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Moody deconstructed hardcore.  Torche Runner was on a split with Young and in the Way.

Vestige: Torche Runner (North Carolina) (0:28-4:07)


Iron Reagan! Nuff said.


Miserable Failure: Iron Reagan (Virginia) (5:31-7:45)


Members of Church of Misery and Doomdogs spin-off doom jammy band.


Wisdom: The Order of Israfel (Sweden) (8:49-16:55)


Finnish Crossover – thrash hardcore fun.


Structural Oppression: Foreseen (Finland) (17:22-21:41)


Crust with black metal.


Rite Of Taghairm: Trepenation (New Zealand) (22:17-26:21)


Incredible post-punk album from across the bay.


No Way Out: The New Flesh (Oakland) (27:17-30:40)


Ævangelist has a 0 out of 10 in terms of band names.  They are brutal/extreme death.


Halo Of Lamented Glory: Ævangelist (Illinois, Portland) (31:20-37:49)


Gaze-y spacey psychedelic awesomeness.


Here Come the Tears: Megaton Leviathan (Portland) (38:30-45:37)


Old dudes doing death.


Black Projection: Drowned (Berlin) (46:51-51:57)


Fördärv is ruin in Swedish.  These dudes are deep and shit


Darkness of the eternal Winter: Fördärv (Sweden) (52:30-56:28)


Mursa is rocking catchy sludge.


Nanking: Mursa (Portland) (56:56-END)



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A show of faves this week, and you don't have to hear my voice!! Yay for you!!

Chicago has the most vital scene, and this split with Oozing Wound rules.

Aging Punk: Oozing Wound (Chicago) (0:28-5:12)

One of my favorite hardcore bands this year, Fassbender has a great demo that you can download for free from bandcamp.

Kurtz: Fassbender (SF) (5:14-6:24)

Dark riffy madness, great shrieks.

Death Mask: Lord Mantis (Chicago) (6:25-12:53)

Metalblade has caught on to fantastic 70's revitalists, and this album is huge, jammy fun.

Lord & Master: Brimstone Coven (WV) (12:54-18:58)

Completely witty and unexpected, a trip in the world of eclectic proggy experimental minds.

Is He Talking About Selling Fat Chicks? 'Cause I'm Buying. Hey, Grandma!: PlasticBag FaceMask (Cali)  (18:59-23:06)

This is some brutal pummeling stuff.

Sympathectomy: Coffinworm (Indianapolis) (23:41-30:31)

Powerful 70's style from one of my fave bands, Greenleaf, containing members of Dozer (!!) and Truckfighters.

Depth Of The Sun: Greenleaf (Sweden) (30:32-35:07)

Dark crust, only in the best way.  Great vocals.

Take My Hand: Young and in the Way (Charlotte)(35:08-39:30)

One of my fave American black metal bands.

The Desert Mourns: Yellow Eyes (Brooklyn) (39:31-45:15)

Industrial, but definitely experimental too.

Lawrence Liquors: Xiu Xiu (San Jose) (45:46-48:19)

Experimental mixed with prog and doom and ambient and lotso stuff.

Medicine Eyes: The Grasshopper Lies Heavy (Austin) (48:20-54:05)

4 years to create this new death album.

Unearthed Veins: Teitanblood (Spain) (54:06-57:52)

Multi-national grind.

The Dodonpachi: Gridlink (NJ, Texas, Japan) (57:53-END)

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The new TOAD! This album has goth, spacey and psychedelic strains running through, in all-over groove rock.

Terminal Burrowing: Take Over and Destroy (Arizona) (0:28-5:13)


Horror experimental mixed with prog and brutal; but not as hard as that just sounded.


The Bright White Nothing At The End Of The Tunnel: Thantifaxath (Toronto) (6:36-13:17)


Vocalist is my favorite part of Darkentries; the album is full of different styles, but in a beautiful composition of sound.


TV Fuzz: Darkentries (SC) (13:45-19:15)


Heavy metal punk rock.


Whiplash Disaster: Midnight (Cleveland) (19:41-23:54)


Don’t underestimate, not just groovy – it hits on some great riffs.  KTB has been around for 15 years.


Fifty-Four: Karma to Burn (WV) (24:50-29:19)


Italian glam punk band, very stylish and dirty at the same time. 


Eaten Dust Overload: Children of Technology (Italy) (29:52-33:28)


Monolord has very loud drums, crunchy, thick.


Icon: Monolord (Sweden) (33:52-41:30)


Canadian French post-metal.


Fading Inn: Rhino (Montreal) (42:20-47:52)


2/3’s female, beer rock!


 Wyvernking: Krownn (Italy) (51:35-END)



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I love YOB. This album is yours, in your vinyl collection, right now.

Nothing to Win: YOB (Eugene) (0:28-11:36)


Bastard Sapling is a spin-off of Inter Arma, including a song sung by the lead singer in Windhand (cute girl).  One of the best black metal albums I have heard this year: warm, rich, organic, but still black.


The Killer In Us All: Bastard Sapling (VA) (13:25-19:40)


You know Pallbearer.  This is more Pallbearish stuff – epic, large, pretty, vocals-heavy.


The Ghost I Used To Be: Pallbearer (Little Rock) (20:28-28:37)


The new American Graveyard that caught the 70’s mullet of Metal Blade.


Behold, The Anunnaki: Brimstone Coven (WV) (29:41-35:14)


Maveth (Finland) and Embrace of Thorns (Greece) came out with an incredible black crazy dark split of awesome filth


The Pits Of Strife: Embrace of Thorns (Greece) (35:50-39:31)


Experimental proggy death from Norway, totes weird and shit.


Hermit Dream: Diskord (Norway) (40:05-45:55)


San Francisco’s very weirdo experimental band that uses dulcimers.  Dulcimers.


Dianthus: Botanist (San Francisco) (47:03-49:50)


Irish dark?? Yep.


Killvlad: Weed Priest (Ireland) (50:14-56:44)


Gallo is Gallow now, putting out his interpretation of Italian pagan.


Passer-By: John Gallow (NY) (57:24-END)



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Warm southern grind.  Makes sense?

Our Creation: Columns (NC) (0:28-2:43)


Pilgrim is now a 2-piece with some pretentiously named guy The Wizard doing guitar and bass.  Melody leans toward the melancholy ala Pallbearer-style. 


The Paladin: Pilgrim (RI) (3:58-8:00)


Atmospheric, folksy integrated black metal, but in a natural non-contrived way.


The Long Road, II. Capricious Miles: Panopticon (KY) (8:35-16:27)


Pranjal’s voice is very majestic, it brainwashes you into thinking you are standing in a cathedral with dragons flying overhead.  The lyrics are thoughtful and dripping with imagery.  Last year’s album was a riffy sludge-filled album; this one incorporates a bit more melancholy. Hey, who doesn’t like to be kicked in the gut with emotion.


The Outlier: Cardinal Wyrm (Oakland) (17:13-24:02)


Krieg is like, a totes black metal and crust band.  Whattup.


Worthless Nothing (Doom cover): Krieg (NJ) (25:04-27:25)


Oh my heart, a female led Graveyard-esque band.  This album is MASSIVE.


Black Smoke: Blues Pills (Sweden) (27:59-33:04)


Vukari is like, yeah, we are black metal and stuff, but we can make you cry.


Riddled With Fear And Doubt: Vukari (Chicago) (33:37-38:52)


Yet another band from Arizona filled with seething anger, I like.  But also, Arizona blows.


Blowback: Territory (Tucson) (39:04-41:16)


More of a shifting hardcore album: tempo-changing, genre-bending weirdos.


Standing On the Shoulders of Omega: Northern Widows (Columbus)(41:46-45:05)


A thickly riffy fist-pumping whiskey-flavored band.


Stoic: Nervewrecker (U.K.) (46:03-50:17)


I go off about the idea of metal.  This band is BRUTAL.


(Proto)Christ: Coprocephalic (San Diego/Taiwan)(51:08-54:28)


Agoraphobic Nosebleed member, and label.  Tiki-influenced grind.


Vestige of Surfly Remains: Wadge (Canada) (55:10-56:25)


Thanks FLOOD for having an album named OAK and making it entirely impossible to find you on the internet.  Good thinkin’!


Holy Astro Shaman Part I: Flood (Oakland) (57:03-END)\



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Suffocating doom, totally envelops.  Thick and dark.  Delicious.

Dweller On The Threshold: Fórn (Boston) (0:28-7:42)


Plasticbag Facemask is way WAY cooler than any of us.  Witty, awesome, tight, aggressive, insane.


I Am Facebook Officially Going to Puke: Plasticbag Facemask (Cali) (8:54-15:05)


Listen to the whole song, this is a fun death metal band, another good Arizona band, who woulda thought.


Here is a video:

Overdose: Gatecreeper (Arizona) (15:47-18:39)


This is Nachtmystium’s last album, and I think their best.  It has a pinch of everything: brutal, post-metal, spacey, proggy


The World We Left Behind: Nachtmystium (Chicago) (19:19-25:52)


Because of their large penises, these guys are a little too full of themselves.  I have just heard a bit of their demo, and I already want to be their sex slave. 


Diverse Beliefs: Fassbender (San Francisco) (26:49-28:19)


Epic 2 piece, similar to the Body, but way more emotional.  Same crushing style.


As It Needs To Be...: Keeper (Cali) (28:54-37:10)


New favorite hardcore album.


Keelhaul: Husk (U.K.) (37:36-40:38)


Big Black Cloud is influenced by the 80’s punk and 90’s alternative and has molded it into a modern experimental sound.


Cities of the Red Night: Big Black Cloud (Portland) (41:02-44:44)


Oakland! Black metal!  They have been getting tons of good reviews.  They revel in tradition in their lofi sound, but have a bunch of surprising breaks that makes this a good package. 


Blood Opulence: Akatharsia (Oakland) (45:27-46:42)


Italian 2 piece that is loud and proud. 


Right Not Right: Agatha (Italy) (47:15-51:59)


Yay, a fun 70’s style bluesy band, you need this in your life sometimes.


Information Overload: Lord Montague (Minneapolis) (52:56-57:10)


Finland, first of all, and then on top of it, these guys are weird for the Finnish.  Nuff said.


Vastans: Suruni (Finland) (57:49-END)



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Mutilation Rites is deconstruction metal – it breaks apart and comes back in many different forms.

Exhaling or Breathing In: Mutilation Rites (Brooklyn) (0:28-5:59)


Brand new Electric Wizard back after 4 years.  Lead singer says they basically killed the idea of their last amalgamation, and have been reborn.  Way more sinister. 


I am Nothing: Electric Wizard (U.K.) (6:59-15:58)


60’s and 70’s psychedelic influenced this experimental band. 


Hearts of Fire: The Grasshopper Lies Heavy (San Antonio) (16:37-21:15)


Lo fi Finnish black metal, with some melodic touches.


Sokeaa Valkoista: Circle of Ouroborus (Finland) (21:54-26:17)


Chick lead singer decimates.  Yes, this is a chick.


Decimation: Obscure Sphinx (Poland) (27:24-34:35)


Dark electronica, metal influence, industrial, even goth.


A Kiss To Birth The Rotted Sun: Burial Hex (Berlin) (35:05-41:42)


Dark post-metal


Draugr: Vultures at Arms Reach (Santa Cruz) (42:10-47:24)


Let the desert rock flow.


Arcadia: Mars Red Sky (France) (48:08-53:57)


Entrails release 2 demos this year.


Human Decay: Entrails (Sweden) (55:23-END)


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Hella classic technical thrash from New Zealand.  Great album cover.

Axiom: Exordium Mors (New Zealand) (0:28-5:03)


Oozing Wound is one of my fave bands right now.  Their albums tell a story, that you can listen to over and over again.  Full of colorful plots and character development.  Great album for a Saturday afternoon and a contender for a top album of the year. 


Ganja Gremlin: Oozing Wound (Chicago) (6:29-11:33) 

Super fucking thick sound from a Swiss band that is just putting out E.P.’s.  Maybe they know when to cut it short? Whatever the formula, it works.

Entranced by the Wolfshook: Bölzer (Switzerland) (2013) (12:02-18:25)


Sleep + Brainoil = Graves At Sea.  That isn’t such a bad computation.


This Place is Poison: Graves At Sea (Portland) (19:00-25:31)


Grind, death and prog – enough to wake you up from the murk of sludge.


Old Father: Bastard Feast (Portland) (26:29-28:31)


Again, a full-conceived album is what I yearn to hear, not just a few fist-pumping songs.  This one goes all over the place, including some hardcore stuff.


The Desanctification: Wolvhammer (Chicago/Minneapolis) (28:59-35:40)


I edited the SHIT out of some Bongripper for you.  Their songs go for 20 minutes+.  Really something you should hear, and check out for yourself.


Descent: Bongripper (Chicago) (36:12-41:34)


Some dark Texan chatter.


Strangers: Crumbling Mirth (San Antonio) (42:04-46:30)


Power-viking sludge.  Fun young bros.


Infernal Exhalations: War Bong (Nashville) (47:14-50:10)


If you don’t know Sleep, why am I talking to you.  This is brand new, after 20 years.


The Clarity: Sleep (Oakland) (50:59-END)



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Satanic and vegan Antichrist Demoncore are mostly hardcore with a heavy foot in metal and twinges of punk. 

Overstimulated: ACxDC (SoCal) (0:28-1:45)


Weakling-sounding strains of post-metal intertwined in black metal


Exordium: Alraune (Nashville) (3:10-10:10)


Revitalist vocalist in Black Sabbath heavy-influenced, for a Saturday afternoon album


Karmanjaka: Purple Hill Witch (Norway) (10:35-15:35)


Related to Mitochondrian, death metal breakdown fun.


Novemportis: Auroch (Vancouver) (16:02-19:13)


Psychedelic and soundtracky – which to me basically means, it sets a very specific mood


Ozric Pentacles: Liquido Di Morte (Italy) (19:33-27:56)


Riffy, black sabbathy (yes I know yawn sometimes), but this one is a tight album and some brutal fist-pumping parts too


Invisible Face: Possessor (England) (28:53-32:46)


Well sung doom


The Penance You Pay: Serpent Venom (England) (33:08-38:26)


Desert rock with a great vocalist from LA.


No Soul: Moab (LA) (38:51-42:09)


Riffs, jams, atmosphere, space in mostly rocked out sludge.


Raging Hunger: Hyperwülff (Italy) (43:21-49:05)


Asian and middle eastern strains in this psychedelic band, with pagan too!


Peasant of Parthia: Zaum (Canada) (49:25-55:32)


I hate the vocals and the cymbals, though this is a large epic album.  


Waves of Exultation: Hush (Albany) (56:15-END)



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I rant, and rant, and rant, and then let you know this is a 6-month reflection on the year,  “yay”.  


Stuntman has one of the best hardcore albums this year.

Bag of Dicks: Stuntman (France) (0:28-3:45)

2 piece from Germany has a full listenable riffy album.  Some people don’t like “listenable”, to them I say. . eh.


Cult Witness: Mantar (Germany) (6:09-10:43)

The Greek have put out a dark version of 70’s rock: vocals are not pretty, but it has a lot of psychedelic and organs and stuff.

Demon for a Day: Hail Spirit Noir (Greece) (11:12-17:08)

I am a huge fan of Black Shape, they don’t get enough marketing, so listen to it jerks.

Always and Only: Black Shape of Nexus (Germany) (17:49-26:14)

Artificial Brain has an excellent grind album.  

Bastard Planet: Artificial Brain (27:26-30:01)

Primordial’s lead singer has a new band Dread Sovereign.  His vocals are very “heavy metal”, I love him.

Cathars to Their Doom: Dread Sovereign (Ireland) (30:44-39:11)

Strange, avante-garde jazz-metal.

King in Yellow: Murmur (Chicago) (39:44-43:13)

Another awesome brutal raspy noise band from Chicago.

Rape: Indian (Chicago) (44:10-51:18)

Portland stoner, but don’t let that make you think this is like every other stoner band.  This one is tight, talented, and the compositions in this album are really fun.

Some Can: Stoneburner (Portland) (51:39-57:12)

Pagan-influenced hardcore, from Finland.

...from the Eastern Shores (Yhdeksän Aallotarta): Gambanteinn (Finland) (57:54-END)

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Based on this album, I am going to go back and listen to their other two albums.

Edge Of Darkness: Tombs (Brooklyn) (0:28-5:51)

Blast metal, but breaks down so fun-ly.

Subhumannihilation: NuclearHammer (Toronto) (6:47-13:01)

Burzum is legendary, in a terrible way.  His violent and psychotic crimes put him in prison where he was allowed to record (Norwegian prison system is pretty cool).  I feel guilty liking his black metal and dark ambient.  This new album is noise and ambient, horror-ambient if you will.

Hall of the Fallen: Burzum (Norway) (13:58-18:59)

Detroit boys like guns, or at least like posing with them.  I hate that.  But, they know how to brung forth it.

Energy Blackmail: Boddicker (Detroit) (19:25-21:33)

Chicagoans bring us mafia, terrible weather, Bruce and romantic metal.

Jet Black Passenger: The Atlas Moth (Chicago) (21:55-26:21)

Avant-garde swirled Spanish metal.

Pentecostal Black Punishment: Barbarian Swords (Spain) (27:20-31:48)

Weirdos in Sacramento make industrial.

Flies: Wreck and Reference (Sacramento) (32:17-35:52)

Menace is a good way to put it.

Monuments Of Misery: Hooded Menace (Finland) (36:20-43:22)

This new album by Godflesh is better than their old stuff. For the more manly industrial listener (me).

Decline & Fall: Godflesh (England) (44:02-48:16)

GGU:LL sounds like being swallowed by the sarlacc pit.

Waan: GGU:LL (Netherlands) (49:17-55:14)

The warmth of south American heavy metal.

Towards the Midnight Ocean: Capilla Ardiente (Chile) (55:31-END)



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Black Anvil’s sound is more broken down than a blast of cold.  Tons of adrenalin. 

Redemption Through Blood: Black Anvil (NYC) (0:28-6:36)


One of my fave crust bands and albums this year, Young and In the Way.


Weep In My Dust: Young and in the Way (Charlotte) (8:09-11:54)


Whiskey swilled Sourvein, makes your brain take it in slow.


Equinox: Sourvein (NC) (12:22-15:27)


Atmosphere and torture swirled together.


Let Fall Each and Every Sedition Symptom: Trap Them (KY and Seattle) (15:55-22:19)


Old school raw punk power hardcore.


Rain Darkness: Enabler (Milwaukee) (22:46-25:23)


King Buzzo vocals are the winner here, he has a hundred different styles.  A bit of folk, a bit of Soundgarden, a bit of spaghetti western. 


Illegal Mona: King Buzzo (LA) (26:20-28:43)


Black metal drumming in this post-metal band.


Vessel: Abest (Germany) (29:20-35:51)


Reverand Bizarre is Opium Warlords.  Every song is a jaunt into the unknown.


Manisolas from Misandria: Opium Warlords (Finland) (36:18-39:27)


Raw death.


Cleaved Asunder: Diocletian (New Zealand) (39:54-45:09)


Alaska! ‘Nuff said.


Lycanthropy: Lamplighter (Alaska) (45:58-49:33)


Aggressive Aussies in da hiz-house.


Outlive: Caged Grave (Melbourne) (50:03-51:08)


Wandering Midget’s lead singer is lead in Serpent Warning.  It is retro doom.


Thousand Names: Serpent Warning (Finland) (51:41-55:15)


Blut is exceptional in atmospheric black metal.


Némeïnn: Blut Aus Nord (France) (56:27-END) 


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Sharp, angular and difficult to listen to: perfect for the weirdo in your life.

Denigrating in the Tanks: Idylls (Brisbane, AU) (0:28-3:02)


Violent, aggressive grind from of course, Denver.  Members hail from Primitive Man.


9 Fruitless Years Of Total Fucking Agony: Vermin Womb (Denver) (4:12-8:15)


Dozer is one of my fave bands, and spun-off to Greenleaf, thank gawd because Dozer has been defunct for awhile.  Because of the talent, Greenleaf has attracted members from other high-profile bands like Truckfighters and others but I can’t remember.


Ocean Deep: Greenleaf (Sweden) (8:47-14:13)


Greg Wilkinson is brilliant and anything he touches is awesome, raw and relevant.


Sex Teeth: DeathGrave (Oakland) (14:38-16:42)


Local band is making it big, Hornss is getting a ton of press and deservedly so.  Catchy, groovey stoner that thrash out, making it very fist-worthy.


Maker Of The Moons: Hornss (San Francisco) (17:25-20:23)


Doesn’t matter that Barghest has one of the stupidest album covers I have ever seen.  Their take on black metal is in one word: bad-the fuck-ass.  Barghest, is that with a hard g or soft g sound?


Agonizing Spiritual Descent: Barghest (Baton Rouge) (20:52-26:02)


Minot are gorgeous instrumental proggy and math-oriented, but sometimes become groovy and just damn fun.  Is that ok? For music to be fun? 


Tharsis: Minot (Oakland/NC) (27:25-33:39)


Owl’s new album is akin to the dawn.  I don’t know what that means, but maybe it is about dark giving way to energy?  If so, I guess that makes sense.  It is very darkly pummeling, but doesn’t linger it.  Instead it gives way to a larger brighter composition of sound. 


We Ascend As We Fall: Owl (Germany) (34:13-37:55)


I would leave you, in a second, for the dude in Misery Index.


Conjuring the Cull: Misery Index (Baltimore) (38:39-43:24)


Swedish heartfelt sad stuff = funeral doom.


Earthless: Doom:VS (Sweden) (44:17-51:47)


Experimental droney growly metal and drone and stuff.  Atmospheric!


Väärä Kuu: Katakombi (Finland) (52:15-57:26)

Spastic vocals to end the show.


Konditionierungsapparat: Japanische Kampfhorspiele (Germany) (57:59-END)



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Sharp, angular and difficult to listen to: perfect for the weirdo in your life.

Denigrating in the Tanks: Idylls (Brisbane, AU) (0:28-3:02)


Violent, aggressive grind from of course, Denver.  Members hail from Primitive Man.


9 Fruitless Years Of Total Fucking Agony: Vermin Womb (Denver) (4:12-8:15)


Dozer is one of my fave bands, and spun-off to Greenleaf, thank gawd because Dozer has been defunct for awhile.  Because of the talent, Greenleaf has attracted members from other high-profile bands like Truckfighters and others but I can’t remember.


Ocean Deep: Greenleaf (Sweden) (8:47-14:13)


Greg Wilkinson is brilliant and anything he touches is awesome, raw and relevant.


Sex Teeth: DeathGrave (Oakland) (14:38-16:42)


Local band is making it big, Hornss is getting a ton of press and deservedly so.  Catchy, groovey stoner that thrash out, making it very fist-worthy.


Maker Of The Moons: Hornss (San Francisco) (17:25-20:23)


Doesn’t matter that Barghest has one of the stupidest album covers I have ever seen.  Their take on black metal is in one word: bad-the fuck-ass.  Barghest, is that with a hard g or soft g sound?


Agonizing Spiritual Descent: Barghest (Baton Rouge) (20:52-26:02)


Minot are gorgeous instrumental proggy and math-oriented, but sometimes become groovy and just damn fun.  Is that ok? For music to be fun? 


Tharsis: Minot (Oakland/NC) (27:25-33:39)


Owl’s new album is akin to the dawn.  I don’t know what that means, but maybe it is about dark giving way to energy?  If so, I guess that makes sense.  It is very darkly pummeling, but doesn’t linger it.  Instead it gives way to a larger brighter composition of sound. 


We Ascend As We Fall: Owl (Germany) (34:13-37:55)


I would leave you, in a second, for the dude in Misery Index.


Conjuring the Cull: Misery Index (Baltimore) (38:39-43:24)


Swedish heartfelt sad stuff = funeral doom.


