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She Likes It Heavy

Aug 29, 2012

November 3rd: For all you Cambridge/Boston people – Small Stone is having a showcase at RADIO!! in Somerville, which frigging rules.  Lo-Pan, Freedom Hawk, Gozu, and more.  If you are in that area, you cannot miss it.


The Falconer: Wizardry (NYC) (0:28-5:25)


(Wizardry is 80‘s thrash, doom and black metal)


(Kind of lame back and forth evil and nice vocals – but the vocalist is Russian, so you got to let that shit go; but beyond that, kickass musicians – guitarists and electric violin)


Desert of Sad: Hung (NYC) (6:17-10:42)


(Hooded Menace with a new album on Relapse – I will play that as soon as I get it – it sounds awesome)


(Fen’s new album is the worst)  


(2 piece Azoic is influenced by black metal and being in Iceland or something – very technical playing in a very rich dense background)


Wisdoms Prayer: Azoic (Iceland) (11:24-15:16)


(Year of No Light’s new album Nord is acclaimed to be like the Cure playing sludge, yay?)


Par Économie pendant la crise on Éteint la lumière au bout du tunnel: Year of No Light (France) (15:40-21:15)


(Ladybird has enough dirty tempo changes to keep this real – give it a chance through the slowness)


Gone Away: Ladybird (Arizona) (21:34-29:26)


(From Beyond is influenced by Hawkwind and Blue Cheer, a pinch of space)


The Heavy Wait: From Beyond (Houston) (30:15-36:30)


(Thenn is, throaty)


Threshing the Golden Fields: Thenn (Indiana) (36:36-40:01)


(Gloomy cold states means aggressive smart music?)


Wytches: Maeth (St. Paul) (40:16-45:03)


(In a dramatic turn of events, 2 members of Radio Moscow defected and created a 70’s blues band Blues Pills that will play in Roadburn 2013)


 Bliss: Blues Pills (Sweden) (45:23-48:57)


Philadelphia, and then a dude from Sadgiqacea?  Yeah, this is going to be good)


Remember, That in Order to Allow the Separation from Time We Chose to Create the Suffering That Lies Before Us. We Deserve it: Ominous Black (Philadelphia) (49:54-56:41)


(Sula Bassana is another German noise soundscape trippy project by Dave Schmidt, ala Electric Moon fame – and with that, see you next week!!!)


Departure: Sula Bassana (Germany) (57:19-end)