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She Likes It Heavy

Aug 28, 2013

I talk about Christian Mingle.  There are about 4 bands this week that have a smattering of cheese, but that is metal for you.

New album by Horseback of unreleased material, which really shows their versatility, including dark pop.  POP. Their usual experimental, landscape, raspy vocals, and extreme metal.
Awesome, highly recommended - 3 discs.

On the Eclipse: Horseback (Chapel Hill) New! (0:28-5:33)

Sweden has a good amount of cheese, and Watain does not avoid it.  Good solid deathy-influenced rock.  They say they are black metal, but I don't see it in this album.  The lead singer talks about black metal being a concept and way of life, uh ok.  Whateves.  I don't care, call yourself pink, be what you want bro.  They are touring with In Solitude and Tribulation.

Outlaw: Watain (Sweden) New! (6:38-11:41)


Dasein: Fórn (Boston) New! (12:08-19:09)

Just a little alternative psychedelic lyrical pretty balm before Ulcerate, shall we?  Njiqahdda has tons of stuff - and is a little like Horseback where you are impressed with the amount of genres they are able to cover.

A Bitter Black Wind: Njiqahdda (Illinois) New! (20:01-24:10)

Drumming-loving Ulcerate is a loose death metal, ya know?  Not formulaic, so this album will go far in the charts this year.

Weight of Emptiness: Ulcerate (New Zealand) New! (25:11-31:57)

Catchy German cheese.  Wait, sounds like a super gross venereal disease.

This is the Lie: The Moth (Germany) New! (32:16-35:57)

Please don't say harmonic or symphonic to me.  OK, you put some melody in your music, who cares.  Thrash with some melody, fine.  Don't call attention to it.  This band is super tight and talented and riffed out, so that is good.

Into the Transient Abyss: Vrawsche (Boston) New! (36:21-42:45)

I for sure think In Solitude has members of Ghost - both bands are cheese.  Full album coming out on Metal Blade.  The lead singer sounds like the Mission U.K.!!  Goth influence abounds!! 

Sister: In Solitude (Sweden) New! (44:06-49:47)

Listen to the whole song, this album is really well thought out, nice sludgy hard stuff from Portugal. 

Drawn: Monte Penumbra (Portugal) (50:12-55:38)

Crust! B.O.! Patched clothing!  OK, I can do without the smell and the style, but the energy is what I need sometimes.  This has veins of crust running through.  Gross, veins of crust. 

Empty Eyes: Zügellos (Switzerland) (56:17-END)