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She Likes It Heavy

May 14, 2014

I discuss Portland as the best scene, and then Agalloch’s new album that totes took me back to the late 80’s – they have this great post-punk influence to this album.  F’in A layered in the melody well into this shiznit.

Dark Matter Gods: Agalloch (Portland) (0:28-9:02)

Psychedelic Japanese, need I say more.  I heard some obvious Indian influence in their instrumental stuff.  They are improvisational live, so this is a show to check out, if they EVER come out to the west.

There Is No Other Place: Kikagaku Moyo (幾何学模様) (Tokyo) (10:33-13:46)

Nightfell is a 2 piece, including the awesome drumming of Tim Call from Aldebaran.

Funeral Dirge: Nightfell (Portland) (14:13-20:30)

Worst name ever, Dopelord, like what the fuck, seriously.  But, they jam it out, and that I appreciate.

Green Plague: Dopelord (Poland) (21:04-28:23)

MAYBE this is an acquired taste, but so is wine and sashimi, the best 2 things on earth.  Get your ass out of your head. I am confused by Connecticut though.

Piece Of Meat: Vestal Claret (Connecticut) (29:17-34:12)

I talk about why the new Serpentine Path is boring, as are most super groups. 

Origin: Infestus (Germany) The Reflecting Void (34:40-40:48)

The newest caustic hardcore that has my full attention.  For like, the next 2 minutes because I don’t care about anything anymore.

Swelling: Cholera (U.K) (41:00-43:27)

Terra Tenebrosa is MY band, I don’t care if you don’t know it.  F you anyway.

Apokatastasis: Terra Tenebrosa (Sweden) (44:28-51:10)

This band is one of the best for epic black metal, and then I just want to die.

The Ascend: The Great Old Ones (France) (52:23-END)