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She Likes It Heavy

Apr 10, 2013

2 bands from St. Louis to start off the set! Fister is one of my favorite bands, I have been waiting for this album to come out. It is hardcore vocals and a slight slowdown in tempo, a mix of awesomeness.
Suicide Hessian: Fister (St. Louis) New! (0:28-5:27)

Fulgora shares their drummer with Misery Index and Pig Destroyer, you can hear his brutal influence. This band is just hard.

Artifice: Fulgora (St. Louis) New! (6:30-10:47)

Italian jazz hard experimental, the album is very ethnic and world.

667 A Step Ahead Of The Devil: Mombu(Italy) (11:10-14:37)

Crust mixed with black mixed with rock, and romantic enough for this gal. Second album.

Retrospect Dissonance: Ramlord(New Hampshire) New! (15:02-19:06)

Rock band is tongue in cheek, but because they are from Norway, there is some darker elements.

Ladies Of The Night: The Devil(Norway) New! (19:31-24:43)

I can hear the back up vocalist, he sounds like Dave Ed! Danish band The Psyke Project pummels, HUGE epic sound.

Ghost Fight: The Psyke Project(Denmark) New! (25:35-29:42)

Shining is produced by the dude that does Nine Inch Nails, and you can hear the industrial influence, and of course the jazz-y ness.

The One Inside: Shining(Norway) New! (30:06-34:06)

Landscape epic romance soundtrack from Italy.

Son of the Cathartic Cave: Hierophant(Italy) New! (34:19-38:34)

Surtr breaks down, and you are like, holy headbanging crap. Medieval drumming, folksy vocals, and a whole lotta doom. Love this album.

Three Winters of War: Surtr(France) New! (38:56-44:57)

Azure Emote brings forth experimental death with progressive and psychedelic and industrial, in a fully complex album.

Epoch of De-Evolution: Azure Emote (Philly) New! (45:56-51:30)

Even though we are all over Isis, Red Apollo has really pretty and emotional sound to back them up.

Ordeal: Red Apollo (Germany) New! (51:59-56:12)

Iron Witch is NOT sludge, they have a lot of hardcore influence, but they breakdown like a metal band, with heavy riffs.

Hangover Suicide: Iron Witch(England) New E.P.! (56:44-END!)