Earthless: Doom:VS (Sweden) (44:17-51:47)


Experimental droney growly metal and drone and stuff.  Atmospheric!


Väärä Kuu: Katakombi (Finland) (52:15-57:26)

Spastic vocals to end the show.


Konditionierungsapparat: Japanische Kampfhorspiele (Germany) (57:59-END)



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I discuss Portland as the best scene, and then Agalloch’s new album that totes took me back to the late 80’s – they have this great post-punk influence to this album.  F’in A layered in the melody well into this shiznit.

Dark Matter Gods: Agalloch (Portland) (0:28-9:02)

Psychedelic Japanese, need I say more.  I heard some obvious Indian influence in their instrumental stuff.  They are improvisational live, so this is a show to check out, if they EVER come out to the west.

There Is No Other Place: Kikagaku Moyo (幾何学模様) (Tokyo) (10:33-13:46)

Nightfell is a 2 piece, including the awesome drumming of Tim Call from Aldebaran.

Funeral Dirge: Nightfell (Portland) (14:13-20:30)

Worst name ever, Dopelord, like what the fuck, seriously.  But, they jam it out, and that I appreciate.

Green Plague: Dopelord (Poland) (21:04-28:23)

MAYBE this is an acquired taste, but so is wine and sashimi, the best 2 things on earth.  Get your ass out of your head. I am confused by Connecticut though.

Piece Of Meat: Vestal Claret (Connecticut) (29:17-34:12)

I talk about why the new Serpentine Path is boring, as are most super groups. 

Origin: Infestus (Germany) The Reflecting Void (34:40-40:48)

The newest caustic hardcore that has my full attention.  For like, the next 2 minutes because I don’t care about anything anymore.

Swelling: Cholera (U.K) (41:00-43:27)

Terra Tenebrosa is MY band, I don’t care if you don’t know it.  F you anyway.

Apokatastasis: Terra Tenebrosa (Sweden) (44:28-51:10)

This band is one of the best for epic black metal, and then I just want to die.

The Ascend: The Great Old Ones (France) (52:23-END)


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Mosh pit metal with a girl lead singer.  I think.

Insomnia: Svffer (Germany) (0:28-1:59)


Pummeling and sludgey all at the same time!


Instant Death Syndrome: Coffinworm (Indianapolis) (2:56-7:43)


Yeah, I give myself credit for introducing you to Yellow Eyes, and I will keep that credit and lord it over you forever


One Rock For The Wild Dog: Yellow Eyes (Brooklyn) (8:10-13:25)


Groaning, tons of it, and melodic stuff.


Hirudinea: Orox (Buffalo) (13:46-19:31)


Dark crusty hardcore, almost as tuff as Oasis.


Kvarblivelse: Esoteric Youth (Manchester) (19:57-22:48)


Nux Vomica, which is a type of tree, awesome name for a band, has great instrumental compositions in the middle of massive brutal epic stuff.


Reeling: Nux Vomica (Portland) (23:20-27:52)


Occult sludge, with snide vocals.


Nothing Hill: Salem's Pot (Sweden) (28:46-36:24)


Vocals of Thou, and then Thou with the Body or something. 


Pill: Thou (Baton Rouge) (37:02-39:59)


Manifest Alchemy: Thou and the Body (Baton Rouge, Portland) (40:01-45:21)


Norse mythology, folk, and black metal.


The Stream: Ifing (Michigan) (46:28-53:19)


Auric is dark sludge, totally rocks out.


Swept and Swallowed: Auric (Arkansas) (54:00-END)



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Shrieking heavy and riffy, some black industrial in parts, mostly rocking.

Negative Birth: Lord Mantis (Chicago) (0:28-7:21)


Down-tuned death.


Curse Of The Neverending: Skelethal (France) (8:19-10:09)


Tons of buildup in this satisfying funeral doom.


Saturnine: Symptom (Portland) (10:27-17:24)


Sexy lyrics, heavy rock, catchy stuff.


Eternal Psalm, Pt. 2: Limb (London) (17:48-20:46)


Romance and dark atmosphere influences this doom band.


Hierophania: Naga (Italy) (20:56-27:24)


This duo with Stevie Floyd is tight and kept my interest. 


No/Thing Longing, Human Impermanence: Taurus (Portland) (28:24-32:59)


Just some warm psychedelic to break up the dark.


Holy mondays: Mars Red Sky (France) (33:12-38:02)


Black and slow tempoed.


Chiropteris: Neptune's Inferno (NYC) (38:22-43:20)


Really great one-man band, heavy riffage, modern and old school.


emptiness: Samsara (Portugal) (44:13-49:45)


Hilarious Dutch band that rocks out, dark and fun and fist pumping.


BetrayerDeceiver: Herder (Netherlands) (50:07-55:26)


Floor is nerdy and not as hip as they were in the 90’s, but this album ah-ight. Their 1994 album Dove is one of the best, so I give them a thumbs up.


Sister Sophia: Floor (Florida) (56:17-END)



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Show 108, so some hare Krishna 108. (Forced by Casey Baker)

108 (NYC): (0-2:31)


Female badassness.  Great vocals.


Behold The Valley Of Slaughter: Bog Oak (Sacramento) (2:32-7:59)


My new favorite atmospheric heavy doom band with tons of riffs, WITH one of my favorite vocalists, the dude from Primordial.


Thirteen Clergy: Dread Sovereign (Ireland) (8:52-14:56)


New E.P. from my fave punk band, Iron Reagan.


Cops Don't Like Me, I Don't Like Cops: Iron Reagan (Richmond) (15:09-15:43)


San Francisco’s Cormorant is really headbanging worthy stuff.  Proggy-style vocals, but still packs a punch.


Sold As A Crow: Cormorant (San Francisco) (16:07-22:19)


Hot swedes are somewhat romantic in this hardcore-influenced pummeling stuff.

The Romans Make A Desert And Call It Peace: Totem Skin (Sweden) (22:37-24:51)


Hesperian Death Horse's split with Hazarder rules.  Maybe romance is in the air, mixed with guttural black.


Tesla: Hesperian Death Horse (Croatia) (25:39-34:00)


Dude, chugging thick and catchy.  Chicago gots it goin’ on!


The Hound: Sacred Monster (Chicago) (34:14-39:19)


Michigan makes them agro.


saccarine: Dakhma (Michigan) (39:40-44:11)


Touching black metal from another Swedish band, Skogen. 


Midvintergraven: Skogen (Sweden) (44:56-49:11)


I will probably listen to the new Stoneburner a hundred times this year.  Guitarist from Buried at Sea.


You Are The Worst: Stoneburner (Portland) (49:27-53:06)


Technical hair metal bros.


Mare Of The Night: Below (Sweden) (53:44-END) 108: (0-2:31)


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2 piece “despair hardcore” band on the Iron Lungs label.  Yeah, I just made that genre up.

Journey To The End Of The Night: Demonbrother (Western Mass) (0:28-4:18)

Kurt Ballou from Converge produced Welsh band Hark – so you know it is mixed as well as it can be.

Breathe And Run: Hark (Wales) (5:16-11:27)

French black death. Drummer is out of control.  Baby faces, aaaw.

Thrvst: Plebeian Grandstand (France) (11:39-16:45)

The Shrine had a great last album, they are on TeePee with Graveyard, and touring with them right now.  I am a big fan of The Shrine for rock.  If you don’t like rock, then move along. 

Whistlings of Death: The Shrine (LA) (17:01-19:18)

4 years in the making, and it shows: gory death. 

Anteinfierno: Teitanblood (Spain) (19:50-24:37)

Ringworm are old farts, but probably still have scary moshpits.

Dawn Of Decay: Ringworm (Ohio) (25:44-29:01)

Another awesome jammy rock band – been around since the 90’s, but haven’t put out anything for awhile.  Great lyrics, great vocalist.

Soulless Woman: Ogre (Maine) (29:34-34:33)

I talk about fuckfaces.

Withering Field: Woods of Desolation (Australia) (35:17-41:27)

LARGE sounding black death stuff.  I call it sinister.

Chaotic Astral Ascension: Shroud of the Heretic (Portland) (41:44-46:25) 

Valknacht has the most awesome album cover,

Dorky but brutal.

Chants De Guerre: Valknacht (Quebec) (47:20-54:02)

Horror soundtrack music. 

Battle With The Bottle: Wraithmaze (Finland) (54:34-END)



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Death metal from Swedes is also psychedelic and moody and progressive.


Aurora In The Offing: Morbus Chron (Sweden) (0:28-5:25)


Loinen’s new album is on Svart records.  Their sound is super downtuned, and only bass guitars – their guitarist committed suicide and this is a tribute.   


Kuolemanselli: Loinen (Finland) (7:16-11:24)


I discuss the SF scene and pronouncing Slough Feg.


Laser Enforcer: Slough Feg (San Francisco) (12:10-16:19)


Crusty gothic graveyard horror metal. 


The Bestial Abyss: Vampire (Sweden) (16:50-22:25)


Thick fuzz, a balm to my blistered brain.


Foehammer: Conan (England) (22:45-27:28)


Fuck your v that acts like a u.  Other than that, this is raw, technical, chunneling metal.


Calicem Obscurum: Lvcifyre (U.K.) (28:28-32:48)


Not industrial, though they say it is.  More melodic than that, and vocalist is straight-forward. 


Chaos Body: Psalm Zero (NY) (33:11-38:58)


Speedy black hardcore.


The Cloven Path: Beroth (U.K.) (39:09-41:48)

Pink Floyd anyone? Ex-vocalist of Trouble, now with his own band.  Very emotional.


As Long as I'm with You: Blackfinger (Chicago) (42:23-47:19)


Infectious riffy large sound.


Luna Hiena: Sioux (Portland) (48:09-52:29)


Heavy heavy sludge.


Luna Hiena: Cementerio (Spain) (52:37-56:19)


How is folk metal real.  Really?


See on see maa: Metsatöll (Estonia) (57:04-END)


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Gridlink creates a full-on grind masterpiece – full of different treats.  Wait, that sort of rhymes.


Look to Windward: Gridlink (NJ, Texas, Japan) (0:28-3:38)


Gurgling vocals here are not my fave, but this band is SO frigging tight and satisfying in melody and riffs, I proceeded to listen to their full album.  Their second vocalist is awesome.  Revocation guitarist.


Hormone's Echo: Artificial Brain (NY) (4:53-11:03)


Crusty, classic and death all in one package.


Ancient Rites of Buried Evil: Coffin Dust (Philadelphia) (11:20-16:55)


Atmospheric death from some weirdo Texans.


The Eye: Škan (Austin) (17:20-22:14)


First awesome 70’s retro psychedelic rock album of the year.


Waterfalls: Doctor Cyclops (Italy) (23:03-29:12)


Masterful grind from old farts Cripple Bastards.


Occhi Trapiantati: Cripple Bastards (Italy) (29:39-33:26)


If you can catch Thou live, do it.  Their black metal will not exhaust you.  The vocalist really keep you focused.


In Defiance of the Sages: Thou (Baton Rouge) (33:49-39:22)


Next (3) bands from the French hardcore scene:

Noise and violence from Paris, and Remote.


Faith. Lame: Remote (Paris) (39:52-43:37)


2 piece with some math-y hardcore.


Wrong Way/Nice Trip: Piece of Map (France) (43:44-46:59)


Lodges manages to infuse melody without it being sappy.


Downward: Lodges (France) (47:10-50:55)


Filthy breakdowns galore.  Great name for a band.


17.5 Dead Air: Secret Cutter (Pennsylvania) (51:08-54:16)


Bast is the first band signed to Conan’s lead singer’s record label Black Bow Records, and they ROCK IT, totally Conan-style; riffy and catchy.


Spectres: Bast (England) (54:53-END!)


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Nashville hardcore with dudes from Coliseum.  New album coming out, this is from their split.

Human Den: Yautja (Nashville) (0:28-3:00)


Twilight have dudes from Isis and Leviathan, and now Thurston Moore - Sonic Youth.   Build ups that satisfy.  Dark, actually quite black, and noise experimental.


Below Lights: Twilight (Super group) (3:55-7:54)


Post-hardcore, crust, black.  So frigging good from Hungarian band Rivers Run Dry (this is on a split with Drip of Lies).


cycle of survival: Rivers Run Dry (Hungary) (8:20-12:12)


Hooded Menace inspired by old horror movies created this new 12”. Don’t be discouraged by the cookie monster vocals, the musicianship is top-notch.


Chasm of the Wraith (Labyrinth of Carrion Breeze): Hooded Menace (Finland) (12:41-19:36)


Brand new album from The Body is digitized extreme.  Vocals and maybe more from Haxan Cloak.


Hail To Thee, Everlasting Pain: The Body (Portland) (20:00-25:21)


Traditional heavy metal with a pinch of modern dark. I talk about my mullet of yore.


Infinity: Nature's Grave (Oakland) (26:17-32:28)


Fuzzy warm jams for decompression sake.


Goat-Head Awakening: Sun Shepherd (Australia) (32:47-40:34)


Groove me you Brits.


Melian's Trance: King Goat (U.K.) (40:41-46:53)


Old school singing, and a terrific riff style.


Fight: Grand Magus (Sweden) (47:39-51:40)


Swedish black metal doing their thing.  Probably the best black metal I have heard in a long time.


Själavrängaren: Stilla (Sweden) (51:53-56:03)


Black ambient with wicked vocals.  They got my 2012 title for Best Vacuuming Album.


Honour Found In Delay: Black Shape Of Nexus (Germany) (56:44-end)



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Svart-released German band is a 2 piece.  Post-hardcore and metal keeps ya guessing. 

Spit: Mantar (Germany) (0:28-5:20)

Brutal dark Behemoth of a monster.  This next song is the most melodic of all the songs on the album, so don't think it represents the rest of the album, which will most likely blow your head off.

The Satanist: Behemoth (Poland) (6:19-11:50)

Drummer from Benighted kicks ass.  Vocals are not the typical cookie monster, some of it is serious gurgling.

Noise: Benighted (France) (12:31-15:40)

What else, a folk band and a metal band of course.  Makes for great vocals, very dramatic and emotional.

Gods Much More Terrible: Lion's Daughter/Indian Blanket collaboration (St. Louis) (16:05-23:30)

Yes, it is cheesy, but damn, really good.  Progressive and hard, and great vocals keeps it real.

From Grace to Grave: Descend (Sweden) (24:38-31:54)

Meaty and technical Clover.

E.B.S. (Electronic Broadcast Shutdown): Clover (NY) (32:16-35:33)

Low-fi crust from where else, Pennsylvania.

Whispers of a Fading Existence: Katahajime (Pennsylvania) (36:01-43:51)

I explain post-black metal.  Spanish instrumental.

Paramnesia: Kalte Sonne (Spain) (44:50-48:09)

Runner-up last year to best Black Metal album.  New E.P. is warmer, more atmospheric.

Bastardiser (PitchShifter cover): Blut Aus Nord (France) (48:47-53:02)

Yeah, Slomatics makes you feel like you are in quicksand.  Added psychedelic notes.

Tunnel Dragger: Slomatics (Belfast) (53:27-END)


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One Finnish brain. What else do you need to know. 

Awakening Giants: Gambanteinn (Finland) (0:28-5:09)

Ignominy has noise, hardcore, industrial, and tons of energy. 

Nedmonteringen: Ignominy (Sweden) (5:54-13:18)

Culted have never held hands.  They recorded this album in different areas of the world.

Illuminati: Culted (Sweden, Canada) (13:58-20:02)

Grue breaks up their epic black metal with warmer hardcore tones.

Casualty of the Psychic Wars: Grue (Boston) (20:30-26:06)

70’s-style pagan from the U.K.

Lost Bride: The Wounded Kings (U.K.) (27:08-33:00)

Ukranian Etherial Riffian break the mold and put out a psychedelic album, that does not reflect their violent surroundings.

Thugdam (Sensation): Etherial Riffian (Ukraine) (33:28-41:01)

An evil take on coma-inducing post-metal.  That is a compliment.

Hereinafter: Fleshworld (Poland) (41:18-45:47)

2 track single from South Carolina’s weirdos.

Open Gaits: They Eat Their Own God (South Carolina) (46:30-53:42)

My brain is getting tired, apparently I loved post-metal this week.  This one is from a one-piece band.

Diaspora: Deterior (Ohio) (54:18-END)

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I talk about sometimes needing people to tell me to go on.


Indian’s new album produced by Sanford Parker.  It has been around 5 years since their last album.  Noisey riffage, as good as their last album.

Rhetoric of No: Indian (Chicago) (0:28-6:43)


French grind, has played with one of my faves, Genghis Tron.


The Patriot, The Elite, The Icon: Stuntman (France) (8:41-12:37)


Another fabulous Chicago band – experimental, proggy, kind of DC style vocals.  Even some jazz fusion – very Chicago-influenced.


Zeta II Reticuli: Murmur (Chicago) (13:17-20:06)


Dramatic neo-industrial post-punk. 


Stupid in the Dark: Xiu Xiu (San Jose) (20:35-23:20)


Hexis wants you to be possessed by the King of Hell.  Very evil, tight, badass.


Exhausit: Hexis (Denmark) (23:51-27:03)


Weird charming proggy pagan album from Greece.  Greece, one of the top areas for super original talented metal.  (Right now my list is: Finland, Italy, Greece)


Blood Guru: Hail Spirit Noir (Greece) (28:04-34:06)


Crust doom from Germy people.


In The Wall: Serpent Eater (Germany) (34:16-38:55)


On a split soon to be released with Primitive Man, Xaphan is kind of new – they have a 2 song demo that was recorded and produced on a frigging iPad.


Cold Surge: Xaphan (Minneapolis) (39:16-43:25)


Polish punks are probably real old farts.  Not poseurs I mean.


III: CZERŃ (Poland) (43:58-48:56)


Italians go bleak.

21st Business Man: Under the Oak (Italy) (49:47-52:25)


The British Weedeater.  So probably not as completely insane, but these guys aren’t afraid of being on the more brutal edge, rather than just having a good time.


Gauze Rite: BongCauldron (Leeds) (53:19-59:02)


Vancouverish noisey hardcore or something.


The Last Installment: Anion (Vancouver) (59:23-END)

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Best Avante Garde/Psychedelic:

Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland) album - Valonielu (song: Vino Verso (0:28-5:20))

Orannsi Pazuzu does the best job of both being experimental but still being catchy enough to want to listen to them over and over again.  They do not alienate.  I keep wanting to hear more from them, which is THE sign of great artistry.

Best Industrial:

Statiqbloom (Brooklyn) album - Mask Visions Poison (song: Vestige Lights (7:17-13:16))

One person project gets the best industrial album of the year.  It was a difficult choice between this album and legendary band Skinny Puppy’s offering – which is the best album they have put out for over a decade.  Fade from Batillus is a perfectionist, and it shows in the quality of his work.  He has put out an industrial album which is nostalgic for when industrial was at its pinnacle.  He keeps this album true to its roots: danceable and dark
(Runner-Up:) Skinny Puppy (LA) album - Weapon
Skinny Puppy was my favorite band when I was 13, they influenced my visions of my future.  I haven't listened to them for years because I thought they went plastic in their sound, ironic I know, industrial is not organic.  Now I heard Weapon, and it takes me right back to the origins of synthesizer and experimental sound in industrial, but in a fun dancey way.  This is industrial.  And Ogre's voice is unbelievable. 
(Runner-up:) Årabrot (Norway) album - Årabrot

Best Punk:

Iron Reagan (Virginia) album - Worse than Dead (song: Paycheck (13:52-15:12))

Iron Reagan is not pure punk, but they get close to it.  Members of Municipal Waste.  I listened to this over and over again this year, it is an easy investment: 25 minutes for the whole album.  How punk can you get.  

Best Large Sound:

Inter Arma (Virginia) album - Sky Burial (song: Westward (15:57-25:28))
Tons of lead-up to huge massive sound.  I akin this to the Body, if the Body had more members. 
Runner-Up: Anciients (Vancouver) album - Heart of Oak

Best Rock Sludge:

Phantom Glue (Boston) album - A War of Light Cones (song: Captain Keith Pierce (26:28-29:08))
Produced by a dude from Converge – which is an automatic thumbs up.  The sludge is energized with hardcore, and these guys have a great vocalist and tons of tunes that stick in your head after you stop listening.

Runner Up: Black Pyramid (Boston) album - Adversial
Black Pyramid is one of the catchiest albums of the year, I really like these guys, and I think if you like to entertain as much as I do, you would put this album on a lot at the end of each party drinking beer with your best friends.

Best True Sludge:

Fister (St. Louis) album - Gemini (song: III (29:59-34:25))
Fister’s logo is - "if its too slow, you're too young." Sludge makes its drama with its moody thick agonizingly slow beat.  Fister makes headway in this genre with their vocals, which are so evil.  I love this band, I really do. 

Best Stoner:

Egypt (Fargo) album - Become the Sun (song: Matterhorn (34:50-39:18))
A chick can’t resist a sexy voice crooning bluesy stoner rock.  This is a great album to wake up to on the weekend.

Best Grindcore (tie):

Call of the Void (Denver) album - Dragged Down A Dead End Path (song: Breeding Grounds (40:19-44:00))
Colorado grind band that had a very listenable album, even though my ears hurt.  Aggressive, and I related.

Best Grindcore (tie):

Rotten Sound (Finland) album - Species at War (song: War (44:21-46:01))
Completely different sound than Call of the Void.  Super brutal, very difficult to listen to, which is the point.  For weirdos.

Runner-Up: Anorak (France) album - Go Up In Smoke

Best Spin-off Band (tie):

All Pigs Must Die (Boston area) album - Nothing Violates This Nature (song: Chaos Arise (47:11-49:57)
Most brutal and metal of the spin-off contenders.  

Best Spin-off Band (tie):

Zozobra (Boston) album - Savage Masters (song: Deathless (50:16-52:55)
Contains most of the members of Cave-In with some guests, this album is catchy, fast, tight, awesome.  I couldn’t not pick this, I listened to it too many times.
3. Runner-Up: Doomriders (Boston area) album - Grand Blood
Doomriders come in fast and heavy, I am surprised they didn't get more press, because this album is fantastic.  They have so many ideas, and they all work.  Brutal experimental hardcore sound, technical and crazed.  Grand Blood has awesome catchy riffs too.
4. Runner-Up: Mutoid Man (Boston/California) album - Helium Head
Mutoid Man is influenced by psychedelic rock.  The vocals are the Cave-In dude, hence way more accessible. Hoping they play in California since Ben moved here.

Best Heavy/Traditional Metal:

Hell (U.K.) album - Curse and Chapter (song: End Ov Days (53:36-59:06)
This entire album is a blast – let your hair flow into feathered mullet goodness and rise your beer mug high.  Make sure you flash your hooters at the lead singer.  It won over the others because the lead singer rules.
Runner up: Satan (U.K.) album - Life Sentence
Honorable Mention: Manilla Road (Kansas) album - Mysterium

#1 Band/Best Album of the Year/Best Live Band:

Skeletonwitch (Ohio) album - Serpents Unleashed (song: Unending, Everliving (1:00:17-END!))
One of my favorite bands of all time – a perfect combination of classic and thrash.  If you have never seen them live, you must.  They are the top live metal act.  Super charismatic and ever professional – there is no small show for them.  You won’t hear them complain about doing too much coke (Gypsyhawk I am looking at you).  This is their fifth studio album, and I think their best. I can’t believe they have yet another album that totally kicks original ass.  Super infectious, as they are known to be, and tight as all hell. 

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This is the FIRST of two shows where I countdown the “Best of” categories of my choosing.  Listen next week for the rest of the list, and my #1 album of the year!!

