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She Likes It Heavy

Feb 20, 2013

Magic Circle just released their full-length, awesome riff psychedelic goodness.

Conquering Nocturnity: Magic Circle (Boston) New! (0:28-6:47)

Swedish rock, head-bangy and fun.

Skullwand: Serpent Omega (Stockholm) (7:44-12:09)

"Drone-violence", grind and female vocalist.

Mental Corrosion: Ahna (Vancouver) New! (12:31-16:37)

The following song is very acoustic-y, but this music really explodes into rockin' out. Campfire viking fantasy music


Heavy Rest The Chains Of The Damned: The Flight Of Sleipnir (Denver) New! (16:57-21:09)

Germany-y folk, which means their version of more brutal folk. Not nerdy.

If I Am The Storm: Hallig (North Rhine, Germany) New! (21:30-27:02)

Warmer black metal - not as atmospheric or cold; added into the mix is progressive stuff.

Cowards of the New Age: Sloth Herder (Maryland) (27:52-30:14)

Droom - droney doom, but more interesting, with bended vocals. Listen to know what I mean.

Dull Ache (I Hate Myself Today): Tentacle(Boston) New! (30:41-35:40)

Suffocation's 7th album is as tight as your bung hole, completely straight up death from mature musicianship.

Ancient VVisdom is not afraid to be acoustic. Completely acoustic. I have really grown to love his voice. They are badass to play for audiences that just want brutal.

Far Beyond Good & Evil: Ancient VVisdom (Austin) New! (40:14-44:45)

Municipal Waste members in a punk/thrash band referring to Reagan? How old school can you get. This is the longest song.

Artificial Saints: Iron Reagan (Richmond, VA) (45:40-47:00)

Female vocalist. My favorite type, lead up sludge to headbang.

Desert Throne: Archon (NY) (47:17-54:12)

Year of the Goat - sunny 70's music for people who just came out of Palm Springs celebrating their engagement!!

For the King: Year of the Goat (Sweden) (55:08-END) New!