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She Likes It Heavy

Apr 24, 2013

Italian doom and screech vocal band with a viciously awesome album

Ketama Gold: Tons (Italy) 2012, New Import (0:28-6:36)

One of my favorite Boston bands has a new album – a great Friday album – both for decompression and pumping beer energy into your soul.

Bleed Out: Black Pyramid (Boston) New! (7:43-13:14)

Vancouver’s Anciients has one of the most solid proggy riff-tastic albums of the year (so far, I mean, its April and shit).

Raise the Sun: Anciients (Vancouver) New! (13:45-20:17)

Apparently reviewers think Ghost has gone pussy or something, but I like their Satanic values and organ (that sounds dirty).  Yes, easy-listening metal is the new thing.

Secular Haze: Ghost B.C. (Sweden) New! (20:52-26:00)

Lots of gorgeous build-up to epic black metal is All the Empires of the World.  Even the name of the band is kinda build-up.

Paladin Curses: All The Empires Of The World (England) New! (26:53-31:38)

Fun stoner hardcore, garage-y and rocking out from Poland.

War Never Changes: Shots From Deneb (Poland) New! (32:03-34:46)

A Russian jam band.  Nuff said.

Ice Tentacles: Grave Disgrace (Russia) New! (35:04-38:58)

PlasticBag Facemask.  PlasticBag Facemask.  Best name ever.

Alien Shark Embryo: PlasticBag Facemask (Yosemite, California) New! (39:20-40:25)

Progressive mixed with death, spacy and nerdy.  Russia in the hiz-house.

Algorithms (of interplanetarian geometry): Dejuvenation (Russia) New! (40:58-43:47)

Hilarious band from Netherlands, who are clawing the world ladder in best scene.

Raising the Chalice: Acid Deathtrip (Netherlands) New! (44:25-47:23)

Spanish female lead vocals, great bluesy vocals.

The Wicked King: Hela (Spain) New! (47:35-52:31)

Estonians download my show, so I have to check out their scene more often.  Talbot claims to be the loudest duo on the earth. 

Hallelucinogen: Talbot (Estonia) New! (52:54-56:57)

Witty, and country?!  Yep, country style southern death metal.  Ever heard of it?  The Italians Carcharodon have a full on hilarious album, and rocks you out the door.

Adolf Yeti: Carcharodon (Italy) New! (57:16-end!)