Best Fusion/Crossover Metal (Punk/Hardcore/Thrash):
Oozing Wound (Chicago) album - Retrash (song: New York Bands (0:28-6:48))

Tons of bands out there are integrating a bunch of genres into their sound, Oozing Wound does it the best.  It is way more complex than just plain crust or hardcore, you hear it when the metal riffs totally kick in seamlessly and you realize how talented this band really is.


Best Joyous Doom:
Magic Circle (Boston) album - Ride the Void (song: Scream Evil (8:06-14:05))

Don’t underestimate the power of 70’s retro.  Sure you can say they are derivative: this lead singer even sounds like Ozzy, but he has his own set of dulcet tones.  Let the sound wash over you.  Great jams, awesome album, really rocking.


Best Blackened Groove:

Take Over and Destroy (Phoenix) album - Endless Night (song: Boundaries of Flesh (14:45-20:24))

 “An American rock & roll band from the 1970s trapped inside a Scandinavian metal band from the 1990s".  Even though T.O.A.D. is crusty and ultimately dark, they also pull in very catchy grooves into their sound.  Not at all contrived, and completely fist-pumping music in the best way.


Best Black Metal:

Cultes Des Ghoules (Poland) album - Henbane (song: Festival of Devotion (20:48-29:44))

Black metal is supposed to follow a formula – it is a very strict genre.  This album is so evil and intense, which is normal, but I never got tired of listening to it.  The vocals are the highlight – seriously unique; and great tempo changes and climactic.  This is the black metal album to buy!

Runner-Up: Blut Aus Nord (France) album - What Once Was. . .Liber III
Started as a one-piece, the dude filled out his band and put together an absolute menacing black metal album, stark and cold as all fuck.  More traditional than Cultes Des Ghoules.


Best Post-Punk:

Beastmilk (Finland) album - Climax (song: You Are Now Under Our Control (30:41-34:12))

When a band makes you nostalgic for the music of your youth, you know they are doing something right. Here is a band that took the best from that era: Joy Division, the Cure, Echo. You can definitely see yourself dancing in a club in the 80’s with the cutest boy with the hair in his eyes 10 feet away, most likely gay.

Runner-Up: Vaura (NYC) album - The Missing


Best Anthemic:

Holy Grail (LA) album - Ride the Void (song: Bestia Triumphans (34:46-40:29))

To love Holy Grail is to see them live.  Every single person in the audience was singing with the lead singer.  The loyalty is surprising, considering this is a young band – only 2 albums.  You understand when you listen to the addictive, chorus-driven album.


Best 2-Piece:

Cara Neir (Dallas) album - Portals to a Better, Dead World (song: Closing Doors (41:11-44:48))
Cara Neir is obviously not as popular as the Body, but way more complex – a thick album with crazy drumming, tight as all hell guitar work. I just want to see them live. 

Runner-up: Zolle (Italy) album - Zolle

Completely instrumental psychedelic and stoner rock, with awesome leadups to climactic riffage

Honorable Mention: The Body (Portland) album – Christ, Redeemers

I have seen the Body about 5 times (they used to live in Providence and opened up for every touring band ever), and each time they annoy me just a little bit more. and I hate the lead singer live/screeching.  That said, their latest album is super good. The live shows made me not like them as much.  Note: too many live shows makes the audience more critical, so that is what you get.  I probably liked them the first time I saw them but I can’t remember so they can fuck off.

Best Saturday Afternoon band (i.e. most listened to album):

Kadavar (Germany) album – Abra Kadavar (song: black sun (45:53-5:59))

Last year this title went to Sons of Tonatiuh, a crust band with a rich album that I could listen to tirelessly. This year, the title goes to a classic psychedelic retro rock 70's style band, Kadavar.  I can listen to this at every party at my house, on every warm sunny Saturday that I am too lazy to go outside but I feel energetic enough to play some vinyl.  They jam so hard.


Best Crust:

Weekend Nachos (Chicago) album - Still (song: Watch You Suffer (52:33-55:53))

Weekend Nachos, Oozing Wound and Iron Reagan were made by the same crust God.  There are slight distinctions and very different albums: Weekend Nachos infuses power metal and dirty crust and extreme wit into their unique sound. And, they also get BEST BAND NAME, fuck.


#2 Band of the Year/Best Vocalist:

Batillus (Brooklyn) album - Concrete Sustain (song: Mirrors (56:55-END)

Listen to all my other shows when I play anything Batillus-related, and you will get a sense of how much I look up to this band.  Vocals are my number one instrument, when done right will make me a fan forever; when done wrong, I cannot listen beyond it.  Fade has the most powerful vocals right now.  He is also the influence of noise and industrial on the very metal band.  The band is the best to see live.  What is exciting for music lovers and fans is knowing they are JUST coming into their own.  Can’t wait to hear what is next.

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Happy New Year!! Eh.

Act of Impalement’s whole album has a ton of stuff going on, including crust and sick riffs.

Necromancer's Theme: Act of Impalement (Nashville) (0:28-4:31)

Baptists are filthy, new album came out early 2013 and I guess I missed them.  Glad I finally checked them out.

Soiled Roots: Baptists (Vancouver) (5:46-10:53)

Monkeypriest spinoff, so I was immediately intrigued – Monkeypriest is phenomenal fuzzy sludge.  This is more psychedelic, and incorporates a lot of instruments. 

Arrache-coeur: TENTUDÍA (Spain) (11:24-15:13)

A389 Recording's newest Napalm Christ, put together a vinyl of their demo stuff, and will be putting out a full debut album soon.  Members of Rwake and Pale Unearthed.

Nuclear Holy War: Napalm Christ (Arkansas) (15:48-19:57)

Your Highness is a beerriffic awesome band, and this split is a great way to check them out.


Death Knell: Your Highness (20:21-25:29)

Denver hardcore punk band that has a NSFW logo, that I kept opening to at work.

Piston: Catholic Girls (Denver) (26:25-30:03)

Seriously epic split from (who?) LWFDIHH and Uroboros.  Full-on album, dark and righteous.

Аякс: LWFDIHH (Russia) (30:25-35:41)

90’s death metal band out of the grave brings forth their version of modernized death. 

I Vomit This World: Mercyless (France) (35:57-38:33)

Primitive Man, who I forgot, even though everyone loves them, does this version of Crowbar.  I listened again, and remembered how brutal they are.

Suffering Brings Wisdom: Primitive Man (Denver) (38:52-45:17)

Italian black metal.

Engravings: Vollmond (Italy) (45:54-51:28)

Negative Standards and Whitehorse on a new split.  They are an Oakland “art crust” project, who use non-instruments in their sound.  They are anonymous.

XIII: Negative Standards (Oakland) (51:59-54:10)

Happy New Year with a nostalgic goodie!!

Surprise: a band from your high school memories

Direct download: She_Likes_It_Heavy_Show_98_123113.mp3
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Anorak brings it forth: thrash and hardcore, and a French vocalist.

I've never been: Anorak (France) (0:28-5:53)

Proggy blackened riffs, jamming out in their second E.P. release from the scourges of Baltimore.  

Iron Towers: Myopic (Baltimore) (6:37-14:27)

Heart-wrenching black metal, bringing me a Cure-like nostaligia.

Sleepeater: Aylwin (California) (15:29-21:00)

Norway’s Årabrot is witty and charming and rock it into your brain. 

The Bitter Tears Of Könt: Årabrot (Norway) (21:39-26:13)

Mollusk is a 2 piece, they focus on the technical, some spacey aspects, but all in all heavy

Hollowed: Mollusk (Cincinnati) (27:16-34:41)

Iron Reagan.  You better know this band.

Mini Lights: Iron Reagan (Richmond, VA) (34:49-36:22)

Australian groove beer band, but don’t underestimate them.  Really varied, I was surprised where they went with it – they break it down for sure.

Sorrow on Hill 105: I Exist (Australia) (36:47-42:40)

U.K.’s Bossk has a ton of different sounds, including a cover of Fleetwood Mac. 

Pick-up Artist: Bossk (U.K.) (43:07-45:52)

A “cinematic journey about the end of civilization on Mars.”  A one-person band, but not avante-garde, the guy really brings the sound with black and brutal and industrial and space. 

Vuoto: Phobonoid (Italy) (47:00-50:09)

Because I love Weekend Nachos, how about a song from their 2011 album.

The Meeting: Weekend Nachos (2011) (Chicago) (50:33-53:04)

A 16 minute E.P., (3) years in the making.

Letting The Vampire Kill You: Orphan Donor (Pennsylvania) (53:26-57:14)

Austrian hardcore!

Inflame. Exhume. Resign.: Withers (Austria) (57:25-END)

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Mutoid Man with members of Converge and Cave In, Ben from Converge moved to California and they want to have a west coast show.  Please let that happen.

Scavengers: Mutoid Man (Boston-ish/California) (0:28-3:16)

Gorgeous dark cover of the Cure on a split with Planks and O.  Lead singer of Tombs is guest vocal.

A Forest (cover of the Cure): Planks (Germany) (4:19-11:18)

Cold destructive brutality from an unexpected place.  I never heard it this brutal from Ireland.

Hallucinogen: Malthusian (Ireland) (11:44-17:11)

Iced Out and Razoreater are on one of the best splits this year, this is a gnarly filthy tune.  Heavy riffage from both bands.

Dead Men: Iced Out (U.K.) (17:22-20:05)

Black metal with gothic influence, including horror and lots of drama.

Flittermice As Satan Spys (Darkthrone Cover): L´Acephale (Portland) (20:29-27:05)

Heavy punk, influenced by the melancholy and hard hit of metal, but punk is on their minds.

100 times: Drip of Lies (Poland) (27:55-31:24)

Ambient ripples in heavy lake of black metal.

He Who Becomes: Lake of Blood (LA) (31:47-39:55)

I put out an intellectual question for you to consider.  ANOTHER SPLIT! With brutally screamy sludge. 2 piece and stuff.

Emaciate/Euthanise: Monolithian (U.K.) (40:31-44:17)

I guess another rockin beer band from. . Edmonton?

Invoking the Storms of Ahkiyyini: Northern Torment (Canada) (45:08-53:23)

Italian hardcore is hardcore brah.

Last Dose: Left in Ruins (Italy) (53:34-54:59)

Sludgey hardcore from the swedes..

At The Forests Edge: Totem Skin (Sweden)(55:19-end!)

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Greece has some of the best musicians, this band is perfect blackened crust, very tight, very energetic.

Πνιγερή Καταχνιά: Lethe (Greece) (0:28-4:32)

Swedish band that reminds me of At the Gates.  Members of famous Swedish bands like Entombed.  This is a great E.P., can’t wait to hear the full album.  They released the E.P. for free online.

Fahund: Torture Division (Sweden) (5:51-8:25)

Please sludge through this song by Fleshpress, I swear there is big payoff.  It totally reminds me of the oldest Neurosis albums – influenced by punk.  The Finnish have a knack for making something original out of played out genres. 

Golden Owl: Fleshpress (Finland) (8:59-14:59)

Thick psychedelic fuzz from the Finnish. 

Incarnation: Domovoyd (Finland) (15:12-20:24)

FINALLY, after 2 years the mighty Belgian 30,000 Monkies have a brand new E.P.  They are a great car band.

Imperial Staches: 30,000 Monkies (Belgium) (20:52-23:02)

Krallice spin-off Geryon is only bass and drums.  Progressive like Krallice.   Experimental and cold.

Birth: Geryon (NYC) (23:32-29:55)

Dirty groove from Denver.

Craven: In the Company of Serpents (Denver) (30:51-36:39)

Drugs of Faith manages to push grind into their fun punk style – totally a refreshing look at hardcore and grindcore and punk.  Their 2011 album made into a many top list, this is from their brand new E.P.   

Insanity: Drugs of Faith (D.C.) (37:10-39:29)

Vooram is a weirdo off a fun split, I dug his experimental style that took me into another place completely.

Ethereal Architect: Vooram (Chicago) (39:59-43:29)

Croatian hardcore, angry, catchy.

Koja je tvoja cijena: Ponor (Croatia) (43:48-47:58)

NWOBHM style from 30+ years old Hell, they cracked me up but I can’t help but me impressed with their technical prowess and fun-ness.

The Disposer Supreme: Hell (U.K.) (48:58-55:44)

Castevet spin-off Psalm Zero released 2 songs, soon to be a full album from Profound Lore.  I couldn’t really tell if I liked them from these 2 songs.  The Today is the Day cover kind of got on my nerves.  You decide. 

Force My Hand: Psalm Zero (NY) (56:30-END)

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How heavy is Coffins? Pretty much ruled me on this split with Noothgrush.

Drown In Revelation: Coffins (Japan) (0:28-6:47)

As YOB’s biggest fan, I had to listen to Lumbar and immediately love it.

Day One: Lumbar (super group) (7:43-12:45)

Seriously good stoner, great tempo changes and heavy riffs.

Chemotrophs: Lions of Tsavo (Austin) (13:09-18:00)

I talk about how Ghost sucks.  One person band The Sun. . is awesome avante garde but catchy stuff, and the vocalist is awesome.

Everyday Is Like Black Hole Svnday: The Sun Through A Telescope (Ottawa) (18:40-22:44)

UK black metal has some weird proggy pagan stuff breaking up the structure. 

Black Rumination: Code (U.K.) (23:08-28:05)

The Tacos!/Helms Alee is really fun.  Tacos! Is heavy, but still manages to integrate some neo-alternative.

Hairy Wood Elf: Tacos! (Seattle) (29:09-34:39)

Straight-forwarded stoner, but not boring, seriously.  My head was banging.

Peace, Love and GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE: Stone Titan (CT) (35:06-38:46)

Italian jammy fun brain candy.

The Road To Hell: Firelord (Italy) (39:07-44:52)

Pretty Mouth = hateful, but charming.  Perfect for me.

Eyes: Pretty Mouth (Toronto) (45:40-49:05)

Brain Candy song before being tortured with the last song

Snoop Dog (West Coast, fool) (49:11-52:43)

Pretty much torture music from Brutal Truth/Bastard Noise split, but this is for the benefit of your brain. 

The Stroy: Brutal Truth (NYC) (53:28-END!)

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I babble on about my love for Fade, his numerous incredible bands, his talent for tapping perfectly into what made 80's and 90's industrial so great while still retaining the most modern unique edge.  I think he is the most influential industrial artist right now.

Vestige Lights: Statiqbloom (Brooklyn) (0:28-6:18)

Skinny Puppy's best album since Too Dark Park.

saLvo: Skinny Puppy (formerly Vancouver/now LA) (9:11-12:56)

In continuation of the 120 Minutes vibe, gorgeous neo-alternative from members of Secret Chiefs, Kayo Dot, etc.

Incomplete Burning: Vaura (NYC) (13:19-18:42)

My new favorite 2-piece band.

Red Moon Foreboding: Cara Neir (Dallas) (19:11-24:53)

OMG THE BEST HEAVY METAL ALBUM THIS YEAR.  Total 80's music montage music.

March of the Masters of Doom: Crimson Dawn (Italy) (26:19-31:27)

From the smiling Danish blondes spews forth evil.

Tenebris: Hexis (Copenhagen) (31:57-33:58)

Czar first got on my nerves, and then I did a 180 to loving this truly varied album.

Fuming Rotter: Czar (Chicago) (34:33-39:04)

I am too old for Sick/Tired.

King of Dirt: Sick/Tired (Chicago) (39:46-44:05)

Frenchies Temple of Baal have become total pussies.  NOT.

The 10th Aethyr: Temple Of Baal (France) (45:06-51:30)

Spanish fuzz jam to make your thoughts bubbly.

Change Your Mind: Fungus (Spain) (51:41-57:05)

Just don't listen to the next band.  Your ears are too innocent.

Sepulchral Rites: Obliteration (Norway) (57:19-end!)


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I need pretty much straight up catchy, and it is here in this very riffy with some spacey elements album from Brooklyn.

Columbus: Blackout (Brooklyn) (0:28-4:36)




Frenchies Celeste has high standards: 3 years before this album came out, blackened hardcore done to perfection.



Laissé pour compte comme un bâtard: Celeste (France) (5:37-10:31)

You like screaming Swedish? Pyramido's third album crushes.

Fosie: Pyramido (Sweden) (10:59-16:02)

OK, I love Hexvessel.  Who knew that the lead singer can do a perfect post-punk sound too?? Finnish really push the limits in standards in talent.

Strange Attractors: Beastmilk (Finland) (16:48-22:31)

Straight up crusty hardcore from Switzerland's Elizabeth, who will be following up this free download with a full album in December.

Created Enemies: Elizabeth (Switzerland) (22:47-24:51)

Fun old school thrash album, really catchy stuff here.

Rat Eater: Toxic Holocaust (Portland) (25:43-29:24)

Solo experimental creepy horror metal from Australia.

Hair, Skin, Nails: Uboa (Melbourne) (29:56-36:04)

The singing can get on my nerves, but East of the Wall is great technical proggy stuff.

Obfuscator Dye: East of the Wall (NJ) (36:29-41:26)

A great southern raw garage sound. 

I Am An Amateur At Everything: Whores (Atlanta) (41:55-47:02)

Sea of Bones has come out with a huge album, one song is 40 minutes.  At one point, there was the rawest most badass black metal drumming going OFF.  This shit is immense.

Black Arm: Sea of Bones (Connecticut - a stupid state) (48:04-54:25)

Yeah, you come up with a great band name? I will listen to your shit.  AND, it is super catchy?  Good job.

Rest In Pieces, Sir: Swarm of Spheres (Ottawa) (54:47-END!)


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Skeletonwitch is one of the best bands to see live because they take it seriously and you know they won't complain about doing too much coke the night before.  They perform, and it is immense.  Run out and buy this album pronto as they are one of the best thrash bands. . ever.  

Unending, Everliving: Skeletonwitch (Ohio) New! (0:28-3:32) 

Lots of new modern hardcore is not just for mosh pits.  They break it up and make you think, like french-speaking Cortez.  

Un lendemain sans chaine...: Cortez (Switzerland) New! (4:29-8:41) 

4 years in the making, Gnaw come out with a torture album of noise.  But still climactic and satisfying. 

Vulture: Gnaw (NYC) New! (9:16-15:43) 

Scott Kelly is obviously one of the best vocalists and writers ever, but we do not need his style of dark folk on this album.  It is egotistical, and I wish he stayed pure to the industrial side of this album, which is the true highlight.   

Dirt Poor And Mentally III: Corrections House (US) New!(16:32-22:37) 

Navajo Witch, say it out loud.  A hot raven beauty will appear and rip your face off. 

Corpse Powder: Navajo Witch (Tennessee) New! (22:57-28:00) 

Raw and bleak is not where Ignominy stops - they pump in different genres that really take this album to a higher plateau. 

Gluework: Arms Bending Backwards: Ignominy (Sweden) New!(29:00-32:20) 

Spacy dark doom plucking emotional strings, coming from where else, Kentucky.   

The Pillars of Creation: Seidr (Kentucky) New!(32:44-39:21) 

Grind, but again, plain genres is not cutting it anymore. Imperial Triumphant has a huge album of sound. 

Gomorrah: Imperial Triumphant (NYC) New!(39:37-45:20) 

Originally a one-person band, but he decided to bring in permanent members to round out his satanic, but yet socially acceptable, cult.  

III: Blut Aus Nord (France) New!(46:18-49:36) 

Around for over 30 years, Death Angel is a touring beast and have pumped in new blood in their band that has obviously enrichened their sound.  Nuclear Blast took notice.  

Son of the Morning: Death Angel (San Francisco) New!(49:58-53:57) 

You would think that Matt Pike's health issues and white bulbuous belly may get in the way of High on Fire being fast and badass, but apparently this is not correct.   

Slave the Hive: High on Fire (Oakland) New!(54:26-end)

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Pennsylvanian horror metal/short hairy men walking around speaking with the sound of a cracked whip 

Beneath The Flood: Albatwitch (Pennsylvania) New! (0:28-3:28) 

The epicness of Opeth's song structures, but less cheese and more metal - you know, when Opeth ruled. 

Cavernous: Castevet (NYC) New! (4:32-11:43) 

Short demo that contains my favorite genre: blackened shrieks of romantic riffy sludge.  
Download for free: 

Progressive Blindness: Litany of Regrets (Italy) New! (12:13-16:58) 

Fade, who I love, is not only in the brilliant Batillus, but also in this straight-up industrial band Theologian. 

Black Cavern Myopia: Theologian (NYC) New! (17:41-22:04) 

Mutha f'ing loud. 

Denial of the Species: The Body (Portland, OR) New! (23:00-26:58) 

Super tight crust that breaks down in technical riffs all over the place. 

Born Under A Guillotine: Deathrite (Germany) New! (27:08-29:22) 

I talk about why putting up free electronic downloads for bands that self-release is a GREAT idea. Kerala is smart mathy badass prog. 

Pyramid of Darkness: Kerala (Canada) New! (29:48-34:32) 

I had no idea this was an all-female band.  It has nothing to do with me loving them. Their slayer tribute band name is Slaywhore. 

Final Hour: Mortals (Brooklyn)  New! (34:59-42:12) 

A little different sound - heavy electronica. 

All Human is Error: Teeth of the Sea (London) New! (43:04-47:05) 

Mike Scheidt gives his 2 cents to this Red Fang song! 

Dawn Rising: Red Fang (Portland) New! (47:23-53:34) 

El Camino's vocals are my favorite part of this very catchy album. 

Torn: El Camino (Sweden) New! (54:07-END) 


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Oranssi Pazuzu is too weird to pick a genre.  Let's leave it at experimental psychedelic black metal.  They have been on my yearly top list before.  

TyhjÄ Temppeli: Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland) New! (0:28-4:44) 

Epic breakdowns in the midst of extreme.   

Tragic Orbit: A Doomed Cosmic Starship: Orbweaver (Miami) New! (5:52-12:17) 

Earthless is jamming madness.  As tight and perfect as ever. 

Violence Of The Red Sea: Earthless (San Diego) New! (12:39-20:34) 

You can hear that Gigan is from Florida, those crazy Floridians.  Then they moved to Chicago to become huge.  This is technical extreme stuff, but in compositions that are ok for the non-extreme ear. 

Obsidian Sun: Gigan (Chicago) New! (21:27-25:31) 

F'n 80's bro. 

No Peace Beyond The Line: Argus (Pennsylvania) New! (26:17-31:04) 

A fully diverse album with an incredible vocalist, they dive into rock, black metal, acoustic. 

Inamorata: Night Heir (Portland, OR) New! (31:37-37:58) 

Domovoyd is solid Finnish massive sludge. 

Mammoth: Domovoyd (Finland) (from 2012 E.P., new album releases this week) (38:30-44:43) 

Divey crusty Brooklyn band Villains will probably kick your ass. 

Drinking Double Acting Single: Villains (Brooklyn) New! (45:44-48:49) 

Female vocalist tells you to F off in classic thrash tunes.  Yep, I'd listen. 

F.O.A.D: Mortillery (Edmonton, Canada) early 2013 (49:04-53:17) 

Truly astounding album from Mexico, it took me by surprise, maybe it shouldn't, at how huge this album is.  Mega diverse, extremely tight.   

Ingolstadt: Akûma (Mexico) 2012 (54:03-END!) 


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I talk about nachos and eating nachos and weirdos from Dekalb. 

S.C.A.B.: Weekend Nachos (Dekalb, Illinois - NOT CHICAGO (this is important to Tom)) New! (0:28-2:03) 

Awesome thrash from Chicago, which has the best scene in the country right now. 

Welcome to the Spaceship, Motherfucker: Oozing Wound (Chicago) New! (3:37-6:33) 

The new Bloody Hammers is terrible, and I discuss why.  I also talk about why super groups are usually stupid, except for Doomriders.  Anything Converge-related can't suck anyway. 

Grand Blood: Doomriders (Boston) New! (7:00-10:43) 

Black experimentalists from Finland, working with lo-fi, under-produced sound. 

