She Likes It Heavy on Tuesdays, 7pm PST on,

Back of my Vocals: Zombi's newest release Shape Shift

Eclectic noise mixed with roaring breakdowns.

Breed Regret: Yautja (Nashville)(0:28-5:23)

Phantom Glue members have dipped their toes into that Boston hardcore scene: which is the best hardcore scene there is.

Closed Casket: Lunglust (Boston)(6:33-8:43)

Yacht-rock metal Baroness with emotionally-drenched composition.

Chlorine & Wine: Baroness (GA)(9:14-15:58)

Death groove perfect for the running man in your underwear.

Mayhem Remains: Deathrite (Sweden)(16:42-19:48)

Stop. Trying. To. Be. Matt. Pike.  When you don’t, it’s pretty good.

Burning Shrine: Saviours (Oakland)(20:29-24:31)

Guttural troll metal.

Forest of Magic: Ride for Revenge (Finland)(25:31-31:03)

Bluesy jammy local retro stuff, makes me want to see them live.

Memories: Blackwulf (Oakland)(31:28-36:15)

Nauseous Floridian metal.

Futility: Ad Nauseum (Florida)(36:42-42:21)

Elder and Black Pyramid members do stoner heavy metal. 

Siberia: Kind (Boston)(42:41-47:04)

The Swedish Converge with a lot more punk-influence.

Reckless Recluse: Totem Skin (Sweden)(47:58-51:39)

Stoner from a band called Space Bong??

Burnt By Time: Space Bong (Australia)(52:01-END!)

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