvil’s sound is more broken down than a blast of cold.  Tons of adrenalin. 

Redemption Through Blood: Black Anvil (NYC) (0:28-6:36)


One of my fave crust bands and albums this year, Young and In the Way.


Weep In My Dust: Young and in the Way (Charlotte) (8:09-11:54)


Whiskey swilled Sourvein, makes your brain take it in slow.


Equinox: Sourvein (NC) (12:22-15:27)


Atmosphere and torture swirled together.


Let Fall Each and Every Sedition Symptom: Trap Them (KY and Seattle) (15:55-22:19)


Old school raw punk power hardcore.


Rain Darkness: Enabler (Milwaukee) (22:46-25:23)


King Buzzo vocals are the winner here, he has a hundred different styles.  A bit of folk, a bit of Soundgarden, a bit of spaghetti western. 


Illegal Mona: King Buzzo (LA) (26:20-28:43)


Black metal drumming in this post-metal band.


Vessel: Abest (Germany) (29:20-35:51)


Reverand Bizarre is Opium Warlords.  Every song is a jaunt into the unknown.


Manisolas from Misandria: Opium Warlords (Finland) (36:18-39:27)


Raw death.


Cleaved Asunder: Diocletian (New Zealand) (39:54-45:09)


Alaska! ‘Nuff said.


Lycanthropy: Lamplighter (Alaska) (45:58-49:33)


Aggressive Aussies in da hiz-house.


Outlive: Caged Grave (Melbourne) (50:03-51:08)


Wandering Midget’s lead singer is lead in Serpent Warning.  It is retro doom.


Thousand Names: Serpent Warning (Finland) (51:41-55:15)


Blut is exceptional in atmospheric black metal.


Némeïnn: Blut Aus Nord (France) (56:27-END)