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She Likes It Heavy

Nov 16, 2011

INTRO (0-0:27)
Ormin Lange: Lumsk (Norway) (0:28-5:12)
(I talk about fantasy metal, Belgian beer, Swedish band doing Italian horror music and winter starting)
March of the Masses: Sardonis (Belgium) (5:13-11:22)
Passage of darkness: Anima Morte (Sweden)(11:24-15:27)
(I talk about boys and muscle cars and kegs and house parties)

The Electric Cool: Josiah (UK)(15:52-19:58)
The illusion crawls: Danava (US)(20:31-25:43)
(I talk about listeners, Philly, Chicago, Roadburn in Holland)

Snakecharmer: Serpent Throne (US)(26:17-32:20)
Snuff Film: Bongripper (US)(32:21-37:19)

(I talk about pricing Roadburn, retro-metal)

Death's Door: Uncle acid and the deadbeats (UK)(38:05-45:12)
Capricorn: Orchid (US)(45:43-50:18)
(I talk about a way THUMBS DOWN for Palladium (venue) in Worcester; and a thumbs up for Icelandic and German bands)

Volva: Volva (Iceland)(51:27-56:10)
13th Floor: Zed (Germany)(56:11-end)