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She Likes It Heavy

Feb 8, 2012

INTRO (0-0:27)

Blood/Faith/Growth: Herder (Netherlands) (0:28-4:23)


(Herder is more energetic than other stoner bands; Lento labelmates to Ufomammut - instrumental experimental)


Hymn: Lento (Italy) (5:04-9:36)


(Local gods Converge with new album in the summer – but no new release yet, so here is a song from their 2009 album)


Damages: Converge (Massachusetts) (9:52-14:21)


(Rhode Island band Pilgrim new release next week, this song is from a demo)


Quest: Pilgrim (Rhode Island) (14:37-21:59)


(Skraeckoedlan sings in Swedish, cute Swedish boys know how to sing)


Appeltradet: Skraeckoedlan (Sweden) (22:48-28:37)


(Colorado band, bluesy rock with a singer that reminds me of Ian Astbury)


Heaven In My Hand: Black Lamb (Denver) (29:04-35:34)


(Hull playing with Batillus, The Fucking Wrath, Naam; Brooklyn NY is the best metal scene right now)


In Death, Truth: Hull (Brooklyn) (35:58-41:56)


(Retro 80’s heavy metal that came out in the last couple of years, Witchgrave from Sweden)


Beg For Mercy: Witchgrave (Sweden) (42:48-47:35)


(Heavy metal Christian Mistress lead singer is a hot chick; NPR had this latest recording, thanks NPR - album coming out February 28th)


Black and Gold: Christian Mistress (Olympia) (48:00-52:34)


(Dark sound from Michigan, Buffalo Witch)


Black Witch: Buffalo Witch (Michigan) (52:13-end)