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She Likes It Heavy

May 9, 2012

I have CHANGED my live show to Wednesday at 8pm EST starting next week.

Intro (0-0:27)

Enquillage à Burnes: Bud Spencer (France) (0:28-4:21)


(Bud Spencer is proggy but not cold, rocks, reminds me of KEELHAUL!!) 


(Dawnbringer, one of my fave bands is coming out with Into the Lair of the Sun God; Church of Misery is touring with Gates of Slumber and Hail!Hornet – you guys canNOT miss this show – they will be in San Francisco)


(Fire Faithful is whisky metal in the vein of Hail!Hornet and Old Grandad)


Wonton Lavey: Fire Faithful (Virginia) (5:44-11:25)


(If you are a band and releasing music, please have at least 1-2 songs free to download, trust me this is the ONLY way to get your music out there.  Your fans will appreciate it, blogs appreciate it, and your radio djs appreciate it, and it will be marketed WAY better)

(Law of the Tongue is also a whiskey band – Saturday afternoon beer drinking, dirty music)


Rebirth: Law of the Tongue (Australia) (12:23-17:50)


(Come on, 1972.)


No Need: Toad (Switzerland, circa 1972) (18:00-21:33)


(Wolves Carry My Name is a great ad hoc jammy yet brutal German band)


Nineteen Stitches: Wolves Carry My Name (Germany) (22:21-28:07)


(The Heavy Eyes describe themselves as “skeleton driving a speed boat on a flaming Mississippi River headed back to 1969”)


Catfish Blues: The Heavy Eyes (Tennessee) (28:31-31:10)


(Finnish band Ever Circling Wolves is death and doom)


A Desperate Frolic: Ever Circling Wolves (Finland) (31:39-35:42)


(Pacific Northwest Serial Hawk is loud, heavy, wall of sound; Mentat is gorgeous and brutal)


Calling of the Hawk: Serial Hawk (Seattle) (36:18-40:30)

Un Juego Estupido: Mentat (Spain) (41:01-47:14)


(Spelljammer likes Dungeons and Dragons and is hypnotic and heavy)


Nine: Spelljammer (Sweden) (47:47-53:12)


(Ice Dragon do psychedelic drugs and write their psychedelic music which had a lot of experimental stuff on the album, they have also shared a split with Pilgrim, who I really like also)


Illuminations Foretold: Ice Dragon (Massachusetts) (53:59-end)