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She Likes It Heavy

Apr 4, 2013

A very heavy set of Italian bands! Starts off with Black Capricorn, a very catchy rockin’ headbang-y album, for good times and beers.

Double Star Goatfish: Black Capricorn (Italy) New! (0:28-6:14)

The riffs in Ulvedharr’s new album totally breaks badass.

The Raven's Flag: Ulvedharr (Italy) New! (7:10-13:16)

Cave In’s spin-off band Zozobra is as tight and hard as Cave In. 

Born In A Blaze: Zozobra (Boston) New! (13:47-16:39)

Acoustic with violinist, the dude sings a lot and you think it is going to be cheesy, but give it a chance, very varied and talented.  Dark folk.

Ad Rubrum Per Nigrum: Eloa Vadaath (Italy) New! (17:06-24:01)

Amenra’s hardcore baby is Hessian.

Sons of Avarice: Hessian (Belgium) 2011 (24:55-27:19) New album at the end of the month!

Glad that Zaar recovered from a bandmate’s death to put out this proggy noise album.

06: Zaar (France) 2012 (27:43-32:24)

Dark and sweet soundtrack.

Crossroads: Soliloquium (Sweden) New! (32:50-40:00)

Finnish vocals and rockin’ riffs from this prolific band. 

She-Wolf: The Wandering Midget (Finland) 2012 (40:19-47:39)

Death from Australia, a smart album.  Stands out next to the resurgence of death albums.

The Crawling Horror: Sacriphyx (Australia) New! (48:24-52:57)

Ending with a Sabbath-y Italian band, very good vocals.

The Woodwose: Kröwnn (Italy) New! (53:37-end!)