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She Likes It Heavy

Nov 9, 2011

Intro (0-0:27)
Seer: Witch (0.28:8:20)

(I talk about Death Angel on tour, witches and Swedish bands) 
God Who Fell From Earth: Witchery (9:42-14:19)
Death Rides a Horse: Russian Circles (14:20-20:04)

(I talk about being obsessed with Dozer, Dozer's spinoff band Greenleaf, and more Swedes)
Witchcraft Tonight: Greenleaf (20:31-25:41)
Gates of Damnation: Nifelheim (26:12-30:40)

(I talk about new albums and sounding too much like Karp, messing up on live radio and ex Electric Wizard)
Resistor: Black Tusk (30:57-35:15)
Terrordactyl: Ramesses (35:45-42:47)

(I talk about Jethro Tullish flutes, awesome female vocals and not being a Mercyful Fate cover)
Into the Coven: Blood Ceremony (43:28-47:47)
Spartacus: Lo-Pan (48:17-52:42)

(I talk about listening in next week, the new Wino band and enjoying whiskey)
Peyote Road: Premonition 13 (53:11-end)