Ruumis Loi Itsensa Omaksi Kuvakseen: Mörkö (Finland) New! (11:04-17:55) 

In the running for best drone.  The band plays with the idea of being plain badass, but keeps a tight rein on it. You have to check out the album to hear what I am talking about.

Within the Light of Fire:  Wolvserpent (Boise) New! (18:18-25:39) 

I discuss why Hemlock cannot book large shows, and Hornsss stealing the show a couple of weekends ago. 

The Maker of Moons: Hornss (San Francisco) (26:56-29:53) 

Very pretty, brings to mind melodic Neurosis. 

Rain Have Mercy: Nonsun (Ukraine) New! (30:05-36:48) 

Another super group, this one with the lead singer of Darkthrone.  There is a versatility here that is surprising. 

Skeleton Sand: Sarke (Norway) New! (37:22-43:11) 

And another band with a famous musician, this one from Candlemass.  The lead singer is female, sounds a bit like Blood Ceremony. 

Boneflower: Avatarium (Sweden) New! (44:16-49:34) 

Italian psychedelic cult pagan space rock. 

Locrian: Woodwall (Italy) New! (49:48-54:12) 

Hypnos comes out with a debut album that rivals the new Cult of Luna.  A special goodbye, for Josh's sake. 

The Fall: Hypnos: (France) New! (54:42-END!) 

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A show of favorites, don't miss this one! Especially if you hate my voice, because I don’t talk in this show – just the music. Just in case you missed them the first time around- these are albums that I listen to over and over again.

I couldn't believe how awesomely this blackened thrash band hit my heart. Technical riffs galore, I want to see them live.

Dark Path: Earthling (Virginia) (2013) (0:28-5:16)

Yeah. Guitar solos rising up from Canada, and pumping straight through your fist.

Giants: Anciients (Vancouver) (2013) (5:17-12:36)

Playing at Slim's in November - complete and utter weirdos who I imagine frolicking in the woods with unicorns.

Rivfader: Finntroll (Finland) (2013) (12:37-16:40)

From the brains of one of the best Swedish bands of all time (Dozer) comes a super jammy, sexy, catchy band with even thicker compositions. Greenleaf needs to be heard!

Dreamcatcher: Greenleaf (Sweden) (2012) (16:41-20:29)

Brilliant, avante-garde black metal with a full sense of humor. New album at the end of October. I am so in love with how insane their thoughts are, but in the most approachable way.

Loputon tuntematon: Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland) (2011) (20:30-26:19)

You will want to eat this album while laying in a field high as a bubble in the blue sky. Every song is delicious, from beginning until end.

Disappear: Asteroid (Sweden) (2010) (26:51-32:10)

I keep promoting this band, because their albums are that strong - extremely versatile but still that blackened thick sludge with powerful vocals.

Violence IV: Global Nuclear Annihilation: Fister (St. Louis) (2013) (32:11-37:50)

How this band has been overlooked for the more popular Swedish bands, I have no idea. This entire album is brilliant. It doesn't fit neatly into any genre pocket - but it does lean towards the creepy occult stuff

Svantovit: Obrero (Sweden) (2011) (37:51-42:47)

The new "IT" band, but with great reason, not some crap mainstream one. They bend your beliefs in what to expect from a retro sound. A perfect rock album, with just a hint of high school parking lot

Kings Highway: Scorpion Child (Austin TX) (2013) (43:18-47:30)

Thrash done to technical heaven. Super old school with super modern twists. Brilliant band, don't underestimate them as purely conceptual. Spin-off of White Wizzard, Bassist is ex-Skeletonwitch.

Bestia Triumphans: Holy Grail (Pasadena) (2013) (47:31-53:19)

Founded by the brilliant Dave Schmidt, also of Sula Bassana fame, and many German space rock projects

Doomsday Machine: Electric Moon (Germany) (2011) (53:30-END!)
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Obelyskkh's third album rocks, so I can imagine their two well-regarded albums are awesome. 

The Man Within: Obelyskkh (Germany) New! (0:28-6:37) 

Blackened sludge from a hard-working band. 

The Black Blood of Aeons: Forced (NY) New! (8:20-12:43) 

Pallbearer style vocals? I don't know, what do I knowMelancholy and catchy, fuzzy and long songs 

Orchard: Windhand (Richmond) New!(13:24-19:23) 

Psychedelic stoner for the young at heart. 

Neptune: Black Willows (Switzerland)  New! (19:47-28:31) 

No nazi crap for this Germanic black metal bandOn a new split with Hiveburner. 

the faceless: Ancst (Germany) New! (29:28-31:42) 

Cult of Luna has become more atmospheric and don't shy from delving in the melodic. 

Shun the Mask: Cult of Luna (Sweden) Newish! (32:09-38:58) 

Mountain High would "love to play your house, basement, moms garage, local vfw hall, stadium, or coffee shop." I listened to the whole album, nuff said. 

Suneater: Mountain High (Philly) New! (39:31-46:56) 

More eastern european dark stuff from Belarus band Roddone. 

My dark passenger: Roddone (Belarus) New! (47:41-50:15) 

I imagine Northless to be hairy and into whiskey, as they are from Milwaukee, and that is all I imagine Milwaukee to be. 

Wither and Escape: Northless (Milwaukee) New! (50:40-53:54) 

Estonia is an awesome source of metal now, love that country. Estonia is #1!! (I'm racist) 

tides: Nordlost (Estonia) New! (54:27-END!!)

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An intensity-creating climactic badass album from All Pigs Must Die.  This album will be competing with the top albums of the year.  NOT ordinary hardcore. 
ARTICLES OF HUMAN WEAKNESS: All Pigs Must Die (Boston area) New! (0:28-5:11) 
Heavy on the 70's stuff this week, as many were recently released! 
The first of the bluesy-rock bands is Netherlands Abe Diddy - released this week on vinyl.  Holy crap, one of the best in this genre. 
Follow: Abe Diddy & The Kraut Boys (Netherlands) (2012, New vinyl release 2013) (6:14-12:50) 
Horisont is up there with Graveyard, which says a lot.  This album releases in October! 
Writing on the Wall: Horisont (Sweden) New! (13:13-16:50) 
Experimental sludge intensity from. . Argentina!!?? Yes, and do NOT underestimate this powerhouse.  The changes in tempo, horns and strings in each song will keep you guessing.  This is from a split with German band Neh Czneg. 
La Paciencia del Cuchillo: Asilo (Argentina) New! (17:25-24:26) 
I explain why us old fogies that grew up with goth and industrial don't like making way for new goth and industrial, but this post-punk neo-goth band plucked my nostalgic strings just right!  This song goes out to Tom, who loves the Mission (U.K.). 
To London or the Lake: Night Sins (Philly) New! (25:35-29:01) 
Brand new 7" from Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats! 
Mind Crawler: Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats (U.K.) (29:24-33:55) 
The bass is insanely down-tuned. 
The Grey: Nomadic Rituals (Ireland) New! (34:07-39:57) 
Nixa has a 2-song E.P.  that was awesome enough to keep my ears perked.   Super catchy! 
Superior: Nixa (Miami) New! (40:23-45:15) 
Watch out for this bluesy psychedelic rock from London-ites Bright Curse (I think the lead singer is actually French, if you care) 
Mind Traveller: Bright Curse (London) New! (46:06-53:45) 
Swedish vocals on another strong revitalist SWEDISH (i.e.superior) band 
Bluesbeater: Atlas (Sweden) New! (54:19-END!) 
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I talk about Christian Mingle.  There are about 4 bands this week that have a smattering of cheese, but that is metal for you.

New album by Horseback of unreleased material, which really shows their versatility, including dark pop.  POP. Their usual experimental, landscape, raspy vocals, and extreme metal.
Awesome, highly recommended - 3 discs.

On the Eclipse: Horseback (Chapel Hill) New! (0:28-5:33)

Sweden has a good amount of cheese, and Watain does not avoid it.  Good solid deathy-influenced rock.  They say they are black metal, but I don't see it in this album.  The lead singer talks about black metal being a concept and way of life, uh ok.  Whateves.  I don't care, call yourself pink, be what you want bro.  They are touring with In Solitude and Tribulation.

Outlaw: Watain (Sweden) New! (6:38-11:41)


Dasein: Fórn (Boston) New! (12:08-19:09)

Just a little alternative psychedelic lyrical pretty balm before Ulcerate, shall we?  Njiqahdda has tons of stuff - and is a little like Horseback where you are impressed with the amount of genres they are able to cover.

A Bitter Black Wind: Njiqahdda (Illinois) New! (20:01-24:10)

Drumming-loving Ulcerate is a loose death metal, ya know?  Not formulaic, so this album will go far in the charts this year.

Weight of Emptiness: Ulcerate (New Zealand) New! (25:11-31:57)

Catchy German cheese.  Wait, sounds like a super gross venereal disease.

This is the Lie: The Moth (Germany) New! (32:16-35:57)

Please don't say harmonic or symphonic to me.  OK, you put some melody in your music, who cares.  Thrash with some melody, fine.  Don't call attention to it.  This band is super tight and talented and riffed out, so that is good.

Into the Transient Abyss: Vrawsche (Boston) New! (36:21-42:45)

I for sure think In Solitude has members of Ghost - both bands are cheese.  Full album coming out on Metal Blade.  The lead singer sounds like the Mission U.K.!!  Goth influence abounds!! 

Sister: In Solitude (Sweden) New! (44:06-49:47)

Listen to the whole song, this album is really well thought out, nice sludgy hard stuff from Portugal. 

Drawn: Monte Penumbra (Portugal) (50:12-55:38)

Crust! B.O.! Patched clothing!  OK, I can do without the smell and the style, but the energy is what I need sometimes.  This has veins of crust running through.  Gross, veins of crust. 

Empty Eyes: Zügellos (Switzerland) (56:17-END)



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I can't help focusing on one genre over another sometimes, even though some fans don't like the accidental focus! Depends on the waves of what is new at the time. 

Tribulation techs out, but doesn't become nerd cheese progressive.  

Rånda: Tribulation (Sweden) New! (0:28-6:36)

Phantom Glue is a solid fun riffy sludgy album with great vocals that don't annoy me after listening to a hundred albums in a row putting this stupid show together.   

Test Pattern: Phantom Glue (Boston) New! (8:02-13:02)

Earthling may make my top albums of 2013. Thrash, blackened, classic metal with modern evil twists?  

Pass Into Beyond: Earthling (Richmond, VA) New! (14:15-21:00)

Dark Buddha Rising is the epitome of psychedelic perfected. Whisky is needed.

M: Dark Buddha Rising (Finland) New! (21:32-27:11)

My favorite French hardcore band, not classic hardcore, tons of slowed down metal riffs breaking the sound.

Smell of An Addict: Cowards (France) (28:07-31:56)

I talk about the top notch bands from Greece, blowing most of the international scene out of their sky blue water.

The End of the Sun: Lunatic Medlar (Greece) New! (32:24-38:06)

Wreck and Reference is industrial, the lead singer plays some synth thingy wildly on stage.

Absurdities & Echoes: Wreck and Reference (LA) (38:30-42:12) 

School's Out for the Summer in the beginning riff perhaps. Poland is becoming a Finland, they are pure and raw in their creativity.  

Zoloft: Nihilosaur (Poland) (42:38-46:58)

Finland. Nuff said.

In Lunacy: Muawijhe (Finland) New! (47:43-54:21)

Members of Electric Wizard and Ramesses, but more evil.

Reapers Ruin: 11 Paranoias (U.K) New! (55:02-END)

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Talking about my new nickname Empress of Metal, starting and ending with Josh Martin.  Dead in the Dirt is vegan and proud, hailing from the age of straight edge.  Really thick riffs that break up the grind.
Will Is The War: Dead in the Dirt (Atlanta) New! (0:28-3:24)

Anicon is rhythmic black metal and has satisfying breakdowns. 
Free on bandcamp:

A Nest of Suns: Anicon (Brooklyn) New! (4:27-11:22)

No longer a lonely 2, now 4 that thickens the mix literally.  The vocalist screams just right to make me blush.  Groovy. 

8 Dead (In A Mobile Home): Hollow Leg (Florida) New! (11:40-17:19)

First off, my friend Jules cracks me the hell up.  I was upfront at the Botanist show, we were just a tiny bit tipsy, and she made me notice the following:

1) Botanist's drummer was facing the wall (very Blair Witch Project)
2) The drummer sews the band's robes on his mom's sewing machine
3) His mom IS the botanist
4) The lead singer, the mutha f'n lead singer is a DEAD MUTHA F'N RINGER TO ASHTON KUTCHER.  I don't think you understand.
Outside of these stories, they rule, and you cannot miss them the next time they play.
Nighshade (Mandragora II): Botanist (San Francisco) New! (18:39-23:41)
Garage-y raw punk on my show you say? Yeah, why not.  The bros are from metal bands, and the singer is evil enough to make the cut.  Good album! 

Cracked Flesh: Raspberry Bulbs (NYC) New! (24:46-29:17)

Hailed as psychedelic black metal, which to me is a little different. I think psychedelic black metal is when organic sounds break up the wall of cold black metal.  This is more experimental black metal - ambient, landscape soundtrack mixed in the wall of cold black metal. 

Sex augu, tólf stjörnur: Wormlust (Iceland) New! (30:04-37:24)
I don't play straight hardcore, come on! Illustrations follows its hardcore path, but they are complex and I dig the romantic lyrics, vocals and emotion. 
Leave Me: Illustrations (San Antonio) New! (37:57-43:32)
Bro from Aldebaran and bro from Unearthly Trance/Serpentine Path coupled and gave birth to Howling Wind - their gay love child is darker and deadlier. They apparently did not go the big record route and self-released (spooged) it out.

Waves Come Crashing Down: Howling Wind (Portland/NY) New!(44:28-49:43)


Belgium! Belgium! Home of hot drunk guys! Um, what? Oh, this is rock or something. 

Sea of Trees: Pektop (Belgium) (49:57-54:00)

Rosetta is touring right now with your faves Ken Mode, and yeah, what else, I don't know.   


Fudo / The Immovable Deity: Rosetta (Philadelphia) New! (54:32-END)

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The stench of my show is back in full force!

Revitalists Scorpion Child has a debut album that dabbles in both early 70's and 80's vocals.

Polygon of Eyes: Scorpion Child (Austin, TX) New!(0:28-4:51)

Mammoth Grinder comes in a neat little 30 minute package of galloping hardcore technical metal, even a little doom.

Cogs in the Machine: Mammoth Grinder (Austin, TX) New! (5:38-8:45)

2 piece Beast in the Field packs a thick loud sound of fun.

Wakan Tanka: Beast In The Field (Michigan) New!(9:03-14:21)

Reminiscent of Karp in places, Black Tusk has a new upbeat album.

Internal/External: Black Tusk (Georgia) New! (14:32-19:17)

Modern psychedelic hard riffed Canadian band Pyres has some epic guitars.

Deserter: Pyres (Toronto) New! (19:47-24:28)

Don't dismiss geÄst as just another black metal band.  This is something to check out! The riffs totally break, they have some awesome fun sounds in here.

NebellebeN: geÄst (Germany) New!(25:20-31:39)

Swedish swedish gorgeous rock.

AMANITA KINGDOM: Waning Moon (Sweden) New!(31:56-38:56)

Revocation does thrash perfectly.  Perfectly.

Invidious: Revocation (Boston) New! (39:23-43:48)

Old school Integrity has come out with something totally classic heavy metal, with a touch of hardcore - their specialty. 

Lucifer Before The Day Doth Go: Integrity (Cleveland) New!(44:15-47:55)

Memphis's version of Batillus?!?  This band has it going on.

Son of Crow: Crowlord (Memphis) New!(48:46-54:55)

Yellow Eyes is becoming one of my favorite truly underground black sounds, and from NYC, that place gets it right a lot of the time.

Hammer of Night: Yellow Eyes (NYC) New!(55:25-end)

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This is my second week of semi-vacation from the show.  I am feeling especially nostalgic lately, could be that I am turning 40 this week and I feel really far removed from my childhood, AND I AM SAD ABOUT THAT.  I started last week with some new wave and alternative songs, and this week is some high school parking lot music. 

Welcome Home (Sanitarium): Metallica (0:28-6:52)

I’m Eighteen: Alice Cooper (6:53-9:44)

18 and Life: Skid Row (9:45-13:33)

In Trance (Live): Scorpions (13:34-17:34)

When The Children Cry: White Lion (17:35-21:43)

Here I Go Again: Whitesnake (21:44-26:13)

In the Night: Triumph (26:43-32:50)

Metal Health: Quiet Riot (32:51-38:05)

Nobody’s Fool: Cinderella (38:06-42:41)

Bringing on the Heartbreak/Switch 625: Def Leppard  (43:13-50:48)

Sweet Emotion: Aerosmith (50:49-55:38)

Would: Alice in Chains (55:39-END!)

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July is super busy, and so the next 2 weeks are a semi-vacation for me.  It is a pure music show, no commentary/no annoying indian voice! I will be back with metal in August!! Next week will be another Summer music show. . .

Hold Out: Washed Out (playing on August 25th in LA with the Melvins and My Bloody Valentine) (0:28-3:55) – for Meg!

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before: The Smiths (3:56-7:25)

Monkey Gone To Heaven: Pixies (7:26-10:20)

Violet: Hole (10:21-13:41)

Crank: Catherine Wheel (13:42-17:16)

My Curse: Afghan Whigs (17:17-22:59)

Lie To Me: Depeche Mode (23:30-28:21)

Black Planet: Sisters of Mercy (28:22-32:42)

The Passion of Lovers: Bauhaus (32:43-36:28)

Suspicion: Gene Loves Jezebel (36:29-40:05)

Revenge: Ministry (40:06-43:52)

Disintegration: The Cure (44:24-51:56)

She Sells Sanctuary: The Cult (51:57-56:07)

Addiction: Skinny Puppy (57-08-END!)

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Proggy instrumental Italian 2 piece gets some synth help from Ufomammut

Mayale: Zolle (Italy) New! (0:28-3:18)

I complain.

Old school 1989 song from Bolt Thrower, who just played at Maryland Deathfest and had a mini-tour.  They were pissed off a few years ago when Earache reissued Realm of Chaos, because they got no royalties.  Earache bastards. 

All That Remains: Bolt Thrower (U.K.) (not mutha fucking new bros) (4:33-9:08)

Solid Milwaukee Maidens have a debut album that reminds me of good Isis.

Lands of the Blind: Maidens (Milwaukee) New! (9:21-13:19)

Hot mama lead singer in Blood Ceremony may play the dorky flute, but she also kicks ass.  I saw her open for Ghost, and all the guys were drooling. 

Goodbye Gemini: Blood Ceremony (Canada) New! (13:52-18:07)

Sadgiqacea, who I have played a couple of times, is touring and promoting with their fellow Philly-ites Hivelords who I ALSO have played a couple of times.  Both have new albums!!

Atavus Lich: Hivelords  (Philadelphia) New! (18:35-25:05)

Swedish One Inch Giant sings accompanied with a very catchy riffy party album.

Only Scorn Remains: One Inch Giant (Sweden) New! (25:57-29:59)

Autopsy comes through with raw, and not over-produced.  Chris Reifert of Autopsy and Death is in the following metal cookbook:

Running From the Goathead: Autopsy (Concord) New! (30:18-34:43)

Chicago is excelling in artsy fartsy experimentation.  A lot of it has climactic riffs in the middle of dark ambient, which I like.  You can also check out Wrekmeister Harmonies who have played in a Chicago museum and cemetery.

Panorama Of Mirrors: Locrian (Chicago) New! (35:05-41:41)

Swedish crust kicks you in the gut in a very satisfying way.  Swedish vocals are hot!

Kan Du Bli Optimal: Fredag Den 13e (Sweden)  (42:32-46:46)

Dark menace, I mean, very menace-y.

Pale Dawn Rising: The Vein (Denmark) New! (47:52-54:55)

Hells Headbangers Records new comp is a must have!   

Circle Of Serpents: Denouncement Pyre (Australia) New! (55:18-END)

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Aggressive and catchy riffs, this is an album to buy FO SHO.

Howling House: Take Over and Destroy (TOAD) (Arizona) New! (0:28-5:10)

I talk about loving the Finnish and their weird isolated ways.   

Forest: Horse Latitudes (Finland) New! (6:02-12:06)

Menacing and slower than the usual black metal.

Hordes Of The North: Solothus (Finland) New! (12:27-19:53)

Psychedelia from Finland!

Transmission from the Mad Arab: Cardinals Folly (Finland) New! (20:09-21:57)

Super group of grind band members create a conceptual band based on the TV series “V”!!! Huh?

Deadly Viral Strain: Quest of Aidance (Sweden) New! (22:26-26:05)

Om goes dub.

Addis Ababa: Om (Oakland) New! (dub) (26:52-31:14)

Black Sheep Wall has one of the sexiest vocals.  Brutal and emotional, not pussy.

Provider: Black Sheep Wall (LA) New! (31:35-36:50)

Japanese soundtrack for animated alien porn (at least in my head). 

The Golden Apples Of The Sun Pt.1: Zletovsko (Japan) New! (37:07-42:06)

Canada does psychedelic black metal – which means they break up the harshness with organic sounds.

The Medusa Picture: Paths (Canada) New! (42:29-46:55)

Cult of Occult is way more diverse than this song is letting on. Hopefully you see how catchy and rocking they are.

DCLXVI: Cult Of Occult (France) New! (47:36-50:26)

Italian groove with some evil accompanying vocals.

Mad Donna: Stöner Kebab (Italy) New! (50:35-54:16)

Brooklyn band comes out with some rock with grunge-y vocals – which I love in this band.

The Toe: Kings Destroy (Brooklyn) New! (54:53-END!)




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SPECIAL SHOW THIS WEEK going over bands with albums that is completely addictive, from start to finish.  These are some of my favorite albums of the last couple of years, you shouldn’t miss out on any of them.

Idylls of the Chosen Damned: Cultes Des Ghoules (Poland) New! (0:28-7:34)

Gritty, neck ripping riffs from Cultes Des Ghoules.  Super long songs, I had to cut 8 minutes off this one.

The latest album from Oranssi Pazuzu is one of my top albums of the last couple of years.  The whole album encompasses a bunch of different genres, including evil.  Super stylish and weird – not surprising they are Finnish! 

Komeetta: Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland) 2011 (8:44-15:17)

Vektor is like the little brother of Skeletonwitch – technical but catchy, super speed. 

Echoless Chamber: Vektor (Arizona) 2011 (15:54-21:08)

Magic Circle has badass on top of sexy 70’s riffs.  Can’t get enough of this new album.

Magic Circle - Cloven In Two: Magic Circle (Boston) New! (21:24-28:50)

Spin-off of White Wizzard – check out their ridiculous youtube videos:

However Holy Grail is definitely not tongue-in-cheek.

Bleeding Stone: Holy Grail (LA) 2012 (29:34-33:53)

One of the loudest bands of last year, with industrial blood pumping through, Black Shape of Nexus is also very German.

400H: Black Shape Of Nexus (Germany) 2012 (34:24-40:20)

Bezoar has some of the best vocals, just happens to be female, and great deep bass accompaniment. 

Friend Of My Enemy: Bezoar (Brooklyn) 2012 (40:39-45:42)

I love Fade from Batillus, drool.

Cast: Batillus (Brooklyn) New! (46:27-50:34)

This is an album that has heavy rotation on the weekends in my house.

Chain up the Masses: Sons of Tonatiuh (Atlanta) 2012 (50:51-55:18)

Fister is twisted, I love the two albums I have heard.  They have a brand new live album, which makes me really really want to see them live.

Gemini: Fister (St. Louis) New! (56:00-END)

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Hairy Berlin band Kadavar has made the leap from TeePee Records to Nuclear Blast because I guess they are getting popular.  One of the best 70’s Revitalist bands, up there with Graveyard. 

