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She Likes It Heavy, Tuesdays, 7pm PST on

Apr 30, 2014

Shrieking heavy and riffy, some black industrial in parts, mostly rocking.

Negative Birth: Lord Mantis (Chicago) (0:28-7:21)


Down-tuned death.


Curse Of The Neverending: Skelethal (France) (8:19-10:09)


Tons of buildup in this satisfying funeral doom.


Saturnine: Symptom (Portland) (10:27-17:24)


Sexy lyrics, heavy rock, catchy stuff.


Eternal Psalm, Pt. 2: Limb (London) (17:48-20:46)


Romance and dark atmosphere influences this doom band.


Hierophania: Naga (Italy) (20:56-27:24)


This duo with Stevie Floyd is tight and kept my interest. 


No/Thing Longing, Human Impermanence: Taurus (Portland) (28:24-32:59)


Just some warm psychedelic to break up the dark.


Holy mondays: Mars Red Sky (France) (33:12-38:02)


Black and slow tempoed.


Chiropteris: Neptune's Inferno (NYC) (38:22-43:20)


Really great one-man band, heavy riffage, modern and old school.


emptiness: Samsara (Portugal) (44:13-49:45)


Hilarious Dutch band that rocks out, dark and fun and fist pumping.


BetrayerDeceiver: Herder (Netherlands) (50:07-55:26)


Floor is nerdy and not as hip as they were in the 90’s, but this album ah-ight. Their 1994 album Dove is one of the best, so I give them a thumbs up.


Sister Sophia: Floor (Florida) (56:17-END)