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She Likes It Heavy

Sep 12, 2012

Enslaved is coming out with a new album on the 28th
September 21st: YOB at Brick and Mortar
September 21-23: All Tomorrow's Parties in NYC, featuring Afghan Whigs
September 29th: Mike Scheidt and Scott Kelly will be playing at the Hemlock
October 9th: St. Vitus at the Independent
Silencing Machine: Nachtmystium (Chicago) (0:28-6:51)
(Chicago's infamous Nachmystium new album Silencing Machine)
(Encrust is tight, power punk metal) 

Predatory Skin: Encrust (Chicago) (7:41-12:34)


(Peru's Reino Ermitanov is a big sound, lots of instruments, extremely intelligent and must-listen for this year)


Soy El Lobo: Reino ErmitaƱov (Peru) (13:01-19:17)


(Touring with Minneapolis band False is Yellow Eyes and female sludge band Mortals)


No More Than A Soaked Plank: Yellow Eyes (NYC)(19:51-24:47)

The Fear: Mortals (Brooklyn) (25:18-32:43)


(Tongue in cheek Arkhamin Kirjasto wears spandex and spikes on stage)


Speed, Yog Sothoth: Arkhamin Kirjasto (Finland) (33:14-36:40)


(Witty band, Wolfpussy is loud and catchy with fun riffs; kind of reminds me of Sword)

Whoregon: Wolfpussy (Portland) (36:58-41:42)


(Raw and sabbath style Uzala has muddy production (on purpose) and 2 great vocalists)

Wardrums: Uzala (Idaho/Portland) (42:07-47:53)


(Black rock Okkultokrati grits it up)

Hand of Glory: Okkultokrati (Norway) (48:22-50:29)


(Thrash with a touch of psychedelic)

Cosmic Horizon: Exocosm (Finland) (50:41-54:54)


(Portugal's Process of Guilt is both aggressive and ambient, diverse album; very climactic)
Harvest: Process of Guilt (Portugal) (55:25-end)