Doomsday Machine: Kadavar (Berlin) New! (0:28-5:12)

New Church of Misery is fun.

Brother Bishop: Church of Misery (Japan) New! (5:54-13:09)

Evile started off as a Metallica cover band and it shines through.  Kill ‘Em All and James Hetfield all over this.  Classic thrash. 

Words of the Dead: Evile (U.K.) New! (13:36-17:50)

French Seth is speed (reminds me of Skeletonwitch!) and black and horror, but lighter than dark. 

In Aching Agony: Seth (France) New! (18:16-24:19)

One of my weirdo friends is in Young Lions.

TheCracksInEverything: Young Lions (Oakland/SF) New! (25:12-30:58)

EPIC Eibon is catchy raspy epicness.  2 new songs and 40 minutes, I had to cut this song short.

The Void Settlers: Eibon (France) New! (31:28-38:02)

New Mercyful Fate! Ok, a new Norwegian band that definitely loves Mercyful Fate anyway. 

Master of the Temple:  Magister Templi (Norway) New! (38:16-44:13)

Estonians make beer-riffic rock.  It is an amalgamation of sludge and 70’s and weird vocals.

Wooden Spaceship: Liblikas (Estonia) New! (45:07-51:22)

Instrumental stoner band bros.

Perlenbacher: Wangunst (Netherlands) New! (51:30-53:13)

English band loves their Sabbath roots.

Rush of Power: Age of Taurus (U.K.) New! (53:27-END)

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Formidine: Acolyte (Manchester) New! (0:28-6:32)

I have played this Philly band before, and now they have scored a record label.  2 piece, playing their version of black, trippy riffs.

False Prism: Sadgiqacea (Philadelphia) New! (7:53-13:59)

Italy breeds them rockin’ and jammin’. 

So Deep: Ape Skull (Italy) New! (14:19-19:40)

Cardinal Wyrm is bay area’s own – they will be opening for Sabbat in October.  Their album is dirty and riffy and fun.

The Circle: Cardinal Wyrm (Oakland) New! (20:13-27:14)

More awesomeness from Canada.  They get the idea of dark without pressing too hard on your skull.

Happy Entrails: Wakeless (Ontario) 2012 (28:04-33:21)

Denmark is gaining traction in weird metal.  Guttural and romantic dark atmosphere.

Mesmerizing Holy Death: Cerekloth (Denmark) New! (33:42-38:55)

Electronic and industrial, definitely listens to Skinny Puppy.

A Road of Gravel and Skulls: The Moth Gatherer (Sweden) New! (39:21-45:59)

America’s version of At The Gates, and have taken on Corey Hart’s Sunglasses at Night.

Unwelcome: Arsis (Virginia) New! (46:35-50:14)

Raw metal from Italy, once again showing their prowess in every genre.

Manifestation Of The Curse: Ars Macabra (Italy) New! (50:31-56:01)

Gorgeous French metal, super atmospheric, great vocals, one of my faves from this area. 

Abyss: Crown (France) New! (56:32-END)

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Vektor! Vektor!! I love this band – if you can, check them out live at the Parkside on Saturday of Memorial day weekend.  This song is LIVE and on their new E.P.

Tetrastructural Minds: Vektor (Arizona) New E.P.! (0:28-5:45)

Swedish Agrimonia is sweetened black metal, I hear some emotion.

The Battle Fought: Agrimonia (Sweden) New! (6:23-13:04)

Psychedelic rocking and stuff, heavy riffs.

Whispers of Chaos: Valfader (England) New! (13:21-21:15)

A couple of minutes of mosh your face in hardcore.  By the way, don’t touch me if we are in the pit, I hate you mosher.

Armchair Activist: Gets Worse (U.K.) (21:29-23:06)

Hexvessel focuses on their bluesy 60’s turning into 70’s vocals.  Bro from the U.K. went to Finland to pick up the rest of the guys in the band.

Tunnel at the End of the Light: Hexvessel (Finland) New! (23:46-29:15)

Brutal technical Frenchie stuff.  Picture a metal band and a toy yorkie with a beret.

In Utero: A Place of Hatred and Threat: Svart Crown (France) (29:27-34:25)

Brother and sister make up the Devil’s Blood.  Officially they hate each other and will not play together again.

...If Not a Vessel?: The Devil’s Blood (U.K.) (34:45-38:38)

Riffy black metal.

Woven: Portent (England) New! (38:47-44:09)

Kripl brings forth the raw punk – what else can you expect from Slovenia.

Your Pride: Kripl (Slovenia) New! (44:54-47:28)

English fuzz.

Prophets of Saturn: Prophets of Saturn (England) New! (47:32-52:14)

Vikernes of Burzum says this is his last metal song.  It could make up the soundtrack of a very romantic zombie movie.

Back To Shadows: Burzum (Norway) New, and last song ever? (52:30-54:56)

Stones Throw band Gozu – kind of SoundGardenish, eh.  I listened to it again and didn’t like it as much.  I am fickle.

Disco Related Injury: Gozu (Boston) New! (55:19-END


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Woe is tight black metal with a sprinkling of thrash and a smidgen of 80's ballad that makes my mullet pop out of my head.

Exhausted: Woe(Brooklyn/Philly) New! (0:28-6:21)

Orchid doesn't care about San Francisco, but they sound like early Scorps so I unfortunately like the bastards.

Nomad: Orchid (allegedly San Francisco) New! (7:23-13:35)

Old school metal, straight up, from Sinistrous Diabolus, which is the best name.

Sleep of the Damned Pt. II: Sinistrous Diabolus (Australia) New! (14:02-18:57)

Howl plays out in the Northeast a lot, and the band members support the scene by going to every show, or at least the ones I would be attending. This new album is better than their last.

Midnight Eyes: Howl (Rhode Island) (19:14-23:26)

Uncle Acid fuzzes its garage rock in a new album, it is nostalgia-inducing stuff.

Desert Ceremony: Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats (Cambridge, U.K.) New! (23:52-28:53)

Texas death Imprecation will be coming out with a new album in June.

From Beyond the Fiery Temples: Imprecation(Texas) Not yet released! (29:44-34:27)

Angizia is circus, classical, extreme. Listen to this stuff, wait for the brutality to unleash.

Weh Und Wunde Mich Ergötzt: Angizia(Austria) New! (34:54-40:55)

I favor Canadian bands.

Always Die Slowly: Irn(Toronto) New! (41:18-48:57)

Heavy Pale Horseman with a Neurosis-esque lead singer.

Fork in the Road: Pale Horseman(Chicago) New! (49:34-55:05)

Swedish post-metal ala The Ocean (share members) and Cult of Luna.

Raveneye: The Old Wind(Sweden) New! (55:48-END)

Direct download: Show_72.mp3
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Italian doom and screech vocal band with a viciously awesome album

Ketama Gold: Tons (Italy) 2012, New Import (0:28-6:36)

One of my favorite Boston bands has a new album – a great Friday album – both for decompression and pumping beer energy into your soul.

Bleed Out: Black Pyramid (Boston) New! (7:43-13:14)

Vancouver’s Anciients has one of the most solid proggy riff-tastic albums of the year (so far, I mean, its April and shit).

Raise the Sun: Anciients (Vancouver) New! (13:45-20:17)

Apparently reviewers think Ghost has gone pussy or something, but I like their Satanic values and organ (that sounds dirty).  Yes, easy-listening metal is the new thing.

Secular Haze: Ghost B.C. (Sweden) New! (20:52-26:00)

Lots of gorgeous build-up to epic black metal is All the Empires of the World.  Even the name of the band is kinda build-up.

Paladin Curses: All The Empires Of The World (England) New! (26:53-31:38)

Fun stoner hardcore, garage-y and rocking out from Poland.

War Never Changes: Shots From Deneb (Poland) New! (32:03-34:46)

A Russian jam band.  Nuff said.

Ice Tentacles: Grave Disgrace (Russia) New! (35:04-38:58)

PlasticBag Facemask.  PlasticBag Facemask.  Best name ever.

Alien Shark Embryo: PlasticBag Facemask (Yosemite, California) New! (39:20-40:25)

Progressive mixed with death, spacy and nerdy.  Russia in the hiz-house.

Algorithms (of interplanetarian geometry): Dejuvenation (Russia) New! (40:58-43:47)

Hilarious band from Netherlands, who are clawing the world ladder in best scene.

Raising the Chalice: Acid Deathtrip (Netherlands) New! (44:25-47:23)

Spanish female lead vocals, great bluesy vocals.

The Wicked King: Hela (Spain) New! (47:35-52:31)

Estonians download my show, so I have to check out their scene more often.  Talbot claims to be the loudest duo on the earth. 

Hallelucinogen: Talbot (Estonia) New! (52:54-56:57)

Witty, and country?!  Yep, country style southern death metal.  Ever heard of it?  The Italians Carcharodon have a full on hilarious album, and rocks you out the door.

Adolf Yeti: Carcharodon (Italy) New! (57:16-end!)

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2 bands from St. Louis to start off the set! Fister is one of my favorite bands, I have been waiting for this album to come out. It is hardcore vocals and a slight slowdown in tempo, a mix of awesomeness.
Suicide Hessian: Fister (St. Louis) New! (0:28-5:27)

Fulgora shares their drummer with Misery Index and Pig Destroyer, you can hear his brutal influence. This band is just hard.

Artifice: Fulgora (St. Louis) New! (6:30-10:47)

Italian jazz hard experimental, the album is very ethnic and world.

667 A Step Ahead Of The Devil: Mombu(Italy) (11:10-14:37)

Crust mixed with black mixed with rock, and romantic enough for this gal. Second album.

Retrospect Dissonance: Ramlord(New Hampshire) New! (15:02-19:06)

Rock band is tongue in cheek, but because they are from Norway, there is some darker elements.

Ladies Of The Night: The Devil(Norway) New! (19:31-24:43)

I can hear the back up vocalist, he sounds like Dave Ed! Danish band The Psyke Project pummels, HUGE epic sound.

Ghost Fight: The Psyke Project(Denmark) New! (25:35-29:42)

Shining is produced by the dude that does Nine Inch Nails, and you can hear the industrial influence, and of course the jazz-y ness.

The One Inside: Shining(Norway) New! (30:06-34:06)

Landscape epic romance soundtrack from Italy.

Son of the Cathartic Cave: Hierophant(Italy) New! (34:19-38:34)

Surtr breaks down, and you are like, holy headbanging crap. Medieval drumming, folksy vocals, and a whole lotta doom. Love this album.

Three Winters of War: Surtr(France) New! (38:56-44:57)

Azure Emote brings forth experimental death with progressive and psychedelic and industrial, in a fully complex album.

Epoch of De-Evolution: Azure Emote (Philly) New! (45:56-51:30)

Even though we are all over Isis, Red Apollo has really pretty and emotional sound to back them up.

Ordeal: Red Apollo (Germany) New! (51:59-56:12)

Iron Witch is NOT sludge, they have a lot of hardcore influence, but they breakdown like a metal band, with heavy riffs.

Hangover Suicide: Iron Witch(England) New E.P.! (56:44-END!)

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A very heavy set of Italian bands! Starts off with Black Capricorn, a very catchy rockin’ headbang-y album, for good times and beers.

Double Star Goatfish: Black Capricorn (Italy) New! (0:28-6:14)

The riffs in Ulvedharr’s new album totally breaks badass.

The Raven's Flag: Ulvedharr (Italy) New! (7:10-13:16)

Cave In’s spin-off band Zozobra is as tight and hard as Cave In. 

Born In A Blaze: Zozobra (Boston) New! (13:47-16:39)

Acoustic with violinist, the dude sings a lot and you think it is going to be cheesy, but give it a chance, very varied and talented.  Dark folk.

Ad Rubrum Per Nigrum: Eloa Vadaath (Italy) New! (17:06-24:01)

Amenra’s hardcore baby is Hessian.

Sons of Avarice: Hessian (Belgium) 2011 (24:55-27:19) New album at the end of the month!

Glad that Zaar recovered from a bandmate’s death to put out this proggy noise album.

06: Zaar (France) 2012 (27:43-32:24)

Dark and sweet soundtrack.

Crossroads: Soliloquium (Sweden) New! (32:50-40:00)

Finnish vocals and rockin’ riffs from this prolific band. 

She-Wolf: The Wandering Midget (Finland) 2012 (40:19-47:39)

Death from Australia, a smart album.  Stands out next to the resurgence of death albums.

The Crawling Horror: Sacriphyx (Australia) New! (48:24-52:57)

Ending with a Sabbath-y Italian band, very good vocals.

The Woodwose: Kröwnn (Italy) New! (53:37-end!)

Direct download: Show_69.mp3
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Figure Your Life Out:  Ken Mode (Winnipeg) New! (0:28-5:34)

Ken Mode’s 5th and best album.  I like that it doesn’t depend too much on technical, and they soften the math-y edges with good clean vocals and compositions.  They still kick ass.  

Gorgeous drone and instrumental Aidan, Italians know this genre really well.  Free download!

Ptosis: Aidan (Italy) New! (6:25-12:13)

French medieval carnival avante-garde, and some dreamy story-telling, reminding me of the Wall by Pink Floyd. 

La Sirène: Pensées Nocturnes (France) New! (12:36-18:38)

Yes! More 70’s revitalist stuff from Sweden, woo hoo!! This JAMS!

Solar Butterfly: Sgt. Sunshine (Sweden) New! (19:03-24:31)

New Beastwars! Best band name and they have a beer named after them!

Imperium: Beastwars (New Zealand) New! (25:09-29:39)

Rich production, bluesy female lead singer, new on Relapse.

Blue: Royal Thunder (Atlanta) New! (29:59-37:50)

Rocking death metal-style, but not death metal.  Very badass riffs that kick in.

Witchfinder: Druid Lord (Florida) (Reissued) (38:14-43:07)

Ex-Pentagram Victor Griffin has a new band, Victor Griffin’s In-Graved, they will be playing at Roadburn.  Biker rock, and old school.

Late For An Early Grave: Victor Griffin’s In-Graved (Virginia) (this song is not new, but included in the new album) (43:43-47:46)

I talk about Conan and Bongripper coming out with a new split.  I also talk about the trend of live albums, that I am not a big fan of.  Sort of a “hey fan, spend some money” sort of thing, without offering anything new.  HOWEVER, when the band is better live than recorded, then it makes sense.  Misery Index has been one of the best live bands I have EVER seen.  Their brutality stems from their technical prowess, and I have no idea how they stay so tight.  Their lead singer is also a babe.

Siberian (2012 Remix - live): Misery Index (Baltimore) New! (48:52-53:24)

Psychedelic and progressive King Goat!

Cosmic Mastermind: King Goat (England) New! (53:41-END!)

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Tower of Silence: Cathedral (U.K.) New! (0:28-7:19)

Metal Blade is releasing the brand new and final Cathedral album next month.  I got into them fairly recently about 10 years ago with the compilation album Serpent’s Gold.  The new song is on the same path - early era heavy metal sound with modern thick crunchy catchy riffs.

Audrey Horne is beer rock, for the high school kid in all of us feeling tough.  By the way if you were not alive during the 80’s, first fuck you and second Audrey Horne was a character in the show Twin Peaks.)

Redemption Blues: Audrey Horne (Norway) New! (8:12-12:42)

Thrawsunblat has three members from Woods of Ypres - from Ontario.  This band rocks way more than Woods.  I am playing this particular song in honor of St. Patty’s Day – it has a folksy quality.

Song of the Nihilist: Thrawsunblat (Canada) New! (13:02-18:44)

I am forever indebted to my friend Zach who turned me onto this 2012 album from Swedish anonymous band Head of the Demon.  Very cult 70’s horror.

By Titan Hand: Head of the Demon (Sweden) (2012) (19:03-25:17)

In honor of fantastic drumming I heard earlier this week – Earthless and Mammatus – I bring you Voices, a band in a completely different genre, but drumming that CLEAVES.

Creating The Museaum Of Rape: Voices (U.K.) New! (26:07-32:28)

Windhand and Cough have a brand new split, the following is one of the Windhand songs – very dirty psychedelic bass sound.

Amaranth: Windhand (Richmond, Virginia) New! (33:04-40:04)

With “Circle of Dead Children” vocals, this death metal band is a richer doom production, and then speedy death riffs kick in. 

Excommunicated from Light: Old Chapel (Russia)New! (40:23-46:25)

Dark rock with sexy lady vocals from Brazil, with 2 added awesome vocals, really dig the male vocals.  I akin them to Hammers of Misfortune, the early stuff, the only stuff I know.   

Life is War: Fanttasma (Brazil) New! (46:58-51:50)

Aosoth may bring the best black metal album of the year, released next month, but here is a sneak peak. 

An Arrow In Heart: Aosoth (France) New! (52:31-END!)

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Concrete: Batillus (Brooklyn) Mutha f’in new bro!

Talked to my fave Fade for a bit before the Batillus show, and he said while they were in town they recorded a split with Kowloon Walled City.  He also asked a bunch of different types of artists – dub, electronic, new wave, to remix Batillus songs.  Batillus is my favorite band, and this new album makes my darkened heart grimace happily.

Inter Arma has been written up like they are the second coming.  They are touring with Mutilation Rites right now.

‘sblood: Inter Arma (Richmond, VA) New!

I discuss how much Gates of Slumber sucks.

Cower embraces all different genres, I really love the complexity and his vocals. 

Thieves Of The Night: Cower (Portland) New!

Finntroll skips through lands crawling with Finnish dragons and wizards.

När Jättar Marschera: Finntroll (Finland) New!

I talk about Boris being way better recorded than live. 

Tsarweather is not your father’s crust.

Arms: Tsarweather (Germany) New!

Terra Tenebrosa reminds me of Christian Death vocals.

Terra Tenebrosa: Terra Tenebrosa (Sweden) New!

Shallow Grave has complex compositions.

From Boundless Heights: Shallow Grave (New Zealand) New!

Prolific, hard edged.

Containment (Merged): Iron Lung (Seattle) New!

Hesperian Death Horse can definitely soundtrack a zombie movie.  

Décès (Part 2 Palež): Hesperian Death Horse (Croatia) New!

Steel vocals and post-metal Agrion Splendens.

Painkilling rage: Agrion Splendens (France) New!

Psychedelic, real vocals and singing which may scare someone used to screaming.

Solar Sail: Aleph Null (Germany) New!

Direct download: She_Likes_It_Heavy_Show_66_031213.mp3
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Reminds me of Buried Inside, that harsh post-metal emotional dark singing.
Dei Absolutte Krav Og Den Absolutte Nade: Altaar(Norway) New!(0:28-6:00)

Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats is poppy psychedelic 60’s horror, new record coming out in March. Their last album was in my top list of 2011.

Poison Apple:Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats (U.K.) New! (7:05-11:15)

Rich black metal drums, but way more complex vocals mixing in with progressive.

Invisible Wounds: Sannhet (NY) New! (11:39-15:24)

Subterranean Masquerade did a cover of Cuts You Up (Peter Murphy)! They have a lot of ethnic and dark wave metal - they have been around for a long time.

Home: Subterranean Masquerade (Brooklyn) New! (15:56-21:31)

Organ rock organ rock organ psychedelic awesome rock!! I HEART THIS BAND!!!

Concrete Krieger: Stonehenge (Germany) New! (22:21-29:56)

As I describe, exquisitely ethereal screeches, awesome beautiful non-harsh black metal.

Vii: Rorcal (Switzerland) New! (30:33-36:34)

Bluesy organ rock, again an awesome Palm Springs champagne desert rock band.

Heavy Like A Witch : All Them Witches (Nashville) (37:01-42:35)

Bad fucking ass.

Ur Nanna Ur Nanna: Ithuriel (Netherlands) New! (43:12-50:08)

I am sorry, but this show really rocked. A lot of these bands are bands to watch for the end of the year list. Yes, that rockin good bros. Belgium!! MMM!!

Welldweller:Lothorian (Belgium) New! (50:24-55:13)

Hot desert rock, picture big skies and heady heavy beats from Mexico.
Devegan: Bilis Sicario (Mexico) New! (55:36-END)

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Magic Circle just released their full-length, awesome riff psychedelic goodness.

Conquering Nocturnity: Magic Circle (Boston) New! (0:28-6:47)

Swedish rock, head-bangy and fun.

Skullwand: Serpent Omega (Stockholm) (7:44-12:09)

"Drone-violence", grind and female vocalist.

Mental Corrosion: Ahna (Vancouver) New! (12:31-16:37)

The following song is very acoustic-y, but this music really explodes into rockin' out. Campfire viking fantasy music


Heavy Rest The Chains Of The Damned: The Flight Of Sleipnir (Denver) New! (16:57-21:09)

Germany-y folk, which means their version of more brutal folk. Not nerdy.

If I Am The Storm: Hallig (North Rhine, Germany) New! (21:30-27:02)

Warmer black metal - not as atmospheric or cold; added into the mix is progressive stuff.

Cowards of the New Age: Sloth Herder (Maryland) (27:52-30:14)

Droom - droney doom, but more interesting, with bended vocals. Listen to know what I mean.

Dull Ache (I Hate Myself Today): Tentacle(Boston) New! (30:41-35:40)

Suffocation's 7th album is as tight as your bung hole, completely straight up death from mature musicianship.

Ancient VVisdom is not afraid to be acoustic. Completely acoustic. I have really grown to love his voice. They are badass to play for audiences that just want brutal.

Far Beyond Good & Evil: Ancient VVisdom (Austin) New! (40:14-44:45)

Municipal Waste members in a punk/thrash band referring to Reagan? How old school can you get. This is the longest song.

Artificial Saints: Iron Reagan (Richmond, VA) (45:40-47:00)

Female vocalist. My favorite type, lead up sludge to headbang.

Desert Throne: Archon (NY) (47:17-54:12)

Year of the Goat - sunny 70's music for people who just came out of Palm Springs celebrating their engagement!!

For the King: Year of the Goat (Sweden) (55:08-END) New!


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Crazy evil horror costumes for their live show. The lead singer is in a weird Pope hat and his fingers are long and mangled, and he sings through a mask. Technical and demonic noise, really original.

Plasm: Portal (Australia) (0:28-6:14) New!

Swiss band brings forth very rich black metal influenced music, but emotional, so it pulls you in.

Dead Trees Are Wandering At Night: Vuyvr(Switzerland) (7:36-12:55)New!

The Heavy Eyes is one of my favorite blues rock bands, the vocalist is sexy and the music jams.

One Hand on the Buffalo: The Heavy Eyes (Memphis) (13:17-16:37) New!

Meshuggah’s new E.P. is industrial-ish –they were always math-y and progressive, but I like the industrial feel to Pitch Black. His vocals isn’t a pounding sledgehammer, so listenable. Bands like saxophones nowadays.

Pitch Black:Meshuggah (Sweden) New! (17:06-22:50) New!

Early 80’s post-punk mixed with modern atmospheric vocals. Moody, great for wine party.

City Evenings: A Light In the Dark(Russia) (23:52-29:34) New!

Portland burner band – great climactic riffs, intense lead up to headbang. I expect to hear more from this band.

Empirical Evidence Of A Deranged God: Usnea(Portland) (30:07-38:11) New!

Swedish doom with great emotional intensity. This is one of the stronger doom bands - not your Mom's doom.

The Portals: Kongh (Sweden) (38:48-46:10) New!

16th album from old school Kansas metal band Manilla Road. His vocals are awesome 80's, and the ballads are fantastic. These oldies made some fresh sounds bro.

Hermitage: Manilla Road (Kansas) (47:01-52:59) New!

Swedish death with some punk and energy that may get you out of your Lazy-Boy.

Sick in the Dead: Tormented (Sweden) 53:25-END!

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Write to to get on the She Likes It Heavy weekly newsletter on upcoming shows!!

