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She Likes It Heavy

Aug 1, 2012

Phobos/Deimos: The Legion of Doom (U.K.) (0:28-5:35)


(Gawd, is it already August; starting off the set with THREE English bands)


(The Legion of Doom just reunited for a tour last year; looooow heavy sound with beautiful guitar)


(Black Moth has badass emotional female lead vocals and an intelligent band to envelop it perfectly)


Honey Lung: Black Moth (U.K) (6:33-11:41)


(Meadows is brutal, with hardcore influence and technical guitar riffs that break it all up)


The Head of Henry Grey: Meadows (Suffolk, England) (12:00-17:44)


(GRAVEYARD!! With new album this fall)


(Naam have a pretty new EP with stuff like the piano in this psychedelic and spacey sound)


Lands Unknown: Naam (Brooklyn) (18:13-23:08)


(Switzerland’s Shever is all girl, all badass.  Again, a female-led band that has a little more thought than aggression)


Je Suis Nee: sHever (Switzerland) (23:33-30:48)


(Sorceress members also in Dead Branches; they are an instrumental band that when you think they are going too melodic, completely change up their sound; good proggy input)


Lung Wings: Dead Branches (Ontario) (32:03-35:55)


(Witchcraft!! new album Legend in September)


(Budapest’s Grizzly is sexy bluesy whiskey sound rock)


Dead for fifty-two hours: Grizzly (Budapest) (36:27-40:50)


(Neurosis and Wolves in the Throne influence Battle Path, but they branch out of dark black music, more complex than just black metal)


Closer: Battle Path (Tennessee) (41:12-47:54)


(Black Hole of Calcutta is grind with a lot of hardcore, but great riffs for any metal head to appreciate even if there is a scary mosh pit)


Myth of Progress: Black Hole of Calcutta (Portland/Seattle) (48:43-54:07)


(Listen to MUSIC jerks)


(Groove sludge from Denver In the Company of Serpents, also home to the mighty Broncos) 


Dirtnap: In the Company of Serpents (Denver) (54:46-end)