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She Likes It Heavy

May 3, 2012

Intro (0-0:27)

Share: Sound of Ground (Russia) (0:28-5:13)


(3 piece Vancouver Mendozza has a female drummer called Master Beater - latest album mixed by Billy Anderson)


The Undertaking: Mendozza (Vancouver) (5:59-11:27)


(Fehler’s debut album is good emotional quality album, not cheesy)


Affluenza: Fehler (Netherlands) (11:44-18:42)


(Feist and Mastodon released a split doing covers of each other’s song)


Black Tounge: Feist (off of a split with Mastodon called Feistodon) (18:57-22:37)


(Electric Wizard new release; they are curating 2013’s Roadburn festival)


Legalise Drugs & Murder: Electric Wizard (UK) (23:00-29:09)


(3 piece Irreversible made up of strange atmospheric compositions, beautiful, a bit industrialish in parts)


No Pure Conception: Irreversible (Atlanta) (29:28-37:03)


(Austrians Torso is bluesy psychedelic; Golden Bats is a one-man’s group solo project who created music that if he had to do it live, he could – so not too complicated)


Black Man: Torso (Austria) (37:35-43:35)

Poison Arrows: Golden Bats (Brisbane) (44:07-49:30)


(Southern Lord’s Black Breath is all over the blogosphere - dark, fast, evil)


Obey: Black Breath (Seattle) (49:53-55:01)


(ICO is touring with Ufomammut; they are proggy and weird and death metal)


Mirzam: Incoming Cerebral Overdrive – ICO (Italy) (55:28-end)