Fhoi Myore’s new album is a must-have already.  The draw of raw black metal, and fantastically dark forest romantic, but not quiet. 

Songes Funestes: Fhoi Myore (France) New! (0:28-5:59)

My number one musician right now, Fade from Batillus is a true industrial genius.  This is his crazy brain creating pure industrial experimental noise. 

The Fragility Of The Male Ego: Theologian (Brooklyn) 2012 (7:21-13:29)

Convulse has the brain on Finland in 1994.  Meaning, there are no other influences but pure death metal.  They will be playing at Maryland Deathfest.

Inner Evil: Convulse (Finland) New! (14:12-19:30)

Sexy beer heavy riff Saturday fun, Egypt from one of my favorite towns: Fargo.  This is a really great album.

Matterhorn: Egypt (Fargo) New! (19:57-24:24)

Voivod. New.  Nerds.  Fucking PROG.

Target Earth: Voivod (Quebec) New! (25:14-31:17)

Ice Dragon is one of my favorites, this new E.P.  is less fantasy and more weird.

Free on bandcamp:

Understanding Ouroboros: Ice Dragon (Boston) New! (31:44-35:31)

I smell like you, Cloud Rat.  Bad the fuck ass chick lead singer.

Aroma: Cloud Rat (Michigan) New! (35:41-37:51)

Abyssal is cowering evil, except, I think they are cute in dark cloaks.

The Headless Serpent: Abyssal (U.K.) New! (38:17-42:57)

Romero is party heavy smoking with Weedeater fun.

Free on bandcamp:

Take the Potion: Romero (Wisconsin) New! (43:28-47:24)

Finland death metal that keeps it real, yet again.  Not over-produced, just going to kill you in your sleep.

Beneath the Archaic: Krypts (Finland) New!(48:23-54:54)

Nails will be coming out with a new album later this year.  This band is brutal live, and that is all that I want.

Lies: Nails (CalifoooorNIA) Re-released (55:29-end)

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Denver beauties Primitive Man scorn you to death.

Astral Sleep: Primitive Man (Denver) New! (0:28-5:08)

Finnish crusty death, abrupt.

Impetious Fires: Vorum (Finland) New! (5:54-9:33)

Super group featuring Scott Kelly produces true retro industrial reminiscent of Ministry, Pig, Foetus, Controlled Bleeding.  Now, waiting for the dance mixes if they are REALLY industrial.  They are coming out with a 7” soon with 2 songs.

Hoax The System: Corrections House (super group) New! (10:25-16:13)

Wait for Dead Empires to progress from post-rock to technical.

Crystal Cages: Dead Empires (NY) New! (16:41-21:40)

Oldies Blockheads come out with another solid grind album.

To The Dogs: Blockheads (France) New! (22:06-24:05)

Velnias brings forth blackened doom with folk.

Iconoclast: Velnias (Boulder) 2012 (25:13-33:11)

Black Table has the best crazy vocals – sounds like an asthmatic kid.

To Tear Down: Black Table (NY/NJ) New! (33:56-37:52)

Great American black metal from swamp country.

Inhuman Hatred: Barghest (Baton Rouge) New! (38:30-46:34)

2 piece with looping pedals and synths, math-y post-metal.

Theriocephalic: National Sunday Law (LA/Baltimore) New! (47:35-53:30)

Last two bands have a retro hardcore influence.  Godstopper has a free album for you to download:

Free on bandcamp:

Blame Them: Godstopper (Toronto) 2012 (54:15-END!)

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New Darkthrone releasing February 25.  This song has riffs galore, 80’s feel and nod to Mercyful Fate.

Leave No Cross Unturned: Darkthrone (Norway) (New! Releases February 25) (0:28-7:01)

Innumerable Forms has a guy from Mind Eraser, buildup of atmosphere but still technical and fast.

Frozen Death: Innumerable Forms (Boston) (comp of new and old!)(8:06-13:14)

Sea of Bones is influenced by Batillus and YOB in excellent ways and is playing with them.

Free download:

Chapter V: Sea of Bones (New Haven, CT) New! (shortened) (13:53-20:22)

Local band Minot with members from many other awesome bands; must see them live – post-hardcore, technical and math-y. 

Reiki: Minot (Oakland) (21:12-28:30)

Blackened hardcore and vicious, this song I hear Pain of J by YOB.

To the Cross: Black Mass (U.K.) New! (29:29-33:42)

Hilarious band White Wizzard has a spin-off retro band.  But to just call this retro is doing it an injustice, this band RULES (and rocks).

Bestia Triumphans: Holy Grail (LA area) New! (34:10-39:56)

Rotten Sound from Finland can kill you within a minute.

Salvation: Rotten Sound (Finland) New! (40:28-42:11)

Neon Worship is frigging so rocking, super catchy.

Weather Breeder: Neon Worship (Ohio) New! (42:34-47:53)

Sludgened atmosphere from Ukranian band Nonsun, very emotional.

Rain Have Mercy: Nonsun (Ukraine) New! (shortened) (48:50-55:37)

Melodic sludge with great vocals. 

The Desert: March the Desert (U.K.) (56:03-END!)

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COUNTDOWN TO THE #1 ALBUM (listed at the bottom)! Check out last week's show for the #2 album (Converge) and the rest of the top albums

Best Drumming: Dragged Into Sunlight

Conceptual majestic blackened crust. The band members are anonymous (do not give out their names), wear masks and play live in the dark.

Best Jams: Horisont

Horisont's second album is better than both Witchcraft's and Graveyard's offerings in 2012. Bluesy organic 70's in a hot Swedish package.

Time Warrior: Horisont (Sweden) Album: Second Assault (9:10-13:38)

Best Energy/Mosh: Xibalba

Party in your pants, moshing and fun.

No Serenity: Xibalba (California) Album: Hasta La Muerte (14:13-18:06)

Best Ballads: Pallbearer

Romantic without falling into the trap of sounding like Isis. I started my love for this band early on, hoping they were best friends with Deadbird (both from Arkansas). The vocals are emotional, great riffs an added bonus.

The Legend: Pallbearer (Arkansas) Album: Sorrow and Extinction (19:02-27:22)

Best Whimsical/Fantasy Metal: Ihsahn

European cheese, yes, but new ideas of progressive with badass riffs and jazz infusion. Original, fun album. Yes, he sings, so that is immediate cheese – but the creation is great.  Ihsahn appearing at both Roadburn and Maryland Deathfest.

Arrival: Ihsahn (Norway) Album: Eremita (28:53-34:01)

Best Whiskey Rock: Orange Goblin

Whattup, party, whiskey and smoke and shit.

Red Tide Rising: Orange Goblin (U.K.) Album: A Eulogy For The Damned (34:34-39:15)

Best Transitions: Gojira

Technical progressive, but not pounding harshness that I hate. Not pretentious, but yet dense and rich with sound.

The Axe: Gojira (France) Album: L'enfant sauvage (40:03-44:34)

Best Doom Drone: Black Shape of Nexus

Vacuuming music.

Illinois: Black Shape of Nexus (Germany) Album: Negative Black (45:24-50:56)

Best Vocals: Bezoar

Almost #1, Converge and Sigh just beat it. Female proud to sing like a chick; brutal riffs helping her. Great songwriting.

Vitamin B: Bezoar(Brooklyn) Album: Wyt Deth (52:02-57:31)

Best Unorthodox Brutal/Avant-Garde AND # 1 Album of 2012: Sigh (Japan)

Early 2012 contender for best, ended up being the best. Old school Japanese, need I say more. Fusion of craziness, tight, righteous, crazy, headbangy, unlike anything else.

Purgatorium: Sigh (Japan) Album: In Somniphobia (58:29-END!)


Best Epic:

Evoken (New Jersey), Album: Atra Mors

Amenra (Belgium), Album: Mass V

Best Super Group:

Chrome Waves (Chicago), Album: S/T EP: Members from The Atlas Moth, Nachtmystium, Gates of Slumber; darkly romantic vocals and melody

Best (runner-up) Albums by Legendary Bands:

Enslaved (Norway), Album: RIITIIR

High on Fire (Oakland), Album: De Vermis Mysteriis

Swans (NYC), Album: The Seer: Vocalistically, one of the most profound albums of the year, bringing in images of dark folklore.

Runner-up 70’s style bands:

The Graviators (Sweden), Album: Evil Deeds

Heat (Germany), Album: S/T

Runner-up to Best Saturday Afternoon Album:

Trephine (North Carolina), Album: Make: Sounds like part Brainoil, mix in some heavy sludge beats, mix in some ambient and psychedelic, and what you get is Trephine. They are absolutely evil live, brutal. This year’s album is very post-metal, a more melodic guitar running through. The vocals change it from what could be Isis-ish, to a more brutal genre.

Best Stoner-Groove Metal:

Dopethrone (Montreal), Album: III: These boys have absolutely no apologies in how much they think about pot, smoke pot and want you to do the same listening to their music. Our American version of this band would be Weedeater. Dopethrone made my top albums last year, and this new album is even groovier. The vocalist reminds me of Greg from Brainoil, huge compliment.

Best Thick Rock:

Bison B.C. (Vancouver) Album: Lovelessness: Heavy loud doom, as I have described this band before; but the whole album is rich and does not fit neatly in stoner rock. People now hate stoner and sludge, it is just too prolific, where even the forefathers of the genres bore the shit out of me. Bison B.C. puts in some threads of punk that infuses their songs with a lot more energy, and I would imagine makes for good live stuff. Bison B.C., come down to San Francisco, its the same coast.

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First show of BEST OF 2012, counting down to #2! NEXT WEEK: the rest of the best, plus the #1 album of 2012!!

Best Production for a Death/Crust/Hardcore Band: Black Breath

Crisp production showing off how tight this band is

Endless Corpse: Black Breath (Seattle) Album: Sentenced to Life (0:28-4:54)

Best Soulful Vocals from a Swedish God that Every Chick Wants to Make Out with: Graveyard

Last year’s Hisingen Blues was my #2 album.  Graveyard has more soul than most bros.

An Industry of Murder: Graveyard (Sweden) Album: Lights Out (7:30-11:26)

Best Saturday Afternoon Record: Sons of Tonatiuh

A modern twist on Fugazi: Hard tight guitar riffs, powerful vocalist layered all layered with heavy tone

Colors Run Red: Sons of Tonatiuh (Atlanta) Album: Parade Of Sorrow (12:00-17:29)

Best Sludge Band Under the Radar: Stoneburner

Stoneburner has great hooks; on the same record label as Batillus which will hopefully get their name out there

Marriage: Stoneburner (Portland) Album: Sickness Will Pass (18:09-25:20)

Best Use of Organ and 80’s Horror Music: Hellwell

Mad scientist vocals on top of the most original soundtrack of last year 

Acheronomicon II. The Heart Of Ahriman: Hellwell (Kansas) Album: Beyond The Boundaries Of Sin (26:26-31:33)

Best Instrumental:  Sardonis

Rich complexity in just mere instrumental

Entering the Woods: Sardonis (Belgium) Album: II (32:07-36:44)

Best Blackened Death with a Bangladeshi Lead Singer: Weapon


Vanguard of the Morning Star: Weapon (Calgary) Album: Embers and Revelations (37:34-41:51)

Best Industrial: eyeswithoutaface

Modern club music for people in an asylum

Grotesque Tableau: eyeswithoutaface (Toronto) Album: WARGUTS (42:16-46:31)

Best Punk Band to go Heavy:  Tragedy

Embarrassing story between me and dude from Tragedy does not keep me from listing their album

To Earth Like Dust: Tragedy (Portland) Album: Darker Days Ahead (47:34-51:38)

Band to Release a New Album that Beats all Their Previous Albums: Witchcraft

Jammy, gorgeous, great production finally

Deconstruction: Witchcraft (Sweden) Album: Legend (52:16-57:22)

The #2 album AND Best Hardcore Album of the Year: Converge:

Converge did not rest on their history and legend to sell this album.  This is top notch and if it is your first time listening to them, you can only imagine how great all their other albums are. Crushing.  

Sadness Comes Home: Converge (North Shore, MA) #2 Album of the Year: All We Love We Leave Behind (58:26-END!)

Listen next week for the rest and countdown to #1!!

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Yay! Happy Holidays! This will be the last show of the year, as I will be taking some time off!! and I will be coming back on JANUARY 8th with a best of 2012 show, the first of two shows going over my favorites of this past year.

I hope you enjoy tonight's show, all holiday songs. Happy New Year!!

Charlie Brown: Vince Guaraldi Trio (0:29-6:33)

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen: Dio (7:17-11:07)

No Presents for Christmas: King Diamond (11:08-15:27)

Little Drummer Boy: Joan Jett (15:28-19:40)

Oh Come All Ye Faithful: Twisted Sister (19:41-24:19)

White Christmas: Guns N Roses (24:20-26:57)

Run Run Rudolph: Lynyrd Skynyrd (27:28-30:49)

Carol of the Bells: Erlsung (30:50-32:48)

Santa Claws is Coming To Town: Alice Cooper (32:49-37:02)

Holiday in Cambodia: Dead Kennedys (37:03-40:45)

Blue Christmas: Cinderella (40:46-44:47)

Santa Claus is Coming to Town: Dokken (45:19-49:16)

Christmas in New Orleans: Louis Armstrong (49:17-52:08)

The Christmas Song: Frank Sinatra (52:09-55:35)

Winds of Change: Scorps sing about a new year or end of the world, you take your pick (55:36-end)

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The Pressure Keeps Me Alive: Kowloon Walled City (San Francisco) New! (0:28-5:33)

(A brief history on the meaning of Kowloon Walled City, large and loud, dark and chaotic, different landscapes)

The Hellions Genesis: Incantation (NY/PA) New! (6:48-11:03)

(Typical easy listening death metal, breaks into brutal riffs, not sickening to listen to)

The Weight: Tweak Bird (Chicago) New! (11:25-13:31)

(Tweak Bird is a 2 piece, raw rocking, strong humor through the album)

Sole Creation: Khong (Sweden) New! Not Yet Released! (14:01-20:58)

(Doom with evil vocals, with 70's influence, thick riffs and even some industrial thrown in!)

Sweet Little Cosmic Blues: Deadneck (Finland) New! (21:39-26:38)

(How do the Finnish do the blues? With weird throaty vocals and fuzzed grooves with plenty of emotion, a fantastic blues-influenced album)

Wild Years: Twin Guns (NYC) New! (27:22-31:05)

(Twin Guns is sexy garage rock with influences of post-punk, British new wave, even some surf, and contains Jungle Jim Chandler originally from Pueblo, Colorado)

Inverted Pill Willy (Wollop): Gurt (U.K.) New! (31:54-35:34)

(Sludge from the U.K, hot vocals and guitarist from Sedulus)

Nature Fights Back: Oak (Sweden) New! (36:11-41:21)

(Oak put their new album on cassette, huh? Their whole album is mostly crushing instrumental (but some vocals!) with space-y and softer than evil)

Low Country Exiles: Your Highness (Belgium) New! (41:51-46:56)

(Brand new awesomeness from Your Highness that has a crazy trippy jamming bluesy sludge thing going)

Plain Man: Icysun (France) New! (47:38-52:28)

(French blues now!? Kyuss influenced fuzz)

Build No System:  Liberteer (California) Released early 2012! (53:32-55:08)
Twin Obscenities: Spider Kitten (South Wales) New! Not Released Yet! (55:09-end!)

(Liberteer is anarchy grind from one of the dudes from Exhumed - a less than 2 minute song!)

(Not released yet Spider Kitten has crust and industrial and doom and space all spinning together)

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(Swedish black metal vomits on my soul; one of the best albums of the year)


Calling Of Setnacht: Twofold Triunity: Ofernod (Sweden) New! (0:28-7:00)


(Groovy evil industrial influenced metal or metal influenced industrial)


While You Were Gone, We Were...: Eyes Without A Face (Toronto) New! (8:12-12:26)


(Hot long haired 70’s rocker boys made for girls)


My Eyes, The Flying Saucers: Nevesis (Estonia) New! (12:52-17:23)


(Gojira comes out with their 5th album that sounds as fresh as any band’s brand newest, with full complexity and rich in diversity)


The Gift Of Guilt: Gojira (France) New! (18:00-23:23)


(Shift changing heavy riffs from Cauldron Black Ram)


Atop a Fiery Steed: Cauldron Black Ram (Australia) (23:55-28:17)


(Drone and ambient is infused into death metal, but still breaks down) 


Deathabomination: Monomakh (Australia) New! (29:21-36:20)


(Instrumental powerhouse Toundra)


Marte (Mars): Toundra (Madrid) New! (37:00-42:06)


(Warmer black metal from Paris) 


Death Worship: Hell Militia (Paris) New! (42:29-46:01)


(Millions, on Seventh Rule with a bunch of awesome bands like Batillus, is Chicago hardcore that sounds a bit like Fugazi mixed with industrial and rock)


Shipwreck: Millions (Chicago) New! (46:44-51:12)


(Belgium’s Amenra comes out with one of the best this year, absolutely one of my favorite blackened doom bands out there)


Nowena: Amenra (Belgium) New! (51:48-end)


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Christological Escalation: Amnis Nihili (Greece) New! (0:28-5:28)


(Politics in Greece influences their art, Amnis Nihili screams at you with blackened hardcore and spacey ambient)


(Big money behind prog metalists Between the Buried and Me with their very conceptually strong 7th album)


Astral Body: Between the Buried and Me (North Carolina) New! (6:41-11:27)


(Light up a joint at a barbeque and drink a beer to San Diego’s Heavy Glow)


Slave Dance: Heavy Glow (San Diego) 11:49-17:14)


(Hammers is smart complex crust from the U.K.)


Systole: Hammers (Manchester, U.K.) New! (17:38-19:38)


(Just released on vinyl, Mitochondrion’s Parasignosis is blackened death horror metal – scary growls and screams mixed with dark ambient)


Plague Evockation: Mitochondrion (Canada) (Newly released on vinyl!) (20:20-24:20)


(In the style of Graveyard, groovey blues rock band Troubled Horse, also from Sweden)  


One Step Closer To My Grave: Troubled Horse (Sweden – members of Witchcraft!) New! (25:15-29:11)


(No more vocalist from Orange Goblin, Ravens Creed is full on death)


The Wires Will Kill You: Ravens Creed (U.K.) (29:36-31:41)


(Gorgeous cello creates depth for Dead to a Dying World; I will play their side project Unconscious Collective next time which is a jazz band with some metal highlights)


Stagnation: Dead to a Dying World (Dallas) (32:01-38:58)


(More Texas in the hiz-house, Sabrewulf dives into ambient but is a hardcore band at heart)


The Damned: Sabrewulf (El Paso) New! (39:25-43:21)


(San Francisco’s very own 70’s rock band recorded by Phil Manley, playing at the Hemlock on Friday after Thanksgiving)


The Curve: Golden Void (San Francisco) (New!) (43:41-49:24)


(Moody space stoner music from Sweden’s Mara who will have a full length early 2013)


On the edge of extinction: Mara (Sweden) (49:01-55:08)


(TeePee Records The Shrine is garage-y 70’s rifftastic)

Primitive Blast: The Shrine (So-Cal) New! TeePee Records!! (55:34-59:02)


(Math jazz on the experimental side)


I'm An Omnivore: Jorge Arana Trio (Kansas) New! (59:30-END)

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Buried With Leeches: Dragged Into Sunlight (Liverpool) (0:29-7:12)


(New 3 song album that are super evil, riffy and one of the best this year) 


(Atriarch versus Christian Death? I don’t think so.  But Atriarch have a great twist of old industrial and new blackened metal)


Offerings: Atriarch (Portland) New! (8:30-14:13)


(Houston’s Omotai has a female bassist playing hardcore proggy grind)


Spidercave: Omotai (Houston) New! (14:34-18:30)


(Ancient VVisdom will be opening for Enslaved on their 2013 tour; they are acoustic occult; yes ACOUSTIC singing you evil satanic hymns; the lead vocalist is super sexy) 


The Opposition: Ancient VVisdom (Austin) New! (19:19-22:44)


(Spanish Alter of Sin plays hard old school thrash)


Tales of Carnage: Alter of Sin (Spain) New! (23:05-26:35)


(Horseback and Locrian reissuing on Relapse with extra tracks; Horseback is usually drone – the next song is more structured)   


Ahriman: Horseback (North Carolina) (27:52-31:47)


(Boulder Colorado hardcore in the hiz-house!)


Failure: Ironhorse (Boulder) New! 32:07-35:06)


(The French YOB!)


Mare: Crown (France) (35:31-43:06)


(Thick bass and dirty riffs in London band Limb)


Dead Voice: Limb (London) New! (43:27-47:21)


(Post-rock Cathedraal is very pretty screaming French)


La ville brûle depuis des jours: Cathedraal (not misspelled!) (France) New! (48:20-53:16)


(Old school heavy metal with a sludge twist!)


Dagon's Bell: Arkham Witch (U.K.) (54:01-END)

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Momentary Senses: Flourishing (NYC) New! (0:28-6:01)


(Another awesome industrial-influenced brutal band from New York, ala Batillus, but with their own awesome style, Flourishing)


(Neurot Recordings band U.S. Christmas is thick complex garage rocks with sexy riffs)


Thin The Herd: U.S. Christmas (North Carolina) New! (7:09-11:03)


(Southern Lord releasing jazz?  Fontanelle infuses jazz to a psychedelic 70’s experimental trippy sound)


Traumaturge: Fontanelle (Portland) New! (11:42-16:12)


(Pounding Norksa shares YOB bassist – it compels you to headbang, very catch riffs)


Cholera: Norska (Portland-ish area) (16:30-21:52)


(Austin’s rich scene has a worthy addition – completely kickass riffs from instrumental metal band Eagle Claw, completely engaging and beer friendly)   


(Please do not miss out on OLD SCHOOL heavy metal thrash, completely 80’s with no apology, the 10th album from Paragon)


Wielder: Eagle Claw (Austin) New! (22:29-27:06)

Rising From the Black: Paragon (Germany) New! (27:35-32:10)


(Drone and dark ambient with a touch of ethnic folk vocals, dark shrouded soundtrack) 


Salamandra: Menace Ruine (Montreal) New! (32:43-38:34)


(Earthship has common musician with The Ocean, who now leads Earthship; hardcore influenced, super LOUD technical sludge) 


Catharsis: Earthship (Germany) New! (39:03-42:08)


(Post-metal from France with riffy moody hardcore touch) 


Monolith: Taste the Void (France) New! (42:24-46:53)


(Om’s drummer is in Grails, who put large gorgeous compositions; this album is a split with Finland’s Pharaoh Overlords)


Chariots: Grails (Portland) New! (47:43-52:14)


(Estoner from Estonia with stoner music.  Don’t know what to say about that.  They are trippy and have star wars songs, so they are awesome: “I am your father” lyrics) 


Cantina Song disco song: Meco (1977) (53:02-56:30)

Darth Vader Has a Hangover: Estoner (Estonia) New! (56:31-end)

New Promo: last LAST 30 seconds


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Vermin of Dust: The Secret (Italy) New! (0:29-4:11)


(Aggressive crust mixed with hardcore from Southern Lord’s The Secret)


(Finland’s Weedeater Demonic Death Judge has a brand new album that is chunky and thick groove)


Cyberprick: Demonic Death Judge (Finland) New! (5:10-10:51)


(Jazz extreme from Dysrhythmia is instrumental but very rich and emotional)


Test Of Submission: Dysrhythmia (Philadelphia/Brooklyn) New! (11:11-16:01)


(Proggy psychedelic awesomeness, you have to check out the acid trip from this Germany band Godless Funk of Bonanza)


Peltor: Godless Funk Of Bonanza (Germany) New! (16:23-23:11)


(A serial killer’s soundtrack of depraved black metal from Forgotten Tomb)


...And don't deliver us from evil...:  Forgotten Tomb (Italy) New! (23:57-31:11)


(Fantasy and gorgeous post-metal mixed with experimental psychedelic Sinistro)


Hóspede Inesperado: Sinistro (Portugal) (New!) (31:31-36:36)


(Sexy occult Venomous Maximus with 70’s and 80’s influence is headbang worthy and have played with big name bands that I love like Graveyard and Pentagram)


Dream Again(Hellenbach): Venomous Maximus (Houston) New! (37:08-42:09)


(30 years of the Swans comes to fruition in this 12th album)


The Seer Returns: Swans (NYC) New! (42:24-48:32)


(Another mix of jazzy sludge from Chicago, quite crazy stuff from Profound Lore, Yakuza)


Oil and Water: Yakuza (Chicago) New! (49:21-53:41)


(Extremely scary for Halloween and gurgling vocals to end this night right – soundtrack to anyone’s nightmares, another extreme experimental band from Chicago)


Out of My Mind: Drug Honkey (Chicago) New! (54:17-end)


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Embers and Revelations: Weapon (Calgary) (0:29-4:19)


(Bangladeshan lead singer of Weapon is truly Satanic, but not contrived and totally brutal)


(Definitely one of the top hard blues revitalist albums of the year, the very brand new band Heat from Germany; super sexy) 


Illusion: Heat (Germany) (New!) (6:43-12:16)


(Canadians Bison B.C. do their country proud with their gorgeous vocalist and heavy loud doom)


Finally Asleep: Bison B.C. (Vancouver) (New!) (12:35-19:19)


(Indesinence brings forth the death with a modern twist of doom and ambient, very smart)


Communion: Indesinence (U.K) New! (19:52-25:31)


(Again, the mix of ambient with hard is awesome; Germany has its own slew of awesome albums this year, and Voltron is one of them)


13 Liter Bohrmaschine: Voltron (Berlin) (26:18-34:05)


(Germans Black Shape of Nexus is one of the best this year, no doubt, seriously, I am so happy I found this band – incredibly complex; drone but heavier)


60 WV: Black Shape Of Nexus (Germany) (34:24-41:58)


(Catchy thick gorgeous riffs from Stoneburner who have played with some of my favorite bands this year (Yob!!))


