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She Likes It Heavy

Dec 25, 2013

Anorak brings it forth: thrash and hardcore, and a French vocalist.

I've never been: Anorak (France) (0:28-5:53)

Proggy blackened riffs, jamming out in their second E.P. release from the scourges of Baltimore.  

Iron Towers: Myopic (Baltimore) (6:37-14:27)

Heart-wrenching black metal, bringing me a Cure-like nostaligia.

Sleepeater: Aylwin (California) (15:29-21:00)

Norway’s Årabrot is witty and charming and rock it into your brain. 

The Bitter Tears Of Könt: Årabrot (Norway) (21:39-26:13)

Mollusk is a 2 piece, they focus on the technical, some spacey aspects, but all in all heavy

Hollowed: Mollusk (Cincinnati) (27:16-34:41)

Iron Reagan.  You better know this band.

Mini Lights: Iron Reagan (Richmond, VA) (34:49-36:22)

Australian groove beer band, but don’t underestimate them.  Really varied, I was surprised where they went with it – they break it down for sure.

Sorrow on Hill 105: I Exist (Australia) (36:47-42:40)

U.K.’s Bossk has a ton of different sounds, including a cover of Fleetwood Mac. 

Pick-up Artist: Bossk (U.K.) (43:07-45:52)

A “cinematic journey about the end of civilization on Mars.”  A one-person band, but not avante-garde, the guy really brings the sound with black and brutal and industrial and space. 

Vuoto: Phobonoid (Italy) (47:00-50:09)

Because I love Weekend Nachos, how about a song from their 2011 album.

The Meeting: Weekend Nachos (2011) (Chicago) (50:33-53:04)

A 16 minute E.P., (3) years in the making.

Letting The Vampire Kill You: Orphan Donor (Pennsylvania) (53:26-57:14)

Austrian hardcore!

Inflame. Exhume. Resign.: Withers (Austria) (57:25-END)