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Theatrical band Peste Noire, is also very awesomely black metal.  This album is all over the place, and the lead singer is very avant-garde.

Payés sur la bête: Peste Noire (France)(0:28-6:44)  pest e nooare

This band is top-notch grindcore, but I choose to play the only spacey song in the album.  Grind band does space! 

Out Beyond: Antigama (Poland)(8:20-12:39)

Garage-influenced hardcore with the lead singer of Self Defense Family.  PHILLY band. 

Correctional Love: Loss Leader (Philly)(13:14-16:21)

Spanish band Tort’s entire album is full of fun riffs and fists.

When The Raven is Ravenous: Tort (Barcelona)(17:22-26:01)

Distorted rock and noise band, with a ton of hardcore in the mix. 

Godman: Young Widows (KY)(27:14-32:19)

Lead-up, atmosphere, lead-up, atmosphere, and then Soldat Hans breaks into some brutality. 

Meine Liebste; Sie zerbricht sich: Soldat Hans (Switzerland)(32:56-39:55)

If you don’t like singing, you won’t like Abrahma.  This band has had full press lately. Psychedelic rock that swirls into more ominous sounds.

Fountains of Vengeance: Abrahma (France)(40:58-45:58)

Epic funeral doom parts, big compositions, very long songs.  I edited this song into 10 minutes. 

Suffocation, A Drowning: II - Somniloquy (The Distance of Forever): Bell Witch (Seattle)(47:31-57:18)

Straight-up hardcore.

Leviathan Rot: Gallows (UK)(57:56-END)

Behind my Vocals: Salem Mass; Cactus; Rumplestiltskin; Pinnacle; November; Charlee; Ten Years After; Master's Apprentices

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