Marriage: Stoneburner (Portland) New! (42:32-49:42)


(I have played Lento before – they have come out with another weird, diverse and instrumental album mixing post-metal with prog and dark mood)


Questions and Answers: Lento (Rome) New! (50:57-54:43)


(I can no longer hold it against the Sword that they are catchy and stylized because they are fresh and talented and diverse within each of their albums)


The Veil of Isis: The Sword (Austin) New! (55:37-end)
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Next week: HEAT!! (from Germany)
All Is Found...In Time: Neurosis (Oakland) New! (0:29-9:09)

(Legendary Neurosis comes out with another studio album, and even though I don't think anyone is going to be naming this album their favorite album from this band, it is still Neurosis, and you need to hear it)


(Graveyard had my #2 spot last year for best album, and I listened to it the most out of any other album (Hisingen Blues, if you don't have it, go get it, it is fantastic) Now their new album is as strong, I love them, they are soulful 70's rock that makes you groove) 
Goliath: Graveyard (Sweden) New! (10:24-13:09)


(Next four bands are Canadian - dark, evil stuff.  The next band is holy crap loud and I think super romantic)


The Churning Of The Milky Sea: Haggatha (Vancouver) New! (13:42-19:19)


(Evil and satanic Pestkreuz - debut songs)

Ars Moriendi: Pestkreuz (Vancouver) New! (19:30-25:04)


(Death metal Abyss has a new album out)


Splatterhouse: Abyss (Canada) New! (25:50-28:23)


(Toronto's own heavy metal will make you reminisce of video game playing and beer drinking on Saturday nights when you were young and pimply - super old school)


Burning Fortune: Cauldron (Toronto) New! (28:47-31:24)


(Swedish rock has room for more - Mother of God is not like Graveyard, but they riff hard.  They DO have a little Seattle influence in their vocals but don't be a snob, this is good stuff)


Aim for the Sun: Mother of God (Sweden) New! (31:58-36:51)


(Intense, progressive, very technical.  This band is not so obvious in their aggression though,  they make room for some more complexity)

Scarlet Rising: Eryn Non Dae (France) New! (37:12-42:30)


(Swedish style fuzzy rock groove from Portland, but with an awesome female vocalist)

Holy Grove: Holy Grove (Portland) (42:51-49:00)


(Very intelligent Cultura Tres from Venezuela is not about drinking and smoking, but more political.  They are a band to watch out for and have headlined Desertfest with Orange Goblin this past year)


El Sur de la Fe: Cultura Tres (Venezuela) (50:05-54:26)


(Eh, Pig Destroyer, I join the marketing onslaught, sheesh, I wonder what overrated band is going to make it to everyone's top album list)


Burning Palm: Pig Destroyer (Virginia/D.C) New! (55:00-END)
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Deconstruction: Witchcraft (Sweden) New! (0:29-5:35)


(New awesome album by Witchcraft, I like it as much/better than the previous albums, seriously fucking kickass)


(Ihsahn of Emperor has come out with a new solo album that is pretty avant-garde and crazy; and he is headlining  Roadburn’s 2013 Afterburner show)


The Grave: Ihsahn (Norway) New! (dude from Emperor)(6:40-14:43)


(Colour Haze is one of the forefathers of this type of psychedelic music, new album with over 20 minute songs, here is a 2 minute one)


This: Colour Haze (Germany) New! (15:18-17:27)


(Rorcal from Switzerland is epically dark somber landscape but not typical, this is a good one)


Világvége V: Rorcal (Geneva) New! (17:47-21:46)


(Super fun jamming stuff from New Zealanders Von Thundersvolt, just say that out loud, isn’t it great.  Since they have post-punk vocals, I am all over it and stuff)


Beyond Space: Von Thundersvolt (New Zealand) (22:41-27:53)


(Thrash, grind, what do you expect from Relapse Records)


Teratogenesis: Revocation (Boston) New! (28:02-32:06)


(Alex and I went to see Burning Monk at the Parkside over the weekend, and I was very happy to hear them, sludgy hardcore thrash punk, but not young; smart stuff)


Fifteen Minutes of Lame: Burning Monk (Oakland) (32:32-35:26)


(Gorgeous climactic atmosphere.  You cannot miss this, from Latvia)


II: Tesa (Latvia) (35:43-43:00)


(Greece knows how to make them.  They do everything right now, one of the most important international heavy scenes right now – this one is a good fuzz party album)


7 flies: 1000mods (Greece) (43:21-48:08)


(Yellow Eyes is atypical black metal with diversity, this is a band that will become bigger, listen to them first)


Unlit Kingdom: Yellow Eyes (NYC) New! (48:56-56:00)


(Italians party)


Adrift: Gandhi’s Gunn (Italy) (56:39-end)


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I wanted to say thanks to Lower Forty-Eight for allowing me to use a clip of their song for the introduction to my show for almost 50 shows.  THANKS BROS!!
I also wanted to say thanks to the Mass for letting me steal a clip of their song to make a new introduction.  THANKS BROS!!!
This past weekend I went to see accoustic sets from Mike Scheidt from YOB and Scott Kelly from Neurosis.  Really enjoyed that, mellow and peaceful to my brain.
Upcoming Shows
Tuesday, October 9: St. Vitus, Weedeater, Sorvein (the Independent)
Saturday, November 17: Neurosis, YOB, Voivod (the Fox - buy tickets now)
Eaters Of The Dead: Hellwell (Kansas) – made it to my top albums of 2012 (0:28-6:07)


(Back from a week sabbatical: saw Afghan Whigs for a reunion show, it was their best show ever)


(Organs and villain lead vocals bring me to the decision that Hellwell is on my 2012 top album list)


(Enslaved do not need an introduction, one of Norway’s best – from their new album)


Veilburner: Enslaved (Norway) New! (7:24-14:10)


(Kadaver has come out with a split with Paris’s Aqua Nebula Oscillator who are trippy rock)


Saturne: Aqua Nebula Oscillator (Paris) (14:55-20:33)


(San Francisco’s Orchid has a new album that brings to mind your favorite 70’s stuff)


Heretic: Orchid (San Francisco) New! (20:47-25:47)


(2 piece bassist and drummer, weirdos, bass has banjo strings)


King Candy: Lightning Bolt (Providence) New! (26:47-31:27)


(Finnish black metal gutterally)


Awaken Tiamat: Behexen (Finland) (31:39-37:44)


(Goya will jam your face off, loud and rock, touch of space)   


Mourning Sun: Goya (Phoenix) (38:00-45:02)


(Sylosis have come out with a new album, and it is being compared to Metallica; they play modern thrash.  I think their tough vocals are a little off-putting, but I think they are probably fun. This is off one of their older albums)  


Blind Desperation: Sylosis (U.K.) (45:25-49:28)


(The cold north seems to lean towards despair sludge, the next band is in that vein)


Couch Lock: Romero (Wisconsin) (50:19-56:18)


(Melancholy black metal should make you even sadder as we bid each other goodbye until next week)


Seidlitz: Loss Of Self (Melbourne) (56:48-end)
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Well well well, if you don't go to YOB this week, I don't know what to say.  I have an excuse, I will be 3000 miles away with hipsters at some NYC music festival.
Other than that, party on bros; I hope to come back from NYC completely exhausted and broke.
Hey, if anyone can find the band Heat for me, I will appreciate it, that is my next favorite band. 
I really like this show! Check it out this week!!
The Hogfather: Ugh (Germany) (0:28-4:14)


(Garage sounded Ugh has extremely distinct melodies and vocal styles).


(A new one from Hooded Menace!!  This is yet another full-length album after a short time, and even though it is less experimental than their past, a strong and worthy addition to your collection)


Summoned Into Euphoric Madness: Hooded Menace (Finland) new album! (5:09-10:46)


(Legendary record label Hydrahead died)


(I heart all Swedish 70’s music, and The Graviators are no different; they are coming out with a new album Evil Deeds – this one is from their last album, fucking spectacular, guitar gods)


Shapes Of Babylon: The Graviators (Sweden) (11:37-17:13)


(Birthday present Deathspell Omega was a great one: even though it pounds your head in with fury, it is completely relatable, and goes beyond the ordinary black and death)


Fiery Serpents: Deathspell Omega (France) (17:42-21:56)


(France has claimed themselves as lovers of the south and influenced by the American west, if that isn’t completely strange)


Sons of the Sun: Southern Badass (France) (22:18-28:45)


(Space rocksters Enos are London scenesters with their label mates Trippy Wicked; their first album comes with a comic book!)


In Space: Enos (UK) (29:40-36:57)


(If you can find me a band called Heat, with members from Samsara Blues Experiment, you better let me know, because they are frigging great and they have a stupid general name and self-titled album so un-googleable) 


(Instrumental Spanish band Black Smoke Dragon is gorgeous loudscape)


Fenechild: Black Smoke Dragon (Spain) (37:53-43:!4)


(Scary creepy noise from bro from Meatjack – his side project)


Eyes in Eyes: Darsombra (Baltimore) (44:02-50:02)


(Small Stone Recordings’ Suplecs came from punk rock but also are influenced by their dark southern sludge roots in New Orleans)


Switchblade: Suplecs (New Orleans) (50:24-55:49)


(Kannabinoid sing in sultry whiskey tones and just want a good time; see you next week!!)


Kannabinõid: Kannabinõid (Estonia) (56:19-end)


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Enslaved is coming out with a new album on the 28th
September 21st: YOB at Brick and Mortar
September 21-23: All Tomorrow's Parties in NYC, featuring Afghan Whigs
September 29th: Mike Scheidt and Scott Kelly will be playing at the Hemlock
October 9th: St. Vitus at the Independent
Silencing Machine: Nachtmystium (Chicago) (0:28-6:51)
(Chicago's infamous Nachmystium new album Silencing Machine)
(Encrust is tight, power punk metal) 

Predatory Skin: Encrust (Chicago) (7:41-12:34)


(Peru's Reino Ermitanov is a big sound, lots of instruments, extremely intelligent and must-listen for this year)


Soy El Lobo: Reino Ermitañov (Peru) (13:01-19:17)


(Touring with Minneapolis band False is Yellow Eyes and female sludge band Mortals)


No More Than A Soaked Plank: Yellow Eyes (NYC)(19:51-24:47)

The Fear: Mortals (Brooklyn) (25:18-32:43)


(Tongue in cheek Arkhamin Kirjasto wears spandex and spikes on stage)


Speed, Yog Sothoth: Arkhamin Kirjasto (Finland) (33:14-36:40)


(Witty band, Wolfpussy is loud and catchy with fun riffs; kind of reminds me of Sword)

Whoregon: Wolfpussy (Portland) (36:58-41:42)


(Raw and sabbath style Uzala has muddy production (on purpose) and 2 great vocalists)

Wardrums: Uzala (Idaho/Portland) (42:07-47:53)


(Black rock Okkultokrati grits it up)

Hand of Glory: Okkultokrati (Norway) (48:22-50:29)


(Thrash with a touch of psychedelic)

Cosmic Horizon: Exocosm (Finland) (50:41-54:54)


(Portugal's Process of Guilt is both aggressive and ambient, diverse album; very climactic)
Harvest: Process of Guilt (Portugal) (55:25-end)


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Labor Day, can there be a better idea?  
This week’s entertainment suggestions:

Watch:  On Netflix "Last Days Here" documentary about the lead singer of Pentagram, Bobby Liebling

Go to:

Friday, September 7th – Project One Gallery from 6 to 8pm, Jet Martinez’s paintings – absolutely some of the best I have ever seen.  Ever. 251 Rhode Island Street.

Saturday, September 8th – Art show and shopping at Nooworks from 5 to 9pm. 395 Valencia Street.

Monday, September 10th – Gypsyhawk at the Elbo Room!!!

Tuesday, September 11th – my show on at 7pm PST wtf.


State Lines: Gypsyhawk (LA) (0:28-4:52)


(Labor Day weekend show, I kept true and did not “work” on the show – some new songs, bands that you should just hear, whattup)

(Gypsyhawk is on tour with their new album, you must go see them, I will be there)

(Bezoar is a band I have played before, a girl band from Brooklyn that is tremendously badass) 


Friend of My Enemy: Bezoar (Brooklyn)(5:38-10:46)


(Straight out of the punk and hardcore and rock bowels of San Francisco is Pins of Light with members of many bands you have heard about before, and you should probably go see them live or something)


Losing Sleep: Pins of Light (Mission, San Francisco) (11:11-14:24)


(Critically acclaimed Ash Borer plays a 12 minute song that I think you should just let your brain go and listen)


Phantoms: Ash Borer (somewhere in California) (14:51-23:10)


(Massachusett’s own Converge out with a new album, here is a new song – be careful with your ears)


Aimless Arrow: Converge (Massachusetts) (23:42-26:05)


(You may just want to get this album because of the album art – Beastwars is also this awesome HUGE sound)


Mihi: Beastwars (New Zealand) (26:19-29:58)


(Better late than sorry or something? From Castevet’s 2010 album Mounds of Ashes.  Some brutal shit)


Stones: Castevet (NYC) (30:07-35:18)


(4th, 5th time I have played this band?  Maybe this time it will stick?  This is a legendary band, Dawnbringer, and off their new album)


Enter Darkness: Dawnbringer (Chicago) (36:08-41:46)


(The French are like, so good.  Some diverse lovely stuff from Häshcut)


Dubbing House: Häshcut (France) (42:04-48:07)


(In the attitude of Labor Day, I am playing old Hooded Menace, because I am too lazy to get you the new stuff)


Fulfill the Curse: Hooded Menace (Finland) (48:29-end)


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November 3rd: For all you Cambridge/Boston people – Small Stone is having a showcase at RADIO!! in Somerville, which frigging rules.  Lo-Pan, Freedom Hawk, Gozu, and more.  If you are in that area, you cannot miss it.


The Falconer: Wizardry (NYC) (0:28-5:25)


(Wizardry is 80‘s thrash, doom and black metal)


(Kind of lame back and forth evil and nice vocals – but the vocalist is Russian, so you got to let that shit go; but beyond that, kickass musicians – guitarists and electric violin)


Desert of Sad: Hung (NYC) (6:17-10:42)


(Hooded Menace with a new album on Relapse – I will play that as soon as I get it – it sounds awesome)


(Fen’s new album is the worst)  


(2 piece Azoic is influenced by black metal and being in Iceland or something – very technical playing in a very rich dense background)


Wisdoms Prayer: Azoic (Iceland) (11:24-15:16)


(Year of No Light’s new album Nord is acclaimed to be like the Cure playing sludge, yay?)


Par Économie pendant la crise on Éteint la lumière au bout du tunnel: Year of No Light (France) (15:40-21:15)


(Ladybird has enough dirty tempo changes to keep this real – give it a chance through the slowness)


Gone Away: Ladybird (Arizona) (21:34-29:26)


(From Beyond is influenced by Hawkwind and Blue Cheer, a pinch of space)


The Heavy Wait: From Beyond (Houston) (30:15-36:30)


(Thenn is, throaty)


Threshing the Golden Fields: Thenn (Indiana) (36:36-40:01)


(Gloomy cold states means aggressive smart music?)


Wytches: Maeth (St. Paul) (40:16-45:03)


(In a dramatic turn of events, 2 members of Radio Moscow defected and created a 70’s blues band Blues Pills that will play in Roadburn 2013)


 Bliss: Blues Pills (Sweden) (45:23-48:57)


Philadelphia, and then a dude from Sadgiqacea?  Yeah, this is going to be good)


Remember, That in Order to Allow the Separation from Time We Chose to Create the Suffering That Lies Before Us. We Deserve it: Ominous Black (Philadelphia) (49:54-56:41)


(Sula Bassana is another German noise soundscape trippy project by Dave Schmidt, ala Electric Moon fame – and with that, see you next week!!!)


Departure: Sula Bassana (Germany) (57:19-end)


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Hooked: Dopethrone (Montreal) (0:28-6:29)


(Dopethrone, one of my best of 2011 just came out with a new album)


(Southern Lord’s Xibalba will take you into a hardcore mosh pit)


Cold: Xibalba (California) (7:02-13:19)


(Summoner is “rock with space”, real vocals and the guitarist JAMS)


Across Iron Fields: Summoner (Boston) (13:37-18:36)


(Column of Heaven is kind of something you have never heard before – weird, technical, fuzz, noise)


Entheogen: Column of Heaven (Toronto) (18:51-21:36)


(Reverend Bizarre is one of my favorite Finnish bands, which says a lot.  They no longer exist, but have reissued another album.  Just go get all their albums.  Their members are also in Lord Vicar)


The Devil Rides Out: Reverend Bizarre (Finland) (22:02-28:09)


(Diesel King does a compelling take on sludge – a superior blend of great riffs that pound into your brain; from their new EP)


The Ancient And The Nameless: Diesel King (London) (29:05-34:19)


(Mos Generator will be touring with St. Vitus and have a new album in October - dirty southern rock blues) 


Opium Skies: Mos Generator (Port Orchard, Washington) (34:41-39:21)


(Jess and the Ancient Ones is joining the other doom bands led by ladies – the next song is one of the “prettier” songs from the album; the vocals are fantastic)


The Devil (in G-minor): Jess and the Ancient Ones (Finland) (39:53-43:47)


(Another sci-fi occult 70’s jammy album from Ice Dragon)


Maximum Trip: Ice Dragon (Boston) (44:36-49:47)


(Feuerzeug are Swiss rockers with a lot of young rock energy, great vocals – not for the brutal fan)


Magma, Lava and Burned Karma: Feuerzeug (Switzerland) (50:02-56:08)


(Finnish record label Svart Records is releasing Bedemon’s new album in October.  They started the new record in 2002, but guitarist Randy Palmer was killed in a car accident.  Bedemon is an offshoot of Pentagram and had albums in the 70’s.  This next song is from the 70’s, but they haven’t changed much – excuse the quality)


Serpent Venom: Bedemon (Virginia, 1974) (57:16 – end)


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Upcoming Shows (see Show 40 for upcoming shows too!!):
Before I forget, here are some local bands coming up:
The Turks: August 24th at the Hemlock
Cutthroats 9: August 25th at Benders
Oh, and I forgot this on my last list: Gypsyhawk (AAAAH!!): September 10th at the Elbo Room
Let me know if you want me to put your show in my list.
Let It Be The Devil: Compel (South Carolina) (0:28-7:21)


(Compel from South Carolina is swamp rock, 2 piece gritty dirty and loud)


(Just saw Agalloch live, they have gone beyond gorgeous landscapes like their forefathers Isis: black, epic, big sound, post-punk bass lines and classic metal, it was one of the best bands and best shows I have seen in a long time)


(Toronto’s Indian Handcrafts are a power-duo, rich also in variety, this next song also has a cool garage-sound to it)


Red Action: Indian Handcrafts (Toronto) (8:36-11:45)


(Magic Circle is the epitome of fun: modern beer metal, the blues of 70’s rock, the emotion and nostalgia of 80’s metal – you can’t miss) 


Magic Circle: Magic Circle (Boston) (12:18-19:50)


(Hear any YOB in this? I do, and they are hot irish dudes, come on.  Faster and crunchier than the usual sludge) 


Plastic Lung: Rites (Ireland) (20:21-27:55)


(Natur is an example of the awesome new trend of integrating the 80’s metal sound, those high-vocal emotions, but with their own complex groovy riffs, and their lyrics crack me up)


Spider Baby: Natur (NY) (29:03-34:28)


(Vintage English doom from female-led Alunah)


White Hoarhound: Alunah (Birmingham, England) (34:49-40:10)


(Xozo, pronounced Chozo, is hardcore and speed mixed beautifully to an epic sludge landscape)


Lookback: Xozo (Maryland) (40:31-46:36)


(Noise band Locrian fits all our weirdo horror movie-esque needs in music)


Augury in an Evaporating Tower: Locrian (Chicago) (47:14-53:48)


(I am selfish and have to play a song from a Demonic Death Judge album that I didn’t know about before, and they are one of my favorite bands, so there you go; please listen to the whole song, as this band is seriously one of the best ones out there right now)


Fire In The Eyes: Demonic Death Judge (Finland) (54:25-ENDDDUH)
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Happy summer and fall!  It is a beautiful season of shows.
Upcoming Shows:
August 11th: Agalloch at the Great American
August 30th: Quest for Fire at the Independent
September 10th: Gypsyhawk at the Elbo Room
September 21st: YOB at Brick and Mortar (it is driving me CRAZY that I am missing my favorite band, I will be in NYC seeing Afghan Whigs, ok ok, not too bad)
September 21-23: All Tomorrow's Parties in NYC, featuring Afghan Whigs
September 29th: Mike Scheidt and Scott Kelly will be playing at the Hemlock, so I will be seeing Mike in one way or another.
October 9th: St. Vitus at the Independent, who will be kicking off their tour in September.  
November 7-8: Afghan Whigs at the Fillmore

Local band Orchid has been signed onto Nuclear Blast, not sure what it means when a band that I like gets a larger label.  But they will be coming out with some new songs this year and a new album in 2013.  Hopefully they will play in some small venues in San Francisco in the meantime. I am kind of getting sick of getting gouged by mid to large venues.

I made this show watching the Wrath of Khan and Curiosity landing on Mars and reading articles about Pussy Riot, so a simultanous joy, wonder and anger at it all.  


