She Likes It Heavy on Tuesdays, 7pm PST on,

Old school heavy metal, epic vocalist and fun tempo changes.  Great personality.

Panic in Urals (Burning skies): Sacral Rage (Greece)(0:28-4:37)


Icelandic black metal with way cool modern compositions – tons of stuff going on here. 

Söngur uppljómunar:  Misþyrming  (Iceland)(6:24-10:15)

Punk, metal, anthemic hardcore led by a very passionate lead singer. 

Satellites: Cancer Bats (Toronto)(11:01-15:04)

Usually this type of technical death metal does not stand out; but this band has created memorable songs. 

Sentence Of Immortality: Psycroptic (Tasmania)(15:54-20:18)

Finnish psychedelic which means the accent is gruff.  Great JAM bro. 

Fleeting Are the Days of Man: Garden of Worm (Finland)(20:36-26:11)

After 18 years, Eternal Solstice have brought forth a badass death album with awesome fun thrash thrown in.

Walk in Darkness: Eternal Solstice (Netherlands)(27:09-32:01)

So this is slower, but these dudes have made it groovy with instruments that stand out. 

La Liberte aux ailes brisees: Norilsk (Quebec)(32:48-38:37)

Nerd metal: themes of science and cybernetics; some spacy electronica faintly threads through.

Macroshift: Wardenclyffe (Sweden)(39:14-47:02)

Bluesy psychedelic from Maryland.

Black Moon: The Lunar Era (MD)(47:58-53:55)

Leadups and epicness in this post-metal album. 

Anger: Yanos (Germany)(54:47-END)

Behind my vocals:

Crazy Times: Black Spirit

Down and Out: Pluto

Season of the Witch: Suck

Super Heep: Elephants Memory

Come on Home: Thundermother

Morning Rain: Liquid Visions

Corrine: Gravestone

Chocolate Piano: Orang-Utan


White Hidden Fire: Weird Owl

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