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She Likes It Heavy

Jan 30, 2013

Denver beauties Primitive Man scorn you to death.

Astral Sleep: Primitive Man (Denver) New! (0:28-5:08)

Finnish crusty death, abrupt.

Impetious Fires: Vorum (Finland) New! (5:54-9:33)

Super group featuring Scott Kelly produces true retro industrial reminiscent of Ministry, Pig, Foetus, Controlled Bleeding.  Now, waiting for the dance mixes if they are REALLY industrial.  They are coming out with a 7” soon with 2 songs.

Hoax The System: Corrections House (super group) New! (10:25-16:13)

Wait for Dead Empires to progress from post-rock to technical.

Crystal Cages: Dead Empires (NY) New! (16:41-21:40)

Oldies Blockheads come out with another solid grind album.

To The Dogs: Blockheads (France) New! (22:06-24:05)

Velnias brings forth blackened doom with folk.

Iconoclast: Velnias (Boulder) 2012 (25:13-33:11)

Black Table has the best crazy vocals – sounds like an asthmatic kid.

To Tear Down: Black Table (NY/NJ) New! (33:56-37:52)

Great American black metal from swamp country.

Inhuman Hatred: Barghest (Baton Rouge) New! (38:30-46:34)

2 piece with looping pedals and synths, math-y post-metal.

Theriocephalic: National Sunday Law (LA/Baltimore) New! (47:35-53:30)

Last two bands have a retro hardcore influence.  Godstopper has a free album for you to download:

Free on bandcamp:

Blame Them: Godstopper (Toronto) 2012 (54:15-END!)