Chain up the Masses: Sons of Tonatiuh (Atlanta) (0:28-4:55)


(New favorite band Sons of Tonatiuh on GREEN VINYL from All that is Heavy; they are so crushingly badass)


(Tennessee drinks black sludgy water; Brother Ares will make you headbang and believe in the Tennessee way)


Brother Ares: Brother Ares (I fucking love Tennessee now) (5:47-13:40)


(True bio of Gorgantherron: In 1968 a top secret military mission launched (3) chimpanzees into space for data for future expeditions, the vessel was playing an endless loop of Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality and the first 2 iron maiden albums. 1972 was the last time communication was sent from the vessel.  In early 2010, scientists tracked an unknown object travelling through space into rural Indiana, where they were shocked to see the same vessel from 1968.  Nothing was found inside.  Months later, three men claimed to be the chimps, that they had been found by an advanced alien race who were disappointed in Earth humans, and changed the chimps into stunningly handsome men educated in guitar, bass and drums and listened to metal for years.)


Mothra: Gorgantherron (Indiana) (14:56-19:14)


(Godzilla Black is confusing experimental noise for weirdos)


Burning Wires: Godzilla Black (London)(19:34-23:58)


(Oregon is full of weirdos hiding in forests in cloaks being weird and screaming or something)

Umbilicus: Hell (Oregon)(24:13-32:06)


(Chicago’s Earthen Grave is like, popular or something, they have a chick on the violin and make good beer drinking rock)


Fallen: Earthen Grave (Chicago)(33:08-40:17)


(I picture myself right up front slamming my fist in the air to this live show, YET another awesome French band, Mudbath, and they have funny song titles)


Loserwood: Mudbath (Avignon, France)(40:35-46:47)


(Serpentine Path is Unearthly Trance + Electric Wizard but does not sound like Electric Wizard, WAY more evil; this song starts off slow but goes into its death metal roots)

Depravity: Serpentine Path (NY) (47:43-54:00)


Next up is some grindcore from Cellgraft, this is the longest song in their album, super speed and brutality, of course, from Florida.  If you don’t like them, it doesn’t matter, it is 16 seconds long.


False Sequence of Value: Cellgraft (Florida) (54:09-54:25)


(Telestrion are in spacesuits flying through the air, waving at you as you rock your fists out to their groove)


(As my friend Russ would say, Free Pussy Riot)


Molecule: Telestrion (Atlanta)(54:53-end)


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Phobos/Deimos: The Legion of Doom (U.K.) (0:28-5:35)


(Gawd, is it already August; starting off the set with THREE English bands)


(The Legion of Doom just reunited for a tour last year; looooow heavy sound with beautiful guitar)


(Black Moth has badass emotional female lead vocals and an intelligent band to envelop it perfectly)


Honey Lung: Black Moth (U.K) (6:33-11:41)


(Meadows is brutal, with hardcore influence and technical guitar riffs that break it all up)


The Head of Henry Grey: Meadows (Suffolk, England) (12:00-17:44)


(GRAVEYARD!! With new album this fall)


(Naam have a pretty new EP with stuff like the piano in this psychedelic and spacey sound)


Lands Unknown: Naam (Brooklyn) (18:13-23:08)


(Switzerland’s Shever is all girl, all badass.  Again, a female-led band that has a little more thought than aggression)


Je Suis Nee: sHever (Switzerland) (23:33-30:48)


(Sorceress members also in Dead Branches; they are an instrumental band that when you think they are going too melodic, completely change up their sound; good proggy input)


Lung Wings: Dead Branches (Ontario) (32:03-35:55)


(Witchcraft!! new album Legend in September)


(Budapest’s Grizzly is sexy bluesy whiskey sound rock)


Dead for fifty-two hours: Grizzly (Budapest) (36:27-40:50)


(Neurosis and Wolves in the Throne influence Battle Path, but they branch out of dark black music, more complex than just black metal)


Closer: Battle Path (Tennessee) (41:12-47:54)


(Black Hole of Calcutta is grind with a lot of hardcore, but great riffs for any metal head to appreciate even if there is a scary mosh pit)


Myth of Progress: Black Hole of Calcutta (Portland/Seattle) (48:43-54:07)


(Listen to MUSIC jerks)


(Groove sludge from Denver In the Company of Serpents, also home to the mighty Broncos) 


Dirtnap: In the Company of Serpents (Denver) (54:46-end)


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Snake Oil: Galaxicon (Memphis) (0:28-6:26)


(Galaxicon, I appreciate the name thanks, is reminiscent of the style of Batillus and YOB – blackened sludge) 

(Oh hell yeah my Swedish rock gods I will kneel down to the glory of your 70’s style rock, let me bask in the glow of your perfection I love you so much oh Swedish gods.  Oh yeah, this band rocks the organ)


Too Many Choices: Three Seasons (Sweden) (7:21-12:05)


(Metal influenced by circus music is not so illogical; talented misfits like each other’s art I guess)   


Left Behind as Static: A Forest of Stars (U.K.) (12:31-19:13)


(Crusty badass band from North Carolina has a short but heavy hitting new album)


The Holy Are The Broken: Torch Runner (North Carolina) (19:31-23:58)


(Odyssey’s debut album after a split with Black Pyramid; Swedish like my faves Horisont and Graveyard, so I am automatically their fan)


Wicked Witch: Odyssey (Sweden) (24:28-28:39)


(Unique countries bring their own unusual flavor to the genre, Romania and PAKISTAN?!  Come on, give it up for these bros)


Mountain Tusk: Nomega (Romania) (29:50-36:49)

Burial Ground: Dionysus (Pakistan!! Really!) (36:51-42:46)


(Sorceress jams, they JAM, and you gotto get into the groove, cause that groove rules, and the guitar riffs are magnificent) 


Jam: Sorceress (Ontario) (42:58-46:46)


(I break my rule regarding playing a song from the same new album, but if you don’t know Dawnbringer or how important they are, then you have a huge gap in your knowledge, this band is frigging the best and I BEG THEM TO TOUR PLEASE.  Dawnbringer is a forefather of this type of rock)


Perfect Water: Dawnbringer (Chicago) (47:34-54:10)


(Chilean metal goes down as earthy and luscious as their wine)


Sun of Moloch: Wrathprayer (Chile) (54:56-end)

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Burial of Men: Sardonis (Belgium) (0:28-6:54)


(Belgium bands are like Belgian ale and hot Belgians in general – better than what you are used to)


(Crown is from France, therefore awesome – atmospheric, tinges of dreamy brutality)


Mare: Crown (France) (7:34-15:09)


(Another superior band from France featuring a member of Eibon, a brutal band that also rules)


Hoarse From The Get Go: Cowards (France) (15:25-19:45)


(New Horisont album!!, this band is one of my favorite 70’s revitalist bands, and if you love Graveyard, you will love this band – Swedish gods)


Crusaders of Death: Horisont (Sweden) (20:06-24:46)


(Chrome Waves is a supergroup with members of The Atlas Moth, Nachtmystium, Gates of Slumber; darkly romantic vocals and melody)


Blackbird: Chrome Waves (USA – supergroup) (25:37-31:12)


(Who doesn’t want to party in Greece, and now an important metal scene – Mass Culture is yet another talented band from that area of the world)


Double Retro: Mass Culture (Greece) (31:29-37:55)


(Finnish death metal, not the same old death metal.  It will have a twist that will make your ears non-bored.  Man, will I ever get to party in Finland with these weirdo bands?!)


Vortex Unwinding: Desecresy (Finland) (38:18-44:13)


(Fellwoods, formerly the Moss, is good times 70’s.  When you listen, remember that you should have a kegger and invite me and play this band)


Wulfrum: Fellwoods (Portland) (45:02-48:40)


(Vortex, abyss, I say some profoundly poetic language about Earthrise, why don’t you listen to me live jerks)


Transmission: Earthrise (Minneapolis) (48:59-53:01)


(Toronto’s sludgyTitan has a new album, vocals reminiscent of Buried Inside, they will make your head go up and down in appreciation. I love SF but I appreciate having this Boston show!!)   


Little Seeds: Titan (Toronto) (53:41-end)
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 Lycanthropus: Findumonde (Argentina) (0:27-4:09)


 (Argentinean Findumonde rocks like Misery Index)


(Trephine describes a psychological breakdown, so all of you weirdos can relate; this album is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME, you have to get it, just get it, seriously(


Ancient Tongues: Trephine (North Carolina) (4:44-11:08)


(Muknal from LA is super bleak and dark and one of the best in this occult death category)


Rotten Genesis: Muknal (LA) (11:21-17:23)


(Dutch band Countess will crack you up, but are totally true to their heavy metal roots)


Sermon Of The Devil Preacher: Countess (Netherlands) (17:33-22:56)


(Truly frozen black metal from Switzerland is also achingly gorgeous) 


Hoffnungslos: Tardigrada (Switzerland) (23:39-29:24)


(Baroness’s recent album is for sunny days daydreaming and drinking a cold beer.  Not for the metallest of metal heads)


Collapse: Baroness (Georgia) (29:50-33:40)


(The Finnish always bring their own of originality to any genre; this 2 piece band plays their own awesome tune on something related to black metal) 


Kalas Bleed for the Sun-Eater: Rahu (Finland) (34:03-41:10)


(Vetter from Norway has been around for awhile, but has only recently released an incredibly diverse album of avant-garde black metal) 


Stenklang: Vetter (Norway) (41:42-46:53)


(Bastard of the Skies have huge sound, will definitely allow you to let your headbanging soul rip)


The Knuckles of Saint Bronson: Bastard of the Skies (U.K.) (47:36-51:31)


 (Brand new release from UK’s Telepathy, listen live every Tuesday!!!!)


Lucretius: Telepathy (UK) (51:55-end)


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Happy Fourth of July!  Down with the crown!


Email me with your email if you want me to add you to my email newsletter about my show!


Unnatural Dwarfism: Lord Mantis (Chicago) (0:28-4:27)


(Goodbye to Boston, Hello to San Francisco, thanks to Bostonfreeradio for allowing me to keep my show; this is Bands Not to Miss – albums I highly recommend you buy)


(Lord Mantis, member of Nachmystium/Chicago; obsessed with this album and band)


(New album from old farts Orange Goblin is kick ass beer swilling awesome)


Acid Trial: Orange Goblin (UK) (5:35-9:44)


(Favorite on my ipod because everytime I love a song and I check the ipod, it is Monkeypriest)


The Psalm: Monkeypriest (Spain) (9:59-16:42)


(Old Man Lizard has emotional vocals and intelligent lyrics and are that UK style of jamming guitar riffs)


Cold Winter Blues: Old Man Lizard (UK) (17:05-22:50)


(Cayur from Ohio is intelligent technical that is no way pretentious for the listener)


Devoid of Virtue: Cayur (Ohio) (23:37-27:49)


(Diverse album is brutal and dark, mixed with some beautiful and vivid instrumental poignancy, a Finnish band to the end)


Nepal: Demonic Death Judge (Finland) (28:08-34:50)

Thanks! For listening to, where weirdos from both coasts can be on the radio. Oh yeah, so from Bison B.C. is this incredible headbang worthy fist pumping album with a hardcore element to it that speeds it up to perfection.  I love every single bit, I wish I could eat it.


Fear Cave: Bison B.C. (Vancouver) (35:10-41:57)


(Proggy band Bud Spencer is instrumental brutality and remind me of one of my favorite bands of all time, Keelhaul)


Banana Joe: Bud Spencer (France) (42:12-45:46)


(Super indie DIY band Cormorant does its spin on progressive jazz black metal, huh?) 


Confusion of Tongues: Cormorant (San Francisco) (46:29-50:50)


(Italian Obake has been described more of a film score than than a metal album; and it definitely takes you in and out of visions of weirdness)


Destruction of the Tower: Obake (Italy) (51:11-55:18)


(Stoner Canadian band Dopethrone is thick riffed groovey-ness)


(Listen to my show live on Tuesday nights at 7pm PST/10pm EST)


Ain’t No Sunshine: Dopethrone (Montreal) (55:51-end)


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Due to commuting 50 hours a day to and from work in this stupid Boston area traffic, and packing day and night to move across the country, I decided to take a month off from the show, and will be back in July. 

I will be back with Bands Not To Miss, and maybe an interview with some local metal head that feels like blabbering.

Take it easy or something!!  SEE YOU IN JULY!!!

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Afterwards: Arms of Ra (France) (0:28-5:43)


(French Arms of Ra is completely brilliant technical hardcore and sludge that will keep your interest the entire album; sharp metal hardcore from the UK Verdogr will kick your ass)


A Coffin In The Shape Of A Chapel: Verdogr (U.K.) (6:18-9:04)


(Aldebaran has a new album that is typical of their last releases – slow heavy buildups, good for the type of metal head that does not need to be spoonfed brutality; metal is ALSO in the quiet)

(Bereft from LA are AWESOME and fall into this bleak slow metal genre, and they are frigging AWESOME, and have just released their debut album) 


Mentality Of The Inanimate: Bereft (LA) (9:48-16:04)


(Witchcraft recording a new album after 5 years)

(Icarus Gasoline from Puntas Arenas, Chile do their desert stoner rock stuff in Spanish SO well, really gorgeous)


Un Desierto:  Icarus Gasoline (Chile) (16:50-20:48)


(Mean Milwaukee band with brutal hardcore crust songs coming out on the Southern Lord package tour with Noothgrush and Black Breath this summer)


Renegrenades: Enabler (Milwaukee) (21:11-25:19)


(Old Man Gloom is relatively famous, but still comes out with something good)


The Forking Path: Old Man Gloom (now Boston) (26:10-29:39)


(Dark Seattle death doom Anhedonist with guttural and eerie vocals) 


Carne Liberatus: Anhedonist (Seattle) (30:00-34:56)


(Dark alternative 80’s nostalgic, riffy and experimental and spacey – one of the best)


One: Umor (Croatia) (35:18-41:13)


(Danish Ajuna is black and romantic; the effect is technical experimental and allegedly crazy live)


Winter: Ajuna (Denmark) (41:32-45:32)


(Ah, beautiful Spain invokes visions of wine and sophistication, and of course a HUGE metal scene; Teething is grindcore crust)


Teething (Madrid) (45:55-47:58)


(If you stop loving and adoring me, I will cease to exist)

(Batillus, my number one album of last year, has a new split with Whitehorse – this is a new one!!)


Silver Mortar: Batillus (Brooklyn) (49:32-end)


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Against the Curse, We Dream: Hail Spirit Noir (Greece) (0:28-6:48)


(Hail Spirit Noir is brilliantly weird: retro and black and psychedelic with a touch of King Diamond horror; another Greece band, Inside it Grows, mixes prog and death, but not cheesy, and has super riffy guitars – love the vocals)


And The Voices Of The Dead: Inside It Grows (Greece) (7:56-11:57)


(Theatrical death thrash heavy metal with hot chick frontman who likes to hang out in heavy metal underwear)


Spell Eater: Huntress (LA, of course) (12:34-16:30)


(Christian Mistress is touring and playing in San Francisco on June 19th; YOB frontman Mike Scheidt solo acoustic album out in June, his vocals are Cat Stevenish, I love him and will get this for sure) 


In Your Light: Mike Scheidt (YOB frontman/Eugene, OR) (17:44-22:14)


(Moonless opening for big bands like Church of Misery and Ufomammut , good old rock riffs; French black metal from The Great Old Ones is super lush)


The Bastard In Me: Moonless (Denmark) (23:00-29:57)

Visions of R'lyeh: The Great Old Ones (France) (30:26-37:17)


(Monster Truck plays good time summer music)


Seven Seas Blues: Monster Truck (Toronto) (37:44-41:27)


(Obolus is depressive black metal and dreamy)


Lament: Obolus (San Francisco) (41:44-48:20)


(2 piece Halmos is minimalistic (obviously) yet rich)


Antithesis Superstructure: Halmos (Georgia) (48:38-51:54)


(Nightosaur is like old school 80’s keg party high school metal except I am Indian and was watching the Love Boat with her parents so what the hell do I know about anything cool)


There May Be Dragons: Nightosaur (Minneapolis) (52:28-end)



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I have CHANGED my live show to Wednesday at 8pm EST starting next week.

Intro (0-0:27)

Enquillage à Burnes: Bud Spencer (France) (0:28-4:21)


(Bud Spencer is proggy but not cold, rocks, reminds me of KEELHAUL!!) 


(Dawnbringer, one of my fave bands is coming out with Into the Lair of the Sun God; Church of Misery is touring with Gates of Slumber and Hail!Hornet – you guys canNOT miss this show – they will be in San Francisco)


(Fire Faithful is whisky metal in the vein of Hail!Hornet and Old Grandad)


Wonton Lavey: Fire Faithful (Virginia) (5:44-11:25)


(If you are a band and releasing music, please have at least 1-2 songs free to download, trust me this is the ONLY way to get your music out there.  Your fans will appreciate it, blogs appreciate it, and your radio djs appreciate it, and it will be marketed WAY better)

(Law of the Tongue is also a whiskey band – Saturday afternoon beer drinking, dirty music)


Rebirth: Law of the Tongue (Australia) (12:23-17:50)


(Come on, 1972.)


No Need: Toad (Switzerland, circa 1972) (18:00-21:33)


(Wolves Carry My Name is a great ad hoc jammy yet brutal German band)


Nineteen Stitches: Wolves Carry My Name (Germany) (22:21-28:07)


(The Heavy Eyes describe themselves as “skeleton driving a speed boat on a flaming Mississippi River headed back to 1969”)


Catfish Blues: The Heavy Eyes (Tennessee) (28:31-31:10)


(Finnish band Ever Circling Wolves is death and doom)


A Desperate Frolic: Ever Circling Wolves (Finland) (31:39-35:42)


(Pacific Northwest Serial Hawk is loud, heavy, wall of sound; Mentat is gorgeous and brutal)


Calling of the Hawk: Serial Hawk (Seattle) (36:18-40:30)

Un Juego Estupido: Mentat (Spain) (41:01-47:14)


(Spelljammer likes Dungeons and Dragons and is hypnotic and heavy)


Nine: Spelljammer (Sweden) (47:47-53:12)


(Ice Dragon do psychedelic drugs and write their psychedelic music which had a lot of experimental stuff on the album, they have also shared a split with Pilgrim, who I really like also)


Illuminations Foretold: Ice Dragon (Massachusetts) (53:59-end)


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Intro (0-0:27)

Share: Sound of Ground (Russia) (0:28-5:13)


(3 piece Vancouver Mendozza has a female drummer called Master Beater - latest album mixed by Billy Anderson)


The Undertaking: Mendozza (Vancouver) (5:59-11:27)


(Fehler’s debut album is good emotional quality album, not cheesy)


Affluenza: Fehler (Netherlands) (11:44-18:42)


(Feist and Mastodon released a split doing covers of each other’s song)


Black Tounge: Feist (off of a split with Mastodon called Feistodon) (18:57-22:37)


(Electric Wizard new release; they are curating 2013’s Roadburn festival)


Legalise Drugs & Murder: Electric Wizard (UK) (23:00-29:09)


(3 piece Irreversible made up of strange atmospheric compositions, beautiful, a bit industrialish in parts)


No Pure Conception: Irreversible (Atlanta) (29:28-37:03)


(Austrians Torso is bluesy psychedelic; Golden Bats is a one-man’s group solo project who created music that if he had to do it live, he could – so not too complicated)


Black Man: Torso (Austria) (37:35-43:35)

Poison Arrows: Golden Bats (Brisbane) (44:07-49:30)


(Southern Lord’s Black Breath is all over the blogosphere - dark, fast, evil)


Obey: Black Breath (Seattle) (49:53-55:01)


(ICO is touring with Ufomammut; they are proggy and weird and death metal)


Mirzam: Incoming Cerebral Overdrive – ICO (Italy) (55:28-end)


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Intro (0-0:27)

Bitter: Dead Southern Bishop (Georgia) (0:28-6:50)


(Touring the south with Georgia’s Dead Southern Bishop and Tennessee’s Otis Reaper – southern malice and blackened vocals)


Graveyard Sorcery: Otis Reaper (Tennessee) (7:28-10:19)


(Touring the northwest with Sun Eater, who are mostly dreamy instrumental psychedelic music; 90’s Burning Witch with members of Thor’s Hammer and Goatsnake)


Sun Eater: Sun Eater (Tacoma) (11:03-17:10)

Tower Place: Burning Witch (Seattle) (17:40-22:55)


(Canadian Pyres are metal sludge and hardcore)


Atlas Cast No Shadow: Pyres (Toronto) (23:12-29:02)


(Beautiful female vocals and 70’s style bluesy back porch rock from Greece) 


Lady Fantasy: Dead Man’s Band (Greece) (29:32-33:57)


(Batillus will be coming out with a split with Whitehorse in May, and heading on a short tour of the northeast; Whitehorse is slumbering dark stuff; NOÛS released an EP out that is experimental loud sludge)


Control, Annihilate: Whitehorse (Australia) (34:52-38:55)

Biota: NOÛS (Australia) (39:27-43:28)


(Relapse Records is marketing 16 all over the place; dark and angry, though the vocals aren’t my favorite)  


Theme from "Pillpopper": 16 (LA) (44:03-47:40)


(Billy Anderson seems to mix and record every band including Sweden’s Galvano; I will be in Paris next week!!! But I am pre-recording a show with all new stuff so keep listening live next week!)


The Librarian: GALVANO (Sweden) (48:35-end)


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Intro (0-0:27)

Copper Eye: Fleshpress (Finland) (0:28-6:16)


(Fleshpress from Finland like fleshlights; Blizaro is Horror Rock and plays organs)


Night Fumes: Blizaro (NY) (7:28-15:12)


(Tres Perros jams live in Berlin)


Drop Out (live in Berlin): Tres Perros (Poland) (15:36-21:03)


(Gods of Chaos is crusty anger from Croatia)


Grinning with an Errection at the Gallows: Gods of Chaos (Croatia) (21:55-25:10)


(Black metalist Claudia Alcara’s beautiful acoustic side project; No Anchor is Australian energy)


gone by the fall: stroszek (Italy) (25:41-30:36)

Pussyfootin': No Anchor (Brisbane) (30:38-32:44)


(I am racist, Finnish Otu is badass sneering badness; soothing Buried Sleeper)


Apocalypse: Otu (Finland) (33:11-40:42)

Colosseum: Buried Sleeper (UK) (41:04-46:57)


(Angsty Idaho creates music)


The Youngest One in Curls: Diazepam (Idaho) (47:18-51:48)


(Russian The Moon Mistress is heavy, low, awesome vocals)


Cease To Exist: The Moon Mistress (Russia) (52:20-end)


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Intro (0-0:27)

The First Man: Cormorant (San Francisco) (0:28-6:21)


(Cormorant is death/thrash/prog, a “best of” album; Spanish Horn of the Rhino new release with awesome fun HEAVY riffs and great vocalist)


Under The Hoof: Horn of the Rhino (Spain) (7:02-12:09)


(Duskburn says they like Weedeater and Deadbird)


Charred: Duskburn (Croatia) (12:25-16:33)


(Desertfest in London last weekend and had the best bands ever – must go to this if they have it next year; Brachiosauride’s album has a bunch of different styles in one album; they are total weirdos


The Burning Giraffe: Brachiosauride (No idea where they are from) (17:41-22:08)


(OM new album in July; The Flight of Sleipnir’s album is beautiful – so if you don’t like pretty, you won’t like this)


The Serpent Ring: The Flight of Sleipnir (Colorado) (22:34-28:04)


(Mangoo from Small Stone records;  Black Space Riders is spacy and psychedelic with a singer that reminds me of David Bowie when he isn’t growling)


You, Robot: Mangoo (Finland) (28:33-33:19)

Night Over Qo Nos (Masrammey): Black Space Riders (Germany) (33:50-38:33)


(Black Mountain is psychedelic with atmospheric gloomy dark vocals – very awesome vocals/romantic)


Tyrants: Black Mountain (Canada) (38:52-46:25)


(Ufomammut’s new release – much darker than their other releases)


Infearnatural: Ufomammut (Italy) (47:00-end)


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