She Likes It Heavy on Tuesdays, 7pm PST on,

MESSA (Italy), album – Feast for Water (2018)
Song: Leah

GRAVEYARD (Sweden), album – Peace (2018)
Song: Walk On

DEATHBELL (France), album – With The Beyond (2018)
Song: Over the Rim

DEMON EYE (NC), album – Prophecies and Lies (2017)
Song: In the Spider's Eye

NIGHT DEMON (CA), album – Darkness Remains (2017)
Song: Flight of the Manticore

KADAVAR (Germany), album – Rough Times (2017)
Song: Vampires

DEMON HEAD (Denmark), album – Thunder on the Fields (2017)
Song: Thunder On The Fields

RUBY THE HATCHET (Philly), album – Planetary Space Child (2017)
Song: Planetary Space Child

DOUBLESTONE (Denmark), album – Devils Own/Djævlens Egn (2017)
Song: Devils Own

RED SCALP (Poland), album – Lost Ghosts (2017)
Song: Mantra Bufala

THE WIZARDS (Spain), album - Full Moon in Scorpio (2017)
Song: Leaving the Past Behind

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